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Im gonna get a DA tattoo, any suggestions?

Holy crap, that’s tough one. If I didn’t already have my arms covered in ink, I would seriously love to get one of the many, incredible Tarot Cards as a half sleeve:

These are all gorgeous and would potentially make freaking AMAZING tattoo’s. But only if you can find an artist that has a “painterly” quality to their work. They are hard to come by, but they are out there. I would send a HUGE recommendation to Nic Moore. He is an artist up in Central NY. I’ve been going to him for years. He can be next to impossible to book with, but he is totally worth the wait if you can get him.

If you are looking for something simpler, you could honestly get away with doing just about any of the symbols from the Dragon Age Universe:

Any of these could look great, just about anywhere on your body. I may just end up with the Circle of Magi symbol on my ankle by the end of the summer… If my left arm is finished by then. I still got a lot of color work I need done.

This was probably a lot more then you were bargaining for Anon, sorry. I love tattoo’s, the process and the story each one tells. Thus, I am always happy to jabber on. Thank you for asking and I hope this was helpful!


iris in every episode 
1.01: pilot 

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

The Song Is You: A Cophine Jazz AU

thank you so much to sundialsandsmiles​ for putting up with the many phases this chapter went through!

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Chapter 1: All of Me

Chapter 2: All of You (Now’s the Time)

Chapter 3: Autumn Leaves (Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)

Chapter 4: Lush Life


Chapter 5 - Since I Fell For You

Dawn cracks over Cosima’s head like the satisfying snap of an egg, the break of day painted over the sky in streaks of yolk and blood red. She’s floating in her own thoughts, ethereal against the colors of the morning sky.

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Alright I think I've got one for your three sentence challenge. I plan on fanfic-ing a full one later but bog butterfly England/Scotland civil war AU.

“Even if ye are innocent, tho’ English ne’er are, tha’ still doesn’t explain why ye were roamin’ the Highlands in the pitch of night - a dangerous place for a maid, be she sassenach or Scot, poor or - supposedly - Princess…” and the Chieftain’s voice seems to emerge from the shadows of the hall like a beast from its den, rough and full of the quiet promise of danger, and Marianne knows she must be careful, even as she burns at the injustice as the dim hall echoes with derisive laughter at his words. 

“Please, I care not for any of that, I told you, I was looking for my sister, they say rebels took her into the Forest as ransom when they heard we were traveling alone, that we might fetch a ransom - !”, Marianne, cold and damp and dirty and certainly not looking very royal at all, shivers and it’s madness, utter madness that she’s here, and she’s burning with humiliation that she was so easily captured by these wild things after escaping the last of those rebels, if only she had her sword with her, but she hasn’t seen it seen she last saw Father and if Dawn…oh, Dawn, please be safe…

“Th’ English would ne’er bother wi’ a ransom for highborn lasses playing at royalty, M’Lady, but…if ye hold rank, an’ truly desire yer sister’s return…” He stands, and walks out of the shadow and into the firelight, and - 

- and he’s so much taller than her, tall and lean and powerful and dark, and she feels her heart give a jolt when he looks down at her with the bluest eyes she has ever seen, cold and calculating as they take her in, and he looks wild, so very wild, but if it means Dawn can be returned than Marianne feels she can summon up some wildness of her own -

Marianne quickly focuses on his words, his voice a rough rasp of a threat, and her heart gives a sickening thud as she hears his terms: “…put tha’ royal blood ta use and turn spy for us on the English nobility, or ye will never see yer sister again.” 

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Strife being all “if you mess with the placement of my needles I will stab you with them” - don’t mess up his system

Parv sending Strife flowers with cheesy/inappropriate greetings tags like “roses are red violets are blue you seem really cute can I please fuck you?”

Marchetta Meme- [1/7] OTPS » Perri the Savage x Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers - Lumatere Chronicles

Modern Au: Biker!Perri & Wildchild!Tessadora

(inspired by: x)