Smokey. He’s an asshole and cries literally all day till my mom comes home from work. He loves to make you look like a liar. My favorite instance of this is he was on the counter sniffing the grapes in a basket. My mom says to my brother “I found grapes all over the floor this morning but I know it wasn’t smokey, he hates them”. She looks over and there he is throwing them one by one off the counter onto the floor all while looking her dead in the eyes. One time I came around the corner in the kitchen and spooked him so bad he hunched over, poo'ed on the floor, and ran off screaming

Here’s a pic of me hunched, sneering at the camera, surrounded by gourds, while holding a root beer, that people on facebook keep liking for some reason

Prompt #9 “We’re friends, real friends,and that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally decide to look back, I’ll still be here.”

Written by Christina

Category: Angst with a bit of fluff

Word Count: 1,883 (I know, this is a long one)

A/N: This week, Danielle was supposed to post, but life has been super hectic for her, so this is my writing again. But never fear, Danielle will post next week. This is my first ever angst, so I’m sorry if this is crap. Also, thank you so much for 100+ notes on last weeks imagine!! 

This week’s prompt is from this list

You felt your heart crumble at the sight, your feet refusing to move you further than the doorway of your best friends room. Peter was sitting on his bed, his normally groomed hair a curly mess, his eyes swollen, and his shoulders hunched forward. His bed was messier than normal, and there were textbooks thrown all over the room. He just stared at the ground in front of him, anger and heartbreak radiating off of him. You tried to hold back your tears as you moved from the doorway. You half shuffled, half crept to the bedside. Peter didn’t even glance in your direction. A tear fell down your cheek and you quickly wiped it away. Peter did not need to see you crying. That was the last thing he needed.

“He died in my arms,” Peter mumbled, taking in a shallow breath. “I was walking and I saw the crowd and I heard the screaming and saw the sirens and I ran and I saw him and then he…” Peter started talking at a high speed, but at the end, his voice cracked and he broke into a sob. He didn’t even bother to bring his hands to his face to hid the tears or snot. Tears fell more freely down your face and you threw your arms around his shoulders, pulling him as close as you possibly could, despite the fact that sitting right next to each other and trying to hug made it awkward and uncomfortable. Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck. He sobbed freely. You rested a hand on the back of his head, gently stroking the curls. Peter slid a hand up to the middle of your shoulder blades and hugged you tighter. You felt pain in your ribs and you suddenly couldn’t breathe.

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micarino  asked:

What are your top five songs performed by Jonghyun? It could be his own songs from his discography, or covers that he has done. 💕

Aww, my sweet!!! Thank you for the ask!! I hope I answered this well!

1. Déjà-Boo : I love any opportunity to listen to just his vocals isolated like this and how god damn versatile they are in this song? Every verse varies in melody and note, but on top of that??? His Zion.T impression?  Is actually so impressive and gives me life?  Also always here for his husky rap and how his shoulders hunch a bit as he gets into it.  See also: the soft baby blue sweater+turtle neck combo lookin like a winter prince. The floofy boyish hair (my FAVORITE).  The heavy eyebrows as he concentrates.  Watching his jaw tighten at different notes, bottom teefies showin when he sings. His hand motions. Byeeeee.

2. 2:34 : This is my anxiety song, my happy-making song. It’s comforting to listen to a song about happy nostalgia.  It makes me feel like everything is going to be alright.  I love the way the melody skips happily through itself, and I also like that the verses vary so much on this track as well.  It’s got such an easy feel–this performance especially.  His lil smirk shows how proud he is of this song, but he doesn’t over do it–it’s all easy, as if he’s simply singing in the shower, right?  I think the vibe translates well to the audience, I think.

3. Hallelujah : the white turtle neck, the floofy boyish hair, the POWERFUL vocals, the UNGODLY body rolls. THE MISS PAGEANT WINNER BODY SASH?!?!? I hadn’t prayed in years until I found this. 500% sure this would be on anyone’s list.  I honestly don’t know how to describe it any better, because just thinking about it causes me to curl up and whimper for this beautiful son of anksaldjllskadadsasd

4. Juliette (acoustic; sketchbook performance) : I couldn’t embed just the juliette part, but it’s what I mean to talk about.  This was Jonghyun’s first time writing lyrics for the promotional song, right? He didn’t write the music (Lol thx corbin bleu) but in this performance, the music and vocals are re-arranged, the vibe is sooo candlelight-romantic, and it actually feels like the song is entirely h i s.  His pleas are much softer (제발~~~) in this version and they make my heart crumble.  

5. Orbit : THIS SUIT?!?!?!? AND THE BG?!?! all the elements are perfect for the ethereal feel. ahem. anyway. Early into the start of She Is promotions, Jonghyun shared that this song was his favorite, even if it was a ‘difficult’ song to swallow.  It made my heart sing that, for his special stage, he chose to perform this ‘difficult’ song.  I think it spoke volumes of how far he’s come as an artist, making choices with integrity and a creative eye hardly anyone in his industry can match (not biased at all).  No dance, but knowing KJH he prefers it that way. And I do too bc it was a perfectly simple and smooth vocal performance that showed his versatility of genres, vocals, and stage personas.  Bless him. 

Honorable Mentions: bc it won’t let me be extra and attach more than 5 videos even if I wanted

Please Don’t Go, bc you see that even from a young age, Onew and Jonghyun both had such a good grip on their vocal abilities.  Also it makes me cry. Automatically gotta mention.

THIS White T-Shirt performance, bc the ribbons on his sleeve are super cute (I heard they were from fans? extra heartwarming!) as is his smile.

THIS She Is performance, bc I love love laaahv Jjongie in yellow, and he is so happy and refreshed and glad to be on stage with his shawols you can FEEL the sunbeams of pride radiating off of him

Also: Sugar, Y Si Fuera Ella, End of a Day, As Long As You Love Me (bc he actually crushes that rap p well imho), like honestly i wanna write ALL OF HIS SONGS?!?! SO.  . . pls. im gonna get guilt again from not having listed ALL his performances. :(((

It’s safe to say that...

Rick truly fell for Michonne post “Well.  Must’ve been something else then,” and before he left Hershel’s ass hanging so he could run to the gates for Michonne.  It was during that hiatus.  And when he finally works up the nerve to ask her out, so to speak, she turns him down (albeit not on purpose), and then the Governor shows up and everything is shot to shit.

Rick was into Michonne pretty much since the beginning.  The proof’s all there.  Now, when did he realize it was love?

The moment when he saw how truly sad she was; when he decided to make everything right, for her.  Even if that meant going another 500 miles, or 1,000 miles on a hunch.  He does that for her, and only her, because he’s a man in love.

Now.  As for Rick’s flashback, he thought of some of their happier times, which included her playing with Carl, seeing her again after the prison, making her laugh in bed, and seeing her smile, looking at him.  Those, in my opinion, don’t point to any first time, just that they were some of the happier times of the many moments he has shared with her (also, the footage that they had on hand).

anonymous asked:

❛there are certain moments where i consider you someone with brilliant ideas and a good future. this is not one of those moments.❜ - Nyx :D

“Oh come on, my idea is fine.”

It was a stupid idea, but she’d had a bit to drink and was in a comfortable environment: quite the deadly combo.

“I’ll be like one of those monks in Nepal.”

Ai didn’t remember how or when she’d gotten them, but the woman had dragged a string of eight bowling balls to Nyx’s shop. Now she stood in front of the younger woman with a stringed necklace of them, her shoulders hunched over as the weight started to settle on her neck. She unraveled herself from the string before breaking it and taking two in her hands.

“How many do you wanna bet I can juggle?”

Blue Ridge Fall 2016 04 – Julian Price Memorial Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, October 17, 2016

There is no immunity. No impunity. No exemption, exception or exclusion.

Only vulnerability and pathos,

or denial

for as the long as the sun rises in the east

and sets in the west.

One of my hunches is

that we cannot sit quietly

because in the stillness and silence

pathos encroaches from all sides.

In my case,

I am transported to my maternal grandparent’s home

in Itta Bena, Mississippi.

It is winter,

I only remember cloudy days in winter there.

The gas stoves have no pilot light,

and are not permitted to burn through the night.

A Folger’s 1 lb. coffee can half-filled with water

sits on the brown vented top to hydrate the air,

and through the glass panes of the window

in the front bedroom,

I watch Coots swimming in Roebuck Lake.

Watching me watch the Coots,

I suffer the sadness of my generation,

knowing what we had to deal with,

and how poorly I think we managed our affairs.

It would be wrong for me to run from this,

so, I treat it as a dream,

and enter into it to speak to my child-self

and tell him to have courage,

and to live in good faith with himself,

and I promise to be with him

all the way,

even now and on into the future

that lies before us–

that lies before us all.
Foe Yay - Chapter 36 - The Barbershop Confessional-ILoveTeamFortressToo
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By Organization for Transformative Works

‘Sniper, what have you done?

'Nothing,’ Sniper mumbled.


'You know what, there’s this thing, uh, that I need to go do now. Uh, bye, Spy!’


Sniper had only managed to get a couple of steps away. He stopped, shoulders hunched, feeling like he was about to get told off.

'Sniper. Hat. Off.’

Chapter 36 is live :)

anonymous asked:

Freed Justine + Jumpy?

Freed Justine + Jumpy

    Freed felt himself colouring as he realised that everyone was staring at him…or nearly everyone, he couldn’t bring himself to focus on who was and wasn’t watching…and he hunched in on himself, fingers tightening around the sword at his waist, trying to ground himself. Logically he knew that he was safe in the guild…that he was wanted…but the memories of everything he had endured on his way to join Fairy Tail were still close to the surface, not yet banished by the Guild’s warmth and he couldn’t stop himself from being jumpy. He hated it though…he hated the guilt and sorrow that would meet his flinches, the pitying looks he received when no one thought he was looking…he hated the fact that he couldn’t let anyone close without fear flooding him, that the noise and chatter that made the guild so welcoming to everyone else made him jump. It was getting better…but it wasn’t enough…and as he ducked his head, refusing to meet anyone’s gaze he let his fingers curl tighter around the hilt his sword for a minute, promising himself that one day he wouldn’t need to do this…that one day he would be able to stand in the centre of the guild and feel nothing but safe and confident.

bartons-never-miss  asked:

Hi, may I request a male Marvel ship pls? My name's Aly and I'm a 5'5 girl, hourglass shape, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and strong af liberal opinions. I'm kind (until people give me a reason not to be) and introverted but often cynical and have a sharp temper often sparked by injustice. Also, I love animals and am v insecure. If you could visit only one of the world's capital cities, which one would you go to? Thank you so much in advance. :)

i know i said i wouldn’t do these till tomorrow but i have a bit of time :) i’d love to either go to Warsaw or Washington, D.C. !!

autumn aesthetic

halloween night: whispering love charms into stranger’s ears at parties | hunched over a cauldron creating mystical potions | casting spells with your friends on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean | curled up with your s/o watching horror films and screaming at the slightest noise | gathering ingredients for a potion in the middle of the woods | counting stars and finding magic in the moon | flicking through an old spell book whilst being surrounded by flickering candles

autumn things: leaves changing colour | cute and spoopy halloween decorations | boots | oversized sweaters | pumpkin flavoured things | jack-o-lanterns | black cats | large scarves | dark lipsticks

places: haunted cottage | pumpkin patch | cosy coffee shop | fairy ring in the woodlands | empty beach at twilight | bed covered in thick blankets and fluffy pillows

tarot card archetype: the fool | the magician | the empress | the high priestess | the lovers | the chariot | strength | justice | death | the tower | the star | the world

creature: dragon | unicorn | fairy | banshee | elf | mermaid | nymph | phoenix | siren | angel

halloween costume: witch | pirate | ghost | zombie | vampire | superhero | villain | twisted fairytale | urban legend

blog rate

url: don’t get it | acceptable | nice | fabulous | SAM WILSON

icon: don’t get it | eh | alright | nice | amazing | WALLY WEST

theme: don’t get it | eh | alright | nice | amazing | HERMIONE GRANGER

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overall: not bad | pretty good | great!! | amazing | LEIA ORGANA

following: no (sorry) | already am | I am now!!

marvel (the avengers, agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., daredevil, x-men)


ship: steve rogers

best friend: sam wilson

job: engineer | administrator | biochemist | tech expert | nurse | doctor | agent | superhero | other

fancast: clint barton’s sister

affiliation: the avengers | x-men | s.h.i.e.l.d. | nelson and mudock | alias investigations | stark industries | wakanda | asgardian | hank pym

powers (if you have them): super speed | super strength | mind reading | weather manipulation | element manipulation | teleportation | ability to pass through solid objects | manipulate emotions | invisibility | flight | creating force fields | time manipulation | can see the future | healing | invulnerability | shooting beams | n/a

location: hell’s kitchen | stark tower | avengers compound | xavier’s school for gifted youngsters | asgard | s.h.i.e.l.d. base | wakanda | other

weapon of choice: powers | firearms | bow and arrow | swords | battle staves | knives | don’t use weapons | other

autumn/halloween themed

who you watch horror movies with: wanda maximoff

who accidentally wears the same costume as you: peter parker

who you get lost in a corn maze with: natasha romanoff

with your ship

gets scared and clings the other in a haunted house: you | him 

makes a cosy bed fort to cuddle in: you | him 

spends all October trying to scare the other person: you | him 

goes all out with the Halloween decorations: you | him 

who cuddles the most all night: you | him 



(This is not mine)

Recently found out these were by lettherebedoodles follow this blog right now 😍