Imagine that all the mirrors in the world are windows to some place unknown.
After Loki fell from the Bifrost, he watched mortals in the mirrors (unknown to them) to find the one who will help him escape from the mirror world. He chooses you, an introverted young girl and starts guiding you how to help him out of his prison. You of course think that these are all your ideas and you go with them. Loki’s first plan was to only use you to get back into the real world, but he falls in love with you and when you finally manage to open the portal in the mirror in your apartment, Loki no longer wants to rule Midgard. His only wish now is for you to love him and accept him the way he is.

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do you like hillary clinton?

idk if Like is the right word. i think she’s incredibly qualified and part of being so qualified means she knows how to play the game…which can make her kind of untrustworthy. i don’t agree with some of her past actions or policies and i was actively supportive of bernie instead of hillary during the primaries. that being said, i did tear up and whisper “yas queen” more than once during the dnc and will support her 100% in the general election. 

okay but what about an omgcp au of one of those ghost hunting shows or whatever

  • ransom doesn’t believe in ghosts obv but he had an Experience with an old apartment that always seemed to be playing 90s music despite the fact that he didn’t have any neighbors
    • his ass was touched one too many times and now he is determined to prove that ghosts aren’t real and there’s a totally rational explanation for it all
  • holster loves watching ransom scramble for explanations when they stumble across an actually legitimate case
    • ransom and holster: *literally sees a full figure ghost, like facial features and everything* holster: *gives ransom A Look* ransom: “…it was just a shadow"
  • it’s a running joke that maybe someone was living in ransom’s attic and harassing him
  • or possibly 1000 roaches who knows definitely not ransom
    • “i personally think that the person hiding in his attic is more likely, because there could’ve been secret passageways that they escaped through whenever ransom turned around. how would 1000 roaches get away that quickly? it doesn’t make any sense, unless they were mutant roaches who had camouflage powers. what do you think ransom?” “i hate you. i hate you all.”
    • ransom has developed an eye twitch
  • nursey and dex are always partnered up partly because they piss each other off and the rest of the team thinks it’s funny and partly because they surprisingly work really well together
    • *hears noise* “what the fuck was that” “dex, man, chill dude” “i swear to god if you tell me to chill one more fucking time i’m leaving you here alone” “…chill” “bye” “no wait”
  • chowder would probably hold a full conversation with a spirit before realizing that he could see right through them
    • he wouldn’t even run away if it happened he’d just slowly back up, stuttering, “uh– well, it’s been nice talking to you! haha, i have to go now but really! it was so cool! like, i’ve never talked directly to a spirit before!” because he doesn’t want to be rude
  • lardo is in charge of their equipment and she is somehow immune to all the supernatural shit. like nothing has ever messed with her once and no one gets it.
    • she says that she’s got connections in the afterlife and no one can tell if she’s actually joking or not
    • even ransom isn’t sure
  • when something messes with shitty he doesn’t get scared, he breaks out into giggles
    • “holy shit, lardo did you get that on camera, oh fuck brah that was ‘swawesome
    • meanwhile bitty is having a heart attack because this man wants to die doesn’t he lord have mercy
  • jack’s dad was a famous paranormal investigator and his name is well-known because of it
    • he was following his dad’s footsteps when he had a Bad Experience during one of his dad’s investigations and had to take some time off
    • he gets a lot of shit for joining one of those dumb paranormal shows when he finally gets back on his feet
    • he doesn’t actually give a shit because his crew and their shitty little show are better than any other team he could’ve joined
  • jack and bitty are super in love and somehow no one notices? like they’re dating for months before someone (shitty) finally walks in on them making out or something
    • in retrospect shitty thinks that he should’ve realized when he heard jack tell bitty that he loved him and then saw him kiss bitty’s cheek before bitty went on a solo investigation but he just didn’t think about it? like he thought that it was just bro love. not once did he think that jack kissing bitty’s cheek could be a romantic thing.
    • it does make sense now that jack looked so confused when shitty kissed his cheek before his own solo investigation.
  • bitty sings beyoncé songs when he gets scared
    • *doing a solo investigation* “if there’s anyone here with me would you please–” *loud bang* “loVE ME LIKE XO YOU KILL ME BOY XO”
  • holster is that one guy who gets scared of his own shadow
    • literally one time he saw his shadow and he just. started running.
    • ransom looked over the footage after he caught up with him and laughed his ass off when he realized what happened
    • holster tried to convince everyone not to use the footage but they totally did
  • the lax team is a rival paranormal investigation crew
  • one time they both show up to the same investigation site and shitty has to be held back when the lax team assumes that they’re the ones that get to stay even though the smh crew had this place booked for MONTHS
    • they don’t realize that they should’ve held lardo back too and one of the people on the lax team gets knocked tf out
    • there’s almost an all-out brawl until bitty intervenes with his Disapponted Mom Voice and everyone stops
    • (at least the smh show is that kind of horrible that makes it funny the lax show is just bad period there are no redeeming qualities to it)
  • they have all (minus jack) pretended to be possessed at least once to scare everyone else
    • once jack tells them that he doesn’t feel good and they call bullshit until he throws up and then punches a wall. the high pitched shrieking that the entire group collectively lets out is deafening
    • (the only footage they have of the incident is of them running at full speed away from jack. all you can see is feet. they send bitty in to get jack after careful consideration.)
    • (“why do i have to be the one?” “because you’re his boyfriend!” “so? you’re his best friend!” “why doesn’t ransom go get him? he doesn’t even believe in ghosts.” “yeah, that’s true. ransom, why don’t you– where’s ransom?”)
    • (ransom was hiding because ghosts might not be real but psychotic breaks followed by murderous rampages sure are)
    • (bitty goes in and gets him and jack is totally fine other than being shaken up? to this day nobody has an explanation but jack may or may not still be possessed who knows)
  • nursey trips over a glass bottle and is convinced that a ghost tripped him no matter what everyone else tells him
    • this happens twice (it’s the same bottle)
feel free to add more if you can think of any bc this au has breathed oxygen into my dying lungs

Bonnie and Clyde Kai

Inspiration from my earlier edit prompt/AU (here)

Don’t tell your mother
Kiss one another
Die for each other
We’re cool cruel for the summer

[Demi Lovato - Cool for the summer]

what i learned today while tallying homestuck statistics:

Dave has no idea how to end a conversation. I mean, I knew he just never shut the fuck up, but i’m trying to tally the number of conversations and in acts 1-4, and dave has had like, 8, total. cause whenever someone else says goodbye he just keeps talking at them until they eventually come back instead of actually signing out of pesterchum like a normal person


Some nice artwork on the new Koutetsujou no Kabaneri clear files! (You can see the upcoming C90 merchandise here - some of it is limited quantity and may be sold after the event if stocks remain, and the rest will get a general release in September).

Ok, so I will never end up actually writing this, but. Becoming Jane Bagginshield au that I’ve had worked out on details for nearly a year and need to share. It isn’t a happy thing and I’m sorry.

Bilbo is effeminately gay, and the youngest son of a poor preacher, and his family knows that his behavior is highly unsuitable, and while Belladonna loves him, and will love him even if he is gay, she also knows that times being what they are, it will get him killed. So she kept that whole world from him, and encourages him as a writer, and tells him that he doesn’t have to marry, that the youngest shouldn’t expect to make a great marriage, and to find his own path and his own happiness.

Thorin is the rambunctiously flirtatious and adventurous bisexual lawyer from London, who more than knows about the various whorehouses, he’s practically a connoisseur. He sends most of his money back to his sister and the boys while trying to keep his grandfather the judge happy. Their father married where he was told not to, and Thorin is trying to stay in Thror’s good graces so he can inherit the fortune.

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