50 Year Old Posters Discovered in London’s Notting Hill Subway Station. Photos by Mike Ashworth.


The London Underground is an incredible maze of subterranean railways, stations and ticket halls – and that doesn’t account for the myriad abandoned passageways that are strictly off limits to the public, let alone the aging relics that linger on in this dark underworld that has only been touched on by urban explorers.

But a 2010 upgrade to Notting Hill Gate “tube” station revealed a series of vintage posters dating to between 1956 and 1959. The posters, which will be left intact once the modernisation work is completed, include advertising for Pepsodent Toothpaste and the Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, as well as films like Around the World in 80 Days and The Horse’s Mouth, starring Alec Guinness.

The vintage collection was uncovered in an abandoned lift passageway closed to the public after Notting Hill Gate was last upgraded in the late 1950s. The ’50s facelift saw the “two” Notting Hill Gate stations of the District and Circle lines linked by a sub-surface ticket hall beneath the road. Escalators down to the deeper Central Line platforms replaced the ageing elevators, which were sealed off by the time the station reopened on March 1, 1959. source


Reasons to watch Yuri!!! On Ice: #1: THIIISSS!!!! 


Kubou Mitsurou sensei’s word is actually 美少女アニメに負けない!Will not lose to Bishoujo Anime!! The explanation is too long to put in the post (up there), but bishoujo anime is famous for their fan services (panty shots, boobs, etc, etc), so I added in the ‘fan service’ part to make it easier to understand.

Suwabe Junichi’s ‘Barely passed the censorship law’ is the explanation from 地上波ぎりぎり. It’s kind of slang from broadcasting law in Japan, referred to this kind of thing WHICH you SHOULDN’T click T_T (I wonder if I have to put warning on my blog now)

Event name: [TV Asahi. Roppongi Hill Summer Festival. SUMMER STATION]


~Yuri!!! On Ice will be aired on October 5, 2016~

"The name Pakistan means Land of (the) Pure in Urdu and Persian. 
Pakistan is known for tourism because of its diverse cultures,
people and landscapes.
The variety of attractions ranges from the ruins of ancient civilizations
such as Mohenjo-daro, Harappa and Taxila, to the Himalayan hill-stations,
that attract those interested in field and winter sports.
When I personally think of Pakistan it reminds me of
Mughal architecture, the gorgeous ladies, the food, the culture,
the stunning geographical wonders, Pakistani music : Qawwali, Ghazals
and the Great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ji." (x)

The Metropolitan Water Works’ Chestnut Hill High Service Pumping Station 
The Waterworks Museum in Boston, MA

“The Metropolitan Water Works’ Chestnut Hill High Service Pumping Station, built 1886-87 and expanded in 1897-98, was built at the height of what is sometimes called Boston’s Golden Age, a period of great prosperity for Boston and New England, lasting from the Civil War through World War I.

Credits:  Frank C. Grace (Trig Photography)

“Established in 1882, St Denys’ School was the first Anglican Protestant School for the British girls in the Murree Hills. The Diocese of Lahore got a scheme for building a great Girls’ School to accommodate 300 girls on the site of St. Denys’ School, Murree. When completed the original idea was that the girls  present in the Lawrence School at Murree should be transferred to this new school, leaving room in the Boys’ School for a large number of boys already on the waiting list.  The chapel was build to cater for religious needs of students and staff.”

St. Denys’ High School, Chapel.
Murree, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

Gare (4/20) da Jun “D” Phan
Tramite Flickr:
They told me to go to the train station, where the birds fly without fatigues. They told me to take the first train and leave to regain what I lost. —————————— More: Facebook PageInstagramBehance Tumblr ———————————- Jun

رات کے بعد رات آئےگی
دل سے جاتا ہے کب یہ ڈر دیکھو

Raat ke ba’d raat aayegi,
dil se jata hai kab ye
darr dekho.

“Night will be followed by night,
when will this fear leave me,
who knows.” -Salman Akhtar

Murree, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)


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