huuuurgh I wish this wasn’t due this thursday because I want to just merge all the layers and paint over it in spots, and fix the highlights and everything.

But I have other assignments to do so I just have to stop for now and call it done ._.

Maybe I’ll come back to it before the end of the school year. Touch it up for my portfolio. I'unno.

Although I think I may change the eye color. They were originally silvery, but another girl in the class had a their bug god with silvery eyes and hers were really good so I didn’t want to do the same thing.

edit: really though if you see something I should change or have any input, don’t be shy!

me, someone who does not regularly get period cramps, feeling one cramp: i have never done anything to deserve this pain. i have been good and pure and only killed one insect this week. the gods have sealed my fate. goodbye, cruel world, this is The End

Exodus 8

A week after the Plague Of Blood, God sent Moses down for a second run.  When Pharaoh refused again, dicktons of frogs came out of the rivers and covered everything.  Pharaoh was like “Ew pls stop” and Moses was like “Well you weren’t believing me, so now you get to pick the time that the frogs go away, and it will happen exactly as you said, and you better friggin believe me this time.”

Pharaoh said “Tomorrow!” which seems bizarre - wouldn’t you want them gone right away?  But Moses was like “Fine.” and Pharaoh was like “FINE.” and sure enough, when Moses asked God to take away the frogs the next day, he did.  But Pharaoh still wouldn’t let the Hebrews go.

The next plague was gnats, and even Pharaoh’s magicians were like “yeah we got nothin” but Pharaoh was a jerkface and refused again.

After that came flies, which is approximately one million times worse because they BITE.  But God made sure that the flies only went to the places where the Egyptians lived, and no flies ever bothered the Hebrews.  Pharaoh was like “Okay, okay, quit it!  You can worship your Lord here.”  Moses was like “uh Hell No, dude.  We gotta go, like, far away.  Three days’ journey, at least.”  And Pharaoh was all “Okay you can go but not that far.  Deal?”  

And lo, Moses accepted the deal, but the Pharaoh didst break it and refused to let God’s People Go.

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Ever stop to appreciate the music of the cricket, only to wonder– if it sounds this beautiful to me, how magnificent and alluring must it appear to the mate it is meant to attract? How dazzling are the shapes and smells of the flowers we pick to the bee? Is the romance between the resplendent cardinal and their lifelong companion simply bonding behavior, or is their duet and sharing of food beak to beak indication of a true love to rival any?

Above: Slowed down crickets chirping in the background. Sounds like the scales may have been adjusted a bit to sound more pleasant to us, but that’s almost the point.

this fad with popular blogs promoting surveys for money is…..  literally so suspicious its like people being wary abt a mind controlling pandemic and telling you to not trust it and then suddenly being like ‘the insect god is actually a nice guy he has brought success to my life you should let him in too and see what he will do for you :)’

i had a night dream in which i lived in some other place and i found out that my mattress had been crawling with insects for god knows how long. weird insects. big ones, small ones, flying ones, jumping ones, slimy ones, stink bugs. i lost my fucking mind and went down stairs and the mid level of the house was my old house on ridge street and the basement level was the basement to my childhood house on rocky mount lane. down there I found my friend who was a hybrid of my friend charlie (who i don’t think is scared of anything) and someone else that i can’t quite put my finger on. and she said she’d help me under any circumstances. turns out the mattress had been donated to me and for some reason i had previously been ok with that. as we walked up the stairs, i noticed things flying around the mid level of my house now. my old roommate ashleigh was all of a sudden there and was making soup. i saw some 409 cleaning spray on the ground and lunged for it. then i started spraying all of the stink bugs i could find - trying to make sure the 409 spray didn’t land in anyone’s food. the stink bugs were fighters. i had to spray them each for like 10 seconds before they gave up and stopped living. upstairs was a nightmare. upon discovering the fictitious colony established underneath my covers, i had thrown my covers back on the bed and bolted out. when i showed charlie my room - there were no bugs. i assured her that under my covers, she’d find them and that perhaps we should just torch the whole place. there wasn’t enough 409 spray to bomb the place with instead. i started shaking uncontrollably and then woke up.

i am in my apartment on appletree road. my room is beautifully lit with pink and blue string lights and a fluorescent, ever-changing lit frosty mini christmas tree - and my bathroom emanating purple light from the string lights in there. my sheets are freshly clean and my bed firm and stable. everything is perfect here.

do i go back to sleep?


The Hymn of God’s Word “All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God”

All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God

1. Several thousand years have passed, and mankind still enjoys the light and air bestowed by God, still breathes the breath exhaled by God Himself, still enjoys the flowers, birds, fish and insects created by God, and enjoys all the things provided by God, enjoys all the things provided by God; day and night still continually replace each other; the four seasons alternate as usual; the geese flying in the sky depart in this winter, and still return in the next spring; the fish in the water never leave the rivers and lakes—their home.

2. The cicadas on the ground sing their hearts out during the summer days; the crickets in the grass gently hum in time to the wind during autumn; the geese gather into flocks, while the eagles remain solitary; the prides of lions sustain themselves by hunting; the elk don’t stray from the grass and flowers…. Every kind of living creature amongst all things departs and returns, and then departs again, a million changes occurring in the twinkling of an eye—but what doesn’t change are their instincts and the laws of survival. They live under the provision and nourishment of God, and no one can change their instincts, and neither can anyone impair their rules of survival, neither can anyone impair their rules of survival.

from “God Himself, the Unique (I) God’s Authority (1)” in A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh