Adrinette Month Day 26: Proposal

Poor Mari had this grand plan to propose to Adrien by slipping a ring into his dessert and it did… not go quite as planned. Nothing more romantic than a surprise dentist visit.

He said yes, though!!


@xpaintedladyx more than happy to, lov!!!!

Since I’m technically “jobless” due to health reasons this summer I made a little master list of things I’m going to sell in my store and other projects!


  • Shiro and Lance bunny charms
  • Coran Charm (limited amount) 
  • Dandelions comic (with add on little shiro charm and prints)
  • Voltron food art book (with add on charm and recipes) 
  • other possible charms including the resale of my baby charms (limited amount)

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  • Subscribe to see dandelions works in progress, speedpaints, Cosplay(possibly some risque), and other prizes you won’t get anywhere else!
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They’d Prefer...

A job they hate where they earn a lot of money: Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius, Libra

A job they love where they earn little money: Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius

coran: whoo, it’s hot out here!

allura: you think it’s hot out? i have seventy pounds of hair on my body, weighing me down, making me sweat. you wouldn’t know real heat if it yelled at you.

coran: princess, i think…it would be best for you to go inside.