Someone give me seventeen-year-old Yakov Feltsman at the 1964 Olympics wearing bell-bottoms and a peasant shirt with a scarf around his head, hair cut into a moptop and skating to The Twist. He landed the first triple flip in competition and, in an interview, announced that his inspiration was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, his girlfriend of three weeks Lilia Baranovskaya.

Yakov’s coach is banging his head against a wall somewhere just off camera.

Forty years later and Viktor Nikiforov, he of the fae-like looks and waist-length silver hair, wants to wear a bondage costume on the ice and Yakov can’t even tell him not to because when he tries Viktor starts screaming “COME ON BABY LET’S DO THE TWIST” and Yakov is immediately paralyzed with shame.

“I mean, really, you have no room to talk,” Lilia tells him, examining her nails as Viktor announces that he’s engaged to a skater he’s barely known for eight months. Who he’s still actively coaching.

Yuri shows up in his exhibition skate outfit and doesn’t even wait for Yakov to open his mouth before he’s holding up a picture–an actual printed picture where did he find it–in full color of Yakov on the podium at the 1964 Olympics.

“Bell bottoms, old man?” he says, flipping his hair as he skates onto the ice.

(Lilia frames the picture. It hangs in her office underneath a laminated poster reading “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”)

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 to representing how close we are to a global catastrophe. It’s maintained by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board.

The group of scientists, including 16 Nobel Laureates, announced this morning that we have moved dangerously close to all-out disaster. The Clock’s recent advance to two and a half minutes means that scientists and experts agree that we are teetering on the brink of societal collapse or an apocalyptic scale nuclear war, which symbolically occurs at midnight exactly.

In the years since the Clock was created we have only been this close to midnight once, in 1953 when the Hydrogen Bomb was first tested. Further, the minute hand has only changed nineteen times since the Clocks creation.

This is not an announcement to take lightly or brush off – these scientists are all renowned geniuses in their respective fields and they have never been known to change the Time casually or without very strong reasoning.

To those that are sick of politics and don’t see the point in discussing the current state of the world: THIS is the point. THIS is the result of widespread apathy, lack of education, and disinterest in current events.

Once upon a time Rome was a magnificent and powerful empire, but it still crumbled to the ground at the peak of its glory. As an Archaeology student I can tell you that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The final sentence in the Doomsday report this morning gave a warning, “Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way.”


On 25th March 1949, 95 000 Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians were captured and violently transported to Siberia by Soviet authorities. Most of them never returned to their homeland.

Since 2010, twenty thousand candles, one for each of the men, women and children deported by the Soviets from Estonia to Siberia in 1949, have been lighted on Freedom Square in Tallinn, Estonia.

We can never forget, or history will be doomed to repeat itself.

Beforan Ancestors

Aradia: The Ancestor

She is believed to be the original troll, and is known to have created the seeds of a mighty civilisation in East Beforus. She’s credited as the prophetess, and wrote about beforus and alternia. She left writings predicting the rise and fall of beforus, as well as the creation of Alternia,and even predicted the influence of her bloodline throughout all of Troll History.

Tavros: The Schmooze

A great Actor and in many beloved Troll Movies (generally the flirtatious male in romcoms, his acting in Troll Footloose is who both Cronus and Rufioh based themselves off of), he was known as the most eligible bachelor on Beforus for his entire career. He had one ability that allowed his acting to surpass all others, imagining all his self consciousness as an outside force that couldn’t affect him. This allowed him to be free and act as anyone. This ability to portray anyone perfect earned him countless fans, all wishing to meet his various personas. Although he was able to wine and dine with the greatest of troll culture, he was still incredibly self conscious when with those he was closest to.

Sollux: The Prodiigy

Both a famous game creator and stuntman (no one knows they’re the same person) he lives a dual life, not wanting his interests to get in the way of each other. He was coddled by Terezi’s beforan self for his mutation (which eventually becomes a secret Matespritship). He’s a prodigy both when it comes to his athletic career, pulling off stunts only possible with psychic abilities, and with his game creating, making incredibly deep MMO’s and RPG’s with incredibly simple code. His greatest achievements are creating the original Fiduspawn, and Troll X Games.

Karkat: The Critical

Once coddled by Kanaya’s pre-scratch self, his beliefs about coddling being a good thing were shatteredafter realizing that he hadn’t developed any social skills and hadn’t been treated as an equal,even being treated as an inferior in an unrequited black romance. He ran away, and eventually became an outspoken political opponent to Coddling and believes that those who would coddle are harming the development of lower caste trolls. Often inspires rioting with his anger filled speeches. As a first punishment, his sign was erased from history, being deemed too dangerous an ideal for future mutants. His own version of the Vast Expletive came when being escorted away by the Empress, and proclaimed a far more advanced world, where without coddling and unnecessary caution, an technological empire spanned the galaxy, his hate of coddling remains in Kankri to this day.

Nepeta: The Cupidess

In a world with four different ways to experience romance, the citizens are bound to face confusion on who to flirt with and in what quadrant they should flirt in. This was a problem solved by the innovations of the Cupidess. She was the one who solidified the definitions of the quadrant system, and gave thousands of snippets of relationship advice. Not only that, but she even traveled the world, helping as many trolls as she could to find a quadrant that they could fill. She even once wandered into the camps of the cult of the Mirthful Messiahs, believing that they would be more accepted if they just embraced the quadrant system more. She even entered into a quadrant with The Mirthful… Although not much information is known beyond that. After that encounter, she retreated to her long abandoned hive, and carved all her knowledge about shipping and quadrants into the walls. Supposedly, this is where Meulin Leijon learned the art of shipping.

Kanaya: The Pamperer

Possibly the biggest sponsor of coddling and the caste system, The Pamperer took in more mutants and lowblood than any other troll in history. This of course led her to develop plenty of new ways to coddle and pamper each troll she took in, leading to the way coddling is done today. However, having so many trolls to attend to is not necessarily easy, and often led to many of them not getting the highest standard of care. The Pamperer was known for her habit of neglecting the needs of many of the newer trolls who weren’t used to her coddling techniques. As more and more of her coddled trolls began to leave her and run away, she put more of her emotions into the few trolls that she could manage to keep, including some of the darker emotions. She engaged in several (possibly unrequited) black relationships, with the final being her relationship with The Critical, which ended when he ran away. This broke her, and made her unable to care for any of the other trolls she was supposed to coddle. Her life ended with her still having unresolved issues in both Black Romance and coddling, which still remain in her descendant, Porrim Maryam.

Terezi: The Balancer

Living quite possibly the only other dual life as difficult as The Prodiigy’s, The Balancer keeps both her stunt life with Sollux and her career as a Legislacerator in perfect balance, even being able to go public with both lives without being thrown off her course. The most goal oriented troll on Beforus, she’s somehow able to keep both the scales of justice uncorrupted, fair, and balanced, while also being able to balance a skateboard on a tightrope hundreds of feet above the ground. She showed hundreds that with the right state of mind, even the most incompatible lifestyles can be brought together in harmony, and that no matter your limits (I.e. Wanting to be both a famous daredevil AND a seeker of justice) you can overcome the hurdles and find balance in life. Her descendant, Latula, uses this mindset whenever she’s having trouble with her own disabilities or whenever she’s having a hard time in her relationship with Mituna.

Vriska: The We8keeper

When your world spans hundreds of thousands of generations, history can become hard to keep track of all in books. So, one entrepreneurial highblood came up with a way to help out future generations as well as make her look good. She created the tradition of web keeping, or weaving a spider lusus’s webs into an incredibly durable record of Beforus’s History. However, this was no concise history, as the first troll to do it ALSO had a tendency to ramble on, as well as to… em8ellish her own personal history to say the least. Most early web records of history contain her scathing remarks on how she would’ve done better, as well as containing a bit of bias (a lot of bias) towards her own thoughts on said history. Nevertheless, without a record of history we are doomed to repeat it, and she started the proud tradition that carries on in her bloodline today, leaving a Young Serket immensely interested in recounting historical events to anyone who will listen.

Equius: The E%ploited

While Alternia was far more technologically advanced (due to constant war forcing technological innovation) , Beforus had its own slew of masterful crafts. Most if not all of current day Beforus’ tech was pioneered and invented by the E%ploited, however, you’d never guess that based on the patents placed on each invention he made. This entrepreneur’s story is a tragic one, as all those he employed to help him make Beforus a better place ended up betraying him, and stealing his inventions. Indeed, the E%ploited was too trusting of his associates, and was doomed to die mostly unknown, with one innovation left to his name that no one had stolen from him, this being his writings on robotics. His curse of anonymity was passed to his descendant, as well as said writings, leaving the young Zahhak to finally bring proper recognition to their bloodline.

Gamzee: The Mirthful

Not much is known about this mysterious religious figure, except his nefarious reputation and the cult he left behind. Whether he named himself after it or vice versa, the fact still remains that he founded the once violent cult of the Mirthful Messiahs. He was said to steal children from their lusii, subjecting them to thinkpan rotting materials (such as sopor slime and Faygo) until they saw what he saw; a future full of only miracles. He even once managed to convince the Cupidess to join his cult for a sweep, but she left after a horrifying sopor vision that she’d refuse to ever speak of. He was said to have had prophetic dreams of both madness and clarity, predicting the Vast Honk, and naming himself as both of the Mirthful Messiahs at one point. After his gruesome (cut in half from head to toe) death, the cult calmed down, but they’ve never shaken their sinister reputation, and are said to still be planning the destruction of all universes even now.

Eridan: The Wwashout

Once a beloved Troll actor, even starring in films with The Schmooze in his heyday, he began to fall out of popularity after Troll Harry Potter. He never had a serious roll after that, with critics (especially The Critical) calling his acting uninspired. His fall from grace is comparable to the human actor CHARLIE SHEEN, they even had the same Ultimate Failure, Foodfight. Or in The Wwashout’s case, Troll Foodfight. He was once revered by a young Cronus Ampora (his fall from grace even contributing to his later disbelief in magic) , but after the failure that was Troll Foodfight, not even the young sea dweller could justify his movies, and moved on to revering The Schmooze. The Wwashout’s failure in acting was passed on to Cronus, in the form of failure at romance in any quadrant.

Feferi: The Gracious

Centuries of previous empresses came and left on Beforus without leaving a blip on the metaphorical radar. Sure, they kept troll society from falling apart, but they did nothing revolutionary. Her Grand Graciousness changed all of that. She took the lessons learned from saving endangered sealife as a child, and applied that to saving lowblood trolls as an adult. With her revolutionary coddling system in place, Troll society on Beforus began to be what it is today. Peaceful, kind, giving. While she was opposed by many of the highbloods (who felt as though they were being saddled with unfair responsibilities), she argued that their preferences did not matter, so long as the majority were safe and protected. She always argued that security and safety were more important than any of her citizen’s other needs. While the society still works today, it’s oppossed by many, including her own descendant.

Declare war on your sovereign;
stare down an empire and win.
Write a declaration of liberty and
forget the lies hidden beneath your

Become a nation of dreams;
forget about the blood that has
been spilt, forget the sins that
shift beneath the soil.

Rise up, and pretend you are
not the empire that came before


Beta Hinata looks like Kiibo

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  • for the sake of fighting
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  • rolling with momentum
  • life is lonely and so am i
  • raise boys and girls the same way
  • art will survive, artists won’t
  • will nature make a man off me yet?
  • there will be a note
  • our respect ran so dry
  • life has a hopeful undertone
  • our brains are sick but that’s okay
  • i want to do all the things your lungs do so well
  • i’m dying to live
  • make art, not friends
  • thanks for the tragedy, i needed it for my art
  • i’m literally emo but let’s call it pop punk
  • raised to be stupid but taught to be nothing at all
  • we will find a destination that may only be seen with a naked mind
  • i sing of a greater love, let me know when you’ve had enough
  • life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself
  • i am not afraid to walk this world alone
  • try going to war
  • a microscopic miracle
  • a mortal playing god
  • put on some war paint
  • joy bloody division that’s who
  • if it looks like i’m laughing, i’m really just asking to leave
  • i’m not like them i can’t pretend
  • i’m just the way the doctor made me
  • i can’t stand my own mind
  • a poet is a blind optimist
  • i accept lostness forever
  • when did you look at your skin and decided you were an impotent dirty old locomotive?
  • well, my gun fires seven shades of shit
  • i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness
  • i don’t do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision
  • she tasted like imported sophistication and domestic cigarettes
  • love is a haunting melody that i have never mastered and fear i never will
  • great writers are indecent people, they live unfairly saving the best part for paper
  • well you can hide a lot about yourself, but honey what are you gonna do?
  • i was killing before killing was cool
  • another cog in a murder machine
  • we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school
  • it was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing
  • these bright lights have always blinded me
  • ask no questions and you’ll get no lies
  • you’re always haunted by the idea that you’re wasting your life
  • i exist too much
  • but i come to love you, am i born to bleed?
  • i must admit i can’t explain any of these thoughts racing through my brain
  • who says we have cold hearts?
  • the most heroic word in all languages is revolution
  • born from some mother’s womb (just like any other room)
  • reach the dumb to fool the crowd
  • self induced manipulation
  • tv taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal
  • if all we are is just machines let’s become a miracle and break free from these chains
  • those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it
  • what would you rather be? the poet or the poem?
  • we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge
  • he made me understand why hurricanes are named after people
  • when you look death in the eye and death blinks first nothing seems impossible
  • he pretend he’s okay but you should see him late at night 
  • nothing kills a man faster than his own head

Bernie lost the primary by 4 million votes. Hillary dominated the popular vote.

If Bernie couldn’t even win the primary, he wasn’t going to win the general election.
Socialism never plays well in Middle America. Neither do rape essay’s. Can you imagine the field day Fox News would have had with both of those issues?

Bernie was treated with kid gloves during the primaries.

The GOP was propping him up to hurt Hillary [divide your enemy is politics 101] and Hillary didn’t want to alienate his supporters.

But had Bernie made it to the general, the right-wing machine that went after Hillary for her e-mails/Benghazi and Obama for his birth certificate, would have most certainly destroyed Jewish Socialist Bernie Sanders that wanted to raise taxes on everyone to pay for moochers to go to college. Middle America never would have supported that, either. Americans never support tax increases.

Bernie’s poll numbers would have plummeted once the GOP machine stopped propping him up to hurt Hillary.

But please, keep playing Monday morning quarterback.

Personally, I blame the 10 million 3rd party voters. Trump only won the swing states by 80,000. There was more than enough of those 10 million 3rd party voters in the swing states to make the difference. We warned you. But you became Nader all over again. Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it!!

Bernie lost the popular vote in the primaries because he sucked with minority voters. Had nothing to do with the DNC.

The Clintons left us a surplus and won for a third time by 3 million votes.

Sore loser Bernie-or-Busters screwed us in the swing states. Nader 2.0 ;(