There’s a lot you can say about Steven Universe but it’s really nice to see a show where some characters have powers/are magical beings and don’t necessarily hide it from society all the time.

I mean, everyone just kinda knows Steven and his 3 mums have wild powers and get into trouble and the gems don’t try to hide it or anything, in fact Amethyst posed for Vidalia because she could change into anything, Pearl told S that she’s a magical being made out of light or whatever, no one really hesitates to whip out their weapons, idk man I just wanna say it’s such a nice change of scenery

NCT127 Reaction to their S/O is on Show Me the Money.


He would be surprised, he never thought you would go on the show, he would be proud of you just a little shocked.

“Is that you!?”

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He would be overjoyed that you wanted to go on a show to show everyone your mad flow.

“You go Y/N, blow them all away!”

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He would be so surprised, he heard a lot about the show but he never would’ve thought you would go on in.

“Y/N the fans are now saying the couple that raps together stays together!”

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He’s your hype man, he would cheer you on, no matter what!

“That’s my baby!”

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The little bunny is so surprised, he would stare at you with wide eyes as your mad flow filled his ears.

“What else are you hiding.”

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He knew you were amazing a raping, but he thought you would be too shy to be on the show, but there you were.

“I’m proud of you Y/N”

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He would be so confused on what the show was, so you would have to sit down and explain the whole thing.

“Well, I hope you do well!”

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Both of you have mad flow, He would be talking about himself on high school rapper when the show came on.


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He would be upset, not that you’re on the show, just you didn’t tell him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

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Chromatics Pay Tribute To David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” & The Legendary Julee Cruise

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Why do u think anthony andrews is hella cute???? Also, time travel fic where erik and percy somehow exist in France at the same time. Discuss.

Well, for the first question, allow me to present some evidence

I think this is all very conclusive, don’t you? But if you want more details, well

There’s the lip scar and the soft eyes and that rich voice and those things he can do with his face and the way he purses his lips and that slight twitch of a semi-repressed smile and the fact that he once played Actual Ray of Human Sunshine William Whitfield, and I don’t think I need to justify this anymore

I definitely need more Jewels screencaps, even with the Questionable Moustache

As for your second question, only the other day I was thinking of AU Erik as Percy. Now I want an AU where Percy suddenly winds up at the Garnier just before Erik kidnaps Christine off the stage and discovers all the goings-on and joins Daroga and Raoul on the rescue mission.

And he’s Percy, so he’s not really taking Erik’s shit and like there’s a lady involved and after everything is over and Christine and Raoul are gone off with each other he sits down with Erik and manages to befriend him. Because Percy is an Actual Ray of Human Sunshine, and he feels very strongly that Erik has been treated badly, and somehow he ends up bringing Erik back to his own time and Shenanigans Ensue

Especially when it turns out that Erik has a knack for daring rescues