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Nonetheless, I consider this essential reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in aviation, especially when it comes to civillians operating military aircraft.
A tragedy to remind us all why corners should never ever be cut when it comes to aviation safety.
Even an ejection seat is useless if it is not properly maintained.

Accident Report of Thunder City (South Africa) Lightning Crash, 2009


“He’s a developing player, just like all young quarterbacks, and there’s going to be some good and some not-so-good. Before you can drive a Cadillac you have to be able to drive a Ford. If they get everything good around him, I think it will go well. Right now, I don’t think he can take the team completely on his shoulders.”


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“I hope we can make it more interesting for him so he doesn’t have to eat hot dogs.”

Raiders coach Hue Jackson, who showed his team film of Jets QB Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog during the 38-0 Jets rout of Oakland in 2009. The game was to be the last for RB Leon Washington in a Jets uniform. Washington broke his leg that day and was dealt to Seattle on draft day of 2010.

The Jet Report: Jets vs Buffalo: Our Top Five Keys 

1-Play Fast and Desperate: We’ve heard all the talk from the Jets about how there is no more breathing room. Let’s now see what that desperation means. The Eagles raced around at 100 mph in defeating the Giants last week during the beginning of THEIR “must win tour.” We want to see the Jets play at that pace. At that emotional level. For as close to 60 minutes as possible.

2-The Good Sanchez: The good Mark Sanchez is a confident, ball securing, clutch caretaker. The bad Sanchez? Well, we’ve seen enough of THAT guy in 2011. The one who at his worst, thwarts long drives and throws TD’s to the OTHER team. It’s that look in his eyes that we are in search of. That look of self trust. Where doubt seems miles away from inside the helmet of the Jets most important piece on the chess board.

3-Change the Pace Schotty: Look, the Jets have tried every personality on offense this year except for the Denver Bronco Option, but a more effective alteration may be the pacing. Mark Sanchez seems to enjoy having less time to think. The Jets should give it to him with faster huddles, and no huddles. Where plays are called at the line of scrimmage.

If Denver can comfort Tebow by allowing him to throw it less times than a Pop Warner QB, the Jets can make a point to give Sanchez what HE needs. That is, less time for veterans to stare at him in the huddle as he second guesses the past, stunting his flow for the future.

In addition, why not make the opposing defense tired at times? Force THEM to considering faster substitutions as well. The Patriots do this and seem to break off some big plays out of the confusion and fatigue. Take a page out of their book.

4-Battle of the..yes, that’s right, secondaries: It maybe hard to believe that the Jets and Bills who have combined to score less than 45 points over the past two weeks will be duking it out down the field. That’s why it is essential that when the offenses DO go deep, these secondary units avoid the big play, and big penalties.

The Jets have heard it from their fan base for months about not stretching the field. At some point on Sunday they will. When they do, it will be red alert time for a Buffalo unit that will play without starting safety George Wilson for the second straight week. The Bills defense has allowed 105 points over the past three games. 

One glaring issue of late has been the coverage ability and the tackling of their safeties. S Jim Leonhard had a shot on the final drive in the open field at Denver before Tebow went marching. S Eric Smith was the last guy to swipe at him before he scored with 0:58 left. It was a microcosm of some of the plays the Jets have “just missed” back there. That has to change. An injured Brodney Pool (MCL sprain) has hurt the Jets over the past few games.

5-Back to Work Westhoff and Co: Last Thursday the Jets fumbled a return, allowed a big return, and shanked a punt. The Jets special teams unit HAS TO get back to work this Sunday. The Jets need short fields for the offense to work from. It needs long fields to force Ryan Fitzpatrick into many more decisions than the Bills would like.

When Mike Westhoff’s crew are a plus for Rex’s Jets, as they often times are, the burden is eased up on both sides of the ball. For a team without a true pass rusher, a 300 yard passer, or a 100 yard ball carrier, it’s essential that this unit provides more than just kicking off and tackling return men.


Jets History:  Jets vs Redskins  Dec 5, 1976

“Lou Holtz Resigns" 

What a disaster 1976 was for the Jets. Head coach Lou Holtz quit after this 37-16 loss to the Redskins. Not before leaving a silly mandatory collegiate "fight song” he designed for unity after team practices, as his lasting impression in New York. Aside of course from playing the role of caretaker for the ugly final transition from Broadway Joe to the future.

1976 was the start of the Jimmy Carter administration. It was also the end of Joe Namath’s magical run in New York. Another Alabama Crimson Tide product, Richard Todd, took over the reigns from there and led the Jets from behind center into 1983. Namath played four games for the LA Rams in 1977 before retiring.

1977 also rang in the six year period of Walt Michaels coaching the Jets. A team that under the longtime assistant, played as both underachievers and overachievers, and were exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

George Allen’s Redskins got out to a 31-3 lead on Gang Green this cold winter day. A lead built in part thanks to two John Riggins TD’s. The former Jets RB finished with 19 carries for 104 yards.

Jets vs Redskins Dec 5, 1976 game stats

The Jet Report Oct 15 Rewind:

The rift between Santonio Holmes and the offensive line grew beyond mere words Friday. OL Brandon Moore said that the Jets receivers comments that the line can’t protect long enough to go downfield can divide a locker room.

The Dolphins have their own drama now thanks to star WR Brandon Marshall who suggested that he may start a fight and get tossed by the second quarter of Monday night’s matchup.

When these two teams meet, games often become classics. Now that the action has moved from the field to the locker room, one wonders which teams will step up and actually take the reigns when the lights go on.

Are you ready for some..wait, that’s not the song anymore.

The Jet Report Aug 30 Rewind:

FB John Connor injured his ankle Monday night against the Giants but Rex Ryan hopes to have him ready by week one against Dallas. Don’t be shocked to see former FB Tony Richardson’s name pop up over the next few days should Connor’s situation take a turn for the worse.

The Jets released K Nick Novak, ending a battle for the kicker’s job that never really heated up to intense proportions. Folk has been steady on field goals and kickoffs this preseason and althohg Novak has been solid as well, it was Folk’s job to lose.

Punter Chris Bryan was cut as well, leaving those duties to TJ Conley, who lost the competition to Steve Weatherford in 2010. Conley appears to be safe. Jets nation though, has raised the question of whether the Jets may still be consider the loser of the Giants punting battle between Weatherford (now a Giant) and Matt Dodge, as a last second option.

                   JENKINS RETIRES

The Jet Report wants to congratulate Kris Jenkins on his ten year NFL Career. Jenkins announced his retirement after a succession of knee injuries that kept him off the field for much of 2009 and all of 2010. The big mans presence was felt around Florham Park since day one. From his ferocious on field attitude, to his fun loving spirit off of it, to the havoc that he wreaked on opposing defenses when they tried to move the ball in between the hashes. Best of luck in the future Kris, and thanks for being one of the guys who helped set the emotional and physical tone for a defensive unit that is now, one of the best in the NFL.

Kris Jenkins career stats:


Jets History: Jets vs Dolphins at Shea Stadium Oct 1, 1967

The Great Leroy Neiman designed the artwork for this, and many others covers for the Jets during the late sixties. In this game, Jets RB Emerson Boozer rushed for one score and caught two more TD’s (one for 49 yards) as the Jets went to 2-1 with a 29-7 win over Miami.

The Jets got off to a torrid start in ‘67 at  5-2-1, but an injury to the red hot Boozer sent the Jets backwards. Gang Green finished at 8-5-1, but all of the pieces were in place for the club’s championship run of 1968.




The Jets and Giants both fired a season’s worth of verbal missiles at each other this past week. Their gridiron version of the 1960’s “Cold War,” where warring words between two world superpowers were used to inflame, intimidate, and strike fear, has simmered down for now. Saturday’s kickoff is just hours away.

Here’s a look back at five days of the most notable propaganda that has led up to “The Battle For New York." 


Rex Ryan: "We’re better.”

Brandon Jacobs: “Sometimes I say things like ‘Man, maybe this won’t happen, but I’m going to make myself believe it. “He’s (Ryan) trying to put something in people’s minds that might not really be there.”

Tom Coughlin (on Rex quote): “I just say, regardless of the talk, it will be decided at one o’clock Saturday afternoon..Regardless of what is said. Talk is cheap, play the game.”

Rex Ryan (on Coughlin’s response): Talk is cheap, money buys whiskey… I don’t care what Tom Coughlin said.


Santonio Holmes: They’ve (Giants secondary) given up big plays. They’re poor tackling guys. We know plays can be made over their heads. We’ve just got to be willing to take advantage of them and make them count.”


Hakeem Nicks: Darrelle Revis is “decent.”

Victor Cruz: “Teams aren’t really scared (of Revis) anymore” and “he’s got to earn his money this year.”

Dustin Keller: ”It’s just dumb, it’s not very smart (Giants WR’s going after Revis in the press). It’s never served anybody right ever. I guess they may think they’re going to get some psychological advantage out of it, but Revis is no mental midget and it’s not going down.”

Brodney Pool: “You can tell him (Cruz) to get out the slot and get out to the island and see if he doesn’t drown.”

Mike Pettine: “If that’s where they want to go with the football, then I welcome that.”

Matt Slauson: “They can say whatever they want. Revis is hands down the best in the NFL, so if they feel like getting him all riled up, it’s their funeral.”

Jets History: New York Titans vs Los Angeles Chargers Aug 6, 1960

This was the Jets franchise first ever game. A preseason game in the LA Coliseum. The Titans wore blue and gold, the colors of owner Harry Wismer’s favorite college team Notre Dame.

The Chargers coaching staff was led by legendary head coach Sid Gillman. Notable Charger assistants were future Steelers four time Super Bowl winning coach Chuck Noll and the recently deceased Raiders owner Al Davis.

On the teams first play, LA’s Paul Lowe returned the opening kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown. Chargers QB Jack Kemp, who later won an AFL title with the Bills in 1964 and 1965, then served as a U.S Congressman from 1971-1989 (he also was a 1996 Vice Presidential nominee on the ticket with Bob Dole) threw for another, to help the Bolts build an early 14-0 lead. The Chargers won 27-7.