Parker Fic Recs!

I have a love-hate relationship with Parker when it comes to writing fic.  She doesn’t come easy to me, but ironically she’s ended up being the central figure in some of the fics I’m most proud of:

Family - Parker ‘steals’ a baby.  Hilarity most certainly does not ensue.

Changing the Past - Episode tag to “The Inside Job”.  Parker and Nate discuss his skewering of Archie for not doing “right” by Parker.

Recognizing Signs - Two equally damaged pasts can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Parker realizes she can’t let Eliot’s pain and fear go unchallenged.

Jumping Off the Cliff - Parker and Eliot spend New Year’s Eve in the last place either of them expect doing the last thing either of them expected.

Tears and Truth - Following the events of “The Big Bang Job”, Eliot retreats into himself to see if he can recover control of the memories dealing with Moreau has stirred up. He discovers that no matter how far he runs, he can’t outrun Parker’s love and her belief in him.

You Can’t Beat Crazy - Nate tries to teach Parker how to play poker.

Road Trip! - Parker, Nate, what it says on the tin. Also? Mermaids.

Teach Me - Hardison asks Parker to teach him how to crack a safe.

The Birthday Rule - Eliot falls victim to Parker’s ideas on how birthdays should be.

Five Times Nate and Parker Crossed Paths (And One Time They Didn’t) - It took a while for Nate to understand the thief only known as Parker.

Also, please appreciate this precious tiny urata


(Rewatch) Leverage Marathon//Week 31//3x03: Parker

“Parker, this is not what I taught you. We do not get involved, we get out. This is not what we do.”

“No, this isn’t what you do! Okay, Hannity is bad, she’s going to hurt people, a lot of people. You’ve taught me a lot of things, Archie, but this is what we do.”


“It’s okay, I wouldn’t fit in with a real family.”

“You didn’t need it, anyhow. You went out and made your own.”