Burr: Now Hamilton’s skill with a quill is undeniable, But what do we have in common? We’re reliable with the-

Men: Ladies!

Laurens: Ye… Yep that’s me!

Men: Ladies!

Laurens: *sweats* I love women!

Men: Ladies!

Laurens: Alexander! I don’t think I can’t keep up like this much longer!

john lazing about on the sofa, warm-cheeked and half-asleep, as sherlock sits in his chair and plucks absently at the violin, rambling off on some meandering, one-sided discussion about the differences in modern violin manufacturers. john hums his agreement at the appropriate pauses and stretches out, his shirt riding up over the small of his back, until sherlock trails off and moseys over, brushing his fingertips over john’s soft skin. wanna snuggle, bumble? john asks, muffled against the cushions, and sherlock presses a grin to the nape of john’s neck with a kiss. why don’t we go to bed instead, he whispers, and i’ll snuggle you properly. john turns to face him, all half-lidded and drowsy. maybe i’ll snuggle you, he says, his sleepy grin turning into a smirk. sherlock huffs a giggle against his lips. come on, charmer, you can give it your best shot. 

I still actually draw too, nothing too fancy just a lil DirkJohn with lil jaw kisses  @vanillacorpse (thank you for helping me get back into the swing of….. everything??)

Mycroft: Ladies and gentleman, I want to show you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld!

Eurus: A llama?

Mycroft: No.

Molly: A baby llama?

Mycroft: (scoffs) No!

John: A baby llama with a little hat on?

Mycroft: (angerier) NO!

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John and Alex Giving up the turtles

Laurens: *crying*

Alexander: I know it’s hard babe.

Laurens: Do we have to?

Alexander: Yes.

Laurens: But I don’t want to give up these baby turtles!

Alexander: Laurens! I told you a thousand times, we are not keeping 10 baby turtles in our house!

Laurens: *cries more*

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Companions plus Maxon reacting to surprise kisses please?

Cait - She flinches and and almsot punches them - she knows better than to expect pleasant surprise from someone who’s sneaking up behind her. However, as soon as she realises it’s just Sole, she kisses them back, biting on their lips as a punishment for startling her like this.

Curie - Almost squeels in delight. Random acts of affection such as this make her feel so special, as if she was the only girl in the whole world.She curls her arms behind their neck and pulls them closer, savouring the feeling.

Danse - Gets tense. One would have thought he’d get used to things like this by now, but he is always so flustered, it’s almost enraging to him just how much power Sole really holds over his body. On second thought, though, there really is no one else other than Sole who he’d like to have such control.

Deacon - Surprise kiss = surprise butt grab. And a tight one, actually. One, that makes Sole jump up and squeel in mild pain into Deacon’s lips. What follows is a dark chuckle from the professional liar and his grip loosens a bit, instead massaging the cheeks.

Hancock - As if he was expecting them to do this, even before they actually decided to do it, he chuckles and instantly returns the kiss, passionately, but tenderly. He’ll probably never get tired of spoiling someone as sweet as Sole. And, he’ll never stop enjoying the enraged looks of certain folks when they see a smoothskin so very enjoying being kissed by a ghoul.

MacCready - He jumped a bit, but being a quick person, he soon got the idea and deepend the kiss. After what felt like an eternity, both had to pull away and catch they’re breath. MacCready was smiling rather goofy, his pupils dilated. “That’s gonna happen often? ‘Cause I wouldn’t argue,” he says after a while, earning himself a giggle and a playful slap to his arm.

Bonus!Maxson - Similarly to Danse, he tenses up and doesn’t respond to the kiss. When Sole pulls away, with their face filled with confusion and fear of rejection, he glares at them almost menacingly. In a quiet, low voice he says: “Do it again soldier. And you better do it right this time, or there will be a punishment.” Oh they do it right, but they might still need the punishment. You know, preventively…

Nick Valetntine - He had learned by now that they are one big surprise, so he doesn’t flinch, doesn’t resist and just gives in, enjoying their love. He’s sitting behind his table and they are standing above him, therefore, the angle is a bit awkward. Luckily, Nick has a solution. He seperates from them for just enough time, so he can pull them by the waist and they are now sitting on his lap. Soon, Sole returns to kissing Nick’s lips, now more comfortably.

Piper - She squeeks and pulls away. Seeing it’s Sole, she feels a bit embarrassed, but makes up for it soon by wrapping her arms around their shoulder and pulling them back in. When the lack of oxygen makes them part, Piper can only giggle breathlessly, speaking softly: “Oh Blue… You certainly know how to make a girl feel special,” Piper stops to plant a quick peck to their lips, “do you?”

Preston - He saw them coming up to him, yet, he didn’t expect this. Pushing his surprise away, he replaces it with this happy and a bit dizzy feeling, squeezing them very close to him. In fact, so close that their breath seems to leave the lungs and they’ve got to make a lot more pauses for air than they would usually have to do. Never that mind, though, both of them love every single moment of it.

X6-88 - He doesn’t flinch, doesn’t really respond - but he isn’t fighting it either. Sole seeing that as an encouragement continues their actions. After some time, as if coming out of some sort of sleep, X6 reciprocates their kiss, not slowly or reluctantly, but with fierce and passion, so unlike himself. It appears X6 can be full of surprises just as well.