Some Daily Reminders

1. You can’t change the past.

2. Other peoples’ opinions do not define reality.

3. We each have a different journey and path.

4. Overthinking leads to torment and depression.

5. Happiness is an inside job.

6. Change your thinking, change your life.

7. Nothing beats compassion and kindness.

  • how I used to be: omg i cant believe anyone would think the government would lie to us.
  • me now: the moon landing was faked, the moon is a damn hologram, elvis didnt die, 9/11 was completely an inside job, our whole history is a lie, the government is out to get us and could kill me any minute now and make it so nobody knows of my existence.
I think we all remember where we weren’t when we didn’t hear that nothing had happened. … Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t an inside job. Think about it! If America isn’t going to be attacked, who’s most likely not to do it? Us! … I demand that the media not release the reports they did not do on the attacks that did not occur. And I will not rest until they don’t!
—  Stephen Colbert, on the Bowling Green Massacre
the ‘Blue Diamond Shattered Pink’ theory

I feel like a lot of people jumped to the quick conclusion that ‘Yellow Diamond shattered Pink!’ without really considering the fact that it would be (in my opinion) a pretty weak plot twist, at this point.

so I’m here to to offer my theory as to what actually happen. of course, we know the crewniverse likes pulling the rag from under our feet whenever we think we got things covered, so this is the best scenario I could think of as for the latest Wanted special.

So, by the end of The Trial, we’re all led to believe Pink’s shattering was an inside job, at least partly. i look at the plot from a storytelling stand point, therefore, it makes no sense to me that after everything Steven had to go through in the last season, since finding out about Rose’s dark secret, they would just… cancel it like that. it’s a cheap way out, and I don’t believe the crewniverse would do that, especially after the massive effect this twist had on Steven’s character arc.

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What I do believe ‘The Trial’ was trying to do is make us question HOW Rose shattered Pink diamond, because it’s clear that the official story sounds super sketchy. I believe she used the power of another Diamond and turned it against Pink, leading to her shattering. This story would be stronger because: a) it doesnt take away Rose’s responsibility and DECISION to preform the act, therefore, not cheapening Steven’s arc in season 4. b) It would make sense for the Diamonds to cover up the real story, because knowing they were manipulated (somehow) to destroy one of their own would make them look weak in front of their subjects. c) It leads to a lot of guilt on the diamonds’ part, which is an incredibly interesting emotion to have in villains (most villains are portrayed as remorseless). also, this mural

So who’s the guilty diamond? I know everyone is already screaming Yellow! and White! at the screen, but actually… i believe it’s Blue Diamond. and she doesn’t know that.

Why, you ask? because I believe it would make the strongest story. She’s the least suspected Diamond, so the surprise element is there. She’s not aware of the actual story, and it drives her insane, and makes her look for answers as to what really happened. Yellow, on the other hand, doesn’t want Blue to find out, because she knows realizing the truth would crush Blue. She’s already barely functioning, and she’s not even aware she had had direct involvement in the murder. So Yellow plays along with Blue’s investigation, and tries to finish it as quickly as possible so Blue could move on without finding out the truth.

idk, this seems like a stronger motivation to me than ‘Yellow decided to plot against Pink because Pink liked hoo-mans, and then decided to pretend like she feels grief to manipulate Blue’. Theories that blame Yellow for murdering Pink (whether directly or indirectly) forget that that’s also a bad story-telling decision, since ‘What’s the Use Of Feeling, Blue’ was entirely dedicated to explaining to us Yellow’s way of dealing with grief. Saying she’s acting that out would again, cheapen the character.

Back to Blue. So there are two ways she could’ve been involved without knowing about it in the present day:
1) She was indirectly used. She might’ve been the person who called Pink out of her palanquin which led to her shattering, or Rose was using her image to lead Pink somewhere (we know Pink and Blue were close, so if anyone wanted to shatter Pink, they would use that knowledge to their advantage.)
2) She was directly used- maybe she tried attacking Rose, and Rose used her shield to re-direct the attack at Pink- after all,

in that case, Blue didn’t have any intention to shatter Pink but she was fully aware of the consequences, leading to the Diamonds’ later altering her memories, for her own sake, rather than to cover up their scummy scheme.

To me, this is the strongest outcome we can get with the information we have so far. No character is doing something ‘for the sake of being evil’, it still acknowledges the Diamonds as actual characters with feelings and motivations and not just plot devices, it makes Rose take responsibility for her actions and the murder mystery is still interesting without cheapening prior plot elements.

I decided to write down my theory after reading this theory, that discusses the possibility of Blue’s memories being altered. so check that out too (if you havent already).

White Diamond is innocent

I know at the moment the swift gavel of mob justice has already struck the podium. White Diamond’s mysterious absence from the trial of her sister’s murderer is enough to convince most of the fandom to take up their torches and pitchforks (good luck using those on unbreakable fireproof rocks), but I believe in evidence, and I’m not backing down from my client without a fight

The claim that White Diamond is guilty hangs almost entirely on Yellow Diamond’s reaction to the revelation of Rose’s innocence. She attacked the opposing lawyer and her own, attempted to murder the defendant and generally made it clear that Pink Diamond’s murder was an inside job, but despite all of that she has not been held personally accountable for the event. I guess racist, ecosystem-destroying world leaders with stupid-looking blonde hair just get a pass these days.

It should be obvious that Yellow Diamond is killed her sister. If you’re going to tell me that White Diamond is guilty and Yellow isn’t then I call Habeas Adamas; Show me the diamond. Actually, you know, I’ll show you myself, and you can see what Yellow Diamond did to her

Surprise, Bitch. I bet you thought you saw the last of me.

The rest of you may have forgotten the pyramid temple as soon as Pink Diamond was confirmed but I sure as hell did not. This mysterious tomb, which contained our first evidence of the war and the diamond authority, was powered or even made up of a single enormous gem embedded inside its core. When I say enormous I mean enormous

I apologize if this is hard to make out (tumblr compresses images to hell) but careful pixel measurements reveal that the gem is about 50% the size of Pearl’s head. By comparison Yellow Diamond’s is only about 33%. While sizes in this show do tend to vary a little, this stone could only have come from a gem on the scale of a diamond. It’s even the right shape and color!

Is that not enough for you? Let me present exhibits B and C

Compare those cupped hands above to the murals of white diamond both new and old. It’s her signature pose! Don’t tell me you think that’s a coincidence. No other gem is depicted with in that position except her!

Yellow Diamond – a power-driven dictator who has to share the throne with 3 sisters – tried desperately and obviously to cover up her involvement in Pink Diamond’s murder, and we turn to blame another sister who’s also mysteriously missing when a near identical gem was found imprisoned in a trap-filled temple on a monster-riddled planet that Yellow Diamond knew would be destroyed?

Yellow Diamond is grabbing for power, and Blue is next!

I rest my case your honor.