14 Days- Bagginshield Fic List

Find below all the fics I wrote over the past 14 days :) Thank you all who supported my works during this period!

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightWhen Bilbo arrives at the Undying Lands, he believes he would never see Thorin again. What he didn’t count on was a meddling wizard and another adventure that would take him to the Halls of the Dead and beyond.

Say Those Three Words to MeBilbo is dragged out to Valentine’s day by his cousin Drogo, but his night takes an unexpectedly pleasant turn when he is approached by a rather attractive stranger.

King Under the Ocean-  Bilbo travels to a remote town to investigate the disappearances of several fishing boats, the crew having washed up unharmed the next morning. He never would have guessed what he found there nor how deeply he would be caught up in this whole mess.

Close CallsNori teaches Bilbo how to throw knives, something which the company are delighted to find he has a talent for. However, Thorin may have a few words on the matter himself.

I’ve Got You-  Bilbo and Thorin go bungee jumping, however Thorin is afraid of heights.

Propriety-  Bilbo discovers, to his embarrassment, that he and Thorin are not allowed to kiss in public. Thankfully, they come up with an alternative solution.

On the Topic of Love-  Fili comes to Thorin asking for advice on the matter of love. And Thorin explains what love is to him, and how he knows he loves Bilbo.

Breakfast-  Bilbo brings Thorin breakfast in bed, but there is something else going on.

Home-  Hobbits find their soul mates by kissing potential matches. Bilbo has yet to find his soul-mate, something which the company are very surprised to find out.

Fiki Week - Day 4

“I know you’ve got a strong heart
It’s written in the stars
Behind the castle walls
You’ve hid your light
But when you let the past go
Your story unfolds
Look out your window
Into the night”


Because I told you I had some feels for this music video <3
Don’t wait by Joey Graceffa.
The pic is inspired and referenced by the image shown before the song ;)