I never know what to make of it on the very rare mornings where I awaken with tears on my face and no idea if I’ve been dreaming.

But this day is conspiring in every way to dazzle me: Bubba-sized hugs, Brü iced latte and watching 125 miles of glorious rolling road unfold before me. I am fairly sure that the stretch of the 101 between Atascadero and SLO did its level best to seduce my vagabond heart this morning- earthy golds and greens along the black snaking route beneath a perfect blue morning sky, rounding bends to descend into breathtaking valleys filled with white low lying clouds, the world above nestling into the world below and touching everything with an enveloping enchantment. I love soaring along the asphalt feeling my car shift through gears to respond to my foot on the accelerator, knowing that under the hood, the crankshaft, her metal heart is pumping over 3,000 times a minute in comparison to the thumping mass of flesh in my own chest. Today I have already won.

-26, August 2013