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On the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, we honor the fallen, remember our history, and imagine our future. Witch weekly encourages you to spend the day with your friends and family. It is not only a day of mourning, but also one of celebration of victory over evil. We all had parts to play in the war, be they muddled or clear, but our goal now is to continue to improve our society from here on out.

Black Rock Coalition is an organization formed by Vernon Reid of Living Colour and The History of Our Future is a compilation album consisting of anything from funk to metal to hip-hop. The variation of genre in this album is almost not noticeable, which made it easy to listen to on loop. Without thinking I began tapping my toes to the fun and catchy songs collected here. This little gem was hiding in our vault since 1991 and helped me get through a five-hour drive home. 

Recommended Tracks:

Blackasaurus Mex - “Think Twice”

Royal Pain - “Hope”

Jupiter - “Tough Times”  

The Good Guys - “Make It In My World" 

Does the digital era herald the end of history? - BBC News

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Has the digital transformation of our society put the future of recorded history in jeopardy? Many internet observers fear so. But why, and what do they mean?

Since the 1980s our lives have grown increasingly digital, and with dizzying speed.

Most of our photos, videos, conversations, research and writings are now stored as strings of ones and noughts on local computers or in data centres distributed throughout the world.

Data specialist EMC estimates that in 2013 the world contained about 4.4 zettabytes (4.4 trillion gigabytes) of data. By 2020, it expects this to have risen tenfold.

History, in other words, has gone online.

While this means unprecedented instant access to vast stores of human knowledge and culture, it also means that mountains of digital data of crucial importance to archivists and future historians are potentially under threat from deletion, corruption, theft, obsolescence and natural or man-made disasters.

How so?
Data threats

In the past, we wrote on stone, wax tablets, parchment, calfskin vellum and paper - anything we could get our hands on. And these hard copies lasted pretty well - some cave paintings survived more than 40,000 years, while Egyptian hieroglyphics date from about 3500BC.

But anyone who’s seen their photo or music collections wiped out, knows how easily digital files can be lost.

A digital version of the fire that nearly destroyed the great Library of Alexandria - and many of its culturally significant books and scrolls - in 48BC, may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear explosion, for example, could easily wipe out entire electricity networks and effectively bring civilisation to a crashing halt. Computers, unlike printed books, need power to work.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer warned his investors last year that an EMP was “the most significant threat” to the US and its allies.

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Caged by our own doing, by what we do, by who we are being
Caged by those we feel responsibility towards, by those we care for
Caged by protection, whether of our own selves … or of those for whom we care
Caged by our bodies, our physicality, by our limitless hearts and limited desires
Caged by our minds, our intellect, our knowledge… experienced, embodied, theoretical, and cerebral
Caged by the amorphous, unseen rules that regulate
… Regulate who we are(n’t), what we are(n’t), our histories, our futures, us, them …
Caged by fear … for our essences, the “inner truth”, our souls … for what happens in the unseen then-time
This fear is theirs
This fear is ours
This fear is neither’s
Our tongues cage our thoughts, our pens cage our time…
Cages inside cages, beside cages among cages…

La Glace et le Ciel fera la Clôture de la 68e édition du Festival de Cannes le 24 mai. Luc Jacquet met en scène l’aventure de Claude Lorius, parti en 1957 étudier les glaces de l’Antarctique. Il nous raconte l’histoire d’une vie extraordinaire de science et d’aventure, consacrée à percer au plus profond des glaces de l’Antarctique les secrets bien gardés du climat. «  Je fais du cinéma d’acharnement, du cinéma politique, du cinéma qui n’a pas le choix. » déclare Luc Jacquet, le réalisateur oscarisé de La Marche de l’empereur.

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Ice and the Sky will be the Closing Film the 68th Festival de Cannes on May 24th! Luc Jacquet brings to the screen the story of Claude Lorius, who set out to study the icescapes of Antarctica in 1957. He tells of our planet’s history and of our future - a future inextricably linked with mankind’s impact on our planet. A unique - profoundly human - scientific adventure, this is the story of a lifetime devoted to pursuing the vital secrets of existence hidden at the heart of a frozen world. “I make fierce cinema, political cinema, cinema that has no choice.”  says Luc Jacquet, the director of the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins (La Marche de l’empereur).

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I just wanna send out a massive thank you to all my followers and visitors of this blog, my Twitter and other social media components. You people, I am nothing without you. Thank you thank you thank you, for being there for being there for me through my worst, my best, and even on boring day, for entertaining me, for making me laugh, for being my friend. If it weren’t for all of you, there wouldn’t me a me, so thank you for making this journey of you and me, the most unforgettably beautiful thing that’s ever happened. I love you all so much, and I can’t wait for all the wonderful things that are about to happen to all of us. This tour, era, our past and history, and our future and tomorrow - I can’t wait! I love every single one of you 😘

It is important for us as a younger generation to remember the sacrifices that Australians and New Zealanders had made during wartime so that we may have the two countries we have today. The soldiers, nurses and doctors that dedicated their heart and soul for a better future will forever be remembered in our history. Even though Gallipoli is a military failure, it was the first international event we had truly participated on our own as Australians and not as a British colony.

To this day, the younger generation in particular, we should honour the men and women who, during wartime, sacrificed everything they had so we could live today with the peace that they fought for.

Nerds Assemble 132: Saving the past for our future

This week: film trailers, dancing and more.

Please join Emily, Paul, Paul and Paul as they talk about:

And for our feature this week, he have an in-depth discussion about the future of videogames as cultural artifacts as publishers and their lawyers attempt to stop people, groups and museums from preserving videogames.

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Theme music by Martin Falder.

Black woman birthed me;
her love gave me life.

she carried me to term and,
for Blackness, multiplied.

Black woman raised me to think; nurtured my mind and my soul;
she taught me my people’s psalms—

Black woman made me strong.

she taught me to love my reflection—
i see her in myself.
Black woman, the love you taught has allowed me
to reinvest
in our truest wealth.

Black woman knows me, too,
like a root knows a branch; Black woman keeps me grounded
despite all my shortcomings
as a Black man

and i love her for that but, still, i have to do better.
not just to self-serve but because,
if we don’t protect what we love

nothing lasts forever.

our history and our future
reside in her core and, in turn—to know myself,
i must strive to know her—how she lives; how she loves;

how she survives;

how Black woman internalizes her experience while internalizing mine:
her son, her father,
her brother, her lover…

Black woman gave me all i own;
only asking, in return,
for reciprocation.

Black women don’t need my help,
they might need my support;
mostly i need them,
if we’re to continue on this journey.

what Black women don’t need
is to stand with a silent mic,
left to shoulder
the fight alone

without the men whom they gave life.

Let me take you,
hang tugged by hand,
pushing the dirt up
to the place where
arching spines 
in the grass
lie flatlined,
hushes drawn
out by ruler into silence
carried out across a sky
tinseled with clouds,
strung out for catching.
Let me smile
and dig out one dimple.
Let me fall to my knees
These, here,
these two wrinkles that I
press into this ground,
this is home.
A place someone
loves you most of all.
A place where I’ll
steal away glances
from that vast watercolor
looming overhead
to look into your familiar eyes
and still find wonder there
even after a thousand times.
Let’s braid together
our brains
and dream up
some conjoined history
for our future
to marvel at
“He loved her even when she…”
Yes, he did.

Starting is Scary

Like anything I have ever faced in my life, the start has always been the scariest, the hardest and the most daunting. As we put pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas, lens to face, there are ugly thoughts that will creep into our minds. Will anyone listen? Am I doing something of importance? Will anyone out there actually like me?

These questions halt us at the crossroad of starting or giving up. This isn’t procrastination, this is worse. This is doubt, and it destroys ideas. It destroys people sometimes. Doubt is the answer to the ugly questions, the answers we construct, yet hope they aren’t true. And as I am writing this I am thinking these same questions. Will anyone understand what I am trying to get across? Am I just writing into an abyss? The truth is, giving up is the worst this we can do. The achievements in our history and in our future came and will come from those individuals that did not give up. They stood up to doubt and said “You know what, fuck you. Because even if this post, this picture, this film doesn’t impact or reach the people I want it to, at least I tried!”

I have been told countless times in my life by countless individuals that I am a ‘try-hard’, and in our society this phrase has been interpreted as an insult. And that really hurts me. Starting is scary, but not even trying is easy. Being easy isn’t a compliment. Any achievements come from hard work, so try hard.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I believe in that. Today, I started this blog, and that is scary. I don’t know where its going, but it feels good to finish my first post. Starting my be scary, but finishing is satisfying.

- A Mindful Conversation #1


Scars Of Oppression

We are not mountains, and never will be.

Mountains are stone heights, welcoming

Sky - snow-capped like Hebrew hats.

We will never be that.  Not robed at our feet

With trees, breathing in the light and shadows.  No,

There is no place for that, after the slaves of history

Have been martyred in city and in field.

We will never be the glory among the stars,

All men walking free, as long as we can remember

The whip and chain of insane delight

That make a frightened thing of night and day.

We can not go our way in peace, as long

As we recall the wrongs man has done

To man -.  We are not gods, who would see

The future of our history with power

That, in the coming hour, may be different -

That may be another valley or a river, smoothing out

Our memories.  We have traveled too far

Along the highway of disdain,ever

To come back again.  Our time will go on

A pestilence to whatever lives in heaven; and then,

Time will greet eternity, and blow away

All memory of our forgetful progeny…!

The Old World Becomes The New

Cucarachas and goat-skin drums

The mealy music of Mozart

The whole thing plummeting towards the still Earth

The dancing Earth!  Palpable.

The knives of discotheque music under strobe-lights

Like stars intermingling through dark air -

The forms of delivered corn, vegetables on the table

Now the vast rows of florescent produce.  Automobiles -

Un-equestrianed in the life of independence.

Winged planes coming and going in ancient heaven.  Discussion

Of life and death, now the computers, now

“Dias Del Las Muertas”, now the life in the streets - walking

Through the pyramids of condominiums; native flutes

Which rattle with the arias of Verdi -; the noon-day traffic -.

All this and much, much more; breaking through the door

Of unknown quantities and qualities, to the aching

Welcome of eternal infinite



Here are a selection of actual adidas kit ads from the last couple of years. 

Paying close attention to the copy and styling, it can be easy to replicate these posters but switching attention to United. 

United’s new kit sponsorship with adidas is the biggest in world football so it will be more high end than the likes of Fulham, Nottingham Forest or West Ham, with respect. 

I imagine the real one will have a rich embodiment of United’s history, having already been a sponsor 30 years ago and how the new sponsor of a new look United will be entering a new phase of our future history. 

I enjoy working with United based work and I like coming up with exciting copy and concepts so I am looking forward to creating something special.

“The future will view our history as a crime, so father tell us when is the time to rise?” - Serj Tankian #humble #think #Revolution #mind #Soul #compassion #humanity #activism #rights #health #wakeup #standup #motivation #dontstayquite #speakout #disobey #worldpeace #againstglobalization #wethepeople #againstcorruption #dream #equality #freedom #peace #enlightenment #love #justice #awareness #openmind

History has a habit of dishonesty…
We know our generation is full of greedy, racist, homophobic, anti-change, anti-feminism, rape apologising, hatefull people… but I highly doubt that will be remembered in the future, or in our description in history books…

I talked to @MetroPhilly Tuesday evening about the history, importance, and future of @NorthPhillyPeacePark and why our ecology campus is in danger. The story ran in yesterday’s paper along with coverage from ABC 6, CBS Philly, Al DIA News, Philadelphia Daily News, Philly.Com, and Philadelphia Inquirer. Might be a Philly Weekly write up coming next week #UrbanFarming #UrbanGardens #UrbanGardening #UrbanFarming #SustainableLiving #Sustainability #EarthShip

Episode 22 | The Future of Food, Cocktails and Taxes

It’s Tax Day in America and Brian and Dani sit down to discuss the food industry and how our history may be an indication on how we face the future issues facing us.  Oh, and we share fantastic recipes, quenching cocktails and we discuss #PDR’s!

Check out this episode!


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National Gallery Singapore:  Coming to you soon in Nov 2015, the National Gallery Singapore is a brand new visual arts institution building upon a sound foundation of scholarship and experience. Over time, we hope to strengthen Singapore’s role as a regional and international hub for visual arts. We will do this through the display, promotion, research and study of South­east Asian and Singapore art, while hosting international art exhibitions. Our future home likewise pair rich history with exciting modernity. Right in the heart of the Civic District, two monumental buildings — the City Hall and the former Supreme Court — will be refurbished and reborn as the National Gallery Singapore. At 64,000 square metres, we will not only be the largest visual arts venue in Singapore but also one of the largest in the region when the Gallery officially opens.  The National Gallery will focus on displaying South­east Asian art, including Singapore art, from the 19th century to present day. Through a comprehensive collection, the Gallery will present the development of Singapore and regional cultures, so as to tell the story of their social, economic and political histories. While the body of works at the National Gallery falls largely within the area of modern art, the Gallery strives towards understanding the collection in new and varied ways – taking on a contemporary approach and interpretation of the development of South­east Asian art. The Gallery will look beyond national and regional boundaries of art, and take on a wider ambit of international visual arts culture, research into our Asian heritage and cultural affiliations, and engage with global cultures and discourses.

Rotunda Dome
National Gallery Singapore
St Andrew’s Road