Favourite quotes from Noel on tonight’s episode of Johnathan Ross

“‘i’m already dead”

“i’m a gullible man child”

“It’s hard [announcing who is going home each week on bake off]… I almost just run away”

“[him and Paul] we read Prue’s books to each other… Then I get a handshake”

“I played a merman with a vagina”

“people shout bake off … And I’m like.. thats me!”

“Mel felt she had to hand me a baton, a seeded baguette”

Johnathan Ross Show

Harry Styles Imagines: Johnathan Ross Show

“Are you in a relationship? Some of you are in relationships, I believe. Who’s taken at the moment?” Johnathan Ross asked.

Zayn, Louis, Liam, and your boyfriend, Harry raised their hands. 

Harry grinned as he thought of you. You weren’t there at the moment, you were at home because you were sick with the flu and he didn’t want you to get even more sick so he told you to stay at your shared flat and sleep. 

“So the Irish fellow is the only one.” Johnathan said. Niall pouted slightly, but laughed a few seconds later.

“Okay, all you travel a lot and you just came back from a huge tour. How many days did you just do?" 

"One hundred and thirty four shows.” Niall answered in his heavy Irish accent. 

“Wow, that’s incredible.” Johnathan exclaimed. “When you’re away that must be really tough, especially if your partner knows that it’s kind of…they wouldn’t be there for you." 

Harry and the rest of the taken boys, looked down, but laughed. Harry hated being away from you, you were practically the only thing that could make him smile on a bad day and if something happened to you while he was gone, he would blame himself for not being there for you. 

"Yeah, but the thing is, with me personally. Like my Mrs does the same thing and she gets it cause she does the same job.” Zayn said. 

“Oh, your Mrs is in Little Mix.” Johnathan realizes. 

“Yeah she is." 

"And you’re getting married, you announced your engagement." 

"We’re engaged.” Zayn confirmed causing everyone to cheer even the boys. 

Niall nudged Harry because he was the only one that knew that Harry was going to propose to you. Harry blushed and threw the blonde a glare. 

“That’ll be you talking about your engagement with Y/N.” Niall whispered, teasingly. 

“Shut up, Niall.” Harry hissed quietly. “No one’s suppose to know." 

"And Harry!” Johnathan cut in before Niall could say anything back. “I love you and Y/N together.” Harry blushes at the sound of your name. “You two are the couple everyone in world adores, how do you handle that? Y/N is a very famous pop sensation, how do you get to spend time with each other?" 

"Y/N and I, we always remind ourselves that the tabloids will always try something to break us apart, but at the end of the day, she’s the one in my arms and I’m the ones in hers.” Harry told him. “We always try to go on dates and hang out and just spend time with each other as much as we can because our schedules are hectic, but Y/N and I would always visit each other for a couple of week when one of us are on tour." 

"That’s great.” Johnathan smiled. “But how do you deal with all the male attention Y/N is getting? Zayn’s partner is famous as well, but she doesn’t get near as much of attention as Y/N gets, how do you feel about that?" 

Harry shrugged, "Like I said, it the end she’ll be the one in my arms and I’ll be the ones in hers. She knows that I get a lot of attention from girls and I understand she attracts a lot of guys, but we trust each other, so it works out." 

"That’s good.” Johnathan nodded. “Wouldn’t want the World’s ‘it’ couple to break up, now do we?" 

Everyone in the audience shouted 'No!’ causing Harry to smile wider, if that was possible. 

There was no way the two of you were going to break up. 

Not when Harry’s going to propose next week when the two of you fly out to Paris for a couple’s vacation. 


pls stop Damian…