at six in the morning by Rona Keller
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over the horizon through the trees into my home and heart My favourite light in the world at this point in time is these spots on my wall in the early morning. ✨

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Whitestone: Where is home to you?

Markhel thought about it for a moment, he couldn’t call Stormwind home, he does not feel safe there, he is not safe there. Nor Orgrimmar, ever since to what happened during the Siege and Garrosh’s rule.. He sometimes wonder how  Ragnar has the guts to even live there. “… Home is wherever I am, I suppose.”

“That is a stupid question.” Ragnar said as he rose an eyebrow, but still smiling. “Orgrimmar, of course, here is my home.” He continued, crossing his arms as he now.. thought about it more, they might had a bunch of problems such as invasions and inner fighting, but they faced them and so far they’re standing strong against any other problems that  might come over to the horizon.

“Quel’thalas is my home.” Sylwea said, even though.. she doesn’t feel it as much. There was nobody left of her family… Mom, Dad, Quesh, Alaethas and Bitis… They were all dead. And Jendron? He doesn’t even want to look in her face. But regardless, she wishes to protect their legacy, their homeland. “We have faced against many foes, the Scourge, the Burning Legion and the Troll Empire.. I’m proud to be called a Blood Elf.” She admits.

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Any time travel AUs?

I didn’t know there was so much of this?! But here you go! :D

my heart is breathing for this moment in time (log in, long!)

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I hope you’re happy with my rec! :)