Things I Still Have to Do
  • read chapter 8 in The Human Bone Manual
  • read chapter 9 in The Human Bone Manual
  • read chapter 10 in The Human Bone Manual
  • practice the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • watch What Darwin Never Knew and answer the questions
  • read What is a Species
  • French reading homework (whatever the hell that is)
  • go over the French subjunctive
  • Do the take home portion of the French homework

my desire to do my homework is null and void. I would much rather just sleep… Man I need to haul my butt over to the library tomorrow after Irrational. 

annearachne asked:

I just did my first reading from The Human Bone Manual, and I have never been more in love with a text book!

RIGHT. ISN’T IT AMAZING. What part was your favorite: all of it or all of it?

I def recommend articles by Armelagos (along with Konner, Tattersall, and etc) you want more info on paleopathology because hot damn — they’re great. I don’t do much osteology, but I felt like it was crime not to buy a book this perfect. It’s all so well organised and explained and is a perfect reference book.