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“Pure love can only exist through the divine recognition embraced in each other as unique, fractal expressions of the One, Eternal Source hidden behind all things.” ~Anon I mus (No-self)

Fic: Wishful thinking (isn't good science)

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Kabby


Set right after 3x06. Marcus couldn’t stop thinking about that cheek kiss. And then he found himself behind Abby’s door in the middle of the night.

Pike wasn’t very surprised by the outcome. 

Marcus couldn’t sleep. 

This was no surprise for him, his mind was still preoccupied with Jaha, Pike and Bellamy. The constantly shifting weather conditions were also a factor. A heat wave had tormented the camp the last few nights and Marcus hardly remembered what it was like to lie in bed without his shirt sticking to the skin.

But now one more troubling memory had taken residence in his head and prevented him from falling asleep — the memory of Abby’s lips. The feeling of them on Marcus’s skin, to be exact. Marcus could still feel the faint, tingly sensation. He propped himself up from the bed, absent-mindedly brushing his cheek.

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This is an emu egg. One emu egg weighs about two pounds, or the equivalent of roughly 12 chicken eggs. Size, however, isn’t the only trait that sets emu eggs apart. Their stunning, emerald color makes them one of the most striking eggs on the planet. The blue-green hue is for camouflage. Emus lay their eggs in the grass and the color keeps them hidden from other animals. (Source)

History Raid: The Truce with the Vanir.

From H.R. Ellis Davidson’s Gods and Myths of Northern Europe:

“Here then is one myth which Snorri for some reason did not include in his stories about Thor. We know that there were others known to him which were not used in the Prose Edda, since some are introduced into another of his works, Ynglinga saga. This gives the history of Sweden from very early times, and includes an account of the ending of the war between the Æsir and the Vanir. We are told that when the truce had been made, the Vanir sent as hostages two of their foremost men, Njord and Freyr, and in return the Æsir sent Hœnir, who was tall and handsome, and Mimir, who was very wise. But Hœnir was of little use in counsel because he was so silent, and the Vanir felt that they had not had a fair exchange. They cut off Mimir’s head and sent it to the Æsir. Then Odin took the head and sang a spell over it, and was able to talk with it and learn hidden matters.”

Source: H.R. Ellis Davison, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (repr., 1964; London: Penguin Books, 1990), 45.

2nd Image Uncovered:

“After receiving the first image from the organization known as “The Spirit of 1029”, strange things have been happening here at Oddworld Inhabitants. We’ve had our first glimpse of the threat to the Mudokons, and it doesn’t appear that things are any better for them now. Last week, The Spirit of 1029 reached out to us again with another message. It simply said, “Our agent has delivered another transmission. We will verify its origins and pass it on.” They sent us the first image we’d already cleaned up, but this time there were strange scribbles, arrows and codes all over the photograph, along with the Spirit of 1029 logo. 

 The clues eventually led to a website with a grid containing a scrambled image of the 1029 logo. The grid was never solved, but some strange, garbled and disturbing messages were hidden in the source code. Eventually the Spirit of 1029 tweeted us another clue in the form of a cipher – then the community got to work and very quickly found a second website. This second website contained fragments of images and the community began trying to collect all the fragments to make the full picture when something strange happened: the website apparently went dark, and shortly afterwards began to show strange, cryptic messages, which included “Asset 98: Terminated” and “See ya around, 1029!” At the same time, Ed sent a terrified, desperate message for help, and we assumed the worst. Meanwhile, The Spirit of 1029 made contact again. “We can’t reach Asset 98 but we do still have his clear transmissions. Prove you’re worthy. Show us that you’re able. Send us the grid. You found the grid, the letters and the numbers. Tell us how they fit together. Prove you’re no longer slaves to the machines.” Thankfully the next day Ed let us know he was still alive, but his friend, Asset 98, wasn’t so lucky. 

 “…he never came back. I could hear him screaming all night… helpless. they took him… he was my friend. how did they know?” The community are still working together to solve the grid, but they pieced together the image fragments to make a full photo, which we proceeded to clean up. With the loss of Asset 98 and what we found when we cleaned up the image we can no longer ignore the plight of the Mudokons. Something terrible is going on. We know they are dying – we watched as Asset 98 lost his life. We won’t sit and wait anymore. We will find the truth and be their voice. We will not let Asset 98’s death be for nothing.”


Hey All It’s time for “Spacey Subject 101″ and it’s way over due for a play. We all know how much Kevin loves the theatre. I have never been lucky enough to see Kevin in a play but I did see my first NYC play this year which I loved. I now understand what Kevin means when he says the theatre is so much more engaging than tv/film. So in honor of one of Kevin’s true loves this week we look at one of Kevin’s plays. I have chosen  “Moon for the Misbegotten” as the subject this week. They did the play in London I think too but the NYC run was March 29, 2007-June 10, 2007. Eve Best and Kevin reprized their roles in this play in NYC.  Please post a pict/gif of one of Kevin’s plays or if you were lucky to see Kevin in a play please tell us.    

For those of you that don’t know and would like to know, the play is described below by Playbill.  

Moon for the Misbegotten, according to press notes, “tells the shattering story of Josie Hogan (Best), a towering woman with a quick tongue and a ruined reputation who lives in a dilapidated Connecticut farmhouse with her conniving father, Phil (Meaney). During one long moonlit night fueled by drink and lust, Josie’s softer side is exposed through her feelings for Hogan’s landlord Jim Tyrone (Spacey), and two implacable souls reveal to each other the grief, longing and unrequited love they’ve hidden from the world.”

Source: Playbill/Pincus Roth, 3/29/07

Interceptions in the Natal Chart: pt. 2

From NCGR-Türkiye
Wickenburg defines the duplicated signs/intercepted houses in terms of powers:

Intercepted 1st house (same sign on 1st and 2nd house cusps) gives us the power of personality: make your personality an asset, use your personal power to produce value.

Intercepted 2nd house (same sign on 2nd and 3rd house cusps) gives us the power of productivity: acquire new skills, new information, new associations and communicate your values.

Intercepted 3rd house (same sign on 3rd and 4th house cusps) gives us the power of knowledge: use information in emotionally gratifying ways, not just collecting info for the sake of it, but finding what info allows you to make your base secure.

Intercepted 4th house (same sign on 4th and 5th house cusps) gives us emotional power: use your past experiences, your inheritance, and emotional strength, to be creative. Express your emotional power.

Intercepted 5th house (same sign on 5th and 6th house cusps) gives us the power of creativity: use your creativity in a productive enterprise, use your talents in your work. Have fun and express yourself at work.

Intercepted 6th house (same sign on 6th and 7th house cusps)gives us the power of daily management: work in partnership.

Intercepted 7th house (same sign on 7th and 8th house cusps) gives us people power: use your ability to attract relationships in order to find opportunity to regenerate. Learn to do the work involved in actually maintaining the relationship.

Intercepted 8th house (same sign on 8th and 9th house cusps) gives us the power of regeneration: use your experience of the process of death and rebirth to develop a philosophy embracing the meaning of that experience.

Intercepted 9th house (same sign on 9th and 10th house cusps) gives us the power of convictions: act on your convictions, stand for them in the public eye. Build your career on your principles.

Intercepted 10th house (same sign on 10th and 11th house cusps) gives us the power of influence: use your earned social position for a social cause which can benefit from your professional skills.

Intercepted 11th house (same sign on 11th and 12th house cusps) gives us group power: become aware that group work for social change can bring about healing on a larger scale. Move on from involvement to compassion.

Intercepted 12th house (same sign on 12th and 1st house cusps) gives us power of the past? of inner life? of karma?: perhaps some karmic mission was left unfinished. Unconscious energy is projected outwards. Bring it out and show others how to live in accordance to one’s inner life.

The mechanism behind the interception in a chart works like the system of a japanese safe-chest with secret drawers. If you open the drawers in a specific sequence you can access a secret compartment hidden under one of the regular drawers. If you do not follow that sequence, you are not able to access the secret compartment which is where the valuables are usually hidden…. It is the same for the intercepted signs.

If you find the first key, ruler of the house cusp, and then the second key, ruler of the intercepted sign, you are then able to access whatever is contained in the interception: the intercepted planet. This planet also rules other areas of the chart where fulfillment will depend on your unlocking the interception. Again, this is why they commonly assign delays, hard work and frustration to intercepted planets.

Intercepted Sun (and the house of Leo): a particularly challenging situation, because the sun is meant to integrate all other planetary energies with full consciousness. The sense of ego, purpose, importance, needs to be built alone. The power of the will, and the essence of the personality remains elusive until you find the voice inside of you.

Intercepted Moon (and the house of Cancer): this may point to the past, to the relation with mother. It is the protective function which may be hindering growth because of obsolete past emotional reactions. Confronting and addressing intense emotions will be necessary.

Intercepted Mercury (and the houses of Gemini and Virgo): the messenger, the mediator between the different parts is not accessible. You have no access to the necessary information, you are unable to communicate. You need to gather information from hidden, unusual sources, and find the freedom to communicate and learn in your own way.

Intercepted Venus (and the houses of Taurus and Libra): your capacity to value and appreciate, and to form valuable relationships is not available. Venus functions as a magnet, but here it is not able to attract what you want and the types of people you would like to interact with. Your environment does not help you to establish your worth or your personal needs.

Intercepted Mars (and the houses of Aries and Scorpio): the initiator: how to act upon your desire? Again, you have had no help, no training, from your environment. You end up doing too much or too little, until you find your own style.

Intercepted Jupiter (and the houses of Sagittarius and Pisces) the “great benefic” , the “guardian angel” , needs freedom to explore, experience, and discover the meaning behind the experience. Here the environment does not offer access to those experiences .

Intercepted Saturn (and the houses of Capricorn and Aquarius): the great teacher, training you in discipline, responsibility, limits, boundaries, structure, order, self respect. Here you cannot access that inner teacher easily, and have trouble finding your place. You must come up with your own structure, carve out your own place, with little input from your environment.

The last 3 planets operate on an unconscious, impersonal and indiscriminate level. They may be more complex to access, or understand.

Intercepted Uranus (and the house of Aquarius): the rebel, the maverick, who is able to be an independent individual, original and unique, detached but also connected to the rest of humanity. The environment doesn’t offer opportunities for exciting experience, for expressing that rebel in you. Again, you may end up doing too much or too little about it.

Intercepted Neptune (and the house of Pisces): the believer. Here the environment does not offer positive concepts of faith, inspiration, spirituality. Even when you do finally access the source of your inner faith, chances are that, again, the environment is not attuned to it.

Intercepted Pluto (and the house of Scorpio): the phoenix, the creature in us who is able to die and be reborn from its ashes. Your ability to transform and hence contribute to evolution is not supported by an environment which offers no chances for regeneration. It is not able to recognize your ability to make a difference in the big picture.

When we study the progressions and the transits for a chart, we are able to see the timing for the unlocking of intercepted signs and planets.
A slow planet transiting an intercepted sign, making aspect to an intercepted planet, is very noteworthy. A progression which brings an intercepted sign onto a house cusp, or a planet out of an intercepted sign, etc…

According to De Faria, because interception is of Saturnian nature (restrictive), the Saturn cycle is also key to understanding the unfolding of interception. He believes that nothing is likely to occur in terms of unlocking, before the first Saturn return. He also calls the phase after an interception has been unlocked a rebirth. It is an interesting idea because it points out to the fact that nothing will be the same again after you have managed to access the energy trapped in the intercepted signs and planets.