this is also why i am so over ~scandals~ like HuffPo staff saying they consider kink queer, oh noez

i got way more hate and invalidating bullshit as a “straight” woman who preferred not to bottom than I get as a bi-dyke

people EXPECT queer women like me to exist, even if we’re considered old fashioned and should probably just be boys

if you don’t want kinky people in your acronym that’s fine with me, hell it took me a while to be comfortable with ace people being in it

but other kinky people are my brothers and sisters even if they are ~ewy hets~ because i get to decide who my people are even if i don’t get a vote on yours


Kristen Bell calls attention to the many ways employers have cheated women out of income in this new video

After all, a smiling Bell explains, women are only making 77 cents to a man’s dollar. She’s quickly corrected by a Black woman, who only makes 60 cents to the dollar. A Latina woman then reveals she’s only getting 55 cents.

Gifs: The Huffington Post


I posted this on instagram and some people lost their minds, so to clarify, this is about our president working with/for Putin to undermine the US, while at the same time insulting our allies.Trump is a compulsive liar and has done nothing to prove that he is someone who can be trusted (no tax returns, didn’t divest his business, etc) and his actions in the last two weeks undermine our country’s security, both physically and economically.

I have a breadth of criticism for the man, but I would implore any and all to do their own research on sites without bias (avoid Breitbart/Huffpo/etc, read NYT). 

the way in which trudeau shook trump’s hand does not matter one single bit. it’s not badass or “showing dominance” and it certainly doesn’t affect policy. it’s just more optics and PR, like tweeting about how we welcome refugees while doing nothing to actually make that happen.

meanwhile, at the same time trudeau is yanking trump’s hand around to impress buzzfeed and huffpo, refugees are losing fingers to frostbite trying to cross into canada illegaly because it’s the only way they can apply for asylum since the government has done nothing concrete in response to american deportations, and the government is introducing bill c-23 which gives american border agents more power to detain canadians and carry weapons on canadian soil, and which removes the absolute right of entry for canadian permanent residents to get on a flight to canada

demands from a Jew to the ~free press of the USA~

this is probably going to sound hysterical. this is not the most edited post I’ve ever made. but a nazi movement is becoming normalized and I don’t have any more patience.

first of all, I know there’s no use directing what I’m about to say towards the major news corporations with any hopes of getting them to step up re: antifascist principles, because they’re corporations, they’re influenced by $$$ and the state and I know better than to expect my solidarity from them. I would never work for a big news corporation because I know a press cannot be “free” or uphold truth when it is so tied into corporate capitalism and the State. yes, I wish the big networks would comply with the demands I’m about to spell out, but I’m not under the illusion that they will. 

this post IS directed more realistically at any internet journalists (yes I’m looking at all you clickbait liberal journalism writers like huffpo and and buzzfeed, as well as every other smaller based online news source that gets tons of views and traction), grassroots journalists, freelance journalists, independent journalists, writers and speakers who get the opportunity to speak on bigger networks and have their writing submitted to major news platforms, etc. anybody involved in production of news media that cares about human life:

this is a call for you to 1. never normalize nazism, 2. refuse to downplay the danger and urgency of the recent spike in brash nazism, and 3. not give nazis a neutral platform. because the press has power to influence how people perceive events. right now, I’m seeing a lot of calm unaffected liberals in the face of a sweeping wave of fascism. and interviews and articles making it seem run of the mill are not helping. 

that means:

1. I want every news source to start saying the word “Nazi.” 

I am sick of “alt-right”. alt-righters are neo-nazis, white nationalists, white supremacists, and fascists. pls start using any or all of those terms. after all, those groups use those words to describe themselves with pride. and those words do accurately illustrate the danger the groups pose. the “alt-right” is a defanged and calmer way of naming the fact that there is a fascist movement on the rise rapidly in the USA that has had fuel thrown on it by the victory of the president Elect. 

to the extent that this has escalated, it is high time to take away the nicey nice language it’s couched in and call it nazism. that’s not accelerationism, that’s not overexaggeration, that’s the truth. when are you gonna start calling it nazism, if not now, when they’re rallying under the proud nazi banner in fancy D.C venues like the Reagan house? if not now, when they’re mobilizing in the streets and having parades and rallies? if not now, when they’re denying and debating Jews’ basic personhood (literally “are jews people”) on national TV? if not now, then when? when does “never again” start to mean shit to you? 

2. that means I don’t wanna see headlines like “meet the new dapper face of White Nationalism” or whatever the fuck it was. 

I don’t wanna discuss how handsome or polished or businesslike the latest outcrop of neo-nazis is. I don’t wanna see them sensationalized in any positive light, or normalized in cutesy headlines about their looks, as though white supremacist men are a quirky new govt fad in a suit. they are dangerous. a literal white supremacist nazi movement gaining power and mobilizing is a HUMAN SAFETY ISSUE. that means lives are at stake. they are responsible for not only hate speech and physical hate crimes against nonwhite people, jews, muslims, etc, and even the “just hate speech” FUELS that physical violence. 

3. that means don’t use “bias is bad” as an excuse to report half assedly or neglect to cover how serious and dangerous this is. 

some of these people are readily evoking hitler’s name. that’s not a joke, that’s not just some stupid extremists on the fringes, that’s thousands of people willing to evoke a genocidal fascist. 

when is this going to get serious enough for it to break through the barrier of respectability politics and neutrality? if you’re a journalist, do not allow that shit to become the status quo! don’t allow people to read your work in the morning paper with their cup of coffee without feeling some urgency! report on the effects and seriousness of it and don’t let it become the new norm! it doesn’t make you “biased” to report that literal nazis are mobilizing and gaining numbers, and to report that without glorification or sensationalism and with full honesty about the danger and severity. don’t support networks that do normalize it or couch it in calming, rationalizing language.  

4. that means if nazis show up and want to hold a “dialogue” about whether or not JEWS ARE PEOPLE, you don’t give them free reign to broadcast that "neutrally” and unchecked! because it isn’t neutral! and that doesn’t just mean you commenting semi-critically after you roll the clip. hate speech is not free speech. 

and if you think you’re gonna get in trouble for standing up to / denouncing these assholes on the air, if you’re more afraid of getting fired for standing up to them in an interview, or calling their rhetoric dangerous and fascist and declaring that a human safety issue, or treating it like the urgent news it is, then I’m sorry pal, I guess your reporting job is more important than human lives. don’t get me wrong, if you wanna be on that side of history, you go ahead and make that decision, you have free will to prioritize whatever you want in your life. but you will never EVER be able to claim that you did shit to help me or anyone else affected by this. this isn’t a game. don’t take a stance where you sit back and are complicit in making nazi views normal to a populace. 

@latkek​ you’re a leftist jew and you actually work with media and journalism afaik, whereas I just have a couple members of my family who’ve been in any sort of proximity, can you weigh in more coherently on what actions you think journalists should be taking? and weigh in on whether or not the things I’m asking are reasonable? (although honestly idc if they’re reasonable under normal circumstances because these aren’t normal circumstances, this is the time to fight back) 

Listen I know I don’t usually focus on a single person as opposed to an article/media platform, but Noah Michelson is literally THE EDITOR for huffington post lgbt content (ahem, *queer). 

This guy claims that the “queer umbrella” includes any “non-normative” experience of sex (and explicitly includes fetishes), retweets about how Straight Kinksters are “queerer” than homonormative gays, and prioritized the feelings of cishets who sexualize infants over the concerns of lgbt people

So yeah, calling for the person who runs the huffpostqueer twitter to be fired, for the guy who wrote the abdl article to be fired - it’s just not gonna happen. He’s it. He’s the main guy. 


The fight for access to clean water is far from over and the media need to make sure it’s covered every step of the way. 

I just think it’s funny how “are kinks queer” discourse has shifted to something as mainstream as HuffPo like what’s next when are we gonna see weird su discourse about pearl in Slate