Someone give me seventeen-year-old Yakov Feltsman at the 1964 Olympics wearing bell-bottoms and a peasant shirt with a scarf around his head, hair cut into a moptop and skating to The Twist. He landed the first triple flip in competition and, in an interview, announced that his inspiration was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, his girlfriend of three weeks Lilia Baranovskaya.

Yakov’s coach is banging his head against a wall somewhere just off camera.

Forty years later and Viktor Nikiforov, he of the fae-like looks and waist-length silver hair, wants to wear a bondage costume on the ice and Yakov can’t even tell him not to because when he tries Viktor starts screaming “COME ON BABY LET’S DO THE TWIST” and Yakov is immediately paralyzed with shame.

“I mean, really, you have no room to talk,” Lilia tells him, examining her nails as Viktor announces that he’s engaged to a skater he’s barely known for eight months. Who he’s still actively coaching.

Yuri shows up in his exhibition skate outfit and doesn’t even wait for Yakov to open his mouth before he’s holding up a picture–an actual printed picture where did he find it–in full color of Yakov on the podium at the 1964 Olympics.

“Bell bottoms, old man?” he says, flipping his hair as he skates onto the ice.

(Lilia frames the picture. It hangs in her office underneath a laminated poster reading “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”)

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 to representing how close we are to a global catastrophe. It’s maintained by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board.

The group of scientists, including 16 Nobel Laureates, announced this morning that we have moved dangerously close to all-out disaster. The Clock’s recent advance to two and a half minutes means that scientists and experts agree that we are teetering on the brink of societal collapse or an apocalyptic scale nuclear war, which symbolically occurs at midnight exactly.

In the years since the Clock was created we have only been this close to midnight once, in 1953 when the Hydrogen Bomb was first tested. Further, the minute hand has only changed nineteen times since the Clocks creation.

This is not an announcement to take lightly or brush off – these scientists are all renowned geniuses in their respective fields and they have never been known to change the Time casually or without very strong reasoning.

To those that are sick of politics and don’t see the point in discussing the current state of the world: THIS is the point. THIS is the result of widespread apathy, lack of education, and disinterest in current events.

Once upon a time Rome was a magnificent and powerful empire, but it still crumbled to the ground at the peak of its glory. As an Archaeology student I can tell you that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The final sentence in the Doomsday report this morning gave a warning, “Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way.”


On 25th March 1949, 95 000 Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians were captured and violently transported to Siberia by Soviet authorities. Most of them never returned to their homeland.

Since 2010, twenty thousand candles, one for each of the men, women and children deported by the Soviets from Estonia to Siberia in 1949, have been lighted on Freedom Square in Tallinn, Estonia.

We can never forget, or history will be doomed to repeat itself.

original trilogy: darth vader is not luke’s father

prequel trilogy: padme will not be luke & leia’s mother

sequel trilogy: rey is not luke’s daughter

those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it


Beta Hinata looks like Kiibo


So this is the painsaw model from Doom, but it had something special I find a cool little shout-out to Doom history

See that beaver? It’s a shout-out to the fact the classic Doom chainsaw was modeled/digitized from a real Chainsaw from the MCulloch company called an Eager Beaver

Here’s the one they used right here, which has been signed by Romero and Tom Hall (whom actually borrowed of his Girlfriend at the time). You can even see that little safety sticker on the sprite

View of the same model from other side:

It’s interesting the little things they’ve done to make fans chuckle.

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  • for the sake of fighting
  • permanently occupied with your past
  • rolling with momentum
  • life is lonely and so am i
  • raise boys and girls the same way
  • art will survive, artists won’t
  • will nature make a man off me yet?
  • there will be a note
  • our respect ran so dry
  • life has a hopeful undertone
  • our brains are sick but that’s okay
  • i want to do all the things your lungs do so well
  • i’m dying to live
  • make art, not friends
  • thanks for the tragedy, i needed it for my art
  • i’m literally emo but let’s call it pop punk
  • raised to be stupid but taught to be nothing at all
  • we will find a destination that may only be seen with a naked mind
  • i sing of a greater love, let me know when you’ve had enough
  • life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself
  • i am not afraid to walk this world alone
  • try going to war
  • a microscopic miracle
  • a mortal playing god
  • put on some war paint
  • joy bloody division that’s who
  • if it looks like i’m laughing, i’m really just asking to leave
  • i’m not like them i can’t pretend
  • i’m just the way the doctor made me
  • i can’t stand my own mind
  • a poet is a blind optimist
  • i accept lostness forever
  • when did you look at your skin and decided you were an impotent dirty old locomotive?
  • well, my gun fires seven shades of shit
  • i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness
  • i don’t do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision
  • she tasted like imported sophistication and domestic cigarettes
  • love is a haunting melody that i have never mastered and fear i never will
  • great writers are indecent people, they live unfairly saving the best part for paper
  • well you can hide a lot about yourself, but honey what are you gonna do?
  • i was killing before killing was cool
  • another cog in a murder machine
  • we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school
  • it was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing
  • these bright lights have always blinded me
  • ask no questions and you’ll get no lies
  • you’re always haunted by the idea that you’re wasting your life
  • i exist too much
  • but i come to love you, am i born to bleed?
  • i must admit i can’t explain any of these thoughts racing through my brain
  • who says we have cold hearts?
  • the most heroic word in all languages is revolution
  • born from some mother’s womb (just like any other room)
  • reach the dumb to fool the crowd
  • self induced manipulation
  • tv taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal
  • if all we are is just machines let’s become a miracle and break free from these chains
  • those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it
  • what would you rather be? the poet or the poem?
  • we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge
  • he made me understand why hurricanes are named after people
  • when you look death in the eye and death blinks first nothing seems impossible
  • he pretend he’s okay but you should see him late at night 
  • nothing kills a man faster than his own head

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Top 10 Liszt works?

In other words…A Top 10 Liszt List?

10. Various Hungarian Rhapsodies

The Hungarian Rhapsodies are a lot of fun, though they are more nationalistic showpieces than anything, so they can feel shallow at times. But the music is so lyrical, a great use of folksy melodies [of course they were accidentally assumed to be “gypsy” melodies when really they were popular music by Hungarian composers played by traveling Romani bands], fun toe-tapping rhythms, and have the fluidity of any improvisation. My favorites of the set of 19 are nos. 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17

9. Orpheus

Published as his fourth symphonic poem, Orpheus is a beautiful poetic statement, an impressionist painting of the tragic figure. Also, has such a noble theme, very classy.

8. Piano Concerto no. 2

Modeled after contemporary composer Henri Litolff’s “Concerto-Symphoniques”, the work is a single movement synthesis of piano and orchestra, almost like a symphonic poem without a subject, a set of variations on a simple theme. Great stuff. Was by jam back in high school.

7. Dante Sonata

From his second year of pilgrimage. Also my jam in high school. I came for the high concept “Dante’s Inferno” dark imagery and heavy-metal atmosphere, stayed for the high brow thematic transformation. 

6. Funerailles 

Bleak and grim, but with a touch of hope. The use of harsh harmonies was a shock to my younger self, who was just getting used to the less “pretty” side of classical music. The drama in this work and the background political origins makes me wonder why it wasn’t used in war films. For some reason I can’t help but think of Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front.

5. La Lugubre Gondola

In both existing forms, though “La Lugubre Gondola 2″ is more developed, and the heightened anxiety and harmonic flow remind us that this was essentially a tombeau for Richard Wagner.

4. Vallee d’Obermann

From his first year of pilgrimage. Also has one of the more lovely, underrated melodies in the Romantic piano repertoire. And I still can’t help but be caught up in the Romanticism of it’s subject matter: a forgotten novel about a man living in the countryside alone and finding spiritual fulfillment. Something I would love to have.

3. Fantasy and Fugue on Ad Nos, Ad Salutarem Undam 

A magnificent organ piece, like the Sonata in b minor, the entire work develops out of one theme from a Meyerbeer opera based on the Münster Uprising [which resulted in one of the more gruesome executions in history, if you have four and a half hours, listen to Dan Carlton’s Hardcore History: Prophets of Doom]. The fugue part is so wild, I have it memorized.

2. Ballade no. 2

Few composers wrote ballades that are as great as Chopin’s four that started the genre. But this Liszt ballade does reach that transcendence, a great concentrated movement from darkness to light, redemption through love, a lot of extra-musical ideas caught up in the murky depths that I love.

1. Sonata in b minor

His masterpiece, and I think the greatest 19th century piano sonata after Beethoven. It’s so generously written, the main themes interwoven and reused in meaningful ways, no note is superfluous, and the ending is otherworldly. The first time I listened to the work was at a piano recital by Garrick Ohlsson, and I didn’t want the music to end.



Grunge/Doom/Experimental/Whathaveyou outfit the Melvins have been around for over three decades, burning through a string of talented (but often short-lived) bassist along the way.

After original bassist Matt Lukin left the band in 1987 to play for Mudhoney, Buzz Osborne recruited former Clown Alley bassist Lori Black to take his place. Lori, or “Lorax” as she was nicknamed in the band, had a bit of a colorful history - she was the youngest daughter of classic child star Shirley Temple and had originally studied photography in college before turning her attention to music.

During her seven-year stint as Melvins’ bass player, she played on some of their most notable albums, including Ozma, Bullhead, Eggnog, and Houdini. This subsequently inspiring other women to play in bands themselves, including fellow doom musicians Chiyo nukaga of Noothgrush and Amber Valentine of Jucifer, who have cited Black as an influence. 

Unfortunately, she also had an unstable romantic relationship with Osborne that was largely antagonized by her problems with heroin. Osborne has gone on record saying that Lori was “lazy”, suggesting she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) keep up with a constant demand for recording and touring.

Eventually Lori’s heroin addiction grew worse, leading to missed shows, hospitalizations, and failed rehab attempts. In February 1993, was arrested and charged with heroin possession, subsequently entering rehab again. This attempt was successful, although Osborne made the decision to both fire her from the Melvins and to terminate their relationship. 

Lori gave up on music entirely after being fired from the Melvins and is reportedly working as a photographer in the San Francisco area, and she can occasionally be spotted in the crowd at some local shows. 

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i'm not sure if you've ever been asked this but what are your favorite books? any genre is fine :)

a very, very brief list:

The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Wilde
The Duino Elegies, Rilke
The Journals of Sylvia Plath
The Wasteland & Other Poems, T.S. Eliot
Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
Cat’s Eye, Margaret Atwood
The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
The Secret History, Donna Tartt
Anthem for Doomed Youth, Wilfred Owen
Anything Shakespeare wrote, ever