There's been something that's been bugging me since I've watched BTS Bon Voyage and after going back to watch eps 3&4 I finally realised what. Why is it that Taehyung's always the one who gets left behind? Like I know he's the 'wild one' in the group and he doesn't flare up easily but why is it the production crew decided to pull a hidden camera prank only on him? Namjoon and Jimin lost more stuff than Taehyung. I feel like it's really unfair how they gave him no choice but to take public transport, call him only 30 minutes after he got lost and took away his allowance. Like what has he done to deserve this? Poor boy's probably tired, hungry and missing his members. He does not deserve this bullshit.

[CUT] Hit The Stage Hidden Camera - Ghost Prank (Bora, Ten, Hyoyeon, U-Kwon, Hoya, Momo, Shownu, Taemin)

Vid credit : Cwts

A man in South Australia has had a hidden camera capture footage of him LITERALLY TRYING TO SUFFOCATE AN 89 YEAR OLD MAN IN A RETIREMENT HOME, want to know what the charges were???? 6 MONTHS JAIL TIME, 6 months for ‘aggravated assault’…..thats just unacceptable when you can go to jail for 5 years for video piracy. The man’s name is Corey Lyle Lucas, here is the news report please share this, this man deserves much longer than 6 months

*warning some images may be upsetting, watch at own risk*



This is the striking video for Gay Goth Scene, the new single from the Canadians’ upcoming album AGE (out early 2014). The video has already won the Best Short Film by Adults about/for Youth awards at the Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults in Sydney. It’s certainly powerful stuff. CS


Taehyung - Hidden Camera (BTS Bon Voyage)

Gay goth scene#3. Issue launch & Reception. September 12. Printed matter. NY.

The first new issue in over a decade, Gay Goth Scene #3 continues as it started.

As the introduction page reiterates: “The GG Scene has never stopped growing. Raven and Bones and a legion of international demon dick devotees continue to crave Gay Goth imagery like suburbia craves conformity.”

Since the zine’s inception Raven and Bones have continued elsewhere as Joel Gibb, frontman of The Hidden Cameras, and the artist Paul P.

Gay Goth Scene #3, 2014 is printed black and white Xerox, stapled, 24 pgs and measures 8.5 × 5.5 in. It is published in a numbered edition of 100 and retails for $8.00.


just in case you haven’t seen this: the hidden cameras finally released their touching video to “gay goth scene” these days…

(by thehiddencamerasTV)


They are back again 

The Hidden Cameras // Gay Goth Scene

[NEWS] KNK′s Hidden Camera Video Goes Viral

KNK′s hidden camera video has been going viral through online outlets. 

Recently, KNK released a hidden camera video through their SNS channels as part of their self-produced program My KNK Television. Subsequently, the video is gaining attention from fans and spreading through online platforms such as Facebook and Kakao Story.

Member Park Seung Jun′s clip is especially gaining the attention of many fans. The idol, who typically has a cold and charismatic image, shows his playful side through the hidden camera. His video, which spreading through Facebook and Kakao Story, has gained over 1.5 million views and 13,000 likes. 

Meanwhile, KNK has been receiving attention as a talented rookie group through promoting thier new track Back Again.

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