So it seems like Eclipsa lost her arm in some way..? (sry if I’m dumb and only noticed this now)

Hello everyone !!!, Hope you had a great weekend also I hope your heart condition is very good after the last steven boomb, I was just like holly blue, two diamonds in one day! did you like the chapters?,  I love to see the two facets of diamonds, sensitive and loving with their sisters and firm and authoritarian with their subjects, What happens now? You think white diamond is the leader of all? Pink diamond is alive and is lion or on the contrary her remains are in the rose’s box I’d love to hear your favorite theories and hyping together :c

Anti Imagines...

{Brought to you by the wonderful suggestions of @pfftwhatnoimhuman}

Imagine Anti being forced to live with Signe and Sean. They can’t very well let him loose on the streets, now can they? They have a room for him upstairs where he usually keeps to himself, but from time to time, the Green Glitch gets bored. And when Anti gets bored, chaos ensues.

Imagine Signe meeting Anti for the first time when he glitches through the wall into the kitchen as she’s making pancakes. Anti thinks nothing of suddenly appearing there, but Signe nearly jumps five feet in the air and arms herself with the skillet she’s using to make the pancakes as Anti practically falls over giggling.

Imagine Sean hiding all the kitchen knives from Anti, but Anti always finds them and enjoys playing target practice around the new house. Sean is beginning to run out of hiding places when Signe gets the bright idea to hide them inside a bag of frozen vegetables. Anti won’t touch those with a ten-foot pole.

Imagine him dropping in on Signe when he’s bored. She’ll be lounging, enjoying a cup of tea, when Anti glitches through the floor with a, “Boo!” After about the fiftieth time, Signe simply rolls her eyes at him and throws a pillow at his head.

Imagine Anti dropping in on Jack’s recording sessions, right in the middle of a critical part in the game. Anti gets into the recording equipment, messing with the audio and video and glitching into view. Then he spends the next few days refreshing every social media page, drinking in all the Anti hype. Sean has a theory that the mysterious “Anti Fanart” folder that appeared on his computer was compiled by the glitch himself.

Imagine him trying to threaten Signe. It’s late at night, and she’s just scrolling through her phone before bed when she hears a gravelly, layered voice mutter, “I could kill you.” And Signe just shrugs, “Yeah, so could another human, or a dog, or a very committed duck.” She looks up from her phone and smiles at him sweetly. Anti growls and stomps away because how dare she use memes against him!

Imagine Sean asleep on the couch, just taking a mid-afternoon powernap to get him through the rest of the day, when he feels something cold and sharp pressed against his neck. His electric blue eyes snap open to see Anti’s evil grin and his crazed, black eyes looking down at him. Sean rolls his eyes, “What do ya want now, Anti?” Anti pouts and kicks the couch. “We’re out of chocolate chip cookies again…”

Imagine Anti finding Signe’s cacti and attempting to juggle them. Signe and Sean hear a few crashes along with a string of curses, and they run upstairs to find Anti trying to piece the little pots back together. He’s got cactus needles stuck in his fingers, and Signe thinks he might be trying to hide some frustrated sniffles. So, she helps him pick out the needles while Sean goes to get the broom.

After they get everything cleaned up, Signe insists that Anti have dinner with them. It’s a bit awkward, sitting around the tiny table with both boys poking at their food and refusing to eat. Signe tries to make conversation only to get a sharp, “I’m a monster, not a house guest,” from Anti.

“Just eat your chicken nuggets and shut up, Anti.”

When Duty and Desire Meet- Upcoming Arcs!

Well hi there! ^_^ Just thought I’d let those who are interested know what @edendaphne and I are working on for the next few arcs of When Duty and Desire Meet.

So we have our “current timeline” which is the overarching plot of the fanfic (the one set during their university years. All the arcs so far have been set in the current timeline), but we also have snippets of stories from the past and possibly future too.

So without further ado here are the next few arcs of When Duty and Desire Meet!

1. The Evillustrstor Arc (current arc set in current timeline- atm I’m writing the remaining 2 chapters of this arc because Eden is away).

2. The Origins Arc (our AUs version of Origins part 1 and 2)

3. The Bodyguard Arc (current timeline plot)

4. The Dark Heart Arc (their first Valentine’s day as LB and Chat)

I AM HYPE BUT OMG SO MUCH WORK TO DOOOOO. Also feel free to start guessing what’ll happen in each arc. I’m curious to see your theories! ^o^


I know I am fucking late but well yeah, SM has me hyped on the theory stuff now. So here goes my two cents on it.

London : Jongin : teleportation
The Victorian era has always been fascinated with egypt. They even built teleportation chamber which led to ancient Egypt. We do see jongin in London and his power is teleportation and also him on the Sphinx/ other Egyptian structure in exordium vcr

“An earlier Egyptologist was Joseph Bonomi traded as an archaeological artist but is thought to have been a tomb raider.  He is also generally considered to have been the designer of the Egyptian styled ‘Courtoy’ tomb in Brompton cemetery which was ostensibly intend to be the final resting place of 'three spinsters’.  An interesting legend has grown up around this mausoleum because it is the only one in the cemetery for which there is no record of construction.  This, together with Bonomi’s obsession with the afterlife (reflected in the heiroglyphs on the tomb), have been held by some to be evidence that it is not a tomb at all…..In fact the tomb is one of five 'teleportation’ chambers designed by Joseph Bonomi and built by his occult partner the Clerkenwell inventor Samuel Alfred Warner.  “

Barcelona : Tao : time travel

“The World Brain organisation described in The Shape of Things to Come of 1933, the headquarters for which is located in Barcelona, contains echoes of the index organisation described in A Modern Utopia of 1905. One imagines that the vast centralised database of A Modern Utopia that is needed for the surveillance and disposition of the population would necessarily be part of the new and improved "knowledge apparatus” Wells was latter to describe as a World Brain or World Encyclopedia organisation"

HG wells is known as the father of time travel. His book, the shape of the things to come predicts future history.

Also he is shown to be exiting from Kafka café. In metamorphosis, kafka’s hero wakes up and turned into another creature. In translation it is said to be a beetle, but in the original ne it signifies a butterfly. Butterflies signify loneliness/being alone. Butterfly has been an icon for both Sehun and Tao in MAMA teaser.

Arizona : Chanyeol : fire/phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of arizona

“The most mystical and most beautiful of all winged beasts - the Phoenix, the "Bird of Flame”, an incarnation of Foiros. “

"Arizona’s Wallow Wildfire has consumed more than 733 square miles (1,898 square kilometers) — an area nearly half the size of Rhode Island — in the space of two weeks.”

Similar to what we see in yeol’s teaser, wildfire spreading

Berlin : Minseok : ice

We see minseok entering an abandoned building with graffiti on it’s walls. 

Berliner Eisfabrik. Abandoned ice factory, one of Germany’s oldest, which managed to survive two world wars, several fires and countless parties “

Edinburgh : sehun : wind

“Given Edinburgh’s position between the coast and hills, it is renowned as “the windy city”, with the prevailing wind direction coming from the south west, which is often associated with warm, unstable air from the North Atlantic Current that can give rise to rainfall – although considerably less than cities to the west, such as Glasgow. Rainfall is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year.[78] Winds from an easterly direction are usually drier but considerably colder, and may be accompanied by haar, a persistent coastal fog. Vigorous Atlantic depressions, known as European windstorms, can affect the city between October and May.”

Marseilles : Junmyeon: water

Marseilles has always been connected because of it’s port and canals.

“Historically, the economy of Marseilles was dominated by its role as a port of the French Empire, linking the North African colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia with Metropolitan France. The Old Port was replaced as the main port for trade by the Port de la Joliette during the Second Empire”

In the teaser we see drought is everywhere with the whole forest being dry, but then jun sits in the public bath(I guess?) place and the water flows in signifying his powers are back.

In reality there has been a severe drought in Marseilles in history. Historians have noted there has been some small series of earthquakes(soo’s power) and then the sudden flow of water in abundance to the city. However, this  water again dried up after some time followed by another earthquake.

Almaty : Jongdae : lightning

Jondae was in Almaty which is some mile from Astana. This makes sense because there is an emblematic tree of life and since JD is soo’s counterpart, there is a symbolism of tree of life where he is present.

“Construction of the Bayterek Tower began in 1997, the year the capital was moved from Almaty to Astana. Euronews’ Seamus Kearney reported: “The view of the tower from a distance is stunning enough, but don’t forget to take a lift to the top to get a bird’s-eye view of Astana.”

The tower represents a tree of life visited by a mythical bird of happiness.”

“– The association between lightning and the Tree of Life mirrors the real link between lightning and trees.  Sheltering under trees in a thunderstorm can be dangerous, as that is precisely where lightning is most likely to strike.

- ‘Beware of an oak, it draws the stroke’, or put another way, the tree draws down power from the heavens to the earth.”

Also, the version A cards show them holding colored balls.

[This image of the Tree of Life showing the Path of the Lightning Bolt is the most important image of the tree to understand further theories. The Path of the Lightning Bolt is the creative energy flowing from the Primum Mobile to the most concrete manifestation. It determines the numbering of the Spheres (Sephirot), and as we shall see later, the order of the paths connecting them. Above the first Sephira, you can see Ain Sof Aur, the Limitless Light; beyond which is Ain Sof, Limitlessness (which is invisible); and beyond that, Ain, Nothing. For those who want to skip ahead, the Gemmatria of Ain Sof is 207, and Aur is also 207…together 414, the same as hagooth: meditation. The Sephirot are numbered and named as follows:

1. Keter, the Crown (white) 2. Hokmah, Wisdom (grey) 3. Binah, Understanding (black) Daath, Knowledge (colourless). This is the unnumbered “bridge” over the “abyss” separating the divine from the mundane. A great mystery. 4. Hesed, Mercy (blue) 5. Geburah, Might (red) 6. Tipareth, Beauty (yellow) 7. Netzach, Victory (green) 8. Hod, Glory (orange) 9. Yesod, Foundation (purple) 10. Malkuth, the Kingdom (sky blue or earth brown) ]

Lyon : Baekhyun : light

Lyon is famous for it’s festival of lights, earning the title of Capital of Lights.

“Lyon played a significant role in the history of cinema: it is where Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinematographe. It is also known for its light festival, the Fête des Lumières, which begins every 8 December and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.”

“8 December each year is marked by the Festival of Lights (la Fête des lumières), a celebration of thanks to the Virgin Mary, who purportedly saved the city from a deadly plague in the Middle Ages. During the event, the local population places candles (lumignons) at their windows and the city of Lyon organises impressive large-scale light shows onto the sides of important Lyonnais monuments, such as the mediaeval Cathédrale St-Jean.”

Yunnan : Yixing : Healer

We have known from the beginning that yixing is the healer for exo theory. Him arriving at Yunnan was no coincidence, because

“Yunnan Baiyao (or Yunnan Paiyao; simplified Chinese: 云南白药; traditional Chinese: 雲南白藥; pinyin: Yúnnán Báiyào; literally: “Yunnan White Drug”) is a hemostatic powdered medicine famous for being carried by the Vietcong to stop bleeding during the Vietnam War.The medicine, developed by Qu Huangzhang in 1902, is designated as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines, which gives it 20 years protection. In China, its reputation is equal to that of penicillin in the U.S. It is founded and manufactured by a state-owned enterprise, Yunnan Baiyao Group (SZSE: 000538) in Yunnan, China.”

Colorado : Soo/ All : earth n tree of life

In the Southwest corner of Colorado, 18 miles at 92 degrees from Egnar, there appears to be a “Tree of Life” and the remains of a Buddha-figure in a Lotus Flower, pair of megalithic-carved/shaped landscapes. gps,

anonymous asked:

I now everyone's really hype about the Aliens Theory but I have a different one to propose- Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Mark, Tyler, and Ethan are the camera crew from the beginning of the game (it would explain the Vaseline/ goop-juice on Mark's face). Anyways I love your art

oh my god…


wouldn’t explain the suit/shitty businessman/torn up clothes, BUT GOOP JUICE. 



“Why… It looks like YOU have the same disease… We’ll have to operate immediately!”


Oh boy it feels good to make art again XD Now with all the craziness going on in the past few days damn you Jack, I wanted to make fan art of the “Good” Doctor.

A HUGE shout out to @fear-is-nameless for the inspiration ;)

Elapsed Time: 6 Hours

Programs used: Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CS6

P.S. I wanted to include the text in the picture itself, but I forgot to add space :/

hey all, i’m just here to point out really quickly that our associations with mick ‘king of the freeway’ mercury are speed and travel and harebrained schemes and beautiful, inspiring lies and his name is literally mercury so i’m not saying he’s had or is going to have a subverted role of a messenger in this series but he’s definitely had or is going to have a subverted role of a messenger in this series

Pretty Little Liars.

4 more weeks at this show comes to an end. As much as I complain about it. . I’ll truly miss it. Miss reading fan theories, discussing theories; getting hyped for answers; season finale’s. And miss the mystery of it. Even though now, the last seasons it lacked it. Season 1-4 will remain the absolute best. Too much romance ruined the show for me, like, seriously. I only care for the mystery here. Not a ship. But anyway, I’ll truly miss it. *

Originally posted by mayiscadisi

First I wanna say a little than you to @idratherlivefreetofail for directing me to Jack’s PAX video!!
Second! I just want to point out that now both Anti and Dark have canon referred to each other! I’ll admit, they have not said each other’s names, but they HAVE both claimed to have been “replaced.” To whom else could they have been referring but each other?? Answer: no one. They are the same exact concept: famous you tuber has a demonic entity in their form fighting for power.
Anyway, I’m rambling, what I’m trying to say is, I have a tiny feeling that Mark and Jack may have something (like the two demons meeting) planned for PAX. I could be very wrong, but I just wanna put the idea out there, with any luck, I think something very cool is about to happen.

anonymous asked:

so i kinda want to get into this fandom (the anti thing keeps catching my eye) but like. i don't know where to start. do you have any tips?

(The only way down this rabbit hole of theories and hype with Anti is diving headfirst).

Me? Tips/ recommendations of where to start with the Jacksepticeye fandom??

Oh boy. I could offer my personal favorite game series Jack has done:

Outlast and Outlast 2 (horror)

Undertale and  Night in The Woods (excellent adventure, and slight mystery with MANY great characters/ voices in both)

The Last Guardian  (beautiful to look at game)

Happy Wheels (comedy)

To learn more about Jack himself, I highly recommend his livestreams, vlogs, and reading your comments series- all are awesome. :)

Erm… Guys help me out here- what would you recommend? First video suggestions? Character/ ego introductions? Your favorites?

anonymous asked:

Jay, can you please stop with the heavy focus on theories? They're fun to read every now and then, but to have to listen to you hype it up for months on end gets very old very quickly. You just make people dissapointed when they aren't true, and worse, you cause people to go badger Maro, as seen with the Ashiok theory.

No. For a whole variety of reasons. I don’t work for you. I’m going to write what I enjoy writing, and a chunk of that is theory pieces, because they’re fun.

The Raven Man piece was supposed to come out in March, originally, but there were issues I’m not going to get into. Between then and now very, very little of what I’ve talked about is the Raven Man, and most of that was directly responding to ask. I haven’t really ‘hyped’ any other theory pieces (except to say they’re coming out next week, or that I’m working on something). And I’m pretty clear what’s my theory and what isn’t. If people put too much stock into fun theory pieces, that’s not my fault, although I have started trying to make my confidence levels for theories more clear.

Maro is an adult human being, and if the worst thing I’m doing is causing him to get inane asks… well I haven’t really changed anything for him.

Why I love Twenty One Pilots

Tyler Robert Joseph
Joshua William Dun
Tyler’s lyrics, poetic, eerie at times and hard hitting they are
How emotional he is when he sings like he puts a piece of his soul into every song he writes
How smol they are
How smol Josh is
How hot Josh is
How innocent they are
They love their mums
How Josh drums
Josh’s tattoos
Tyler’s tattoos
How Josh can play the trumpet
How salty the clique is
How helpful the clique is
How connected Tyler and Josh are to the clique e.g we are twenty one pilots and so are you
How funny and awkward they are in interviews
How quietly sassy Tyler is
How honest Tyler is
Their concerts look amazing as frick
So many references and new phrases
How many lives they have actually saved like genuinely as cliche or stupid as that sounds
Stay alive
This: |-/
Kitchen sink
Tyler’s piano playing
How they embrace Joshler
How much Tyler loves Jenna and how happy they are together
Their tweets are actually funny (not biased I promise)
The fanart
How upbeat some of their songs sound but how dark the lyrics are
Some songs make you think
Some are sad and depressing
Tyler is so much better than he was a few years ago
Josh’s anxiety is slowly getting better, he can now speak in speeches by himself so progress (I think)
How cute they are together e.g disneyland
How they need each other and would die for each other
 They truly are best friends or should I say best frens
They are soul mates, not the romantic type but soul mates nonetheless
I’m pretty sure Jenna and Tyler are soul mates too after all she is the tear in his heart
His acoustic performances
Their amazing covers of songs
Their debates
Fireflies meme
San Francisco
All of their songs without a doubt are amazing
How it’s not just Tyler’s songs but Josh’s too
How Josh gets repeatedly kicked out of the band
Tyler’s basketball playing
Tyler’s twitching in some parts of songs
It’s impossible to choose a favourite song (at least for me)
At least one of there songs means more to someone for some reason
Tyler can literally breathe and it will have some hidden philosophical meaning
How they are 90% little kids
Tyler’s rapping
Josh looks good with any hair colour that he dyes it and his natural hair colour
Josh’s mocha eyes *flashback to forest fic*
Excuse me, could you please leave?
Josh can actually sing well
Tyler can play the drums well
Self titled tells a story
Regional at best brings nostalgia and worries
Vessel brings violent battles
Blurryface is a constant between Tyler getting better and Blurryface taking over
Who Blurryface is (but I don’t like Blurryface)
What’s a blurryface?
Tyler has defeated him for now but Blurryface always be there
We did it
Tyler’s speeches
The theories and hype for the new album
All the youtubers who make amazing twenty one pilots edits and videos
They make people think instead of just brightening their day because it feels like someone understands what they are going through
Hidden meanings in Tyler’s songs
How catchy the lyrics are
Theory: We are the few, Josh is the proud and Tyler is the emotional
Josh is the proud (standing tall)
We are the few (the lines that connects them)
Tyler is the emotional (falling but fighting)
And we are all in this circle, hence the circle
Together we are the few, the proud and the emotional (not my theory)


- c̸̢̭̠̲͉̘̪͉͍̤̗̭͖͋̅̎̒͒ͦ̉ͥ͑̂̊͒͗͜͜͜ͅo̸̞͇͚̝̲̞͚̗͇̻̥͖̖̳̘̎̾ͥ̿ͨͮ̈͌̄ͮͩͫ͊͐͞n̴̓ͣ̌ͪ͒ͬ͒ͣͧ̋̚͜҉̨̙̼͙̫̱͍͍̤͖̼͔̥͖̪̖̭̖̫͙v̵̜͉̠̩̹̹̫̖̦̯̲͕͊̿̓ͧ̈ͦ̔ͪ̔̀̕͢͠ͅo̷̖̞̥̟̪͕͔̯͌̓̃ͨ̆ͨ̐͟͝k̸͚̘̫̣̬̩͈̪͎͈͇̪͓̲̭̼̖͋̏̾ͭ̍̅͑ͤ́͢e̵̖̰̗̜̼̦͈̟̗̩͍̤̩̭̫̱͔̬͛̐͆̏̃͂ͦͣ͐̾ͬ̽͑ͩ͌̓̚̕ͅ ̨͈̳̦͈̰̰̳̜͈̜̠̹͋ͭ͛ͯ͌̇͆̎ͨͫ̽ͫ͂͗͢ ̢̢̳̹͙̠͉̰̜̬̫̱̮̤̭̺̘͕̫̝̾̑̓̓̎ͫ͛͛̓̓ͮ͛͛́͟ͅR̸̵̯̫͉̳̜̫̗̼̠͕͚̰͇̀̀͐̊̒ͥ̕͠é̵̺̤̣̥̲͇̯̙͎͙̘̤̥̣̤̟ͫͮ̂̂́ͨͩͧ̀̕a̟̰̝͎̗͚̘͇͚̼̜̣͉̽̏̇̇̊ͧͯ̍̑̌͢͟͝ḏ͈̫̠̰̞̹͔͔͎̏̔̇͒̇̀̕͜͠͞y̸̭̳̬͙͚̲̗̯̺̺̳͈̩̫̖̭͔ͩ̽̎̽͐̾͗͌̌̂̚͢ ̸̧͔͉͔͙̳̰͇̙̬̤͉̬̯̦͛͆ͪ̈͑ͤ̔̉ͬ̄̆ͦ̄͆̐̏̀͞͡ͅE̡͎̫̹̺͉̰̦̼͍̤̫̱̳̹͊ͯ̆̈͗̽͋̅ͮ̃ͤ̒̎͑ͣ̌̚͘͜ͅx̸̶̧̺̺͎͓̝̘̥͕̹̭̌ͯ̾̂͐̇ͮͥ̂̊ͤ̕͟u͓̩̖̰͖̥̝̤̬͍͕͕̜̙̖͋̑ͭ̀͆ͭ̽͋͊̃̿̕͞͠ͅb͑̊ͪͦ̓͗͗̀̎ͦ̔҉̢̛̳͙̩̝͔̮̲̪̥̫̦̗̮͓͜͢ę̴̩̹͖͙̭̹̹͚̥̰͖͈̝͓̫͍ͯ̇͗̊̂̎ͯ̔́̑͠͝r͕̹̝̻̣͙̖̣͎̖̳͔̬̈̌ͬ͑ͯͮ́͛͡͞ã̐͆̏̔̒̓̓̓͒͑̈ͧ̈́͗̓̌҉̡̢̧̜͖̣̰͍̦͈͈̦͇̲̤̭̰̟̠͙̝̕nͫ̉ͦ͗́́͌̅̏̀҉̨̗̜̲̮̟̲̫̼̗͇̰̱̲̼̖̙̞ͅt̿̎ͣ̌̽̀͛̌ͧͧ̃͐̿̃̄͘͟҉̸̨̣͚͇̙̝̩̱̯̯͍͈̯ͅͅ ̸̷̸̛͕͍͔̦̫̥̌͆̏̀̚B̎͂ͦͭͭ͐͛ͣ͛ͣͦ͂͆ͨ͏̸̮̲̜̼̼̞͓͉̝̤̞̗̰̝̗̤̜͔r̨̢̧͔̳͎̝̰͕̫̻̜̙͕͚̯͈̳̻̼̃͊ͤ͂̀͛̿͆̾ͯ͛̉̀ͧͭ͛̇̐ͫͅi̡̱̞̭̦̲̪̳̥̘͚̞̖̫̠̘̋ͦ̿̇́̃ͯͩ͋ͪ́ͫ̑̍ͪ̔ͣ͘͢ͅn̶̡ͫ̅̊̽͂͒̎ͨ͌̋͏҉̪͉͎̜̣̭̹̟̱͔̼̫̺͘ͅg̷̛͔̠͔̞͖ͭͧ̀̊̃̎͂͒̓͘ ̧͇̩͕͇̱̬̬̳̆ͤ͂̎ͨ̄̔͌͊͆ͧ̊ͣ̄̓ͥ͊̆̿͜O̶̫̲̺͍̮̘͎̿̌͐̐̒͊̌̔͑ͥͤ̈͊͛̾ͦ͟ụ̡̣̜̰̪̺̭̞͔̦̳̤̫̭͌̊͋̿ͭ͑ͩ̊ͦ̓̽ͥ̉̈́̑̄̚͢ͅr̳͎̗̪͎͇̊ͧͯ̇̈̈́͂͋̊͆̃̏͆̕͢͠ͅ ̭̯͙̺̩͉̩͈̩̲̪̟̄ͣ̆̎̔ͩ̐̓ͧ͊̀̃̎ͦ̎̀͘͞R̶͇͕͖͖̖̱͈̗̦̱̗̗̯̩̫̮̦̔̋ͧ͛͆͌̂̀͘iͭͧ̓͐͆̃̊͆̀ͤ́ͬ̍ͨͦ͒҉̴̢̩̩̙͢t̡̧̢̤̦̪̳̮͉͇̖̙̂̍̓̾̿̅͛ͣ̔̈́ͯ͑͟ͅu̴̸̧̻̲̼͙͇̼͎̬̰̖̫̠̔͗͌̈́̓̆̍͆ͯ̂̽̀ͩ̍̚̚̕a̸̶̢̡͔̠̩̱̹̬̲͓̩̫̦̙͎͚̬̿̆̾ͤ̎͆̎̾̎̄̕l̵̟̝̰̖͍̠͎͕̓͆̾̿ͥͥ̆̋͒̆̈͌ͪ͗ͨ̚͘͞͠͞ ̫̖̲͇̳̗͉̫͈̦̞̻͇̦̺̬̠ͥ̈̎̄͠͞N̡̨͂ͮͭ̉̓̂̚͏̶͖̖̻͕̠o̶ͯ́̎ͣ͑̀͑ͧ̃̆ͪͪ̇͛͏͚͖̲̥b̴̵̴͎̗̰̹̪̜̈́ͬ͐̅̓ͦ̾ͮ̄͂͞o̵̢̡̤̮̰͍̗̙̺ͤ͛̈́͛̉̃͢͝ḑ̴̷̞̤̖̭̭̖͔̪̦̩̫̣̺̳̫͕̬ͧ̂̏̆ͨ̈́͡ŷ̠̖̳͓̪̙̪͚̰̏́͌̊̋̇̏ͤ͜͞

Convoke, ready, exuberant, bri n g, our, ritual, nobody (Return (Tumblr) Suprise (Twitter) )

Its an anagram:

I convoke our ritual. Nobody is Ready. I shall return. Suprise./

Nobody is ready for our exuberant ritual. You convoked him. You made Him return. Its no longuer a suprise.

OR its a word associacion type of thing:

Convoke- WE convoked him.

Ready- Anti is ready.

Bring OUR ritual- Its not just him, maybe other egos.

Exuberant/Suprise- Mark might be envolved, it will happen something that we werent expecting like its the jackaboy the mad man all along or something.

Return- … we all know what this means…

@markired​ (Edit. It also spells Reborn… (were f*cked arent we?)*