Headcanon #22

The Jasmine Dragon has become a chain tea joint, and basically the Republic City version of Starbucks. It’s gotten expensive since Iroh passed, and his vision of how the tea shop was supposed to be has gone by the way side. This upsets Zuko’s family who were always regulars at the shop. Certainly not because they can’t afford it, but because it abandons Iroh’s vision of affordable, delectable tea for everyone.


(( A little drabble, nothing of much importance... ))

Iroh walked over to his mun and peeked over his shoulder.

“Well, well, well. That certainly is something. Who is that supposed to be?”

The mun’s hands paused on the line he was stroking. He lifted his pencil and gazed down upon it.

“It’s the great Avatar from long ago. Avatar Kyoshi,” he said.

Iroh smiled softly, reaching out focus the paper. “You draw her exceptionally well, my young friend. I’m sure she would be honored to have been your muse.”

His mun smiled too. “Thank you, sir. I try my best.”

“I’ll leave some tea by you, in case you need some.” Iroh clapped his mun’s shoulder and disappeared to the back of the tea shop.

“I’d appreciate that.” And with that Kris continued on with his drawing.