how the signs sit
  • Aries:leaning forward with legs as far apart as possible.
  • Taurus:either leaning forward and concentrated or slouching with a bag of chips on their stomach. there is no in between.
  • Gemini:so much foot-tapping and fidgeting. exaggerates how other people sit for fun.
  • Cancer:they are one with the chair. only buys the comfiest chairs.
  • Leo:like royalty. never slouches and always keeps their head up.
  • Virgo:proper posture with feet either flat on the floor or crossed at the ankles.
  • Libra:generally good posture, but is always crossing and re-crossing their legs.
  • Scorpio:hunched over. you can't see what they're doing from any angle.
  • Sagittarius:leaning waaaay forward and on the edge of their seat. they can accomplish this while sitting in a swivel chair on a tile floor.
  • Capricorn:good posture, but tends to lean forward a bit. may stand up to make a point.
  • Aquarius:never gets up, just hops around in the chair. most likely to use the chair backwards.
  • Pisces:sprawled out. always has their hand on their face.

How a hockey upbringing led Pascal Dupuis to play 5 games with a blood clot in his lung.

"The first time, the pain was gradual. Like a soreness. This time, I felt something physically going through my body. It caught me like a punch in the chest. Instantly, I do the math. Come on. Not again.

I’m hunched over and guys are looking me at me. I lied and said I must have pulled a muscle on a shot. Call me stupid but I didn’t say anything to anyone about it. Not my teammates. Not my trainers. Not my wife. The hockey player in me — he’s saying it’s nothing. He’s thinking, You just battled through eight months of rehab for your knee. Everyone was second-guessing you. You’re 35. This is it.

I finished practice.”

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Can you make a blurb of luke when he gets sick with food poisoning?

so he and the boys would’ve went out to get something to eat and he’d be out really late and you would’ve stayed home just cuz and would’ve already fallen asleep and at like 3 am you’d wake up to the v loud sound of luke hurling in the bathroom so you’d walk in there to find him in his pj’s hunched over the toilet basically puking his guts out so you’d kneel down next to him and start rubbing his back and start whispering things to calm him down and eventually even the dry heaving would stop and you’d help him to the bed and tuck him in and give him some tylenol and place a cool damp rag on his forehead and he would look so pale and sweaty and so so pitiful like he’d be on the verge of tears bc he felt so bad and it would almost break your heart to see him like that and you’d stay up with him through the multiple trips to the bathroom throughout the night and make him some soup or order some if you can’t cook that well and wouldn’t want to poison him further the next morning and he’d keep saying stuff like “why are you so good to me” and “i don’t deserve you” but you’d just smile and kiss his sticky forehead and make him get some rest the end

Cereal Engagement

genre: fluff

pairing: phan


(in Dan’s POV)

I had my plan all set up. I had the perfect box of cereal, the perfect ring, and the perfect person to ask. Luckily Phil was in his room listening to Toxic on full volume, so he couldn’t hear me setting up the scene.

I opened the bag of Shreddies and slipped the engagement ring inside. I put flowers on our mantle just to make it prettier, and went to my room to put on my best suit. The time I walked down the hall was the time Phil came out, obviously going to eat some of my cereal.

I hurried to put on my suit, and came out to see Phil hunched over at the counter. I could hear small squeals coming from him. I brushed my fringe, got down on one knee, and as soon as Phil turned around I almost cried. He looked so cute, being in his pyjamas and having tears streaming down his face from excitement.

"Phil, will you marry me?" I eventually stuttered.

He couldn’t speak. He just hugged me and kissed me and put on the ring, crying.

"Yes, I will Dan."

We went on to have a small pyjama date in our lounge watching anime and cuddling. Of all 23 years of my life, this one particular day was the best.

I feel so empty.

I no longer look for cars before crossing the road, because if I get run over I won’t have to go to class anymore.

I cover my truth with laughter because I am known for my jokes.

I cannot imagine a world where the weight of my heart doesn’t make me hunch over.

I am alone, because I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone, even if it relieved me of it.

Give Me 5 Minutes And I’ll Give You A Way To Lower Stress.

We do not need to fall into the stressful situations of living. You can use breath to rest, instead of being stressed in mind and body. Yoga and Pranayama can assist you to discover that normal state that your mind and body within, relaxation.

Deep breathing is both soothing and enlivening. The force you feel from a couple minutes of mindful breathing isn’t tense or agitated, instead it is tranquil, a steady power and all we need. Deliberate, flowing, and calm, breathing gives a communication to our nervous system, to live in harmony.

Whole books have been written on Pranayama. This is a 5-minute Breath Break. (Read through the instructions many times prior to you performing the practice.)

  1. Sit with the back as straight as you can. Use a chair if necessary but do not hunch into it. Keep the feet flat on the floor with your knees directly over the middle of your feet. Use a cushion or blanket underneath your feet if they don’t lay comfortably on the ground. The hands are on the top of your leg.
  2. Close your eyes gently and allow them rest behind shut lids.
  3. Consider the ribs, at the front, back, and at the side of the body. Our lungs are behind those ribs.
  4. Experience your lungs filling up, your ribs expanding out and up. Sense the lungs emptying, the ribs coming back down and in. Don’t force the breath.
  5. The first few times we do this, perform it for two to three minutes, then try it for up to five to ten minutes. At first, set aside a time at least once a day to do this. When you see how good it makes us feel, you nay want to perform it at other times also.

Just as one tense condition goes into your next challenge, relaxing for a couple minutes each day gradually carries over into the rest of our daily life and events.

『 ᴛᴏ ᴠɪᴇᴡ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ. 』

     It isn’t often that a child arrives at the door of HySy ArtMask Studio. 

     The mask maker is flipping through an art magazine at his desk, studying facial features and industrial designs that appeal to his aesthetics. It’s been a quiet day— a lack of clientele and inspiration has got Uta stuck in a state of boredom that he wishes to quickly free himself from. He hunches over his desk as he finds a particularly interesting work in the sculpture section of his zine; tattooed fingers trace the edges of the metallic structure on display, finding it utterly fascinating how humans can come up with such grotesque ideas and creations of their own.

      It is only after Uta finds some semblance of curiosity to pull him back from the clutches of the mundane, that his front door opens with a loud creak. He turns his head as a little boy comes barreling through, so small that he barely even reaches his waist.

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every morning he comes in hunched over to look at my rats and im inordinately pleased this came out blurry enough to look like a bigfoot photo