“You learn to be lost all the time, so as to never be able to direct anyone to your employers. Or your heart. Or your vulnerabilities. And for what? To play pawn to any one of a dozen governments that will shoot you in the back just for becoming the dispassionate creature they require? You push on and on, never knowing what will next make you suddenly aware of the cold.” – Black Widow: The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

some of the times people forgot about Spock’s Vulcan ears:

  • when Chekov muttered to himself that he wasn’t sure if orange juice was invented in Russia or not
  • Kirk annoying Bones with his How I’m Seducing Spock Plot
  • Scotty in some deep corner of the ship. the less said about it the better
  • the ensign’s redshirt death betting pool
  • Kirk annoying Bones with details of how his How I’m Seducing Spock Plot succeeded. sexy details
  • that time Uhura sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider for 3 days straight
  • McCoy drinking and crying in his quarters about how much he misses his daughter
I’m Getting Spiritualizing

Danny had had his wisdom teeth removed. I think this is the most I’ve heard him speak in a month. After waking up, he mumbled the same odd tune over and over. Eventually, I realized it was the itsy bitsy spider and when I asked him about it, he responded, “There’sa spiiider on’the ceeeiiiliinnngg” He then pointed to a darker shape on the tile ceiling that, if I squint, resembles a arachnid.

That was the only adventure in the oral surgeon’s office. I was beginning to think it would be the only story I’d get to tell. Then we entered the GAV.

“The car has weapons!” Danny turned to me, panicked.

“It’s okay Danny, they only hurt ghosts.” I try to sound as soothing as possible, a hard thing when you’re choking back laughter.

“But I’m a ghost!!!” Here’s the story I was looking for.

“No you’re not.”


“I think I’d know if my son was dead…”

“No! I’moly half dead! Haf-ghos!” Fortunately, he was distracting himself. By trying to persuade me that he’s a ghost, he forgot about the “car weapons.”

“I switch backa forth!”

“Reaaaallyy?” Playing along seves two purposes. One, geting him into his seatbelt, and, well, Danny’s going to hate the story I tell at the dinner table tonight.

“I have a battle cry… IIIIImmmmm… I forgot’t”

“A battle cry, huh?”

“I’M GETTING SPIRITUALIZING!!!”  I am unsure which startled me more, the shout or the flash of white light that engulfed my son. Danny Phantom sits in front of me, grinning wide.

“Seeeee, I told you!”

I had to wait for the drugs to where off before I could get a coherent explanation.

Based on this, sorry if its hard to read, I wanted Danny’s speech to seem realistic.

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