OK so the Danger Days Album and music vids are in Chronological order and I thought, that what if only Party died in the Battle in Sing? Bc in Traffic Report Jet and Kobra died, so they must’ve escaped the battle along with Ghoul (they only suffered burn injuries but Party died bc he was shot in the head). This would also explain why we only see Party being bagged up in Sing.

But there’s NO mention of Ghoul’s death. So what if Ghoul is the only one of the four Killjoys left, he doesnt wear colour anymore, it wouldnt be right to wear colour without them, and he’s cut his hair and just stays in the same house bc life isn’t worth living without them.

You’ve all probably figured this out and it’s probably wrong but idk i like it.

I Can’t Save Her: Part 21

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Violence Against Women, Murder/Death

Word Count: 3,294

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Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: This part was pretty tough to write. I actually played around with several ideas, but felt like what is now the end result actually fed into the future progression of the story. Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

I love your comments, messages, asks, likes, reblogs – all of it. <3

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I remained silent through most of the flight to Austria. As we neared our destination I began to feel my anxiety creeping deep into my mind.

“Listen,” Fury said over the com of the jet. “All reports indicate that this facility has been abandoned for years now, but be careful. There’s always the chance someone has come back or they planted booby-traps to deter unwanted guests. Good luck.”

“Got it – thanks Nick,” Steve replied as we landed. He reached over and squeezed my hand reassuringly and offered me a small smile. “You okay?”

I tried to smile, but my attempt fell flat. I was afraid to leave the jet – more afraid than I had been in my entire life. I wasn’t afraid of what we would find because in the back of my mind I already knew, but I was terrified of what I might remember. I stood on the precipice of who I thought I was who I really was. If I opened the truth – I could never walk away from it the same. I swallowed hard and set my jaw bravely. “Let’s get this over with, Steve.”

“You’ve got it kid,” Steve replied as he clapped his hand around my shoulder.

I pushed aside my fear as I followed Steve out of the jet. H.Y.D.R.A. facilities were notorious for their elaborate booby-traps – even those that had been vacated long ago. I wouldn’t let my personal feelings put Steve in jeopardy. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take the lead?” I called after him.

“Y/N, you know I can take a bullet better than you,” he answered smugly. I couldn’t help but smirk at this. Every mission I had ever been on with Steve always went like this. He refused to carry anything other than his shield, and refused to let me take the lead.  I guess It was his way of protecting me even though he knew I really didn’t need it. As we approached the entrance to the facility I tuned in to our surroundings— making sure I had his back. “Look at this,” he called to me. I approached the door slowly and tightened my grip around my gun.

“What the fuck?” I whispered breathlessly. The door to the facility had been pried open by something strong which was remarkable given the strength and the heaviness of the metal it was composed of.  I looked from the door to Steve, who wore a concerned expression.

“It looks like someone got here before us,” Steve mumbled as his gaze swept all around us. “Better be ready for anything.” I jerked my head in understanding and followed him.

The facility seemed to give all the usual characteristics of an abandoned building – dust covered gadgets and chairs, sheets on some of the furniture, yellowed paper littering the floors – but there was something about it that put me on edge. There had obviously been a presence here recently. I could tell by the subtle marks on the floors and the lack of dust in specific areas. Someone had been here and they had been looking for something.

“Does anything look familiar to you?” Steve muttered under his breath as we made our way through the lobby.

“No… not really,” I strained my mind to try to remember something about this place. We cautiously crept down a flight of stairs which led us to a hallway. As we turned the corner to enter another room I stopped dead in my tracks. “Steve,” I mumbled as I looked around – the panic I had professionally hidden was bubbling up inside of me again. “This is it,” I added breathlessly. There were more details than my memory had been able to hold on to, but I knew the room – it was the one that had haunted my dreams for the last two months. There was no denying it. I could feel my memories creeping out of the depths of my mind and I began to lose focus on where I was or what I was doing – becoming completely disoriented. Steve had turned to look at me to make sure I was alright when the sound of a gun rang out as something fast and sharp pierce my upper arm. “What the fuck?” I mumbled as I stumbled backwards. The sudden events had snapped me back to reality. By the time I had gathered my wits Steve already had our attacker immobilized on the ground.

“You okay?” he asked over his shoulder.

“Yeah… I think so. It seems to just be a flesh wound,” I called back to him. Even so – it was bleeding and making a mess as I investigated it. I tried to push the pain out of my mind – I had felt worse. I holstered my gun and quickly ripped a strip of cloth from my shirt to bind the wound. Once I was finished I walked over to Steve’s side to look at the man that he had restrained on the ground.

After checking to make sure I was actually okay, Steve looked down at the man with disgust. He had no love for H.Y.D.R.A. “Talk,” he said coldly. As I looked at the man he sneered at me. He was a slight and unremarkable man – somewhere in his late forties or early fifties.

“Captain Rogers, and Y/N how very nice that we should meet again,” he said as he turned to me.

“What do you mean again?” Steve asked.

The man chuckled darkly as he turned his gaze away from me. “No no… Captain this is the first time I have had the pleasure of meeting you; however, I have known Y/N for quite some time – I doubt if she remembers me.” He smirked darkly as he turned back to me. I could feel the panic rising up my throat again – threatening to cut off my ability to breath.

“You knew my parents?” I asked bluntly. The man nodded in assent. “What were they to H.Y.D.R.A. – what did they do?” I knew the chances of getting the truth from him were not in my favor, but this was the best opportunity I had of getting some type of information.

His eyes glistened with malice as he contemplated his next move. “Of course I knew your parents,” he sneered at me. I swallowed my anxiety – I wouldn’t let him get the best of me. I let myself slide into the role of the cold calculating assassin I had been as a way to protect myself. He saw the slight shift in my demeanor and seemed to shrink even further onto the floor.

“If you know me – then you must know I made a name for myself before I joined the Avengers. I would answer my questions quickly and adequately – I haven’t lost any of my previous skills,” I added coldly. I could feel Steve shift uncomfortably by my side but he remained silent. The man remained unmoving as he glared up at me. I moved so suddenly that I even took Steve by surprise – crashing the heel of my boot so powerfully into the man’s hand that he screamed in pain. “Like I said… you should talk,” I murmured as he cradled his broken hand with his remaining good one.

The hatred in the man’s eyes was palpable as he began to speak. “I worked closely with your parents throughout their time with H.Y.D.R.A.” He paused as a wicked smile spread across his face. “They were assigned to the same team as me – to monitor and handle the asset.” Steve stiffened beside me, but I wasn’t sure why.

“What was the asset?” I asked.

The man looked between Steve and myself with an evil glint in his eye. “The asset was Bucky.” It wasn’t the man that answered my question, but Steve. I could feel bile rise in my throat as the full weight of his answer sunk into me.

“What did they do?” I asked the man.

He chuckled darkly. “We were assigned to monitor him and to make sure he complied when he was woken for missions. By whatever means necessary.” I didn’t need further explanation on what he meant. I was speechless and turned away to give myself a moment’s reprieve from the man’s stare.

“What happened to her parents?” Steve asked darkly.

“They got sloppy at their jobs and your beloved Sergeant Barnes murdered them. He came here recently – did you know? Looking for answers, and now you’re looking for him it would seem – he must have not been able to stay in the presence of his captor’s daughter. Not that I could say I blame him.”

This sent me over the edge. I spun around as I could feel my anger and hatred threatening to spill out of me. “You’re a fucking liar.”

“December 30th, 1994.” He replied smugly.


“If you don’t believe me – go access the security archives. Also, access the footage from three days ago – you will see that I am telling the truth. It’s over there in that room,” he pointed behind me to a small room that was faintly lit.  I looked over my shoulder at Steve who gave me a reassuring nod – he could take care of everything else while I investigated.

I moved slowly to the room in case it was an elaborate ploy to spring a trap. As I grew closer I felt consumed by sudden trepidation about its contents. I needed to know my past – I needed to understand why Bucky had left, but the truth terrified me. I knew once I opened my mind to it – there was no turning it off. It would be with me for forever.

As I entered the room I froze for a moment. Every fiber of my being screamed for me to run out and never look back, but I clung to my resolve. If this would help me find Bucky – if it would help me save him – then I never really had a choice. I would sacrifice myself in whatever way I had to if it would bring him back. I fumbled nervously through filing cabinets of tapes until I found one labeled “December 30, 1994 – Incident.” My hands were shaking so intensely that I struggled to slide the tape into the VCR. I steadied myself both physically and mentally as I pressed the play button.

The grainy images of the security footage filled the monitor before me as I sat on the dusty seat before the desk. My breath caught in my throat as I recognized two of the people within the frame – my mother and myself. I could feel the gentle scratch at the wall in my subconscious. I couldn’t remember it all – not yet, but I knew by the end somehow I would. As I played in a corner of the room something happened to snap my mother’s attention to something or someone off screen. It had to be that terrible scream – the one I heard every night in my dreams right before I would wake. She turned to me and spoke. It was clear – even without sound – that she was frightened. I watched as I hid under a heavy desk in the corner. She picked up the receiver of the phone beside her and was yelling into it. I could imagine the words – the asset is out.

In my heart I knew what would happen next – I knew who would walk into the frame of the camera, but it still didn’t prepare me. When I saw him I felt sick.  A bead of sweat trickle down my neck as my heart began to race. I instinctively reached out and touched his image on the monitor. My mother wasn’t frightened – at least by the way she presented herself she didn’t seem to be. I tried to steel myself for what was to come. I couldn’t see Bucky’s face – his back was turned to the camera, but it appeared that he paused and said something to which my mother responded in turn. I couldn’t make out her words, but I could tell her reply was earnest. Both stood slightly apart from each other – not moving for a moment. I watched on as Bucky suddenly reached out and wrapped his hand around her neck. She didn’t fight except for meagerly placing her hands on his until she went slack and her lifeless body dropped to the floor. I wanted to cry out. I wanted to do anything but sit and watch my younger self run to my mother’s lifeless body as Bucky stumbled back and was subdued by men that had arrived too late to save her. He didn’t fight – he stood as if commanded. Helpless and alone. The screen went black.

I stared at the blank monitor— frozen in pain – I had known somehow and yet I still couldn’t grasp the reality of it. Whatever my emotions were – anger towards Bucky was not one of them. My mother had clearly been part of H.Y.D.R.A. and, though he had seldom talked about it, I knew the pain they had inflicted upon him for decades.

My hands shook uncontrollably as I fumbled to find the security footage from three days ago. The technology that housed this information seemed too new for an abandoned facility which made me question what Steve and I had walked into.  Finally, after accessing computer archive records I was able to find it. At first the facility seemed as abandoned as it was when Steve and I first entered, but suddenly Bucky came into view pushing in front of him a man that I could only guess was affiliated with H.Y.D.R.A. The ache to reach out and touch him was unbearable. Three days. He was here only three days ago. He seemed rougher – sadder perhaps – as I watched him. After Bucky argued with the man he pointed to the room I was now in. They both entered and remained for quite some time.

Suddenly the man came flying out of the room – quite literally. Bucky stalked out in a complete rage. He was screaming at the man – his usual calm demeanor that had been instilled in him from all those years of being the Winter Soldier was gone. He had completely lost control. The man must have noticed and tried to play it to his advantage. Bucky paused for a moment, as if listening to something the man said. Suddenly a smirk spread across the man’s face – he instantaneously realized his mistake. Bucky grabbed him by his collar and hit him repeatedly in the face as he screamed in a mixture of rage and despair until finally there wasn’t a face to hit anymore. He let the man’s body drop to the floor as he stumbled back. He turned and looked into the security camera, but I knew what he was really doing – he was looking at me. I could feel it in every part of my body – he knew I would come looking for him and he knew I would find my way here. “I’m sorry.” I could make out the words this time. They were just as clear as the pain that spread across his face.

I was so distracted by his message to me that I didn’t see the men behind him and neither did he. I watched in horror as they surrounded him. Bucky was an excellent fighter but one man – even if he was a super soldier – could only take on so many people at once. He made them work for it, but eventually they beat him so severely it rendered him unconscious. A cry of horror slipped passed my lips. There was nothing I could do… I helplessly stared at the monitor as they dragged him out of view.

I tried valiantly to keep my emotions subdued. I needed to leave the room composed – to extract information from our captive. I knew if I let my emotions get in the way I would jeopardize finding him. I had to find him… I had to save him. In my heart I knew this was all my fault. The mission was no longer bringing him home so I could have him again; it was rescuing him from a past that seemed hell bent on destroying him. As I struggled to regain my composure I realized that I couldn’t control all of my emotions so I held on to one – anger. I could feel rage coursing through every part of me as I stood up from the desk. As I walked towards the door I un-holstered my gun and gripped it tightly in my hand. I knew exactly what needed to be done.

“Y/N?” Steve asked – his face was ghostly white as I turned to look at him. “What’s going on?”

I didn’t answer – rather I walked up to the man and pointed my gun at his head. “Talk,” I hardly recognized my own voice because of its coldness. He smirked up at the barrel, but he remained silent. It was obvious like so many other H.Y.D.R.A. agents that he was willing to die for the cause.

“Woah! Y/N!” Steve exclaimed as he pushed himself between my gun and the man.

“Move Steve or I swear to god…” I snarled back.

“You’ll shoot me?” he asked incredulously. “What the hell is going on.”

“They have him. H.Y.D.R.A. has Bucky,” I spat through my teeth. It was taking everything in me to hold on to the last bit of control I had. “Dammit Steve! Move!” I yelled – I could feel the frantic despair that I had been trying to keep bottled inside rise up my throat. To my surprise Steve did move out of the way – leaving the man free to my threats. “Tell me where the fuck he is.” I demanded.

“Don’t you wonder why you can’t remember it?” the man wheezed as he looked at me maliciously. I didn’t answer, but he must have sensed my uneasiness. “Tell me, did Sargent Barnes ever tell you what it was like to be unmade?”

I froze for only a moment and the man instantly realized his mistake. “Tell me… do you know what it’s like to be unmade?” I retorted calmly.

“Cut off one head…” the man began H.Y.D.R.A. agents’ favorite line when faced with death.

“Let me help,” I responded as Steve shouted from behind me. I squeezed the trigger and the sudden smell of blood permeated the room. I watched as he fell backwards and squirmed on the floor as crimson flowed from his chest and soaked through his clothes. I stared into his eyes because I wanted him to know that I had the ability to kill him almost instantly, but I wanted him to suffer – for myself and for Bucky. Finally, his eyes clouded, his gurgling breaths stopped, and he remained motionless.

“Y/N,” Steve said from behind me. I turned to look at him – I had been so lost in my rage I had forgotten he was there. “We don’t… He could have had information on Bucky.”

“He didn’t. We’ll take copies of the security footage and give them to Nick. He should be able to run facial recognition software to identify a few of them. This man was here to make sure the trap will be set for us when we find Bucky. He was a pawn. Nothing more,” I didn’t recognize my own voice – I was distant – cold even. It was all I could do to keep myself standing.

“I’ll go get the records,” Steve mumbled as he headed towards the security room. I turned to look at the security camera.

 I wanted to let them know I was coming, and was bringing all of hell with me.


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Including: General Hux x Reader.

It’s been a long time since you had a chance to talk to Hux in private. Being a leading scientist in the new blaster technology project requires a lot of time and constant attention. It consumes you so much, you haven been noticing the way general is looking at you. His eyes would give away a longing, for the smallest piece of your attention, if you just took a moment to look at him. However, you’re absorbed with the research and Hux is too proud to say anything. He follows you silently as you lead him to the laboratory in order to show him the progress of the team.

The silence helps your thoughts flow freely through your mind. You think of that equation that still needs solving, a report Jet should give you yesterday, but took a day off because of her fiancé’s birthday. Your footsteps slow down until both of you stop. You look back at Hux, snapped out of trance. His ice blue eyes seem to spark as your gazes lock at each other. It’s surprising how words don’t want to flow, despite of your honest will to speak up. Vocal cords disobey and you end up taking a step forward, parting your lips. Silent. General’s arms wrap around your waist pulling you closer. You linger into his touch, pushing him against the wall, burying your face in his coat. The gloved hand traces the shape of your jawbone, lifting your chin up. Hux lowers his head. General’s lips form a barely visible smile just before meeting yours in a kiss. Closing your eyes, you feel him grabbing your thighs and lifting you up, so now, you’re the one who needs to lean down for him. A sweet kiss on lips stops being enough pretty quickly. Hux bites your lower lip with a silent growl and slips his tongue into your mouth. Slowly. He’s taking his time reminding himself, enjoying your taste. Ginger man turns in one swift move, pushing you against the wall, as you begin to suck his tongue. Your hands caress his neck, struggling not to go for his fiery hair or wrinkle his uniform. Hux’s big body crashes against yours harder and harder making you breathe heavily.

“Excuse me, Professor (S)?”  abashed whisper kills the moment. It’s Jet. She’s standing right next to you, her face completely red. “You asked me to give you this report as soon as I’m back.” Hux puts you down on the floor. You give young woman an annoyed look. She blushes a little, clears her throat and just as she’s to say something, her face goes completely white. “You- you meant bring it to your office- At once!” She turns away and nearly starts running down the corridor. Hux still looks in her direction with a transparent intention of killing somebody. You chuckle and give him a kiss on the chick.

“I think we should proceed on our duties, Sir.” You take the lead but turn you head for a second and whisper to him: “Just don’t kill Jet, honey, okay? I kind of need her.”

“No promises” says Hux. You are afraid he might serious.

Lautrec’s master list

Sorry I’m Late (Part 1/?) (Stark/Barnes/Rogers x reader)


1. Imagine Steve and Tony are at peace. But Tony still doesn’t trust Bucky. Then he finds Tony’s long lost daughter, and he reunites them. the daughter and Steve fall in love

2. one-shot where the reader is tony’s daughter but tony doesn’t know until hydra kidnaps her and sends a video to the avengers telling them they have his 20 year old daughter and they start digging up files to see if its true and they save her and when she’s kidnapped, have hydra experiment on her and make her have powers?

3. imagine the avengers invade a base. And Steve finds this girl, a little over 20, crying in the corner of her cell. She’s really scared and he has to coax her out and it takes awhile. And they bring her back to the tower and she’s really scared & quiet. She only hangs around Steve because that’s who she trusts. Later on Bucky is introduced. They remember each other. they hug because while he was there, he was the only person that was nice to her. He’d sneak her food and stuff? End with fluff?

“It won’t always be this way,” the nice man said.  “One day, I’ll get us out of here.  Both of us.”  He pushed the tray in front of you, but today you had no interest in eating; you were far too tired from the long day of experimentation and testing, so sleep was all that you wanted.  “You need to eat, (Y/N).  Don’t let them win.”

“You say ‘them’ like you aren’t a part of it.  You are one of them, aren’t you?”

The man’s face changed in his expression from an eagerness to help to one of sadness at your words.  He was HYDRA, and he was there to ensure your compliance, but he hadn’t stopped to think that you had seen him as one of the bad guys.  He took it upon himself to care for you; he brought you food and water, even if he was told not too, he brought you new clothes, and snuck pillows and bedding into your cell when you weren’t supposed to have either. He thought he was doing right by you, the best way that he could.

“I am in their service, yes,” the man said quietly, “but I am not them. I…I still…know when a person is mistreated.  And one day, I’ll make good on my promise.  I will free us both.”


It had been almost three months since the team had come back together after being torn apart by Steve and Tony, each of them fighting for their own causes that never came to win. Despite the reunion there was always palpable tension in the tower, though it was lessening with each passing day. Steve and Tony had come to terms that they would always have disagreements and found a way to coexist, but one relationship that was seemingly likely to never work was between Tony and Bucky.  It wasn’t for a lack of trying; Tony gave it effort because Bucky was Steve’s best friend, but with everything that happened and the stories of how Bucky played into his own past, he couldn’t trust him.  Bucky wanted to be a part of the team, but he was trying to find a common ground with Tony for Steve’s sake, and he was at his end with what else to try, until an opportunity all but fell into his lap.

“How long did you say this would take?” Tony asked Steve, watching him throw gear into the back of the jet.  “I need to report that you’re both leaving in case we get called in for anything.”

Steve let out a huff as he tossed a large duffle bag carelessly, “Just tell them three days. Then tell them to get off my back about it.”

“Hey, we all had to make compromises here, Rogers.  All of us.”

“Yeah, I’m aware. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Bucky moved towards Steve from the front of the jet, leaning in to whisper so that Tony wouldn’t hear, “are you sure we shouldn’t say anything to him?  This is a big thing to keep as a secret, don’t ya think?”

Steve glanced from Bucky to Tony, watching him as he spoke so that Stark wouldn’t hear him, “not until we know if the lead is good or not.  If we’re wrong and we say anything now, it’s only gonna make everything worse. I have Barton on standby if we need him to say anything to Tony before we get back.”  He turned back to his friend and gave a supporting slap to his arm, “don’t worry, Buck.  If this works out, the credit is all yours, I promise.”


Steve and Bucky had been in the air for over an hour before they decided to get their plan ready; a plan to infiltrate a HYDRA base looking for clues and information as to where you were. On a random day, they had received an anonymous tip that a highly valuable hostage was being held somewhere; and that was all.  Somewhere. Two days later they received another notice, a pile of tapes filled with grainy and unfocused images, nearly impossible to make out other than the sounds of voices overlapping each other. Finally, just yesterday, the third and final clue came to them; a gold locket holding two small pictures, one of a young girl that they assumed to be you, the other of a much younger Tony. On the back was inscribed the words, “My Loves”.

“Let’s see if FRIDAY was able to clean up those videos yet,” Steve mumbled, grabbing his tablet and leaning in towards Bucky, both of them now anxiously watching the screen for something or someone that might lead them in the right direction.  “Alright, FRIDAY, do we have anything?”

“Sir, the images were badly damaged and I could salvage almost none of it.”

Bucky’s face dropped and he shook his head, turning away to look out the window as the clouds passed quickly by.  “No, that would be too easy,” he groaned sarcastically.

“Come on, Buck, she said ‘almost’.  So what did you get, FRIDAY?”  Steve asked anxiously, his fingers whitening as he gripped the tablet, not realizing that he was holding his breath.  If this worked, and if you were who they thought you were, then things were finally about to change for the better for everyone.

“I have isolated two images, Captain,” the A.I. replied, bringing up two slightly distorted but much clearer pictures of you than they had seen in any other part of the films. Steve turned the tablet to Bucky, who reluctantly turned back to take it from his hands, but nearly fell out of his chair when he finally looked.  

“Steve, holy shit, I know who that is!”

“Does she have a name?”

Bucky blinked a few times as if he was clearing his vision to be sure that what he was seeing wasn’t his imagination, and that you were really in the picture in front of him. He hadn’t seen you in years after being separated, completely losing track of you once HYDRA discovered that he was helping you to survive.  “(Y/N),” he whispered with a small crack in his deep voice, “oh, (Y/N), I can’t believe it.”  He turned his chair harshly towards Steve, his voice now urgent and near panicked, “we have to find her, Steve.  I promised her…I promised her that I would get us both out one day.”  He jumped up from his seat and moved to the main cabin of the jet, taking inventory of his gear and weapons, hiding most them within his uniform.

“Today has to be that day.”


Once Steve and Bucky had left, Tony decided to get some much needed time in the lab, taking advantage of Bruce’s absence for the weekend while at a conference on biological transmutation.  As he grabbed and tossed instruments around his workstation, he smiled slightly at the thought of the doctor, most likely bored out of his mind by now and taking control of the lecture himself with information that he actually found useful.

Tony sighed loudly when he dropped a rather expensive tool on the ground, bending down to grab it with one hand holding him steady on the table.  His hand accidentally grazed over a control pad, pulling up the same grainy video that Steve and Bucky had watched earlier that day.

“FRIDAY?  What’s this?”

“Apologies, boss.  I don’t believe that you were meant to see that.” The screen went black quickly before he could see any more.

“Why?” Tony asked slowly, restraining himself from a much larger reaction building inside of him.  “Tell me now.”

After a moment of silence and Tony’s growing impatience, Clint burst through the lab doors after receiving an alert from FRIDAY, hurrying to try to keep his friend calm. “Okay, so this isn’t going to plan,” he huffed, “but Stark, I’m gonna need you to sit down.”

“Just tell me what the hell is going on, Barton.  Now.”

Clint looked around the room nervously, wishing that someone was there with him to do this, cursing Steve and Bucky for putting this responsibility on him.  He hadn’t heard from either of them since departing and had no idea if they had found you yet, or if you were even who they guessed that you were.  Tony was demanding answers, and all Clint had was what he didn’t know.

“Over the past few days, Steve and Bucky were sent…clues…of sorts.  Things that led them to believe…” he paused, rubbing his hand over his forehead and squeezing his eyes shut, preparing for Tony’s reaction, “that they found someone who looks like she’s your daughter.  Maybe.  They think that HYDRA has her, and that’s where they went; to get her and bring her here.”

Stark’s face was immediately pale, his eyes shifting around as if he was searching his own mind for answers and finding none.  “I don’t have a daughter, Barton.  They’re wrong.”

Clint pulled out his phone and texted Steve, now waiting patiently for his reply.  “Tony, you know they wouldn’t chase this lead if they didn’t think it was solid.  But tell me,” he sighed, turning the phone towards him, “who does she look like?”

Tony took the phone in his hand, gently running his finger over the image on the screen, staring at in disbelief.  He took in a shaky breath and held it for a moment before slowly exhaling, feeling a slight wooziness as his body relaxed.  “She looks like her mother.”  He dropped the phone on the table next to him and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his legs and holding his head low until the dizziness passed.  “Why didn’t she tell me?” he mumbled to himself, “I could have saved her.”


“Where are they now?”

Barton took a seat next to him and grabbed his phone, shoving it back into his pocket and putting a hand on Tony’s shoulder.  “They just landed.  If she’s there, they’ll know soon.”


Steve and Bucky worked in tandem, Steve moving forward through the base while Bucky watched their backs.  They had been searching for nearly an hour with no signs of anyone being there.  The hallways were dark and cold, with a heavy moisture in the air that coated their skin as they continued to push forward. Even though they had found no one yet, they kept their alertness at a peak, ready for any surprise that HYDRA could throw at them.

“Maybe it was a bad lead?”

“Nah, I feel like there’s something here, Steve.  I don’t know why, but I feel like we can’t give up yet.”

“Is this about Tony?” Steve whispered, not turning to look at him, his weapon held ready.  “He’ll come around, you know.  You don’t have to do this.”

Bucky stopped abruptly and grabbed Steve’s arm, holding him back.  “I couldn’t care less about Stark right now,” he whispered, tilting his head slightly, listening for something that he thought he might have heard in the distance.  “Did you hear that?”

Steve closed his eyes and pushed the limits of his senses, concentrating on any noise that might be what Buck had heard.  After a moment he shrugged the idea away and began to move forward again.  “Nothing, Buck.  Let’s keep on.”

The Captain pressed forward, not realizing that his friend stayed back and took his own direction until they had separated too far to risk calling out for each other in case they were heard.  Even though he was fully exasperated now and just about ready to give up, he decided to check one final room.  He raised his small flashlight from just behind his shield, illuminating the dark space, sweeping the light from corner to corner.  

“Nothing,” he sighed to himself, pointing to the final corner.  His breath caught in his chest and he dropped his light when the reflection of two large eyes staring back at him caught him off guard.  Keeping his eyes fixed, he slowly knelt down and grabbed his light, sweeping across the corner until he met his target again.  Steve took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, setting his shield to the side and kneeling down cautiously with a hand extended as if he were trying to coax out a scared animal.

“(Y/N)?  Is that you?”

Part 2

Don’t Make Me Angry-Kiss You: An Avengers Fanfic

(The title is borrowed from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, which is our manifesto) 

Written for 1jadedoll’s request:  Can you write Natasha reluctantly going to Bruce to get patched up after she gets injured. They haven’t talked since his disappearance. Both are angry and there is a lot tension between them. It can lead to angry sex lol.

I have a secret weakness for writing fluff :) Enjoy, and send me more prompts, because I love writing for y’all!

Disclaimer:I don’t own the original characters. All rights to Marvel and creators.



“Are you going to talk to him?”

“No, I am not.” Natasha ripped open the velcro of her wet gloves and slapped them onto the table, avoiding Clint’s gaze.

“Because we can postpone this mission if you guys need to have it out.”

“I have nothing to say to him.”

“Liar. Look, Nat, I’m mad at him too, but he’s still part of the team.”

“No, I’m pretty sure he opted out of the team when he disappeared on a jet for 5 months.” 

“So are you mad that he left, or that he didn’t take you with him?”

She pulled on fresh gloves and brushed past her friend. “Let’s just go.”

Clint was right, she reflected, as they flew out. There were many things she had wanted to say to Bruce Banner. There were things she wanted to scream at him, too, and several objects she wanted to throw at his head. In the five months since he disappeared, she had conducted countless late-night conversations in her mind. She had thought, when she saw him again, that it would be a long time before she ran out of things to say.

The call had come in from Steve that morning. They had located the quinjet, the real one this time. Submerged in the Pacific ocean five hundred miles from any shore. A heat signal had been picked up inside, but no movement detected. 

No one had known what to expect. Tony came out from New York, prepared with enough equipment to take down the Russian Imperial Army. Steve had even considered calling Thor, except nobody knew how to contact deep space.

In the end, they had only needed one piece of equipment. One piece of equipment, and Natasha Romanoff. 

The Hulk was huddled inside the water-filled plane, wrapped in some catatonic state. Unable-or unwilling-to die, where no human could have survived without a diving suit for five minutes, let alone five months. Tony used some sort of rescue crane to pull him out and deposited the Hulk on the deck of the ship. They had stood in a wary semi-circle, awaiting violence, screams, rage–but nothing came.. 

The Hulk slowly raised his head, blinking against the sunshine. He looked around at each of them, settling finally on Natasha. She kept her face impassive. The Hulk held her gaze, and everyone around them held their breath. And then he closed his eyes, and shuddered, and dissolved into a shaking, retching Dr. Banner, naked on the deck of the ship.

And all the words died in Natasha’a mind and in her throat. There was nothing she wanted to say.

Dr. Cho had whisked Bruce away for a full run-down as soon as they got back. Steve was waiting to debrief him, although she suspected it would be less of a debriefing and more of a serious chat about Teamwork, and probably Freedom. 

Clint kept saying the original day’s mission could wait; it had already waited 10 hours, what were a few more, but Natasha insisted. 

Two hours later, she was deeply regretting her insistence. 

The mission had gone from zero to fucked in no time at all. The former HYDRA arms dealer was well-prepared for their assault, and far too well-stocked in knives for Natasha’s liking. She hadn’t had to abort a mission in over a year, but it quickly became the only option. She and Clint fought their way out of the compound and made a break for the jet, nursing more than a few cuts and bruises. They tried to call Steve from the jet and report, but a ratchetty static was all that came over the comms. The two partners exchanged a worried look and flew home in silence.

Natasha dropped Clint off at his house. It had been a long day, longer than he’d signed up for, and whatever the fallout from their failed mission was, she said she would handle it herself. It was an indication of how exhausted Clint was that he didn’t argue with her, although he ordered her to call if she needed anything.

She wasn’t going to call. Mostly she just wanted to be alone. The emotional waterboarding of the first half of the day had left her empty, with failure and pain pressing down all around after the mission.

She landed the jet on the airstrip and made her way wearily back to the new glass and steel Avengers headquarters, tucked among the trees on a giant expanse of land in upstate New York.

The first thing that was glaringly apparent was that the lights were out. The building was a dark shape, lurking against the sky. She pulled out her gun and approached slowly. Had something happened? Was that the reason for the lack of response over the comms? Had Bruce…?

Two figures burst out the front doors and she raised her gun. “Stop!”

“It’s just us, Romanoff,” came Steve’s voice, as he and Tony walked towards her.

“Don’t shoot!” Tony quipped. Steve glared at him.

Someone blew out the entire electrical system testing his new toy.”

“It’s not a toy, it’s a differential interface that could introduce a quantum level of micro…”Tony saw their faces and trailed off. “Anyway, we’re off to find the breaker box.” He hefted a flashlight and snapped it on. “Follow the yellow brick road, Cap!” he called back over his shoulder. 

Steve paused. “Where’s Clint?”

“I dropped him at home. We had to abort. The mission was a failure. We tried to call–” 

“But the comm system’s down,” Steve finished. “Are you ok?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You can debrief me when I get back from damage control.” He started after Tony. “Be careful in the dark.”

A few SHIELD agents wielding penlights passed her in the halls, but she made it to her quarters without having to talk to anyone. She stripped out of her suit, thinking a good shower would take care of most of her scrapes. Then she discovered the six inch long slice in her upper right arm.

The arms dealer had some top quality knives, she had to give him that. So sharp she hadn’t noticed until now, peeling the fabric away from the wound. It began welling blood even as she stood there. She pulled on a sports bra and some leggings, wrapped a tshirt around her arm, and went in search of first aid, Dr. Cho, and maybe some vodka, not necessarily in the order. 

The first aid kit was kept in the lab, a smart planning move on Steve’s part. There was a distinct fried smell hanging in the air. A small amount of light came in from the windows along one wall, but Nat still managed to trip over two fallen equipment carts before she crash-landed on the old sofa shoved in the back corner.

A self-conscious shuffling and throat-clearing came from across the room. Natasha bolted upright. 

“It’s just me. Bruce. Hi. Um, sorry.” Bruce sidled into view, a dark outline against the windows. “I can leave…”

“Yes, you’re good at that, aren’t you?” she snapped, turning back to the first aid kit. “We’re all very impressed.”

“I think we need to talk.”

“I don’t,” she said shortly. She unwrapped the shirt from around her arm, hissing as it stuck to her skin.

Bruce edged closer. “Natasha? Are you alright? Do I…do I need to go get someone?”

“No. It’s–” She sighed, and rubbed her hands over her eyes. She’d never get this done well with only her left hand. “Stay. I could use your help.”

He felt his way over to the couch and gingerly sat down. “I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do…”

“I think even a physicist can manage band-aids. Hold this.” She shoved the penlight from the first aid kit into his hands and ripped open an alcohol wipe.

“I want to explain,” he said quietly.

“Well, don’t.” Her hands fumbled at the packaging and she cursed herself in her head. Bruce gently took the wipe from her and gave her the flashlight to hold.

She had forgotten how warm his hands were. She had forgotten a dozen little details about him, made herself forget them to lessen the loss. She stared at his hair while he rummaged in the box for butterfly sutures. (She had definitely missed the hair.)

“Why did you leave?” she asked softly.

He continued to work, not meeting her eyes. “I’m not safe for you.”

“I thought we were past that hang-up. And since when do you get to decide what’s safe for me or not?”

“I’ll never be safe for you, Natasha, or anyone else. I think I’m fine, I think I have it under control, but what if something happens? What if we–what if we were together, for a long time, without an incident, and something came out of the blue, and just…”

“That’s why we created the lullaby.”

He pulled out a roll of light gauze and began to wrap it around her upper arm. 

“The lullaby is like a band-aid against something that needs stitches. Face it, there’s always going to be unknown triggers. Wanda’s powers caught us all off guard; what if next time it’s worse?”

“We can’t live in fear of possible futures, Bruce.”

“I have to!” He let go of her arm and she pulled back, fastening off the gauze herself.”I have to live in fear of that, and you don’t, Natasha. You don’t have to fear what it can turn you into; you have control of your self.”

“Oh, so now i’m not enough of a monster for you? This isn’t a fucking contest, Bruce!” She threw the light into the kit and stood up.

“You’re not a monster, Natasha.”

“And neither are you. Like I said, we covered this. Why did you leave?”

“Because I’m afraid, alright? I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

“Well, you amazingly failed,” she taunted.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it through, and–”

“You could have died, Bruce.”

“No, I couldn’t,” he said softly. “The Other Guy would have kept me alive indefinitely–”

“You were trying to pull a Captain America? Preserve yourself in the ocean for a few decades or so?”

“Like I said, I didn’t think it through.”

“For a genius, you can be really stupid, Dr. Banner.”

“Yes, I know.” He pushed himself up off the couch and faced her. “I left because I love you.”

Her chest grew tight. “Not good enough,” she whispered.

“I love you, Natasha.”

“Shut up.”

She grabbed his hair and pulled him into a kiss, with all the fury and hurt and love she had buried for the past five months. He tripped backwards and sank onto the couch, dragging her down with him. He rubbed his hands along her back and pulled her closer, kissing down her neck and along her collarbone. She buried her face in his dark curly hair, dropping kisses and nipping at the edges of his ears, moving so that she straddled his lap and pressing herself closer against him.

“Natasha, we have to stop.”

“Like hell we do,” she growled.

“No, really, I–”

She stopped his sentence with another hard kiss. “This is you being stupid again, Dr. Banner.”

“We can’t…”

“Stop saying that, I’m sick of hearing it.” She wrestled him out of his sweatshirt and pressed her hand against his rapidly beating heart.

“You’re afraid?” she asked. He nodded, eyes locked on hers. She couldn’t see the color in the darkness, but she knew, she knew, they were still that deep, deep brown. “Honey, I’m not going to give you time to be afraid.”


After, with his head resting on her chest, she settled against him, running her fingers through his hair.

“I’m still mad at you,” she said.

“I know.”

“Like, really, really, mad.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Although,” he continued, laying a light kiss on her chest, “If this is a demonstration of your anger, maybe I should make you mad more often…”

“Don’t you dare.”

Whistling and footsteps sounded outside the room, and suddenly the lab was flooded with light. 

“And there was light!” Tony announced. “And it was goo–aaaaaahhhh, my eyes! My eyes. My eyes will never be the same.”

“Go away, Tony!” they both called out, half-laughing.

“Already gone!” came from down the hall.

Natasha smiled down at him in the light. They still had things to work out. They probably would for a long time to come. But he was here now, and he was hers.

“Welcome back,” she said, and he smiled and pulled her down for another kiss.

The lights fizzled and went out, plunging the lab into darkness again.

“Damn it, Tony!” Cap’s voice rang out.




A reminder to Battery City citizens living on the fringe to report any and all seen criminal activity out there in the zones. Those who provide details concerning wanted terrorists and their associates will be rewarded accordingly. 

Wanted for criminal activity:

-[image unable to be provided]-

Name: official identification unknown. [Known alias: Starlight Starbright]

Gender: M

D/O/B: unknown

Height: approx. 5′11

Weight: unknown

Ethnicity: (suspected to be of Asian descent)*

Distinguishing features (i.e. hair, eyes, etc.): Short black hair; one shaved side.

*Distinguishing dress: Domino mask (blue). Black jacket (material resembling leather). 

Known associates: [”Doctor Death Defying”] (official identification unknown).[“Show Pony”] (official identification unknown). Frank Anthony Iero Jr [Fun Ghoul]. [”the Jersey Devil”] (official identification unknown).

Suspected associates: [”News A Go-go](official identification unknown). Gerard Arthur Way [Party Poison]

Last reported in Zone 4.

(please note that this individual is armed and dangerous to Battery City citizens. Approach with extreme caution.)

updated 9/22??

Revis Is Worth A Lot More Than A First Rounder

by the Jet Report

SI’s Peter King reports today that the Jets asking price for Darrelle Revis will be a first round pick, but it’s not enough to warrant getting rid of the game’s best cover corner. As long as the Revis legal team can somehow avoid a third contractual confrontation with Woody Johnson, we see no reason why new GM John Idzik should send Revis packing for the potential of some unknown commodity. No matter how highly touted the pick is. 

Revis makes top flight wideouts invisible. Antonio Cromartie, coming off of an outstanding year, is as good of a second tier top CB as one could ask for, but he’s no Revis. Together, the two form the best tandem in football at a time when quality passing teams have become harder to slow down. The Jets held together defensively without Revis, but it would be hard to argue that they won’t be a better secondary with him once again.

An expiring contract in 2013 and his recent ACL tear make the chances of obtaining a treasure chest full of players and picks in return for Revis lower than they would have been, had he finished 2012 healthy. If the rebuilding Jets are truly shopping Revis, then it’s time to ask for a king’s ransom regardless. Gang Green has to make others figure out a reworked long term deal for the rehabbing star before 2014 and risk doing so at a high cost, as opposed to watching Revis thrive elsewhere for less than top level compensation. In other words, keep him, or find a way to obtain enough talent for him, that the trade helps to rebuild the roster all by itself. One or the other.

Perhaps the unconfirmed reports that Woody and Co. are dangling Revis to prospective buyers isn’t quite true. That the chatter was instead a purposeful and indirect warning shot from the Johnson bunker. One whose intended message is meant for Revis implying that “there will be no contract drama this time around. Any extraneous noise will lead to a new address Darrelle, so forget playing hardball. Come ready to make a deal this time.”  

If the reports are in fact true, then Idzik and the Jets can talk and listen when it comes to Revis all they want. As long as they set an asking price for Revis that resembles the level of Revis himself. One that goes way beyond one unproven first rounder in April. No matter how much immediate help the 6-10 club needs.

Coachella 2016: Calvin Harris Brings Rihanna Onstage for Headline Set

Calvin Harris dropped a big surprise into his Coachella set: Rihanna.

The Scottish DJ and producer introduced the Barbados-born pop superstar to the California masses during his Sunday night headline stint behind the decks.

Wearing a tassel red, white and blue jacket, Rihanna performed “We Found Love,” her 2011 collab with Harris (who was trending on Twitter throughout the set).

“Coachella, what the f— is that,” she shouted. And then, “Calvin Harris, take it away” she called, as she departed stage as Daft Punk’s “One More Time” started up.

Hosts of the Coachella live stream had teased a “big superstar” would appear with Harris. Rihanna sure fit that bill, though it was the presence of Taylor Swift, his girlfriend, many were expecting. According to reports, Swift jetted in and out of the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday to attend a pal’s wedding in Texas… a round trip of 1,200 miles.

Harris is the undisputed King of EDM, earning $66 million in 2014, according to Forbes, a sum double that of the next-highest earner, Frenchman David Guetta ($37 million).

I’ve sorted through some old burned CDs and moving now to the 3.5 disks. I have a stack of them in a handwriting I don’t recognize with the labels “SMSS1″ and “SMSS2″. They’re disks 1 through 9 and 1 through 12 respectively. It seems that the first disk of “SMSS1″ doesn’t want to read right now, but “SMSS2″ would go. Only it’s multi-volume, of course, so some disk-swapping later and I can finally see what’s in the zip file.

And that something is a file called “SMOON-SU.MOV”.

I’m currently extracting it, which is taking me way the fuck back, by the way. THANK YOU, FUTURE, FOR CREATING HIGHER CAPACITY STORAGE THAN THESE THINGS. I still have nine disks to go to get to this file. This file which is probably about 15 MB. MEGAbytes, people.

I will report back!