Fill Up On Me

Writer: @nancymay (altogetherten on AO3)

Rating: M/E for sex and explicit language

Trigger: new baby

Summary: Every one in the Everlark house needs something.

A/N: A late submission for prompt #18, I only got round to it on Thursday night. Deadlines! Also I am nervous about the smut, it’s very hard to write, but that’s what Katniss hungers for in canon, so I had to go with what she needs.

Katniss sat hunched over on the edge of her bed- it was nearly midday and she hadn’t yet washed or dressed. She was beyond tired. Just trying to move or think felt like wading through sludge. And she was failing in the one thing she had to do today.

The reason for her exhaustion lay in her arms, screaming with as much force as her eight week old lungs could manage. Once again Katniss tried to coax her daughter’s mouth onto her nipple, desperate for relief from the pressure building in her milk-engorged bosom and aching inside at her inability to provide food for her hungry infant. But Willow had reached a place beyond hunger. Scarlet faced and shaking, her furious screams blared at a pitch that made Katniss’ heart bleed. She wanted nothing more than to be able to soothe her baby, to give her everything she needed, to feed her till she reached that state of nirvana where milk oozed out the side of her mouth whilst she suckled, slumbering on Katniss’ breast.

“Please baby,” she begged, putting her little finger into the angry heat of Willow’s mouth. Immediately she clamped down, pulling on Katniss flesh. Her eyelids closed, although the scowl remained on her forehead. An angry tear trickled down her soft cheek as, with trembling aftershocks, her breathing settled at last. It was definitely food she needed but she seemed unable to latch on to eat today. Katniss ran through a list of other possible causes for her distress; no foul nappy smell, nothing rubbing or pricking her in her clothing; she had undressed her down to her diaper as she’d looked so red with screaming. There was no fever. Tired? Yes they were both tired- this had started around midnight.

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Body Types: Words To Describe Bodies and How They Move Around

Here are some words to describe body types and how they move around:)

Adjectives {Descriptive words}

  • agile
  • ample
  • angular
  • anorexic
  • awkward
  • barrel-chested
  • big
  • big-bellied
  • bodily
  • bony
  • brawny
  • brisk
  • broad
  • bulbous
  • bulging
  • busty
  • buxom
  • calloused
  • chubby
  • chunky
  • colossal
  • compact
  • corpulent
  • curvy
  • dainty
  • defined
  • delicate
  • developed
  • dimpled
  • distended
  • drooping
  • dumpy
  • dwarfish
  • elephantine
  • elfin
  • elongated
  • emaciated
  • fast
  • fat
  • firm
  • fit
  • flabby
  • flat-chested
  • fleshy
  • flexible
  • frail
  • full
  • full-grown
  • gangly
  • gargantuan
  • generous
  • giant
  • gigantic
  • goliath
  • graceful
  • growing
  • heavy
  • herculean
  • huge
  • hulking
  • humpbacked
  • hunched
  • hurried
  • husky
  • immense
  • itsy-bitsy
  • jumbo
  • lanky
  • large
  • lean
  • leggy
  • limber
  • limp
  • lithe
  • little
  • loitering
  • long-legged
  • long-limbed
  • lumbering
  • lumpy
  • mammoth
  • massive
  • measly
  • meaty
  • mighty
  • muscular
  • narrow
  • nimble
  • obese
  • overweight
  • paunchy
  • peg-legged
  • petite
  • plodding
  • plump
  • podgy
  • ponderous
  • portly
  • potbellied
  • protruding
  • pudgy
  • puny
  • quick
  • rotund
  • rounded
  • runty
  • sawed-off
  • scrawny
  • sculpted
  • shrimpy
  • shriveled
  • shrunken
  • sinewy
  • sizable
  • skeletal
  • skinny
  • slender
  • slim
  • slinky
  • slouched
  • slow
  • sluggish
  • small
  • small-waisted
  • soft
  • solid
  • spindly
  • spiny
  • spry
  • square
  • squat
  • stacked
  • starved
  • stiff
  • stocky
  • stout
  • strapping
  • streamlined
  • stubby
  • stumpy
  • stunted
  • substantial
  • supple
  • svelte
  • sweating
  • swift
  • swift-moving
  • tall
  • teeny
  • thick
  • thickset
  • thin
  • toned
  • top-heavy
  • towering
  • tremendous
  • trim
  • tubby
  • uncoordinated
  • underfed
  • undersized
  • underweight
  • unhurried
  • voluptuous
  • wee
  • wide
  • willowy
  • wiry
  • withered
  • wobbly

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Hey Alex, just wondering why you think/know that bts is releasing a mv on the 4th/5th? I need time to prepare myself haha Thanks!! and love your blog :) You're so sweet! ♥♥

I think they’re releasing the teaser for their title on the 4th/5th, not the actual music video. And idk, just a hunch c;

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im having a slight slight hunch that his hair color is purple again ;; i mean it looked dark in the previews and the closest color he's had before blonde was purple.... (itd be a dream come true for me if he does have purple hair tho)

AHHH IDK!!!!! bc they obv just flcing spray painted his hair black but there were previews and his hair looked light from where it wasn’t covered properly but ahhhhh idikdimdidkdidk

hello-dorkness-my-old-friend  asked:

Okay but you know in chapter 503 where Dimaria is about to freaking stab Lucy's eyes out? And you just 'hear' a stabbing sound? And she is covered with blood? Right, see, I'm thinking it was Natsu who was stabbed! Hear me out, he is A) hunched over, B) Dimaria has no (noticable) stab wounds and C) Our favourite demon looks quite... bloody. (there are also blood drops near Lucy...) Yes? No?? Or am I mad?!


Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

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Yes hi, um I'm not sure if you're taking prompts but I've had a rough day so could I request some hurt/comfort nurseydex or holsom please? Thank you! If you're not interested it's fine


Dex can feel it when Nursey walks in the room. He jumps down from the top bunk, stands to face him. Nursey’s shoulders are tensed, and he’s hunched over himself.
“Nursey?” Dex reaches out to touch him, but Nursey flinches back.
“Uh, sup bro?” He says thickly, voice hoarse.
“Hey, you wanna sit down?” Dex sits on Nursey’s bunk, patting the space next to him. Nursey occupies that space, and Dex clenches his hands between his legs.
“What’s up man?”
“I, uh, just talked with my dad.”
“Oh. okay.” Dex doesn’t know what to say. “You wanna ask me how it went?”
“I mean, I can sort of tell.” Dex shrugs, doesn’t think he needs to lie.
“Yeah.” Nursey runs a hand through his hair. Dex’s fingers twitch. “Can I- um, can I-” Nursey gestures between them.
“Yeah,” Dex says, too quickly, and Nursey gives him a radiant smile, resting his cheek against Dex’s shoulder.
“Every time we touch I get this feeling-” Nursey begins, off tune, under his breath.
“Shut the fuck up, Nurse.” Dex pretends he doesn’t awkwardly relate to that particular 90s pop song, “you wanna hear a story?”
“When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a mom. People would ask me what I wanted to be, and I said ‘I wanna be just like mommy.’ My parents thought it was cute I guess, but my brother didn’t like it so much.” Dex rubs the back of his neck, leaves his hand behind Nursey. “He told me that I’d never be a mom, that it was dumb and he called me- I got so mad, I dumped all my action figures in the toilet and clogged the fuck out of it. My dad told me that if I was going to break things when I’m angry, I had to learn how to fix them. He made me stay with him, while he fixed it, and then made me work at my uncle’s repair shop before I was in the double digits. I learned how to repair ovens and washing machines and toasters, and when I was fourteen, my uncle graduated me up to cars. He gave me a junker from the yard when I was fifteen, and told me to make it run, so I did. Ever since then, I just… need to fix things. And there are some things that I just can’t.”
“You don’t need to fix everything, Dex.” Nursey’s quiet, smooth voice murmurs against Dex’s t-shirt, sends tingles up his spine. Dex brings his hand tentatively up against Nursey’s side, palm pressed against his hip.
“I wish I could,” Dex whispers, and Nursey moves his head.
“Dude, would it be like, totally weird if we made out right now?”
“Uh, I don’t think that’s really appropriate- but uh also,” Dex ducks in and kisses Nursey. It’s not the first time they’ve kissed, but it feels heavier, emotions thick on Dex’s tongue.
“If you wanna talk about it, you can. But you don’t have to,” Dex mutters against Nursey’s mouth, and Nursey responds by sucking on his neck. Dex clings to him, in more ways than one.
“I think I’ll pass right now.”
“Okay,” Dex says, and pulls Nursey down, engulfing him. The grip on his heart loosens, when he hears Nursey sigh, deep in his chest. It feels like the storm has passed, for now.

he wasn’t supposed to be out and about, walking around or just moving as much as he was now. since the attack and checking in at headquarters, he was supposed to be resting, something that seung wasn’t so sure he really knew how to do– but being stuck in his apartment was was just playing with his mind too much, feeling like he was locked up in there instead of being safe. so he was out today, mind on a more high alert than he was used to and as much as his body was still folding in on itself a little, body hunched with his slower and more careful movements, he was still in a defensive state. though all he had was his dagger, and it wasn’t a lie to say he was actually gripping it now as he made his way through the alley, looking for a more sheltered spot in the neutral territory. seung was resting against the wall when he heard the sound of someone approaching, feeling his body stiffen. if he had to fight, he knew he wouldn’t win for once– but seeing the male step out made him near visibly relax. jin wasn’t a threat, not his at least. @gpjinyoung

i have so many assignments due right now and i’ve already committed to campaigning for stupol. also gotta start looking for jobs and i’m moving out of here in ten days so i gotta get a bunch of stuff ready and moving. arguably got too many social arrangements coming up as well but i need to see people in order to stay sane so i’m not hunched over my computer writing essay after essay and reports day in n day out. anyway it just feels like everything keeps piling and piling up on top of each other and i just want to relax for a bit.

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Imagine Winslow trying to go through a metal detector with those teeth... as if his life isn't rough enough already


POOR WINSLOW OMG…….. gosh that’s so cute and sad.. listen… Winslow and Beef are going on a trip somewhere.. It was Beef’s idea he thought it’d be a good way for Winslow to relax bc he gets so fixated on his projects that he’ll just stay up all night and all day hunched over his keyboard and/or desk tirelessly composing, and he’s constantly dealing w the stress of just trying to work through his trauma, and Beef wants him to get some much deserved rest….

Winslow ends up very reluctantly going with Beef to some romantic place Beef picks out (it’s not that he doesn’t wanna go at all he’s just not sure he’s fully up to it,) but immediately they’re faced with the metal detector at the airport and it’s not a huge obstacle really because I mean… Once Winslow (reluctantly,) shows security his teeth it’s Pretty clear that’s what set the alarm off but it’s a pretty heavy emotional blow to poor Winslow who suddenly remembers that going out in public the way he is is.. not easy… He had to take his voice box off for the metal detector too and even tho it’s just a few seconds and I imagine by now he’s probably pretty decent in sign language those 30 seconds are just so upsetting and stressful because he Cannot lose that and he still feels pretty exposed and helpless without it…

He’s probably pretty insecure and quiet the rest of the time. Beef feels so bad for forcing Winslow to go w him now he never would have wanted to cause him any stress. He tries to promise him he looks amazing and stunning and beautiful and if anyone is staring it’s not because he’s hideous or scary it’s because he’s fascinating and cool and Tall… Luckily the flight itself isn’t so bad tho. Winslow is still feeling pretty crummy when they board so Beef gets him a soda and holds his hand and maybe hums a song and Winslow ends up sleeping on his shoulder uwu

The Chosen One and The Boy Who Waited

Snowbaz AU, Angst/New Beginnings
Snow, Burning, Lost, Nightmares
Summary: Baz and Simon realise they’re no longer teenagers at Watford - and that some things never change. 
Life is absolutely nuts at the moment, but hopefully this chapter makes up for the delay! xo


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how do you think mackelena's first kiss is going to be? also, do we already know in how many episodes elena is in?

Hi Anon!

We only know for sure that Elena is in 3 after that we’re not sure.  My personal hunch right now is we won’t see her for 4 at the very least if not beyond.  She’ll come back as our first mini arc concludes 6/7/8.  That she will need to go into hiding or away in the aftermath of 3.

So in TV first kisses usually go one of the following ways:

  • Post fight
  • Post uber romantic moment/confession
  • Post danger/I almost lost you
  • Post tensions of any sort just boiling over

I’m not saying we will or won’t get a Mackelena kiss in 3.  Its their turn in the “everyone gets attached to something,” theme.  I also need to see the fall out from Mack confronting her about helping Daisy.  They need to rebuild their how fractured trust and feelings of betrayal.   But we tick a lot of the boxes that could lead to one from the looks of the promo.  

  • Fight:  Mack confronting her about stealing the meds and helping Daisy.
  • Danger:  The group attacking wedding she is around have her at gunpoint.
  • Tension:  See above
  • Romantic Moment:  Really really not sure we’re going to have time for this next week so this is lowest on my list.

I just feel with Mack it will be a really sweet romantic moment, with something about being ready to move faster.  If Elena initiates it she just grabs him by his shirt and plants one on him with a “you really move too slow turtle man”.   

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♒️ ((theburnedhuntress))

send ♒ for a starter where my muse is suffering a high fever but hasn’t told anyone.


Sam brushed his hand through his hair and hunched his shoulders, attempting to pull his jacket closer around him. The cut he’d gotten off a Wendigo a few days ago had suddenly turned nasty and developed a raging fever, and he didn’t want to stop their forward momentum on the new case, so he’d stayed silent. 


He’d been certain to hide somewhere out of sight. A bench in a hidden corner few knew about. He couldn’t have anyone see him like this, hunched over, right arm firmly grasped in his left hand, a sheen of sweat coating his forehead. Words could not even describe the unspeakable pain coursing through his entire right side. He couldn’t breath, couldn’t think. 

But it would pass. He would wait, quietly, hidden alone in his corner until it passed. No one could see the formidable James Ironwood in this state.

Sick Bea (SR! Fanfic)

(For those of you who love Nick/Bea, here’s a midquel. Bea catches a cold from spending so much time at her new job. She sees this as a milestone in her life, but Nick has other ideas.)

          How the hell was he going to write a musical? Nick was hunched over his desk in his tiny cottage, occasionally nibbling on his quill pen and hoping that a new idea would strike him out of the blue. He wondered if Shakespeare ever felt like this. For the time being, he was alone. Nigel was out getting inspiration (or so he said), and Bea was at her new bear shit-lugging job, much to Nick’s disapproval. However, working made Bea happy, so he didn’t try to stop her.

          “New idea… new idea…” he muttered, a phrase that was frequently uttered by Nigel. He found an opportunity to take a break when he heard the door creak open slowly.

          “Nigel? Is that you, bro?” Nick asked, tucking the pages away and putting away the quill pen.

          “No. Just me,” a familiar-but-congested voice rasped.

          Nick spun around and saw his wife, who was pale and walking slower than she usually did. She pulled off her manly disguise and carelessly tossed it on a nearby chair.

          “Bea?” Nick raised an eyebrow. “Are you alright? You look awful.”

          She rolled her eyes. “Nice to see you, too, Sweetie.” She walked over to him, and Nick could see that she definitely didn’t look well. There were bags under her eyes and her nose was crusty.

          “I’m alright, Nick. Just a long day at w-work- AACHOO!” The sneeze made her double over, and she held her throat in pain. “Ow…” she squeaked.

          That was all Nick needed. He instantly raced over to their bed and started fluffing the pillows for her. He went to one of the shelves and pulled down their warmest blanket, which was usually reserved for cold winter nights. Nick was an expert at helping the sick, since in his youth he was always responsible for caring for his sickly little brother, Nigel. Helping her feel better wouldn’t be difficult. The hard part came first:

          Nick turned to face his wife, who was rubbing her nose with one hand.

          He stated simply, “Bea. You’re sick. Get in the bed.” He pointed toward the freshly made bed, and Bea scowled at him before breaking into a violent coughing fit.

          “I’m not…sick…”

          “You are.”

          This time, she glared at him. Bea was extraordinarily stubborn, and she hadn’t been sick since before she and Nick were married. However, being sick made her even more stubborn than she already was, and her husband was prepared to deal with her.

          Bea coughed again and growled, “I’m not getting in the bed. Have to work. We need money.”

          “Don’t worry about the money. Nigel and I have a new idea and it’s going to be a hit. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I’m sure of it.”

          “Famous last words.”

          “Bea, get in the bed so I can take care of you, or I swear I’ll pick you up and put you there myself.”

          She tossed her red hair over her shoulder, folded her arms, and attempted to stare him down. She looked so tired that her stare wasn’t intimidating in the slightest. “I’d love to see you try.”

          Two seconds later, Nick was chasing Bea around the cottage, knocking furniture over in the process. Even though she was ill, she was still fast. She wasn’t fast enough, though, and Nick caught up with her and playfully scooped her into his arms.

          “Put me down!” She squirmed and attempted to free herself. “Let go of me, Nick!”

          “As you wish.” Nick smiled and placed her on the bed. Once her exhausted body made contact with the soft, inviting mattress, all of the fight went out of her. She gave a sigh of relief as Nick pulled the winter blanket over her.

          “Better? It’s my turn to be your right-hand man.” He smiled, and for the first time since she had arrived at home, Bea genuinely smiled back.

          She sniffled and said quietly, “It’s just a cold, Nick. I’ll be fi- AACHOO!” She groaned and her head flopped back onto the pillow.

          Nick pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to his wife.

          “Thanks,” She mumbled reluctantly, wiping her nose with it. “You know, this is the first time I’ve been sick in a long time.”

          Filling a pot with hot water for cabbage soup, Nick nodded. “I know. You never get sick.” She also recovered quickly, and there was a good chance that she would feel better within a few days. Nick was actually a bit envious of her. When he got sick, it was dragged out for at least a week. “It must be from your new job.”

          Bea started coughing again, and Nick put a kettle on the stove for tea, which would hopefully be ready in a few minutes. He hated how raspy her voice was. It sounded incredibly painful.

          She smiled a little. If her sore throat hurt, it didn’t show. “This is going to sound crazy, Nick, but I’m happy about it.”

          Nick cut up the cabbage. “Happy? Why would you be happy? It’s my fault that you’re like this.”

          He didn’t give her time to respond. “If I made enough money for all of us, you wouldn’t need to work, so you wouldn’t have needed to go out into the town to find a job, and you wouldn’t have caught a cold.” His cabbage cutting was becoming increasingly angrier. “You’re sick and miserable and it’s all my fault.” He reached his conclusion and dumped the cabbage into the pot, frustrated.

          “Hey, It’s not like I have the Plague.” Bea joked.

          Nick didn’t smile.

          Bea eyeballed her husband for a moment before responding. “Nick, being sick means that I’m spending more time outside the cottage than I have in a long time. I’m actually meeting people and seeing the town, instead of being constantly cooped up in here.”

          Shocked, Nick said, “I…I’m sorry, Bea. I didn’t realize that you weren’t happy.” He sighed, furious with himself for being oblivious to his wife’s feelings. His feud with Shakespeare was starting to have a negative effect on his family life.

          “Before you say it, I’m aware that I sometimes leave the house. I know we take walks and go out for dinner once in awhile, but that isn’t much exposure to city life. It isn’t your fault, though. Society expects women to stay at home all the time, and basically miss out on life. Catching a cold has more significance than you’d think. To me, anyway.”

          Nick poured some tea and delivered the cup to his wife. “You’re the first person I’ve met who’s ever praised being sick.”

          Bea gratefully took the cup and shrugged. “You have to take the bad experiences with the good sometimes.” She took a sip of her tea as Nick pondered this.

          “Anything else you need?” He tenderly stroked her hair.

          She pretended to think about it. “Hmmm…you could take a few pages from that box under the bed and read them to me.” She weakly pointed toward a little box under her side of the bed.

          Nick kissed her forehead, then leaned over and took the box out. He opened it and saw that it was overflowing with folded papers. “What are these?”

          Bea smirked knowingly. “Just read one, Nick. It’ll help.”

          He shrugged and unfolded one. He skimmed it, and his eyes widened as he immediately recognized what the box was filled with. He swallowed nervously, his face turning bright crimson.

          “Alright, if you want me to.” He started reading the love poem that he had written for Bea years ago. His wife smiled, remembering when they had courted, and she knew that she was already starting to feel better.

          A few hours later, Nigel waltzed in the front door (after secretly seeing Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” again). He froze when he saw the condition of the house. There was a pot of soup on the stove, furniture was knocked over, and a Bea-shaped lump was gently snoring under Nick’s winter blanket. She had fallen asleep a few minutes ago.

          “Hey, Nige.” A voice whispered. “Want some cabbage soup?”

          Nigel turned to his brother, who was sitting at the table, eating a bowl of the soup he had prepared for his sick wife. She hadn’t eaten all of it, and he didn’t want it to go to waste.

          “Um… sure. Thanks.” Nigel shrugged, and his brother ladled some soup into a bowl for him. As Nick placed the bowl on the table in front of him, Nigel asked in a hushed voice, “Hey, what’s wrong with Bea? She’s never in bed this early.”

          Nick pulled out his chair and sat across from his younger brother. “She’s sick. She caught a cold at her new job, so I was taking care of her while you were gone.”

          “Oh, no! Poor Bea!” He looked back at the bed, worried. Even though the blankets were covering her, he could see that she was breathing deeply and sleeping soundly. “That explains why she’s snoring. She never snores.”

          “I know.” Nick and ate a spoonful of soup.

          Nigel glanced around. “Why does the house look like a war zone?” he asked, referring to the furniture (including Nick’s desk) that had toppled over earlier. “What happened?”

          “Oh, nothing.” He slurped broth from his bowl.  “Bea just put up a bit of a fight before I could get her into bed. She’s faster than she looks, even when she’s under the weather.”

          Nigel’s mouth fell open. “You had to chase her?”


          “That’s hardy nothing.” He started eating his soup.

          Nick chuckled. “Typical Bea, if you ask me. She doesn’t like to admit when she’s weak, even if she really needs to. She’s a fighter. Which is one of the reasons why I’m in love with her.”

          “Yeah, she is. She never gets sick, either.” Nigel’s smile vanished and a worried expression replaced it. “Will she be alright, Nick?”

          Remembering what Bea had said about experiences, Nick smiled and nodded confidently. “She’ll be better before you know it.”

cw: bodily functions

a few minutes ago this girl ran into the bathroom a few paces ahead of me

i walked in after her, but the poor woman had been frantic, so she had left the stall door open, which means i saw her sitting hunched over and we both apologized and she slammed that door shut

i peed and got out of there as fast as possible because the smell could have stripped paint like i could HEAR her dying and i think most people know that feeling

she was very ill and i feel so sorry for her oh my god

anyway please send kind vibes to this poor human being who is clearly having an absolutely terrible day



(This is not mine)

Recently found out these were by lettherebedoodles follow this blog right now 😍