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The seven react to their female soulmate giving them a surprise hug.

Sam Chisolm: Sam is tense by nature, and that doesn’t change with a surprise hug, though he eases into it and lets her touch soothe away some of his tension. “My love,” he murmurs, wrapping one arm around her in return, pressing a lingering, warm kiss to her cheek.

Joshua Faraday: "Well hello there,“ Faraday says playfully. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” He kisses her indecently long, and the wink he gives her is saucy. His return hug is tight and lingering, his hands wandering, smile all too amused and proud of himself after that kiss.

Vasquez: Vasquez jumps, but manages to keep his instinct of touch equals danger under wraps. He’s careful to switch the power dynamics of the hug, making sure he’s hugging her instead of her hugging him, because of the surprise. Vasquez can give up control, but not when he’s startled. Not to say he doesn’t appreciate the hug, because he does, and he presses her close to him with a pleased smile, but Vasquez does not do well being startled.

Goodnight Robicheaux: "Is that you, ma chérie?“ Goody asks with a curious grin. He turns in her hug and wraps his arms around her, giving her a quick kiss before pulling her into a proper hug, holding her tight against him.

Billy Rocks: Billy tenses at first, ready to elbow her when she first wraps her arms around him, but he relaxes when he recognizes her grip. He covers her hands with his and leans into her touch, a small smile playing about his lips as he takes comfort in her presence wrapped around him.

Jack Horne: Jack lets out a surprised gasp when she hugs him out of nowhere, but his face lights up and he returns her hug in full force, pouring all his love into the hug as he usually does. He presses a respectful but intimate kiss to her cheek as well, just to make sure she understands how much he loves her.

Red Harvest: Her touch startles Red Harvest, but he’s quick to relax when his brain catches up to it being her, and he leans into her touch. He doesn’t smile, or kiss her, but he wraps his arms around her in return and holds her close to him, burying his face in her hair and basking in their closeness, as he always does whenever he finds himself in her arms, or vice versa.

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So, I have recently started worshiping within the celtic pantheon, and I took an intrest in cernunnos. (or rather maybe its the other way?) I don't see an awful lot online about him, but do you have any thoughts about offerings or ceramonies or just your tips? Thanks :3 ~pagan-experiment-127

Well, hello!

I struggled for a while to find information that was specific to Cernunnos, as well. But then, after the frustration built up, I was given the relief (by who I can only assume was him) that anything under “the Horned God” or “Pan” was acceptable knowledge to possess! Though I did find this post by @theastrarium to be rather helpful too. 

As for offerings, I found through personal experience that Cernunnos seems to like oranges! I also tend to use patchouli oil to represent him in spells, and will also sometimes put a drop of it on whatever I am offering specifically to him. For example, next time I offer an orange, I’ll be putting a drop of oil where the it was plucked from the tree :) I also likes things the represent nature, like leaves or wood, so I actually have a piece of petrified wood on my altar in honour of him. But of course, you can adjust this information to accommodate whatever it is that you feel best represents him yourself!

Here is also a short list of a few sites that I’ve read that can give you a little more detailed information.

I hope this is helpful to you!

Ilvermorny Explanations

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The Boundary Explanation

Wampus- I push the boundary further.

Horned Serpent- I know the boundary is further.

Thunderbird- I explore the boundary and beyond.

Pukwudgie- I help those reach the boundary and hoist them beyond it.

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“I Am” Affirmations

Wampus- I am because I do.

Horned Serpent- I am because I believe/think.

Thunderbird- I am because I experience.

Pukwudgie- I am because I love.


Some highlights from a middle school band camp I worked a few years ago


Remember that Angel-Demon AU?? Well, here’s a little more of it.

I didn’t draw/write it into the image but when Ludger has his holy energy absorbed he basically just turns into a human for a while.

AU where Bakugou isn’t just a human bomb, he’s THE human bomb. He can’t control his explosions from his hands, his body is just one enormous bomb that is either “off” or “three city blocks of destruction”

He’s ostracized from the moment his quirk forms. He’s too dangerous for most people to want to be around, but there’s this one quirkless kid that doesn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he’s the only one that seems to believe in him at all.