I literally can’t! XD

Just look at these:

First we have Humpty Dumpty’s freakin’ face in this one:

And then we have Rufus with a freakin’ pillow that has Sheryl’s face on it and says LOVE:

And to complete the Trinity, we have Leo and Jabberwock (freakin’ Jabberwock’s face!) :

I am laughing waaay too much at these three! XD


They all came from the Golden Wondlerand PH site

Creepypasta #537: Trust Me, I’m A Surgeon

My little boy loves to come to work with me; He says he the likes the way I fix people, me being a surgeon and all. Whenever he was in the waiting room, playing with the his cute, little toys or reading his favorite Humpty Dumpty story and sees me with my next patient, he always asks me the same question each time, “Mommy, will you be able to fix him ?” and I always answer, “Yes, Honey. Trust me, I’m a surgeon.”

My little boy loves playing doctor with the other children in the afternoon during his spare time; He says that someday when he grows up, he wants to be a surgeon just like me, just like his mommy. In every game of Doctor, my son’s always the doctor while his friends were always the patients, never vice versa. He says he preferred it that way because he believes that all children have ‘bad booboos’ that needed to be healed quickly, and he being the patient wouldn’t do them any good. What a sweet, little boy.

As usual, when the playdate was over, I went to his room, picked up my little man and wipe the blood off of his face. I removed his shirt and pants, wrung out as much blood as I could, and put a towel around him.

“You did a real number on this one, honey. Are you sure you’ll be able to put him back together again?”

"Trust me, Mommy. I’m a surgeon. Someday, I want to get better and cure everyone of all their booboos.”

I chuckled. “We both know that will happen soon but before we can allow it, we have to find a new place to live. This has been the twelfth time we’ve moved, Honey, you have to slow down.” He gave me a sad look but I continued, “But no matter how many times we move, I will still be proud of my little man.”

“Really Mommy?”

"Really,” I smiled. “Now let’s stitch this one back up and give him back to his family,” I told him.

“Just like what you do with your patients Mommy?”

"Just like mommy.”

Credits to: EDemuelemeester