Dylan the Tease, Part 1.

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Word count: 1221

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‘He looks like he hasn’t slept for days.’ I thought to myself.

Dylan. While his rough callused hands grip and move the laptop mouse, and his gaze seizes into the screen, you can sense the sleep deprivation. His eyes drooped solemnly, more or less from the lack of sleep. The dramatic look plastered across his face is cold enough to send shivers down my back. My body jerks and his eyes shoot over towards my presence.

”Oh wow.. sorry babe, I didn’t notice you over there.” His glare was hollow. It was obvious to the eye that he had at least skipped over sleeping the previous night. His casual smirk wasn’t visible, and he looked numb. It was starting to worry me.

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Okay so...

I found this website that tells you how God created you when you type in your name.

Here’s the link:

And when I typed in Dylan O’Brien’s name…

I think it’s pretty acurate

Christmas Party (Part 2)

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Here is the requested Part Two of Christmas Party! I really hope you like it (even tho i’m pretty sure it sucks lol) Click here for Part One!

“Please don’t hate me for this.“ He whispered into (Y/N)’s ear before placing a hand on the back of her head and kissing her vigorously.

(Y/N)’s face tinted pink in shock - she never thought she’d actually ever kiss Stuart. It only took her a moment to react, placing her hands behind his shoulder and at the base of his neck where his hairline began. Her mouth moved with his and she couldn’t deny that she absolutely loved the moment. She forgot all about their platonic relationship and the fake boyfriend routine; it felt real, and genuine.

(Y/N)’s eyes snapped open when a light flashed across her eyelids and she heard her Aunt Carol screeching happily. "Oh, the love! Too cute, darlings!”

They pulled apart from each other abruptly, looking at the old woman and her camera with faces full of fearful, shocked, and ‘did you seriously just interrupt that’ emotions. Their hands dropped to their sides momentarily afterwards. It was silent for a few seconds, and neither (Y/N) nor Stuart would look at each other.

“Well, uh, we’ve got to get going.” (Y/N) declared, shrugging her purse farther up on her shoulder and turning slowly on her heel. Stuart’s hand hovered over her back; he coulnd’t decide whether she wanted him to be anywhere near her or not.

Being completely honest, Stuart felt something - a connection deeper than friendship - and he wanted nothing more than to hold his best friend like that again. But, as he followed her out to her car, he was overwhelmed by guilt and embarrassment. The one thing he did not feel was regret.

The door shut behind them as they walked down the steps from the porch and stood outside the home. Stuart stopped behind her as she kept walking.

“(Y/N),” Stuart called out, quieter than he had wished. His throat felt raw, and his heart beat out of nervousness. (Y/N) stopped abruptly and turned around to face him, only one or two feet away from him. Her eyes looked into his, while he tried to look anywhere but at her.

“Look, I- I’m sorry, uh, about that back there, I.. I know you don’t, um, like me like that, but-”

Stuart was unexpectantly cut off by (Y/N) cupping his face in her hands and pulling his lips to hers with the same force as he did before. He wasted no time in gently resting his hands on her hips and kissing her back. He pulled away with a questioning but satisfied look in his eyes.

“Stuart,” (Y/N) breathed out, still holding his face preciously, “I’ve been in love with you for a while now.”

Stuart’s mouth formed a joyous smile. “Really?”

She nodded. He let out an excited laugh.


Stuart cut (Y/N) off by kissing her once more with no intention of stopping. It was so full of long-waited love, compassion and admiration that Stuart swore he had never felt such an abounding love in his life. He grasped onto her hair and the fabric on her back as if it would save his life.

Stuart pulled away with a look of joyful surprise. “Do you know how long I have been waiting for this? For us?”

(Y/N) giggled. “A long time, if you’re like me.”

“Oh my god, I love you.” Stuart blurted out before kissing her again. (Y/N) kissed him back before pulling away, laughing.

“Come on, let’s get back to 'our apartment near the Googleplex’.” She joked, quoting his words from earlier. Stuart grinned.

“Can we make that happen? Can that, like, be a thing now? Can we be a thing now?”

(Y/N) grinned widely. “Yes. Please.”

Stuart laughed as he rushed back to her car, happier than he had ever been now that he had unlocked a new future with the girl he fell in love with.

Don’t Be Impolite - The Internship (Stuart Twombly)

Title: Don’t Be Impolite

Author: numbbee

Fandom: The internship

Character: Stuart Twombly x reader

Warnings: fluff

Request: Anonymous said: “can you write an imagine about stuart from the internship film? and he’s too shy to ask you out or sometihng like that :) thank yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

A/N: Thank you so much numbbee for writing this for me, still a bit tired after my trip, so it was nice having someone write one of my requests~ If anyone else is interested to do so, please message me, and I will give you a prompt/request. Then submit HERE. 


Sighing, you entered the building. Another day at Google, you thought tiredly. It wasn’t that you didn’t like working here, it was just sometimes, just sometimes, this place could be a bit too much. 

When you lifted your head to look ahead to where you were going, you immediately frowned, because in front of you there was a lot of people with funny hats divided into groups. Some chatting along cheerfully, others standing there discussing things seriously, as some people just stood in awkward circles. And then you face palmed, remembering about the internship program that was starting today. Apparently you slapped yourself pretty loud since a lot of people turned to look you, some boys with their jaws dropped, which again made you frown, and a cute one blushed when you looked his way, but quickly became engrossed in his phone .

“Ellie! Finally you show up! I thought you slept in again!” Lyle exclaimed coming towards you and hugging you .

“Dude, that happened one time! I had a whole season of Supernatural to watch!” you said offended, huffing and hugging him back.  

“Okay, okay, sorry.” Lyle took his hands up in defence, a cheeky smile on his face. “Come with me so I can to present you my team!” he said excited and began dragging you towards the more ‘wierd group of kids’ as you named them silently in your head. Despite your protests and the muttered ‘bastard’ towards Lyle, he managed to drag you over to them. 

“Guys, this is Ellie, my younger sister.“ The curly head boy said and they all smiled and introduced themselves but you only paid attention to the cute one, who was still engrossed in his phone. 'Great, he is even hotter up close. Exactly what I needed to distract me from work today’, you thought grimacing slightly but schooling your features in a poker face when the girl elbowed him and he looked up scowling and then his cheeks got a light shade of red when he saw you, which didn’t go unnoticed by his team mates, who smirked.

"And what’s your name  handsome?” You said arching a brow and lifting one corner of your mouth .
“Stuart” he answered huffing, then got up and left.

So much for manners. You thought to yourself, but didn’t speak it out loud.  

“Is he always like that?” You asked the others, slightly annoyed at the dark haired boy. The others shrugged, some nodding slightly. 

You frowned a little then waved to them and left after Stuart. To say you hated impolite people was an understatement, so to your brother it was no surprise that you went after the boy.

 You found him outside, sitting at a table alone, phone once again the center of his attention. You went straight to him, pissed off from his sudden departure earlier and slammed a hand on the table, leaned close to his now startled face and said :

“What is your problem? You could have said you didn’t want me there , didn’t have to leave like I had HIV or something!” You sneered a little after you said that, for an extra effect. You always did it like this, making the impolite person become guilty of his action, and most likely not to repeat his actions.

He just ignored you and looked back to his phone, which only angered you more. So he was ignoring you too now?! If he wasn’t so cute, you would have punched him already. 

You snapped his phone from his hands and stuffed it in your bra, making his jaw drop and eyes burn with rage.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Give me my phone back!” He growled at you, you gulped at his sudden anger, but didn’t let that fear show on your face. Without a word you moved to his lap, making his eyes widen and a blush appear and he leaned  back to put a little distance between you, looking around frantically to see if anyone was watching. This made him fall backwards with you on top of him. 

He looked up at your now red face and embarrassed. He seemed nervous as he looked at your slightly parted lips, then up at your eyes, and back to your lips again. Without any warning, he leaned up and pressed your mouths together softly.

It took you a few seconds to respond, too stunned by his sudden actions, but when you finally were able to respond to what was happening, you cupped his face. His hands moved to your hips, pulling you impossibly closer to his body. You pulled away after a few moments and he whispered out of breath.

“I was too shy to ask you out, you see I had seen you on Google’s website, and been kind of a creeper. So when I saw you didn’t know how to speak to you, 'cause you are so gorgeous and hot and smart and-” you interrupted his rambling with a peck on the lips and said:

“Stuart, you are the only one that got my attention when I walked through that door, okay? No need to be shy. I like you too. Although, I must say that research thingy is a bit creepy, but at the same time slightly cute. ” He smiled and got up, helping you up too and leaned in for another kiss, when Lyle came towards you two. 

Yelling for Stuart to get away from his sister. Stuart started running, the cheeky grin still on his face as he ran from the place where you and the team, who came with Lyle, stood laughing your butts off at the Lyle chased Stuart running around campus.

In Love With You - The Internship (Stuart Twombly)

Anonymous said:

Request: if you don’t mind, could you do a really cute Stuart Twombly one where he really likes the reader and she likes him but they’re both too shy to do anything?? Thanks!!!

Thought this one fit to be a bit (very) short, but I hope it’s okay anonie^^

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He looked up from his phone again, for a split second, only to look around then quickly look down on his phone yet again. He had spotted her. It was only for a brief second, yes, but he had seen her. Those beautiful eyes twinkling with happiness, and her hair shining in the sun. Heck for him she was the sun. He didn’t dear tell her that though. She would probably laugh at him for being a soft goofball. So he never let himself do more than to look at her from afar. Of course he had spoken to her, before he had began to feel all fuzzy and warm all over every time she smiled, before he noticed every little thing she did, only to find it immensely adoring. Yup, Stuart Twombly was in love with Y/n, but there was no way he was going to tell her that. 

There he was again. Sitting with his nose down that phone screen. His beanie on point as always, his brown delicate eyes focused on the screen in front of him. She swore, if she was able to just take him home and have him sit like that in her room so she could stare at him all day, she would. But she knew he would never want to do that. He was one of the best after all. He seemed to know something about everything here at google. Suddenly he looked up from his phone, very briefly. She saw his eyes looking over at her for a split second, but it was like he didn’t even register what he was looking at before he looked down on his phone again. No, she had no chance with Stuart, not even a little one. Yet, he was her dream guy. He was smart, charming and sometimes a bit of a douche, but he treated her well, and he made her laugh. Y/n Y/L/N was in love with Stuart, but there was no way she was going to tell him that.