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what is it that's so appealing about long dead white male slave owners?

I am going to pretend this wasn’t a legitimate question because this is the stupidest question I have ever received into my box. I am going to be very blunt here:

Basically what you are saying, is that nobody should study history. “They were all racist so we shouldn’t study history!” it was history. They were racist, and without history how would we learn from the shitty things people have done in the past. Taking words from a wise quote, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”. History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be. All people are living histories. 

I know what you are trying to imply is why should we study a bunch of racists. It is important, it is so important. Some of us actually have an interest in how the founding of America came to be, how the world came to be and how people who have done incredible things can still be terrible people. 

“We shouldn’t study American History because America was founded by a ton of racists.”

That is the most ignorant statement on the entire planet. If you’re not into history- that is fine, whatever. But I find history to be so very fascinating- they were people. They were people. They were people who did actually human things: they laughed, they cried, they did a bunch of shit. 

You cannot learn about slavery without bringing up the people who were in involved with it. I really don’t know how to put my argument into words it is frustrates me so much. You can like a historical figure, it is good to recognize that they were an actual human being because knowing that they were an actual person and knowing of all of the terrible things that they do helps us know that people are not perfect individuals and that people are capable of doing truly tragic things. 

The past causes the present, and so the future.

By learning of our mistakes from the past, we work to fix them- to take care of them, to get rid of our mistakes in the present- from our methods in the present it influences out the creation of humanity. 

Not studying the founding fathers because they were racist is like not studying the Enlightenment thinker Rousseau (THE SOCIAL CONTRACT) because he held a strong dislike for women. 

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holy fucking shit that bi discourse blog is literally just filled with the exact same things we're seeing in ace discourse i feel like i'm having an out of body experience how are aphobes SO DENSE

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to become aphobes.” -George Santayana


Beta Hinata looks like Kiibo

Here is a photo of the Berlin Wall being torn down in 1989 (the year I was born).

Today, Trump signed an executive order for the construction of his wall along the Mexican border. Not only are American taxpayers paying for this wall (after Trump said Mexico would pay for it), but history tells us walls *NEVER* work.

Though the circumstances are different than what occurred in Germany, our country (a nation founded by immigrants) should be in the business of building bridges; NOT walls.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ~George Santayana

I do believe that General Washington had not a firm confidence in the durability of our government. He was naturally distrustful of men, and inclined to gloomy apprehensions; and I was ever persuaded that a belief that we must at length end in something like a British constitution, had some weight in his adoption of the ceremonies of levees, birth-days, pompous meetings with Congress, and other forms of the same character, calculated to prepare us gradually for a change which he believed possible, and to let it come on with as little shock as might be to the public mind.

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Walter Jones, January 2, 1814

History Lesson

100 years ago exactly, we had a president who invaded Mexico 11 times for no apparent reason besides financial gain. He was despised by the general public. He was wildly racist and actually began several segregation movements in the US. Also, the KKK supported him. What’s more, this man led us “reluctantly” (though he hated Germans) into WWI. This man was President Wilson.

And history is now doomed to repeat itself. And 100 years from now, we’ll remember a guy who reluctantly led us into WWIII.

If the new version of Doom were released on 3.5" floppy disks, it would take 44,200 of them. If you stacked them, it would be a stack 145.86m tall. Once the stack had fallen over, they could cover an area of 372.7386 meters squared, which is not very much of a football pitch. It’s likely someone would complain at that point, and even more likely you wouldn’t get through an install without one of them being corrupted.


Truly breathtaking