#onlyingotham Some thug did a shooting at the zoo and one of the zookeepers straight up WRECKED him because he accidentally shot one of the penguins. Yesterday I swung by the Iceberg Lounge and apparently they don’t know her. #newvigilante? #@penguinyoushouldhireher #atonepointshetookthedudesgunandbeathimwithit #itwasawesome #ifyouwanttoseeitimsureitsonyoutube

Stay Classy, Gotham: An Iceberg Lounge Fanmix

The ritziest nightclub in Gotham features a host of sparkling diamonds, fancy suits, swirling gowns, fizzy champagne, good conversation, and absolutely no funny business. Nope, there’s no crime going on here, not at all. Put the guns away, boys. Be cool.


Notes from Batdad

-The No-Kill rule is not “More like a guideline than an actual rule” Jason. Stop telling Damian that.

-The Batmobile is not for joyriding. 

-The Batmobile is not for “picking up chicks”.

-The Batmobile is not for giving Damian driving lessons.

-None of you are allowed to drive the Batmobile. Ever.

-Tim is not a toy.

-Patrol is not for gossiping about which of the super criminals are dating.

-Glitter bombs are not and will never be standard equipment.

-Stop trying to one-up each other on how much tragedy you’ve gone through. It’s distracting.

-Just because Edward Nigma has reformed does not mean you can invite him over for Trivial Pursuit night.

-The costumes are not for getting a drink discount at the Iceberg Lounge.

-Most of you aren’t even legally allowed to drink.

-The next person who calls me a player or a manwhore is grounded. Yes, even you Dick.

-Stealing the tires from the Batmobile is not an acceptable Father’s Day present.

How Various Rogues Attempt Get Jon to Eat

Because I legitimately headcanon that Jon tries very hard to live on black coffee and air like, 75% of the time.

Edward: Programs riddles into the coffee machine and refuses to remove them until Jon eats a proper meal.

Jervis: Forces Jon to join a tea party and doesn’t let him leave until he has eaten at least one thing.

Selina: Makes him stuff like this:

Only edible (because jello brains are appetizing right?)

Ivy: Repeatedly sends him random fruits and has trained her plants to lock him in her greenhouse until he eats something whenever he visits.

Harley: Bakes cakes and various sweets for him


Jason: Inadvertently helps by showing up at Jon’s house injured and because Jon is from the South his first instinct is to feed Jason and Jason stares at him if he doesn’t eat.

Croc: Takes him out drinking and makes him eat while he’s drunk.

Garfield: Sends one of his giant dogs to Jon’s house with food

Oswald: Gives him discounts at the Iceberg Lounge if he orders food.

Only in Gotham do you find out that The Penguin and The Riddler have major chemistry and huge amount of sexual/romantic tensions after becoming a regular employee at the Iceberg Lounge. #JustGetTogether #RiddlerDoesn'tEvenNotice #THE EYES #PenguinWon'tStopGivingThem #TheWaitStaffHasaBettingPool #OnlyinGotham

List of People who have been banned from The Iceberg Lounge

Harley Quinn: Attempted to steal a penguin, ‘accidentally’ staged an animal escape and stole five birds and a seal.

Ivy: Used her ‘charms’ to comp a $500 order. 12 times.

Joker: General principle. Also liked to chew with his mouth open.

Killer Croc: Dove into the enclosure drunk and ate a penguin, traumatizing the other guests.

Jonathan Crane: Frequently violated the dress code. Burlap is not appropriate attire for this establishment.

Jervis Tetch: Punched out a guest for asking if he was dressed up like Johnny Depp.

Selina Kyle: Stole silverware and snuck banned people back in.

Harvey Dent: Tried to bust Oswald for racketeering.

All of the Batkids: Attempted to intimidate the bartender into giving them free drinks, despite their being underage.

The only people who are currently not banned are Edward Nigma, who actually behaves himself and Bruce Wayne, because he tips well.

abt to get super #cheesy but anyway i hope when oswald opens the iceberg lounge he spends the whole night chatting and schmoozing or just sitting and surveying his triumph but then as the night is winding down ed gets the band to play a slow song and pulls him up to dance with him and it’s literally the best most triumphant moment right then he’s got Everything :’)

crowing-night  asked:

Go Nygmobblepot on my ass as often as you wish XD. Hell, even in the comics, Ed is closer to Oz than anyone else in the entire rogue gallery.

Very true! He’s friends with Selina and Harley as well, but they betrayed him and almost got him killed/seriously injured.

Meanwhile, Oswald saved Edward’s life, and Edward went to see him and thank him despite the fact it was grievously dangerous to do so (even Oswald ended up ushering him away so Edward wouldn’t be caught in the attack!). Then, most touching of all, Oswald intended to leave him the Iceberg lounge. They were wonderfully close.

Also, Edward is very close to Joker in the comics: he did see the guy’s wife being murdered after all and Joker canonly sees him as one of the most reputed criminals in Gotham, an annoying little brother he can’t quite get rid of. And it was Joker who forced Ed’s unfortunate love interest to go out with him in the comics. Sooo… Joker or Oswald? Who wins?            

Definitely Oswald. The ending of the comic in question is really vague, so no one really knows who threatened his ‘love interest’ (and I put this in quotes since he was only intrigued with her because of the puzzle she presented and dropped her the moment he’d solved said puzzle), and Joker just… well… I don’t think he particularly cares about Eddie. He would have left Ed to face Hush’s wrath had Ed not had information about his wife. I don’t think he really cares about anyone. He’s discarded his humanity on that ‘one bad day’, and a big part of one’s humanity is the capacity for feel compassion for other people.

My King - (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader)

Read on AO3 :

Rated: Mature (Smut)

Oswald and you in his office. 

Oswald loved these moments.

You were in his office at the Iceberg Lounge. The blinds closed over the glass pane of the office door. It had been a moderately innocent meeting at first. You brought by dinner and enjoyed a few drinks. He had to admit, he loved the way you looked, sitting all pretty and perched on his desk, a glass of wine rolling through your fingers.

Oswald reach out a hand to carefully stroke along your leg, fingers smoothing over the black stockings you wore. He smirked as you placed your glass down, slipped off your heels, and carefully straddled him.

“I’ve missed you,” He whispered, as you took his glass of wine from him and placed it behind you on the desk.

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Gotham City Visit! #OnlyInGotham

-Bright orangle girl just /flew/ by and smacked some guy’s butt? Called him circus boy…#Oookay #OnlyInGotham

-His little brother started laughing, and big bro (kinda hot) tried giving him a wedgie. Now they’re kung fu fighting in the middle of the street #OnlyInGotham

-LOL…Aquaman @ local aquarium crying over manatee enclosure, keeps muttering ‘how could you let this happen Bruce’ #ICant #OnlyInGotham

-Poison Ivy kneeling right next to Aquaman, crying over saltwater plants #UnspokenBonds #OnlyInGotham

-First time @ Iceberg Lounge, asked beautiful woman (w/ pearl necklace) what she was drinking. Milk???? #Weird #OnlyInGotham #WheresMyWallet

-At Wayne Enterprises speech, in middle of crowd & my friend called Bruce Wayne ‘daddy’. His adopted daughter shot us a death glare #Howdidyouevenhearthat #OnlyInGotham

-Still at speech, Daily Planet is covering it & people keep asking Lois Lane for autographs. Vicki Vale from Gotham Gazette looks furious.. #BadBlood #OnlyInGotham

-Got into a cab, but faceless woman threw out the driver, told me to get out. I asked why and she says ‘Why indeed? That is the right Question’ in deep voice. #DontDoDrugsKids #OnlyInGotham

-At Gotham International Airport, in coffee shop. Redhead in wheelchair opened her bag to get out laptop..100% sure she has a crossbow in there… #OnlyInGotham

-Finally back at home, but my apartment complex has been smashed into smithereens. #ThankGodForInsurance #OnlyInMetropolis

Heists Harley pulled after leaving Joker before she felt comfortable to pull heavy jobs:

-Robbing a Hot Topic
-Holding up a beauty supply store for haircare and makeup
-Holding up a Halloween store for makeup of another kind, and props obvs
-Breaking into pet store for obvious reasons
-Breaking into another pet store because the first one was a good thrill and wasn’t enough
-Breaking into several good shelters when Ivy eventually makes her aware that she canNOT take care of 13 dogs,
8 cats, 11 hamsters, 2 Guinea pigs, and an innumerable amount of fish, which were given to Penguin to keep in his aquariums at home and the Iceberg Lounge
-(Raiding an adult shop for strap-ons and vibes and lingerie for herself and Ivy 👌)
-Raiding a dozen department stores with Selina for cute new outfits bc the cat has good taste except for in men because Batsy is yUCK (“but he has a nice tush, Kitty Cat, so there’s that.”)
-Holding up a McDonalds for free nuggets and a McFlurry, but no fries because she’s watching her figure

canon batman villains: literal thieves and murderers, mostly crazed loners who burn all their bridges, freaks and monsters

fanon batman villains: ayeeee lmao they’re all shitbag friends who hang out at the iceberg lounge together and need a couple of drinks to actually get along. they fight all the time but major arguments usually blow over within a few weeks. Also they’re gay

Someone has got the hold of the BvS Gotham City booklet. Here’s what is mentioned:
The Falcone Family exists in the DCEU. It’s currently headed by Sofia Falcone-Mafioso.
Zatara also exists and owns a magic shop.
Lucius Fox exists in the DCEU.
There was a “mysterious” fear gas outbreak in Gotham at some time. Scarecrow exists.
The Falcone’s own an Italian restaurant.
Roman Sionis (Black Mask) exists and. owns a fight club.
Bruce Wayne has been Batman for nearly 20 years.
Wayne Botanical Garden (Poison Ivy?)
Court of Owls reference.
Penguin was mentioned and the Iceberg Lounge exists.
Ferris Air got mentioned.
The DCEU is happening at the same time as our timeline. The invasion occurred in 2013 and BvS in 2016.
Spotting Superman is a task in of itself. At best you’ll hear his sonic booms or the windows shaking.
Blaze Comics exists in the DCEU. It was previously seen in ‘Man of Steel’ when Superman fought Zod in Metropolis.
The Scout Ship still rests close to Heroes Park, but remains off limits.
Are you excited for the expanded version of Gotham City on the big screen?

Anyone remember my friend Theresa? The one who made a date with Two-Face? Yeah, well apparently he made good on the offer and took her not only for coffee, but for dinner and drinks at the Iceberg Lounge. She met Riddler and Penguin, and now she’s trying to set me up on a date with one of them?? So we can Double-Date??? 

tl;dr #OnlyInGotham does your best friend go out on a date with a Rogue then try and set you up with one of his Rogue pals….

#TheresaStopIt #TheresaNo #IWillNotDateThatPuzzleObsessedWeirdoForYou #TwoFaceIsApparentlyAPerfectGentlemanTho #They'reGoingOutAgainOnThursday