Five Congressmen call for investigation into Latin America-Iran connection

Sen. Robert Menedez from New Jersey, is one of 5 congressmen who have called for an investigation into Latin America’s connection with Iran. (Flickr: transportworkers)

Channel: Latin American Affairs

Five U.S. congressmen, including three Republicans and two Democrats, made calls to investigate the extent of Iran’s influience in Latin America and the U.S., in part due to the revelations of Univision’s documentary, “The Iranian Threat” (La Amenaza Iraní).

Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey and chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, said he wanted to organize a hearing previously planned for February 2012 “as soon as posible,” in part because of the Univision documentary.

“The Univision investigation presented well-documented information, including videos, audio recordings and interviews showing a conspiracy involving the governments of Iran, Venezuela and Cuba to launch cyber and other attacks against U.S. territory,” read the statement released by Sen. Melendez’s office.

“As the Chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, I plan to conduct a hearing as soon as possible to investigate these very serious allegations and the U.S. response to Iranian aggression.”

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Implications for the Iranian Nuclear Deal

These developments and Western reactions carry ramifications that go beyond the Syrian context, with direct implications for the planned nuclear deal with Iran:

1. So long as the extent of supervision is dictated by the supervised party’s declarations regarding its facilities, and so long as that party’s intention is to retain prohibited capabilities, that party can conceal facilities or surreptitiously transfer assets to other sites relatively easily. In this context, Iran has made clear yet again that it refuses to allow unlimited access to its military facilities – or, implicitly, to its intelligence facilities and those of the Revolutionary Guard, which obviously could hide crucial components of the nuclear program.

2. The West’s intelligence capabilities are impressive but far from perfect, and sometimes they are not used at all so as not to reveal their existence. This is very plausibly how the Syrians were able to hide their chemical-weapons for so long – up to two years. It may well be, as some in the opposition claim, that in addition to the sites and the toxins we know of, there is still much else yet to be discovered. This would likely be the situation in Iran, too, in an agreement based on the Lausanne framework .

  3. Once problematic information emerges, no matter how grave, the West makes no quick decision, let alone taking the required action. The lack of political will to be drawn into a conflict with the party under supervision leads to foot-dragging; the issue is sidelined and its importance downplayed. The chlorine-gas attacks on the Syrian population, for example, have become a humdrum matter that interests no one and is barely mentioned, let alone spurring a response. 

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Egozi’s Fury - Some Annoying Facts…

Sad but true… Some parts of the Israeli government are unaware of the actions of others. Last week, the government announced that a rule separating Palestinian and Israeli passengers in busses in Judea and Samaria will be validated.

As this gets published and the deputy to the Minister of Defense speaks about it in the Knesset, a denial was published.

They simply forgot to tell the poor deputy minister the fact that the weird decision was cancelled.

Without getting into the concept of separation, who publishes this kind of announcement when the foreign minister of the European Union visits Israel. I guess common sense doesn’t come a dime a dozen.

We have so many ministers, and the Iranian situation seems to be losing interest. How many ministers take care of the Iranian threat? The Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Intelligence, and soon perhaps also the Minister for Strategic Matters. He will be appointed as a compensation prize. This is what happens when you appoint ministers to titles that don’t exist. If it weren’t sad, it was funny.

They gave titles without backgrounds to the ministers. There is no doubt that they will do anything to justify these vacant titles, and mostly talk about it. This doesn’t add to the Israeli efforts to fight the Iranian nuclear plan.

Not only are some of the ministers unqualified to do their jobs, the double titles are bound to cause more damage than it is useful.

How many more run-over attacks should happen until someone figures out it’s time to do something. So far, no one seems to realize it. Palestinians keep driving around Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria using their vehicles as weapons.

It’s true that in most cases the driver is killed on the spot, but in the meantime, people are killed and injured. How hard could it be to figure out that the movement of these vehicles should be prevented? What once was a bomb became a vehicle. Someone must take the initiative and stop it right now, before we have more bloodshed.

I failed to understand the enthusiasm of the media from the new weapon deal with the US. This deal has nothing to do with the Israel-Washington relationship. All it is, is constant provision of more warfare, which dwindled in the IDF storage, especially after Operation Protective Edge.

But the misunderstanding of many, created the impression that a new honeymoon has started between the US and Israel. Curb your enthusiasm. These bombs and missiles are purchased using the security aid fund given by the U.S to Israel. This is a regular deal for complementing inventory, nothing more.

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American Values, End of Day, with Gary Bauer: The Left's Pro-Abortion Extremism; Bush vs. Obama; Iran Is Mocking Obama

American Values, End of Day, with Gary Bauer: The Left’s Pro-Abortion Extremism; Bush vs. Obama; Iran Is Mocking Obama

Thursday, May 14, 2015

From: Gary L. Bauer

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The Left’s Pro-Abortion Extremism

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed legislation that would stop most abortions performed in the fifth month of pregnancy or…

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Venezuela: Closure of Miami consulate may cost Chávez votes

There’s some 19,000 Venezuelans who were registered to vote in next October’s elections at the Miami consulate. The nearest consulate to Miami is in New Orleans. (Naharnet)

Channel: Latin American Affairs

The full weight of the closure of the Venezuelan consulate in Miami following the expulsion of Livia Acosta, a diplomat whose links to alleged Iranian plots to attack several targets in the U.S. were revealed in Univision’s documentary The Iranian Threat, is beginning to be felt now. 

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3Novices:Iran's president offers unwavering support to Syria

3Novices:Iran’s president offers unwavering support to Syria

Tehran, June 2 (IANS) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday offered his country’s unwavering support to Syria and vowed to stay with the Arab country in the face of threats. “The Iranian government and nation will remain with the Syrian government and nation to the end of the road,” Rouhani said in a meeting with visiting Syrian parliament Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham. Since the very…

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Egozi’s Fury – More Irritating Facts…

Another shooting  from “some random organization” in Gaza Strip. Someone in the government is trying to feed us lies. First it is individuals’ terror, now it is from some random organization.

Why does the government think we are stupid?

Gaza has no randomality. Everything is known and approved by Hamas, and it is convenient for Hamas to provide us with cover stories about disobedient organizations. The problem is that we take this bullshit, and this includes some of the media commentators who repeat this mantra time and time again.

With so many ministers and offices we don’t see the problems. For instance, who takes care of the Iranian threat? The Prime Minister? The minister for strategic issues, the minister for nothing or the minister for goldfish? This is a bad joke that doesn’t feature any resemblance with Israel’s interests.

The main thing, however, is that Netanyahu has a coalition. All the rest is completely marginal. If the governments for nothing could have filled some role… but this is hardly the situation. Almost no one was elected for his relevant skills, they were all elected for the threat they posed over Netanyahu. God help us all.

One week following the earthquake in Nepal people in Israel were still talking about our preparedness to a similar situation. These were just talks.

Israel is not prepared for an earthquake. Not even for a weaker one. All of the plans for strengthening older buildings around Israel are stuck. There is no guiding hand. The mess is everywhere. If you try to do something you come across crazy bureaucracy that makes the citizens fall between the local authorities and some government office. But we don’t have a Minister for earthquake preparation. Isn’t this a strategic issue? Everybody wants to go on conventions abroad surrounded with bodyguards. They couldn’t care less about anything else.

To sum up, we are good at assisting countries, after suffering from natural disasters, but Israel fails to decrease the damage.

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Univision airs The Iranian Threat on Sat. 14 - as Venezuela shuts down its Miami consulate

Following The Iranian Threat's premiere in December, the Venezuelan government has yet to respond to the allegations presented.  

Channel: Latin American Affairs

Back in December,the combined units of Documentales Univision and Univision Investiga premiered La Amenaza Iraní (The Iranian Threat), a 50 min. documentary directed by Gerardo Reyes, head of Univision’s investigative unit, which illuminated the alleged links between the Iranian government and several attempts to attack targets in the U.S. using connections in Venezuela and Cuba.

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Book Review: Stephan Grigat on Zionism, the Israeli Left, and Iran

by Arno Tausch

Die Einsamkeit Israels: Zionismus, die israelische Linke und die iranische Bedrohung (Israel’s Solitude: Zionism, the Israeli Left, and the Iranian Threat), by the German political scientist Stephan Grigat, is an important contribution to the overall debate on the Middle East, and it was published just in time, given the background of the Lausanne negotiations with Iran. Grigat dispels the current euphoria about the “breakthrough in Lausanne” and illuminates the many existing darker sides of the Lausanne deal. The present reviewer is of the opinion that, particularly in view of the special historical responsibility of Continental Europe, a careful reconsideration of the realities created in Lausanne and the considerable role played by the EU foreign policy machinery is necessary and that the other side in the conflict—the side of Israel—is also being heard.

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“The precarious situation in Yemen, U.S. reservations about the war (despite its continued provision of intelligence and naval blockade), the (often exaggerated) Iranian threat and the reluctance of the coalition allies all served to also rally the elites around the king. As a result, King Salman was able to quickly remove the crown prince and to replace him with the minister of interior, Mohammed bin Nayef, and to name his own young son, Mohammad bin Salman, as deputy crown prince. This is the first time that the line of succession moves to the grandsons of the original king, Abdulaziz. Just as importantly, both of these men, like King Salman, belong to the Sudairi family, the family of Abdulaziz’s favorite wife. Known as the “majestic seven,” the Sudairi sons have long enjoyed disproportionate power in Saudi Arabia. The fact that these appointments seem to have been made not simply by royal fiat but by a decision of the council of princes lends them greater legitimacy.

These two princes are the architects and strongest supporters of the war in Yemen, as is the new (and first non-royal) foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, who until now had served as ambassador to the United States. The king has therefore solved three separate issues: the issue of succession and aging leadership was resolved by appointing younger princes and naming a deputy crown prince; the pro-intervention stance was consolidated; and appointed individuals – especially bin Nayef and Jubeir – are very close to top U.S. officials, further solidifying the kingdom’s relationship with the United States.”

Univision Documentales premieres “The Iranian Threat”

Channel: Latin American Affairs, International Affairs

Documentales Univision premieres its latest production, “The Iranian Threat” (La Amenaza Iraní), a one-hour documentary about Iran’s growing ties in Latin America and its effects in the region and the United States. Tune in on Thursday, December 8, on Univision at 10 p.m E.T./9 p.m. Central

“The Iranian Threat”, produced in conjunction with Univision News’ Investigative Unit, uncovers evidence of an alleged Iranian-backed cyber-attack against the United States from Mexico. The documentary also features unseen footage linked to Iran and an undercover journalist who infiltrated clandestine military training camps in Venezuela.

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Iranian threats against Saudi Arabia

Iranian threats against Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

By : Abdulrahman al-Rashed

While U.S. President Barack Obama was trying to ease the anger of Gulf leaders, Iran was keen on sending a threatening message to Saudi Arabia through the commander of its ground forces. On Thursday, Obama gathered Gulf leaders at Camp David to assure them that they “do not have to worry about the nuclear deal with Iran.” They replied that he did…

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