‘A Brand New Dawn’ The Complete Art - by whitebear-ofthe-watertribe

In celebration of me FINALLY finishing ‘A Brand New Dawn,’ I figured I’d post all the art I did for it in one master post for anyone who didn’t get to see it before :) This has been such an incredible journey; the process of writing the equivalent of a book, as well as learning how to do various digital art mediums, all in the last year, has really helped me to grow a lot. Part of me still wishes to do a sequel, but being in my last year of college leaves little time for frivolous things like sleeping and eating, let alone the many hours needed to do any writing justice. But maybe someday!

To my Readers, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. A huge thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent in fanart for it! I still cry over them because WOW!! And to every single person who either commented on the fic itself or sent me personal messages, you are positively amazing! This process would’ve never seen completion without all your encouragement, so thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin and major hiatuses between cliffhanger chapters, until the very end (especially since that “end” took yet another hiatus of half a bloody year, haha). You are all incredible and very dear to my heart!

One of my favorite moments from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Games. Thank you Pokemon for the incredible journey with such an amazing character!! ❤️

Incredible journey, landing a reusable rocket after it’s done its job and pushed a satellite into orbit. Well done, @spacex!!! (at Cape Canaveral, Florida)

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“It can all suddenly be over tomorrow, but… I’m still insanely happy I met him. I was fake before it. And I’m over that, now I want… my life to be real.”

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Spoiler alert: The Mikaelsons will eventually escape their psychic prison, triggering a long-awaited reunion between Hayley and Elijah that will serve as “one of the emotional cores of the season,” teases executive producer Michael Narducci. Complicating that relationship further will be Hayley’s daughter Hope, who “definitely shares her mother’s street smarts, but may or may not also display some of her father’s temper and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her family.” Speaking of Klaus, “one of the great journeys of the season” will be his reckoning with Marcel — and there is “hope of healing some wounds.” Elsewhere, Freya will finally get a new love interest, setting the stage for an “emotional struggle [which] opens up a whole new dimension to the character.” (One final treat: Narducci promises we’ll get Claire Holt “for about half the season. Rebekah has an incredible journey to go on.”) - X


It’s really incredible to me that it’s been a whole year already

I still remember the excitement of them announcing their comeback. Freaking out over every teaser and clue. The breathless anticipation as I sat waiting for their showcase livestream to start.

And the absolute joy of seeing them all standing on stage as BAP once again.

I remember it all so vividly that the only way I can really believe that it actually has been a whole year is when I think about just how much they’ve done since then, and am then blown away by the fact that it’s been ONLY a year.

I am so proud of these boys, and of everything that they’ve done, and I am so happy to have all of you wonderful Babyz right here with me!

From 151115, to 161115, and looking forward to many more years to come!

BAP Fighting!

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Take Care: Behind The Scenes With MoMA’s Conservation Team

Art conservators are equal parts artist, scientist, detective and surgeon. Fighting against time and decay, they repair damaged artwork, discover hidden secrets of an object’s creation, and use historical techniques and cutting edge technologies to preserve pieces of art for generations to come.

This season, join @momateens​ in an incredible behind-the-scenes journey as they learn how to examine, repair, and maintain artwork. They’ll work alongside MoMA’s Conservators in the studio to gain the real world skills needed to care for our vast collection of Modern and Contemporary art. No previous art or conservation experience needed to apply! Apply here or email

[Photo by Kaitlyn Stubbs]