Things to keep in mind about Ivy:

  • Has killed a man
  • Kicked a man in the crotch once
  • Literally calls 3 of the most dangerous people in Gotham her family
  • Knows how to grow magic mushrooms ( and probably other drugs too )
  • Caused chaos in the iceberg lounge just because she was annoyed by Oswald
  • On her way to become a villain and possible future eco terrorist
  • Selina described her as scary once

Do you ever think about the poor waitresses and waiters in the Iceberg Lounge tho. Like, it’s bad enough that most of their clientele are dangerous criminals, but then it’s 4AM, Harley is on her 8th cocktail just because she likes to collect the little umbrellas, Harvey is doing shots with himself, Eddie is ordering a capri sun,

After the episode I still have so many questions about Victor Zsasz´s new waistcoat.
* What is that fabric / material? Black snake or crocodile leather?
* Does it repel liquids? Was Zsasz just tired of having (hard to spot on the black but sill very much there) blood splatter on his clothing. Can he just wipe the blood drops off this new garment? 
* I´m so blessed that they added a scene where Victor actually sits on the couches of the lounge in the episode. Soooo why does it fit so well to the interior of the Iceberg Lounge? The shiny surface is so similar to the couches yet the pattern is different enough that it doesn´t look like he is wearing the couches. 
* Has Oswald Cobblepot bought him the waistcoat? Did they have a little shopping spree just to have some relief from the monotony of all the killing sprees? 
* (And, if this is actually a thing, could Oswald be so kind as to dress someone in something reminiscing the fabric of those gorgeous curtains, please ..) 

On a side note: “My men stopped them” .. what´s up with the Zsaszettes?! 

expectations from war of jokes and riddles:

  • edward screaming “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH” at joker at least once
  • poison “i’m too gay for this” ivy deciding to remain neutral
  • joker getting his ass beat by literally any of the rogues (or all of them, all at once)
  • harvey with a machine gun (he must have at least one in every canon)
  • batman not picking a side, instead knocking all of their heads together and throwing them in arkham
  • selina watching on from a gargoyle as a big battle rages like that one squidward meme
  • the “war” just being joker and edward trying to spread the worst rumours about each other around the rogues gallery 
  • waylon giving everybody the middle finger as he walks backwards into the sewers bcos fuck this white nonsense

So glad they brought up the fact that Tabitha killed Oswald’s mother. Part of me wonders, if the Merton gang hadn’t interrupted, would Oswald have made a move against Tabitha at the opening of the Iceberg Lounge? Or would the humiliation of Tabitha having to publicly “kiss the ring” be enough to satisfy him?