Wanna know why third party voting this year is so dangerous?

If there’s 20 people in your state, and 9 vote for Trump, 8 vote for Hillary and 3 vote independent, Trump wins that state.

Now take that logic, and apply it on a larger scale. If you vote independently, Hillary has to make up TWO votes for every single one casted.

This “Bernie or Bust/Never Hillary” rhetoric will lead to Trump getting elected come November. Any other year, I’d say do it. But this year? We can’t. The stakes are far too high.

We cannot let that man have any more power than firing celebrities from within a fake boardroom.


The skelesis and Frisk the monster

the last pic is based on my lovely friend, @buttercupsandsparrows ‘s drawing! they sent that pic to me and I really love it, THANKS!! ♥ ♥

And the last….


(Buttercupandsparrow’s original art is under the cut!)



Story time!

So here I am, sitting on the L line, heading for the airport. This boy who was sitting across from me, probably about my age, next to an older man of about 40 or so, suddenly gets up and stands in the isle. I think he is gonna get off at the next stop, but he doesn’t, just continues standing in between me and this older dude. I don’t think anything of it until I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I look up at the kid, and pull out an ear bud, and he leans down, and quietly warns me.
“That guy is taking pictures of you.” And I realize the kid is standing in his way so the man can’t snap any photos of me.

To my shock, as the kid exits after giving me a look on his way out, I realize he is right, the old guy is repeatedly taking photos of me.

So I snap some right back.

Then, all of a sudden two authorities enter the train cart, spot the man, and order him to leave. Confused the man gets up and they all exit, and I see outside the kid giving me a thumbs up.

I mouth a thank you, and smile as I see the older man being escorted out of the L line stop.

This. This is how people look out for one another. This is how people can be decent human beings to others. This is an example of how someone can use their advantages to help those who might not be able to.

If that kid hadn’t said anything to me, or to the authorities, then I would have been a target of discrete harassment, and that man would have gotten away with taking creepy photos of a young girl on a train.


“The sun does not struggle to rise and neither should we.” ~ unknown

Series: My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
Cosplay: Original Design Princess Celestia (Human) by @mew21cosplay
Photography by @shortfusepinups

“I would DIE before I vote for Clinton.” –many an internet goer

Okay that’s nice, but have you considered the fact that some of us–the Hispanics, the blacks, the Muslims, the LGBT community, the disabled, women, among others–might actually die if you don’t?