This is the death of Count Dooku:

A starburst of clarity blossoms within Anakin Skywalker’s mind, when he says to himself Oh. I get it now, and discovers that the fear within his heart can be a weapon, too. It is that simple, and that complex. And it is final.

Dooku is dead already. The rest is mere detail.


Yesterday, Felicity, along with many other celebrities, participated in a sketch for Comic Relief 2017, entitled, ‘Stephen Hawking’s New Voice’! It’s hilarious, and for a good cause! I’ll definitely be posting it!


The Deus Ex franchise celebrates its 15th anniversary with a unique animated trailer! Thank you all for your support, Deus Ex wouldn’t be here today without you!

{ Magic Trick } Robin & Kellam

♜ ~ Rook

Kellam was looking at the books as he was out of his armor. He was stacking up some books from the shelf. Some were magic books as he soon found out about the potential of magic. He always wanted to use magic, but always thought that being a wall was better suited. Hence why he only ever studies magic in his free time. A few days ago he tried using a stave on a wounded animal and it worked. For the most part.

However, Kellam wanted to know more. Maybe one day he’ll use this magic in the future. He doesn’t know entirely. He heard the barracks door open, he turned around as he blinked. He stood there as he gave a sheepish grin. 

“Hey there, Robin. I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking these books back to my tent.”  He patted the stack of books in his arms. “Is.. that alright?”


The scrapped Invisible War Chicago ending

So I’ve been talking to one of the writers who worked on Invisible War (@devilbunny) and they told me that there was a proposed ending where Alex D revisits Chicago, instead of going to New York. Ultimately New York was picked because it was thought to resonate better with DX1 players. We would have learned more about Alex’s past and family life in the scrapped Chicago ending. Honestly???? I would have preferred that.

The writer in question was also at least partially responsible for the Invisible War sequel that is set 100 years later where Paul Denton is evil. You know, the one I cry about at least twice a day.

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Reylo + ’Colors’ by Halsey for the lovely @invisible-fangirl

you were RED
and you liked me
cause I was
but you touched me
and suddenly I was
then you decided
just wasn’t for you


Marvel recently registered several comic book titles including; Inhumans v X-men, Solo, Bullseye, Great Lake Avengers and other series that have recently been announced. However, included in the list of trademarks was Invisible Woman, leading many to believe she is getting a solo comic-book series!

{ Field Day } Robin & Kellam

♜~ Rook

It was a normal day for Kellam. He was out and about in the capital of Ylisse. He was off today and decided today he’d help out where he can. Using his rather large build to help out other shop keepers or maybe even help out with some farmers in the market. He really didn’t have much else to do. Being invisible most of the time wasn’t all bad. 

He entered a book store. He always liked the bookstore and enjoyed the calmness. He wandered the store aimlessly, gently running his fingers along the spine of the books in place. He turned into another isle. He blinked as he saw a familiar face. 

“Robin? I’m surprised to see you out of your office.” The gentle giant was grinning from ear to ear. “What did you find that you like so far? I’m curious what you read in your spare time.”