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Hi. I more or less have a pretty proportionate interest in the game industry and was wondering. If I cannot draw, program, or really anything except have the ideas and write what would I be able to do? I've seen Hideo Kojima and it seems like he directs and writes so would I be able to do that? More or Less similar to Hideo? Minus all the fame of course.

No. You would not be able to do that. Hideo Kojima has been working on video games for over 30 years. He did not start off by directing and writing games, or giving orders, or doing what he wants. He started as a designer and planner working on games for the MSX system, an 8-bit home computer system, and has steadily worked, delivered, and learned over three decades. When you look at Kojima, you see this dude:

What you’re seeing when you look at Kojima is the final mega-evolution. He’s been put through the ringer, worked his ass off, learned a lot, and been in the right place at the right time. Most developers don’t get the opportunity to head their own studios and call the shots even after 30 years. Kojima started working on games like When Kojima writes stories and makes decisions, he’s basing them on many years of experience of actually making games. He understands what it is like to work with engineering, and what sort of constraints one must adhere to when designing systems or content.

This is how he started. Before all of the evolutions, skills, levels, and power, he started out of school with ambition and ideas and worked for decades to get to where he is today. This is you right now. You don’t know what it takes to engineer a game. You don’t know what it takes to produce art assets for a game. You don’t know how hard it can be to design a level, or engaging game systems, or to keep a team tasked out and working towards shipping a project. You don’t have the benefit of years of experience. There’s no reason that anyone would have to listen to you, especially when everyone else you’d be working with on the team would all have the very experience in making games that you lack.

If you want to work on games, you need to bring some kind of tangible contribution to the team. Ideas are not enough - literally everyone, from the studio executive all the way down to the freshly hired QA tester, has game ideas. In order to convince others that your ideas are worth the effort of implementation, you need to be able to do something to make those ideas actually come to life. Just because you can’t do any of those things now doesn’t mean that you can’t work on games. But the important thing to realize is that the operative word is working. Game development requires a lot of hard work, and simply making up ideas for other people to implement won’t cut it. If you want to work, then learn to code, learn to art, learn to schedule, or learn to use some editors and start creating content. Download a toolset or write some mods. Maybe you could try retexturing a model, or animating something new. There are always openings for skilled developers, but there’s no job openings in the industry for “idea men” unless you’ve got thirty years of development experience shipping world-renowned AAA titles. 


(Rewatch) Leverage Marathon//Week 31//3x03: Parker

“Parker, this is not what I taught you. We do not get involved, we get out. This is not what we do.”

“No, this isn’t what you do! Okay, Hannity is bad, she’s going to hurt people, a lot of people. You’ve taught me a lot of things, Archie, but this is what we do.”


“It’s okay, I wouldn’t fit in with a real family.”

“You didn’t need it, anyhow. You went out and made your own.”