Fandoms Unite

“I’m the Mocking Jay,” said Katniss

“I’m a demigod,” said Percy

“I’m a wizard,” said Harry

“I’m a shadowhunter,” said Clary

“I’m Divergent,” said Tris

“I’m naturally blond,” said Jace

“I have a large wingspan,” said Rhysand

For all you Hunger Games and Tinashe fans out there!!…. Lorde was in charge of The Hunger Games soundtrack this time around and she chose Tinashe to be on the album! Tinashe wrote and recorded a song entitled “The Leap” that will be featured on “The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1” soundtrack! Make sure you pre-order this album on iTunes NOW ———>

I was tagged by @wesawbears (thank you!)

Countries I’ve lived in: The United States

Favorite fandom: tfc (listen if you follow me and havent read the books do it)

Languages you speak: English, German, some Spanish

Favorite Film of 2015: hunger games: mocking jay pt2

Last article you read: Olympians being able to smoke marijuana  

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs: SUBURBIA - Troye Sivan; i hate u, i love u - gnash; Monster - Colours

Last thing you bought online: phone case for my bff

Any phobias or fears: spiders. bugs in general i cant. 

How would your friends describe you: sarcastic, sociable, loud, blunt

How would your enemies describe you: annoying, rude, cannot empathize

Who would you take a bullet for: my friends and my mom and brother

If you had money to spare what would you buy first: id save for college okay i dont want to die from student loans

Tag ten people: (hello hi, im making my own rules) @hemmicknicky @andeewminyard @wesninskie and anybody else