@joss whedon watch mad max and learn how to write natasha romanoff

I had hoped that The Good Wife would go down in TV history for it’s smart, well-written and fascinating portrayal of an intelligent woman creating herself and her evolution over the years.

Now I’m almost sure all of that will be overshadowed and it will be forever for the way it’s handled whatever the hell went down between it’s lead actress/producer and another regular actress.

A hyped much anticipated scene between two beloved characters that turns into a bad split screen because two actresses can not be together. FFS.


Probably the most hype Daryl scene…

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I think they hyped up the sex scene in terms of all of the CW, but I think it was the most they've shown on Arrow, right? Regardless, I'm so happy they got the sex scene just perfect for them. (:

Yes they did. That was the mistake. It was the most explicit sex scene on Arrow. Longest too. But of all CW? Yeah, hell to the no. But yeah, they got the sex scene they deserved :)

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I mean in my opinion I'm not a big fan of how that scene was written/directed by a cis guy (who won't ever fully know what it's like to be an infertile women or what reproduction rights mean to women) but the scene itself wasn't the biggest problem of the film imo

yeah…….you know what yeah thats a really good point actually we have no way of knowing how the director wanted that scene to be interpreted as and it very well have been written to be seen how it’s being critiqued (and there’s good reason to believe it was). i got distracted with the hype around the scene and i was thinking of it in the movie’s context not real life context and the implications behind it being that it was written by a cis guy. so yes very good point i agree! thank you for bringing that up!  

regard my last post as….a personal interpretation of what i thought the scene meant from natasha’s point of view instead of a well thought critique. i didn’t really have my critical thinking cap on while watching the movie  ლ(´﹏` ; ლ)





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The story ficlet thingie is almost done! 0u0

Wow i’m super excited! like very very excited i dont even know how to fully express myself on how hyped i am to read it! /)*O*(\

i wrote the little extra part with sarge as a throw away joke and you’ve been able to run with- and make something very interesting with it. i cant wait to read the ficlet!

I just watched mad max with my dad. first we went to a Vietnamese restaurant and had some chicken and noodles, I offered it to sekhmet, discretely while I was stirring in the fish sauce, and she seemed to like it. I did too. 
Mad max was absolutely amazing, I was disappointed ‘cause some of the scenes they hyped up a bunch weren’t that great, but it was all still amazing. I feel inspired to write something great, but it’s midnight and I don’t know what, I’ll probably just pace around thinking about cool scenes to add into one of the projects I’m already working on.  

Just wanna thank each and everyone who wished me a happy birthday day it was greatly appreciated. For those who knew me knows I’m not a big turn up , hype scene type of person so instead of partying I wanted to do what I love with people . So Sunday May 10th at 3pm I’ll be having a photo meet at highline park in the city . Well be meeting at the park on 14th street . Come as you are beginning, intermediate or pro . Bring your muse or some fools it’s all about fun times , networking and growth .