If Kizana starts to value creativity over everything else

Could Geiju Tsuka the art  club leader become a suitor? 

  • The art club would probably make sets for the drama club which would give them a reason to interact or you a chance to notice Geiju’s uncharacteristically distracted from painting
  • This could become a Romeo and Juliet thing. 2 clubs alike in dignity but since both are leaders of their own clubs they’re star crossed lovers 
  • He’s still considered cool which could boost her popularity if that’s still a goal too 
  •  Geiju would probably make his love interest into a muse. How much would Kizana love having art and attention devoted to her, especially by one of if not the best artist in the school?
  • Geiju might need a muse to give him inspiration since he starts over his work for no reason constantly. 
  • He might even start to come out of his shell thanks to love
What’s the best movie kiss of all time?

What makes a really great Hollywood kiss?

I’m trying to find out. And I want you to FIGHT TO THE DEATH (well, not literally) for your favourite.

I’m currently writing a book I’m not allowed to talk about yet, and, yes, it involves kissing. For it, I need insight into what *you* like out of a kissing scene, and why. So, I asked the wonderful hive-mind of Twitter what your favourite movie kiss is.

A LOT of you had MANY OPINIONS and I’m delighted to reveal the longlist….

The Breakfast Club

Who kisses who? Claire and Bender

“Don’t YOU, forget about me… *AIR PUNCH*”

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Bridget Jones’ Diary

Who kisses who? Bridget and Mark Darcy

“Nice boys don’t kiss like that.”

“Oh yes, they fucking do.”

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Who kisses who? Ron and Hermione


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Who kisses who? Spiderman and Mary Jane

Upsidedown. Rain.

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From Here to Eternity

Who kisses who? Sergeant Milton Warden and Karen Holmes

Top fact: This kiss inspired T-Spoon

(that fact may not be true)

The Princess Bride

Who kisses who? Westley and Buttercup

Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

A Room With A View

Who kisses who? Lucy and George

A solid head-grabber, this one. “POOR CECIL”

Love Rosie

Who kisses who? Rosie and Alex

This is what happens when you let people vote for things…

My Beautiful Laundrette

Who kisses who? Omar and Johnny

Who knew a laundrette could be so sexual?

Moulin Rouge

Who kisses who? Christian and Satine

If you haven’t sang the boy-girl duet from ‘Elephant Love Melody’ during a traffic jam than you’re not living life, quite frankly.

Dirty Dancing

Who kisses who? Baby and Johnny

“Come ‘ERE LoverBoy.”

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Who kisses who? Josh and Cher

No suck and blow here, thank you very much

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who kisses who? Holly and Paul

Rain. Cat. Hints of prostitution…

The Notebook

Who kisses who? Noah and Aliie

“It wasn’t over, IT STILL ISN’T OVER.” …and, with that, every girl dies a little inside, whenever she kisses someone who isn’t Ryan Gosling

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Brokeback Mountain

Who kisses who? Jack and Ennis

Proof that head-clutching is not a heteronormative kissing phenomenon

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Romeo and Juliet

Who kisses who? Romeo and Juliet. Obvs.

The Stealthy Elevator kiss beat the Sexy Swimming Pool kiss by a hair of a whisker in the prelims. Will that damage its chances of an overall win?

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10 Things I Hate About You

Who kisses who? Kat and Patrick

I have a lot of Heath fans on my timeline, it appears. HERE COMES THE HAIR TUCK!

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My Girl

Who kisses who? Vadar and Thomas

Before the bees came… 

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Holly, how the hell did you come up with this list?

There were too many nominations to fight them all to the death. This longlist was made up of each kiss that was nominated more than once.

What’s going to happen now?

Apart from all of us feeling dissatisfied by our own romantic lives? Well.. I’m going to randomly pull two kisses out of a hat (ASDA bag) and then pip them against each other on Twitter. Check the #BestMovieKiss hashtag once a day to make sure you can vote for your favourite.  

This is sudden death. If a kiss doesn’t win a Twitter poll, it’s out. We keep going until we get a WINNER.

Douglas Booth gif hunt

Below the cut you’ll find 160+ gifs of Douglas Booth, aka my son, best known for his roles in Romeo & Juliet, The Riot Club and Worried About The Boy. I tried to include some underused gifs and will constantly update it as I make more gifs. Most of these gifs aren’t mine unless stated otherwise but have been edited to fit roleplaying purposes. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful!

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🦄 10 headcanons 🦄

1) Wade loves Bollywood music. It makes up almost a quarter of his “happy place” playlist

2) The weirdest job he took at Saint Margaret’s? This guy was convinced that his ex-wife kidnapped and killed his goldfish. The police wouldn’t listen, so naturally you hire a mercenary to find out. (Spoiler alert: she totally did it)

3) Wade’s favorite movies to watch when he’s sad are Love Actually, Romeo + Juliet, The Breakfast Club, West Side Story, Finding Nemo, and the entire Fast and Furious franchise

4) His least favorite movie is Inception, because he still doesn’t 100% get what the fuck happened

5) One item on his bucket list is to teabag Stan Lee during one of his shitty cameos. Oh yeah. It’s happening.

6) Crocs are the perfect shoes and why does society shun them when they’re so comfy and colorful

7) One of Wade’s hobbies is checking out the X-Men conspiracy tags on Reddit and just outlining the entire timeline of the Marvel Universe, or as much as he knows/remembers about it. He can barely keep the timelines straight himself and also it’s really boring

8) Wade still goes trick-or-treating. He just wears his work clothes and says he’s an off-brand Spider-Man

9) He sometimes wears Captain America themed boxer briefs as a confidence booster.

10) Wade’s not really into musicals anymore, but he still has a soft spot for Legally Blonde and Rent.

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So Halsey's team showed posters of some midnight brawl with L in them. So if there's a music video, I'm thinking Romeo and Juliet meets Fight Club. I knew a MV would be extra af, but I have to admire Halsey for her creativity

that sounds so coool 



Victoria Maribeth Chase

This bitch… OK fine I’ll give her a chance. This post is going to be long, longer than my usual ones, because I’m trying to understand this character. I feel like, for a character that has been somewhat present in all three episodes, I know less about her than everyone else. She is still on my top 3 suspect list, in any case, if you want to read what I have to say (as well as check more screenshots) please click Keep Reading.

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Asagao Middle School AU


  • First years are 6th graders, second and third years are 7th graders, and fourth years are 8th graders
  • The Normal Boots and Hidden Block club are this dumb club that meet up after school
  • There are still dorms and shit but everyone is more irresponsible 
  • There’s also the tournament but it’s in the computer lab and people use the computers or their DS’s 
  • Instead of the flower festival it’s homecoming dance that’s a really generic middle school dance and it’s in the gym and everyone makes a big deal out of it for some reason
  • Shane is in his hipster stage, and he doesn’t want to talk to Hana because of his 5th grade relationship with Emily
  • Ian is in his emo stage and always thinks he’s dead inside
  • Wallid is the one always saying the worst Vine memes during class
  • PBG and Hana were still childhood friends but Hana moved away during the 3rd grade
  • PBG is way more salty cause he’s young and stupid
  • Mai and Mimi aren’t friends anymore cause of an incident during the 4th grade (it had something to do with eating rolly pollies) 
  • Mai and Mimi are experimenting with makeup and always wear the brightest shades of eyeshadow and lipstick
  • Luke is the one that all the girls find hot and think is so cool but in reality is just a sweetheart
  • Satch is the epic nerd that all of the girls are like “he is kind of hot though…”
  • Jimmy just found out he was gay and just acts sUPER STEREOTYPICALLY GAY ALL THE TIME
  • Ian found out he was gay only a year ago and is now an experienced gay ™ and always rolls his eyes and poor young jimmy
  • PBG and Jeff are the sports guys who never change for gym because they wear shorts all the time and say bro a shit ton
  • Hana is wearing the biggest Hello Kitty nerd glasses and it’s adorable
  • Mai wears glitter 24/7 and wears colored extensions
  • Continue? leads the newspaper club at school and make the cringiest minecraft letplays 
  • Instead of Romeo and Juliet, the drama club does “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and Jon is Lysander while Jacques is Hermia 
  • Jon is the biggest theater kid omg
  • They also do the shrek musical at one point
  • Paul and Jeff still compete for school president but instead of debates they try to make the posters so people will vote for them
  • Paul wears huge nerd glasses oMF
  • Jared is the hottest kid in school and is in charge of all the school dances, is also the cool one that every 6th grader wants to date because he’s so “mature”
  • Ian: “wow I’m so dead inside” Shane: “same” Hana: “We’re like 13 omg”
  • did I mention that everyone says omg, lmao, and lol 

Club di Giulietta (The Juliet Club) is an organization in Verona, Italy devoted to answering the world’s unrequited love letters. The club emerged from the tradition of leaving love letters on “Juliet's tomb,” a tourist attraction based on the fabled Shakespearean lover. 

Feeling heartbroken? Write down your feelings (in almost any language) and send them to the Club di Giulietta. One of the club’s volunteer “secretaries” will graciously pen you a reply! 

Mailing Address:
Club di Giulietta 
Via Galilei 3 – 37100
Verona, Italy

via Radiolab: The Love Secretary Always Writes Back

Italian boy name: part 2.
  • Me: Mindy, read this.
  • Mindy: Just read it aloud.
  • Me: No. You have to read it.
  • *Mindy reads text*
  • [He had dark eyes, tousled brown hair, and the classic profile and self-possessed air of a Renaissance prince.]
  • Me: He has dark eyes.
  • Mindy: They all do.
  • Me: He has tousled hair, right?
  • Mindy: Yes. Yes he does.
  • Me: And he looks like a Renaissance prince.
  • Mindy: Self-possessed air.
  • Me: How does a Renaissance prince look like?
  • Mindy: I have no idea.
  • Me: Mission 1 completed.
  • Tim: What's mission 1?
  • Me: I read a book called The Juliet Club and the main guy's name is Giacomo. I wanted to find a cute guy whose name is Giacomo. and I found one. and he fits the description of the Giacomo from the book!