penumbraella asked:

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my opinion on; penumbraella

character in general: I literally know nothing about this character, besides the fact that they own the Iceberg Lounge. My knowledge stems solely from Batman: The Animated Series.

how they play them: A++

the mun: Don’t know the mun, but I want to!

do i:

RP with them: A few small micro rp’s
want to RP with them:  YES YES YES

what is my;

overall opinion: 

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**note: mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty


That mirthful madcap wanted to give his old friend a visit, it was far too long, and as much as Joker poked fun at the plump and short fellow, the crime clown did enjoy his company. The madman had his gray long coat and wide-brimmed hat to hide his colorful attire and face, and he stood in line in the front of the Iceberg Lounge. It was successful in hiding his identity.

The jester knew how Pengers would sort of just patrol around the club and greet his customers, and Joker knew how he’d sometimes be at the front of the club and would let people enter. The perfidious prankster was next in line and he looked at the dapper birdman, which the shorter male appeared to wonder who he was. Joker made a signal with his right hand and pointed to his left, in his left hand was a joker card. It was obvious who the mysterious stranger was.


One of the major reasons Fletcher wasn’t too fond of attending social gatherings at the Iceberg lounge was that the Penguin had a habit of introducing people when he had enough drinks in his system and was in a good mood. This would be fine if he didn’t shove two people near each other, gave their last names and proceeded to walk away.

The crime boss was very insistent about his introductions, and one really couldn’t say no to them. This left Fletcher standing in front of another man he now knew was called Mr. Dussault. 

“William Fletcher.” an offered handshake seemed like the proper thing to do.

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Never fear on that front, darling; I recorded mine ages ago. Funnily enough, Jonathan said the same thing, before he threatened to gas me unless I left. He may pose as he wishes, but he's still quite the rube. Since he doesn't want my company, I don't suppose you would join me at the Iceberg Lounge tonight?

I gazed at the clock. If I had learnt something about Edward, it was that it was rather difficult for me to say no to him. (When he wasn’t a total ass, at least.) “Well~ If you truly don’t mind having a modest artist parading at your side, I might just come by…”