Me and Shannon are actually the Doctors new companions. 

We've decided we’re somehow related to Donna Noble. (distant american cousins?)

We are hilarious and in love and we make the Doctor laugh and give him hope. 

And it’ll be great fun…

Until something horrible and traumatizing happens to us and we have to stop travelling with the Doctor…

Yep. Planned it all out.


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☂ - For my character to confess who they’d wish to share an umbrella with.


Lila walked carefully to the edge of the doorway of the craft tent, watching the rain make a dark line in between the inside and outside before looking up at the much taller man beside her. 

He’d been standing there for a while, as if contemplating just as much as her whether it was worth it to make a mad dash to their vehicles (or bike, in his case) or wait out the storm. Though he was always so quiet. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

She shifted, hands clasping together in front of her as she let the tip of her umbrella drag on the floor by her toes. 

“You know…if you wanted to leave, I still owe you for the jacket so…you wanna buddy up with this umbrella? And me too, I mean.”


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see all i ever want from audi is to sit in her lap and cuddle and nuzzle and kiss and be nice happy friends like we are, but she won’t let me //whines

drunktasha replied to your post:drunktasha replied to your post: drunktasha…

see? she likes to think that we’re the cuddling kind of friends when most days, she doesn’t even like me. so this is what she gets. she gets me defending myself against her love bc there’s no telling what might happen next if i let her cuddle

omg i give up. 

mama troian ouuttt.

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slurred words

She swallows another sip of champagne, pressing her free fingers to her mouth and squishes her lips a little as she thinks. Or rather tries to stop herself from smiling so hard, to stop herself from rambling and only pick a few things to talk about. 

“Teddy? I mean…Eddie Teddy? He’s…sweet. Like sugar and candy cane sweet and you should see him with his little boy because that’s just the cherry on top. And he gets so, so shy! I don’t know why. He rambles just as much as I do, and, like, I mean that’s not a bad thing, at least no one’s told- uhm, nevermind, but I swear I’d never hold that against him and there he is as red as a tomato looking like he wants to hide every time he finishes a sentence. He thinks I don’t really notice but I do and that just makes him even cuter. I mean…sweeter yeah. Like sugar! Sweet. As. Sugar. And a slice of pie.”

She sighs for a moment, resting her head in a propped up palm with a wistful look on her face and completely unaware of how many food similes she’d used in her little speech. “I don’t know. I made a mistake the first time ‘round, but he makes me feel like sometimes that was for the right reason, you know? And he looks really, really cuddable. Like a teddy…”

She sighs again, loose hair falling into her face as her head tilts forward. “I sound silly.”

Send “slurred words” to hear my muse describe yours whilst ridiculously drunk.

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Life is a river.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.

“Poetic, very deep-” he nodded slowly as if tasting the words in his mind, then grinned, “but I thought life was supposed to be like a box of chocolates.”

He could see her frowning at him, in that way that was far too old for her years so he sat up straight from his relaxed lounge on the couch to look at what she was writing on the other side of it. 

“I didn’t know you wrote poetry,” he said. Really, with all that seriousness that shrouded her head in a dark rain cloud and the whole ‘all work no play’ attitude she had going for her, it was the last thing he expected her to do in her downtime. He smiled, softer this time as he finished reading the half written page. “Maybe life can be a river too.”