Toffee and The Prophecy

I already said a couple of things about this theory as skleero (replying to a post made by loosescrewslefty) but I want to make an entire post about it.
Please forgive me but this is going to be pretty long, but I hope to spark some discussion here and there (and the hiatus-flu is already killing me so…).

As we all know, Toffee called Marco “a disappointment” during the Season Finale. But why? What was he expecting from dorky human teenager Marco Diaz? He’s just a human, after all.

Toffee looks very cultured about most of the wand’s magic powers and apparently has a history with the Butterfly family. He knows some deep stuff that no one outside of Star’s family seems to know, like the existence of the Whispering Spell and, most importantly, the fact that it was the first spell the Queen supposedly taught to Star.

Now, there’s this theory (one that I really like) that says “Every wand bearer comes with a companion.” (the latter being a term that fellow Whovians know very well). There are no “rules” for being a companion: it may be a friend, a lover, a sibling, or whatever; it’s just this ally-figure that tends to join the wand bearer in his/her adventures. This may be one reason why Toffee was bothered by Marco: he’s the current companion (Star’s), so he was expecting something more from him, but he’s just a smol, sarcastic kid.

However, let’s keep pretending stuff for a moment and consider yet another theory. Cue the so-called “prophecy room” from St. Olga’s.

Ignore the big Moon for now and simply focus on the star and the sun-like symbols (and where Star and Marco are respectively standing). It’s been accepted that these symbols represent -big shock here- Star and Marco. Alternatively, the symbols are what the wand looks like when in Star’s and Marco’s hands (yes: “and”, not “or”); let’s consider this latter scenario as true.

Now, the Moon. Apparently, as confirmed by Daron Nefcy (I believe during this summer), the Queen’s name is Moon, but since it’s Star and Marco we’re talking about here, the Moon in St.Olga’s prophecy chamber may very well be…

…the Blood Moon.
See? The prophecy room is starting to make sense… kinda, to me at least.
“Two entwined souls will make stuff happen”. Not really epic-sounding, but I think you know where this is going. 

Back to Toffee and how he knows LOTS OF THINGS, it’s possible that he knows about this prophecy-thing too. Like, he knows exactly how it works and he’s been waiting for the right moment since… forever. Most importantly, he knows that Star is part of it, which may be also part of the reason of why he has a “history” with the royal family: because he was there when Star was a little child; so, following the “companion” theory, Toffee was the Queen’s (who was the wand bearer back then) companion: certainly not her lover (she was already married to King River), just an old friend, an advisor (for both the King and the Queen). But when the Butterflys found out his schemes, his ambiguous interests in the young princess Star, he was banished or something. There was also a fight and the Queen blasted off his finger with a powerful spell (that’s why he can’t brow it back). 

This also explains why Toffee seems to be kinda “gentle” to Star, while confronting her in the climax: he’s known her since she was a little child, so he kinda feels attached to her, like a distant uncle of some sort, despite everything.

Let’s recap for a moment: every wand bearer comes with a companion; there’s a prophecy going on, according to the chamber in St.Olga’s; Toffee is aware of this prophecy and is actively trying to make it happen.

The fact that Toffee was introduced in Fortune Cookies, the episode that aired alongside (and right after) Blood Moon Ball, is no coincidence: the backstabbing reptile basically thought “It’s time…and showed up just as Star and Marco’s souls were entwined, thus confirming his years of studies on the prophecy and his suspects on Star herself: she, as the wand-bearer, and her human companion, are the “entwined souls” foretold by the ancient prophecy.

However, as we said earlier, the prophecy’s symbols do not represent Star and Marco, but their wands. Yes: “their”. So here (patiently) comes the first phase of Toffee’s plan. We need two functioning wands to fulfill this prophecy.

And that’s exactly what he (almost) got in the Season Finale.
One wand is obviously for Star.
The other will be for…

And the prophecy finally makes sense.

“Two entwined souls blessed by the Blood Moon are destined to battle each other…”

“…and their powers combined shall bring the apocalypse/darkness/whatever.”

Or… something like that.

This finally brings us back to Toffee’s “You’re a disappointment!” line to Marco. As we said, if we consider as legit the “companion” theory, this may be one of the reasons: the safe kid doesn’t look like a brave companion to a fierce, magical wand bearer like Star.

But since Toffee knows that Marco is not just “Star’s companion”, but a huge part of this prophecy, a “pawn” just as important as the magical princess, he’s expecting a lot from him. Just compare how differently he talks to Star and Marco: he’s very kind and gentle to the princess, even somewhat admiring her powers and skills. With Marco, however, he’s always serious, unimpressed, disappointed. Because he was probably expecting him to be a mighty, great warrior of some sort (just like her), a “worthy” pawn of this ancient prophecy. Instead, all the reptile got was sarcastic teenager with a big mouth.

“Really? That’s the companion soul foretold by the prophecy? How unfortunate…”

So… that was my theory.
Sorry for the long post.


Let’s just talk about this video for a moment, because it’s a masterpiece.


This fandom is so talented and I want to thanks all the people who make incredible videos like this one, draw amazing fanarts, who write the fanfics, the reviews and the crazy theories from the spoilers.


Special thanks, bless your heart girl, to amellybettrickards for this wonderful video. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve already watched it.

  • What Simmons says: we should discuss that thing
  • What Simmons means: I'm so sorry that I panicked when you told me that you loved me but things were so complicated and altough I always loved you as a friend, seeing Bobbi almost dying in Hunter's arms has made me realize that I don't have forever to tell you that I too am in love with you Leo Fitz so can you please kiss me already.

do you guys realize what the hiatus is doing to us already? every blurry bts pic makes us go nuts and dive into the wildest speculations and obscure headcanons, all whilst reblogging the 174th gifsets of the kiss and airplane scene. and it’s only August! I am honestly afraid for our sanity in the coming months…. we’re going down, I tell ya :P

Thoughts about tomorrow night's The Flash and what we already know

1. Barry and Iris are going to kiss. OMFG!?!?!
2. Most likely, this will be erased via time travel.
3. The Weather Wizard looks bad ass.
4. As did that lightning strike coming down on Joe and Barry.
5. More information about the Reverse Flash situation.

Bonus: Westallen. Westallen. WESTALLEN.

Additional bonus: Wish the American promos were as good as the Canadian promos. Like, seriously.

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So was AIDA building herself a brain or was she rewiring the one she already has? And do you think she's overriding Radcliffe's design of making it so she can't kill anyone??

Hi Anon!

My exact reaction to that tag scene.

Originally posted by mylifeandfilms

If they tell us just what she was up too in 8 it won’t be until the closing moments when we think everything is all good and happy.  Or they could just leave us with another pile of cliffhangers to fret about along with that one over the Christmas hiatus.  

For me the options for what she was doing there…

  • She was building herself a new brain.  Essentially we were watching a Singularity in action.  This new brain will allow her to over run many of her built in safely protocols including the no killing one.  
  • She was building a brain to make a friend/child for herself.   

AIDA was referred too as AIDA 2.0.  So no matter what we are dealing with a new version of AIDA, I expect almost a whole new character from her in the episodes to come as we see exactly what the Darkhold did to her.  But Radcliffe, Fitz, and Simmons are now in more danger than ever and won’t even know it. 

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Mini hiatus just ended and you're already killing me!! But I love it so much can you just imagine mitch gets sidelined with an injury (for like a week only please) and he's sitting all alone in his apartment watching the leafs play on the road while he wears a hoodie he stole from auston. when the team gets back that night auston finds him passed out on his couch looking soft (roomies or mitch just missed him so much he went over to his place WHO KNOWS)

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so i was wondering if you had any head canons/theories (esp. about quakerider) for 4.07?? this hiatus is killing me right now haha

ahh I know right??? we are less then 2 weeks out from a new episode but it’s felt so long!!

hmmm headcanon wise….well one of them was already confirmed which is nice!

  • I had a feeling that robbie, coulson, and fitz would all find one another and be invisible. Thanks to the promo pics, we kinda get that confirmed!! For them, I think they are gonna have a tough time working together at first cause Robbie is gonna have a hard time accepting that his uncle is the one behind all of this and Coulson will have to break it to him and I also think they may see Eli doing something?? Like killing those swat guys that game with them. 
  • I think May and Mack are gonna go down in the tunnels and only find those bodies, but I have a feeling that May could…feel something you know? Like she doesn’t know what it is, but it’s a presence (which is the guys), tho they will probably think they are dead so that’ll be :((
  • Gabe is gonna be in the episode and May and Mack are gonna have to tell Daisy what happens, so I could see us getting a reaction from Gabe, him being upset, maybe he’ll be upset with Daisy?? Not too sure on that one, but I could see it. Gabe may be in a whirlwind if Eli shows up being evil looking for the Darkhold!
  • I feel like Jemma is gonna be working on whatever project Mace sent her on, but once she finds out about Fitz, she is gonna be like MOVE, I NEED TO GO AND SAVE THE DAY. the girl is FIERCE. But I’m curious as to what this “mission” is and what it could entail for the rest of the season. 
  • So from the promo pics, we see that Daisy is in the charger and I am guessing she may drive it which is SO!! YES!!! But! I would be interested…if Robbie could figure out someway to communicate with her while in whatever dimension he is in. Either because of the Rider or because of Daisy’s powers, she and Mack seem to appear in the same type of place Robbie is in in those promo pics…
  • I’m curious…how being in whatever zone the guys are in will effect Robbie. Because in the synopsis, it says that “ghost rider is running out of time” or something like that. So what does that mean? Is that robbie? or is that the rider? and why would he be running out of time? SO MANY QUESTIONS, and in a few of the pics, Robbie kinda looks annoyed looking at…something

This is the continuation of Stolen Moments’ Thanksgiving story, the first chapter of which I posted yesterday … Yes, it’s back from hiatus baby!!! (And I’m so excited - probably more than you guys are - these two are killing me)

What went so desperately wrong between Rollins & Carisi on Thanksgiving? We’ve already heard Sonny’s take on how it all began and now the story continues from Amanda’s point of view.

Her Thanksgiving Remembrances on AO3

Her Thanksgiving Remembrance on

FYI - This chapter marks Dodds’ first appearance in this story - and it won’t be his last. He starts out all awkward, poor guy. Just wanted to let you Dodds’ fans know in case you want to check it out! @ladyzootie @minidodds

Another big thank you to @svu-stories for the beta on this and more chapters to come. :-)