I 100% sure will not be able to draw every day, but, yeah, let’s try!
I think there’s an official prompt list… somewhere? But I’m using this list here, named “Super People” by @dropthedrawing

Today’s Prompt is “The Old Hero”. Initially, I wanted to do Old Man Cap from Earth X, but I’m just SO EXCITED about Mark Waid, @chrissamnee and Matthew Wilson bringing back the “old” Cap, I opted for a quick sketch of Steve in his old-new uniform. /shameless promotion

Media: Ball Point pen + Photoshop for the white

Also, I need to work on my style, I kinda hate it right now I wish it were more minimal and clean. 

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When do you think Kaneki started catching feelings for Touka?

Well, we know that by the Kureo Mado arc he had already started to care about her:

And that by the Aogiri arc she tied in with Hide as his most important person:

And judging by Haise’s great big crush on her, Kaneki already held romantic feelings for her by the start of :re. After all, the emotions which are obvious in Haise are the ones suppressed in Kaneki.

These are the three milestones, which neatly encapsulate the original series, through which we can plot the development of Kaneki’s feelings for Touka.

Kaneki always had a slight interest in Touka even before the whole spiral of events that brought them together. At that time, he just thought she was cute, but when she force-fed him human meat, he became more curious about her. Although he found her scary, he could not help but feel kind of grateful to her for easing his hunger pains. This was his first introduction to the consideration and kindness that underlies Touka’s hostile demeanour - in his grimmest and loneliest time yet, she and Yoshimura were the only ones who helped him.

The time she saved him from eating Hide also contributed to his interest in and gratitude towards her, but the real turning point was when Uta told him about a different side to her than the one she portrays. 

After hearing more about her struggle to connect with humans as Uta implied, Kaneki gained a respect for her. After the death of Ryouko, he related to Touka’s feelings of grief and powerlessness, and, while he didn’t agree with her methods, he still respected that she was the only one doing anything to stop the Doves. By that point, Kaneki found himself liking this scary girl, and had enough faith in her to ask her for training. Their training was intense, but the two evidently bonded over the course for it, and as we’ve seen recently Kaneki was very grateful for what she taught him.

From then on, their teamwork under an extremely high pressure situation led to a real camaraderie forming between them. Touka also did something for Kaneki that practically nobody save for Hide has ever done. Kaneki has a strong belief in his own uselessness and is frequently grateful for the aid of others, but it is a very rare occasion that someone would ever express gratitude towards him (and he enjoys the sensation so much that it initiates the hero complex that will determine his actions in the latter half of the manga).

By the end of the arc, Kaneki cares for Touka a great deal, offering her his shoulder to lean on and carrying through with it despite her protests - no longer phased by her scariness now that he has seen so much more of the real Touka.

He finds more similarities between Touka and herself when he finds out about Yoriko, and he is touched to find she is willing to risk her life for him - another thing that is extremely rare for Kaneki is for anyone to display care for his well-being.

It’s clear how difficult he finds it to register. Kaneki internally expresses worry for her well-being afterwards when she’s torn up about her inability to kill Kimi, and by this point, Touka has joined Hide in the highest echelons of Kaneki’s heart. Close, reciprocal relationships like those are so rare for Kaneki that they’re all the more precious for it. We see just how much he’s come to treasure her in the Aogiri Arc, when Ayato pays the price for it. Kaneki is fiercely, fiercely protective of her, all the more so after seeing the lengths she’s gone to for him, and as we all knew but Ch 122 confirmed, it’s his reason for leaving her behind. 

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where Kaneki’s feelings take a turn for the romantic, precisely because, in classic Kaneki emotional suppression mode, I doubt he’s aware of it himself. But I would definitely suggest that by the beginning of the Aogiri arc that flower has sprouted, and we see it throughout the second half of the manga in her prominent appearance in his thoughts - not to mention him going out of the way of his great quest to get her a birthday present.

The largest panel of all for Touka in Kaneki’s dying thoughts. When he finally saw her again, alive and well and waiting for him all this time in :re, even without any memories, he couldn’t help but cry.

Latest DC Toys Bring Out the (Super) Girl Power (Exclusive)

There’s no doubt that male superheroes like Batman and Superman have long dominated DC’s cinematic universe, but with Wonder Woman heading to theaters this year and DC’s hugely popular multimedia initiative Super Hero Girls taking off over the past year, the ladies are catching up. While this year’s New York Toy Fair, taking place this weekend at Manhattan’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, will feature plenty of Bat-toys, there will also be loads of Wonder Women, Harley Quinns, and Supergirls on display. Click through to see Yahoo Movies’s exclusive sneak peek of the latest DC offerings from toy-maker Jakks Pacific.

DC Toddler Dolls

Get Batgirl, Supergirl, or Wonder Woman in adorable doll form. Available in fall 2017; $19.99 each. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Wonder Woman Action Pose Doll

Each figure in the Action Pose line of DC Super Hero Girls stands 18-inches tall and has 12 points of articulation. Available exclusively at Toys “R” Us this fall; $34.99 each. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Supergirl Action Pose Doll

(Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

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Batgirl Action Pose Doll

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Bumblebee Action Pose Doll

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Wonder Woman Action Purse

The handle detaches into a bow that shoots the included arrows. Available this fall; $14.99. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

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Wonder Woman Costume

The Everyday Dress-Up Assortment includes character-appropriate accessories for each of the DC Super Hero Girls. Available this fall for ages 4-6; $19.99 each. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Harley Quinn Costume

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Supergirl Costume

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Batgirl Costume

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Poison Ivy Costume

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Bumblee Costume

Source: Yahoo Movies

Harley Quinn Cape

In addition to the costumes, there will also be a series of capes for your crusading. Available in fall for ages 4-6; $9.99 each. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

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Katana Cape

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Supergirl Cape

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Poison Ivy Cape

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Bumblebee Cape

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Face Appliques

Includes 6 sheets of tattoos, masks and dauber. Available this fall; $9.99. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

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Super Action Tattoos

Comes with 6 metallic tattoo sheets and a dauber. Available this fall; $9.99. (Courtesy of Jakks Pacific)

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What are your top 3 reasons to watch trollhunters?

1. The plot. Don’t let the first couple of episodes fool you; its complex and interesting in the same vein as Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, and the whole show is heavily driven by the plot, like a drawn out movie. I find it nicely paced as well. I was never bored and always wanted to keep watching to see what happens next. 

2. The relationships between the characters. They’re just so genuine and well-developed and great. I especially love Jim’s friendship with Toby as well as the complicated dynamic Jim, the hero, has with Strickler, a villain. Also the makeshift family that forms between Blinky, Arrrgh, Toby, Jim, Draal, and (later) Claire.

3. The villains are multi-dimensional and morality in the show itself is not black and white. You have villains being tempted to do good. Heroes being tempted to do bad. Villains who aren’t wicked by nature. Villains who join the heroes. A hero you discover initially began as a villain in the past. Heroes who have prejudiced and flawed ideals. It’s wonderful. Contrary to most family-friendly stories too, one of the rules of Trollhunting is finishing the fight as opposed to believing killing a villain makes you as bad as the villain, something I really appreciate.

Those are my top 3, but there’s so much more, my dude.


On this day in music history: July 2, 1971 - “Get It On” by T.Rex is released. Written by Marc Bolan, it is the ninth UK and fourth US single release for the glam rock band from London, UK fronted by musician Marc Bolan. One of the pivotal figures and icons of the glam rock movement of the 70’s, like his friend and some time rival David Bowie, Marc Bolan finds himself going through numerous musical transformations before achieving stardom. Born Mark Feld in Stoke Newington in the North East London borough of Hackney in 1947, Marc becomes infatuated by the first wave of rock & roll while still a school boy. By the 60’s, he is making moves toward making his dreams of becoming a rock star come true. However, there are numerous set backs and stumbling blocks along the way, making folk rock recordings inspired by his musical hero Bob Dylan, none of which make the charts. Changing his name to Marc Bolan, he forms the band Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1967, at first creating a hybrid of psychedelic folk rock, before evolving into their trademark glam rock sound. In 1970, after shortening their name to T.Rex, Bolan finally makes his major breakthrough with the single “Ride A White Swan” which hits #1 on the UK singles chart in January of 1971. While writing songs for T.Rex’s second album, Bolan takes inspiration from another one of his early rock & roll heroes, Chuck Berry. The initial idea for what becomes “Get It On”, comes when Bolan initially intends to record of cover of Berry’s song “Little Queenie”. Eventually, he changes his mind and writes a new song with that same feel, finishing off “Get It On” quickly. Paying further tribute to Berry, Bolan quotes the lyric “meanwhile, I’m still thinking” (from “Little Queenie”) at the end of “Get It On”. The track is recorded at Wally Heider Studios in Hollywood, CA and Trident Studios in London with producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie), and features T.Rex members Steve Currie (bass) and Bill Legend (drums) and Mickey Finn (congas). Also on the song are Blue Weaver (Bee Gees) (piano), King Crimson saxophonist Ian McDonald and former Turtles members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (aka “Flo & Eddie”) on backing vocals. The single is an immediate smash in the UK and rockets to the top on July 24, 1971, spending four weeks at the top. In the US, the record does not have such a fast trajectory. Re-titled “Bang A Gong (Get It On)”, it languishes for five long months before finally charting. Entering the Hot 100 at #87 on January 1, 1972, it peaks at #10 on March 4, 1972. Along with its accompanying album “Electric Warrior”, “Get It On” turns Marc Bolan into a glam rock icon, and becomes one of the definitive songs of the movement. The song has a long life after its run on the charts. In 1985, The Power Station cover “Get It On”, with their version peaking at #9 on the Hot 100 in August of 1985, one position higher than T.Rex’s original.

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So midoriya becomes hero killer stains apprentice???

I nearly forgot about that whoops:

  • When Izuku is seven, he is involved in an accident that destroys an entire city block
  • Inko blocked most of the damage from Izuku, but remained stuck under some rubble
  • In a pit where the ground opened up, a family of rich people were trapped in a car balanced on a precipice 
  • Izuku and his mom had a high chance of survival but Izuku ended up overhearing some of the heroes saying “but the sponsors are in that car, and without them we won’t get our bonus”
  • the “sponsors” were the first ones that the hero went after, only for a secondary explosion to go off
  • The car, the hero, and Midoriya Inko all fall to their deaths
  • Izuku only managed to survive because he clung on to the edge hard enough that the other hero there just barely caught him afterwards
  • Izuku’s heart dies with his mother
  • Hisashi Midoriya comes from abroad long enough to fill out paperwork, put Izuku in a new, smaller, apartment, and go back to work abroad 
  • For a year, Izuku is paid a weekly allowance for food, toys, new things, whatever he could want or need
  • He doesn’t spend it on anything that he doesn’t need
  • He doesn’t want anything that he can have
  • All that he wanted is already gone
  • Even Bakugou doesn’t know what to do anymore, just fight Izuku to try and get a rise out of him, anything to make him get that blankness out of his eyes again (it doesn’t work)
  • Izuku is walking around the city by himself since there’s no one that can tell him no, and finds a man on a soapbox calling for the end of current heroics and to go back to the original ideals of heroes like All Might
  • Izuku is enraptured
  • No one listens to the screaming man, but Izuku listens to him the entire time because there’s finally an adult like him
  • When the man is finally going to leave, Izuku goes up to him
  • The man, Akaguro Chizome, didn’t think his first disciple wouldn’t even come up to his shoulder 
  • Izuku and Akaguro make a deal that Izuku will be his apprentice, his safe house, and his cover while Akaguro does vigilante activities 
  • They live that way for years, bonded in the ideals that heroes aren’t real anymore, they become more cynical as they age
  • Stain comes to Izuku’s home one night covered in blood
  • He’s committed murder
  • Izuku is almost scared away
  • But they make a pact: change the world in its ideals, but take out the trash when it can’t be recycled 
  • Akaguro adds killing strikes to Izuku’s training
  • When it comes time for Izuku to enter high school, he doesn’t even apply
  • Together, Izuku and Akaguro devote their combined time to changing society in ways they see fit
  • Heroes that they don’t consider real heroes are always on their list, but they always make sure that real scum like rapists and abusers and thugs are always on the end of their blades
  • During this time, the Villain Alliance offers their support, but instead of right out ignoring and rejecting them, Izuku convinces Akaguro to agree to their terms under the condition that they have words with the boss first
  • Sensei immediately takes a liking to Izuku but to Akaguro he will hardly speak to, as Akaguro has a hard time listening to anyone honestly 
  • Shigaraki thinks of Izuku as the thinker that will get the Villain Alliance to where it needs to be, but his impatience nearly gets them destroyed
  • Izuku kicks his ass into listening to him
  • Shigaraki has grudging respect for him from then on
  • Despite Akaguro still being Izuku’s master, Izuku is the one that spends the most time with the Villain Alliance for years afterwards working with dealers and other villains to build their forces while Akaguro keeps the Hero Killer Stain’s name alive
  • When encountered with Tenya and Todoroki, Stain doesn’t kill them or even cripple them, because he knows that kids that young have the power to change in a week let alone the years they have in them
  • (if he sees hardened green eyes in them, then that’s his secret)
  • When Izuku is 22, he, Stain, and the Villan Alliance make their move
  • (It rocks the world to it’s core)

thanks for coming to my Ted Talk


  • Midoriya is the one that came up with the plan to take down the initial hero system, but has a secret plan he created with Akaguro to take down the Villain Alliance when their ideals no longer match up
  • (He calls this secret plan the Inko Initiative)

Lammasu rush to aid a party of adventurers (Dungeons & Dragons cartoon episode ”In Search of the Dungeon Master”, 1983)  The cartoon heroes initially thought these were evil monsters attacking.  A 5e party might make the same mistake, since neither lammasu nor shedu have appeared officially in 5e rules yet as lawful good allies.

This post started out as a response to @linkspooky​‘s meta about Mutsuki and it grew completely out of control so now it’s it’s own post. But please read that meta first [x]

First of all, I agree that Mutsuki’s sheer brutality, in parallel’s to Juuzou’s, is a way to further show the kind of institution the CCG is, though I’m not sure I used the exact same logic. Here’s how I see it:

In TG we are shown the CCG as supposedly hesitant to let Juuzou be an investigator, and we see a CCG that is doing it’s best to curb his violent impulses. The specific nature of Juuzou’s recruitment makes it seem like the CCG was hesitant to use his violence because of his lack of morals, and Shinohara was trying to give him a second chance. 

So we are set up to think that the CCG does care about the morals of its investigators, to an extent. 

Of course, even in TG, we see the CCG exploit Suzuya’s ability and test his potential. We see that they are willing to use it during the Aogiri raid.

But because of that recruitment scene, and because of Shinohara’s specific personality, we are set up to think this isn’t the sort of thing the CCG seeks out. Even if we know that the CCG takes advantaged of traumatized kids and their anger, in TG it isn’t so explicitly made clear exactly the lengths they will go. 

Mutsuki’s narrative shows us that. TG:Re started hammering that in even before we knew Mutsuki’s backstory. The Quinx were all kids from broken homes who all agreed to such a surgery for reasons any moral organization wouldn’t except. Saiko didn’t even sign her own consent papers. 

But Mutsuki’s actual backstory makes it even more clear. The CCG doesn’t actually care about morality or the moral character of its investigators. They just need people capable of committing the violence the CCG perpetrates. They don’t care why that violence is committed, as long as it is. 

Showing the extremes of Mutsuki’s instability and violence is a way of hammering home just how little the CCG actually cares about this stuff. 

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Quick Tricks for Starting Season 6

1. Duo-queue with a tank or healing main. Tank mains were hard to find in season 5 and will probably still be hard to find in season 6. Note: Triple or quadru-queue(?) lead to you being placed against higher ranked players. 

2. Practice before starting competitive. Go to practice range, set up Ana bots, or just play deathmatch. Hone your aiming and tracking to the point that you feel completely comfortable with your character. (this includes Mercy, Winston, and Symmetra)

3. Choose your character pool. (don’t just flex) Find characters that you are comfortable playing and work on mastering their kits. Find how to’s or watch streams of a higher ranked player. Want to start playing a new character? Do it!

4. Take breaks. Feeling a bit angry after a match? Take a break. Don’t throw your matches and listen to your body. 

5. Join team chat. And be nice in team chat. Start banter during hero select and initial setup. Have everyone put their spray on the door.

6. IF comfortable, make yourself the shot caller. Devise a general plan for your team(take high ground/push left or right). Call targets for your team to focus on (get that Mercy darnit), and callout if a team member needs help (low health).

7. Be nice to your healers. This sounds like a joke, but healer can make or break a team. No one wants Mercy to throw. 

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hi! sorry if this is a weird question, but do you have any hcs/ideas about a villain! katsudeku au? i'm planning to write a fanfic about them~

oh, that’s not a weird question at all :D but wait you’re writing a fic about villain!katsudeku au?? not just villain!deku?! OMG YES GOD BLESS U

im only new to the fandom so im not sure if i’d get the hcs right ^^“ anyway, here it is:

- they’ve always been together, literally since birth bcz moms are bffs

- kacchan & deku wanted to be a hero initially but shit happened

- deku’s the first to be the villain/join the league of villains so we get the whole ‘im here to pick u up kacchan’ later on

- kacchan at some point threw the whole hero thing behind & joined deku, cue going back to toucy-feely b(f)fs

- unruly boys of the league of villains but shigaraki tomura forgives them bcz he’s a softie for deku

- katsuki always challenging shigaraki tomura bcz maybe he’s kinda jealous of deku-tomura’s relationship

- deku still buying all might merch just to annoy tomura (‘here i bought u an all-might burger shigaraki-san!!’)

- always going to villain missions together (‘if i dont go w/ deku, i wont fucking hesitate to explode this place’)

- there’s this 1 mission that izuku was wounded badly & katsuki loses it that he has to be knocked out by dabi

- katsuki getting captured by heroes & detained on prison, deku picks him up of course literally w/ a bang, & katsuki has never felt so turned on

- running gag of ‘deku picking up kacchan’

- katsuki’s obsession w/ explosions on mission meanwhile deku has this thing for ‘burn the place down' 


- rough sex anywhere, maybe b/w missions too when they’re w/ himiko bcz she permits them

- ‘Kacchan, on a scale of one to ten, how much of a degree burn do you want on our enemies?’

oh and i’d go for mad hatter by melanie martinez as their theme song

Fordtato Gravity Falls Theory: Mindscapes, Thresholds, Dreamscapes and Memories

Hey guys, remember when this was a Gravity Falls theory channel? 

I’ve been seeing a bit of discourse on this, so I figured I’d see if I could find a solution where it all makes sense.

This theory is not going to be as in-depth as it should be, but I’ll at least outline my thoughts.

There are four different mental states which we see Bill invade and interact with Gravity Falls.


There are mindscapes, the black and white embodiment of one’s conscience and mind.

We’ve seen Stan’s Mindscape, and we know the following about what a Mindscape is:

  • It is a physical landscape representing thoughts and concepts which have a huge influence on our lives and personalities
  • It is seen in black and white
  • It contains our memories (more on that later), which, in Stan’s case, are behind wooden doors
  • While in the Mindscape, anything you imagine will come to fruition (which is how our heroes fought Bill initially)


Similar to a Mindscape, but not quite, would be what I call the “threshold.” We have seen Bill interact with this state of mind on a few different occasions.



And here:

In the threshold, Bill can interact with one’s mind without entering their Mindscape. Here are some details we know about this state of mind:

  • Bill has control over his surroundings but it seems others do not. Unlike in the Mindscape, where anyone in it can think up whatever they want, only Bill has power here. We see him interact with the deer teeth, but we never anyone else perform in any supernatural feats — not even Dipper, who, in Sock Opera, already knew that he had power in the Mindscape.
  • Bill cannot enter Ford’s Mindscape due to the metal plate in his head. So this is, theoretically, as far as he would have been able to go.
  • This seems to be a way for Bill to speak to people in the physical realm when he wants to propose deals.

Remember, Bill cannot speak to those in the physical realm without a physical form. Even in Dreamscapers, when possessing Stan, the most physical he appears outside of the Mindscape or Threshold is a shadow on the wall:

So what about the times we see him in a colorful world?


The Dreamscape is exactly what it sounds like: Bill interacting with the dreams of the Pines family. We only see him in a colorful three times before the finale, when he’s brought to the physical world.

The most memorable case is here:

In this case, we know for a fact that Ford’s dreams were often fucked with by Bill. Bill saw him return, possibly through any number of birch tree eyeholes, and was able to invade his dreams for the first time in many years. But what of the other cases?

Right between Dipper getting sleepy and entering the Threshold, Bill appears, with a fantastical shade of blue around him with a blinding spotlight. This is something, that, like Ford’s dream, does not exist in the physical world and is likely symbolic in the same way, which i won’t go into here.

We know that Bill could not interact with the physical world to this extent without a physical form, meaning this had to have been a Dreamscape that he was able to engage with the second Dipper fell asleep on the room.

He then switches to the Threshold, choosing to enter a realm where Dipper cannot imagine and materialize anything to fight him.

Finally, we see the Dreamscape for the last time here:

This is a colorful realm in which Bill interacts with a younger Ford while he’s asleep. We see Ford sleeping by that tree before entering the Dreamscape. 

We also know it is in Ford’s dreams because Ford highlights it in the journal, saying that his “muse” had been giving him glimpses of truth in his dreams for the last year.

So this is what we know about Dreamscapes:

  • Dreamscapes are essentially dreams, complete with color and strange sights
  • Based on the way Ford can change around the books in his Dreamscape (and based on the way he changes his tea’s flavor in the Dreamscape in the Last Mabelcorn storyboards) those in the Dreamscape also have power to interact with their surroundings
  • Bill does not need permission of any kind to enter the Dreamscape

But what about the finale? And what about deals to enter one’s mind?


The idea of making a deal to enter Stan’s Mindscape has been a point of issue for the fandom. If a deal is needed to enter a Mindscape, why were Dipper, Mabel and Soos able to follow Stan in, no problem?

So this is what I think: Permission isn’t needed to enter the Mindscape, it’s needed to access the MEMORIES.

Bill needed a deal of some kind to be able to interact with (in this case stealing the combination within) Stan’s memories. While Stan’s mind was open, Dipper and Mabel and Soos were able to follow with that spell (remember, the spell is designed specifically to FOLLOW Bill into the Mindscape, not to enter it independently, which implies it needs to be accessible first).

Memories, it seems, are an extra layer of difficulty for Bill to interact with. Like possession, he needs a deal of some kind before he get that power. But with a deal, he can rummage through them.

And while the Mindscape is in black and white, the memories:

are in color.

This idea comes up again during Weirdmaggedon.

In the finale, Bill wants to go into Ford’s mind, to look at his memories and find the equation needed to break through to the rest of the world. Bill can get to the threshold, but can go no further.

Bill can’t enter Ford’s Mindscape and memories for two reasons: For one thing, Ford has a metal plate in his head, preventing Bill from just entering his mind and possessing him. It seems to be equally powerful in preventing Bill from invading his memories.

For another, Ford needs to shake Bill’s hand to let him in (though we realize later on, that even if Ford WERE to shake his hand and let Bill in, the metal plate would have prevented him from entering, meaning ford took all that torture knowing that Bill would never get the answer, knowing he couldn’t give Bill the equation if he wanted to, possibly to buy time for the rest of the family to come up with a plan. What a champ.)

But then Stan shakes Bill’s hand.

First he enters the threshold:

And then he enters the Mindscape:

How do we know it’s a Mindscape? The door is black and white.

So what about the color within?

Well, that’s a memory.

Stan cleared his mind of everything but this one door, of a useless memory of him sitting on the couch. It’s a memory that Stan is able to manipulate, creating a paddleball the same way he materialized a pitt soda in Dreamscapers when he talked to Dipper in that other memory.

So there you have it.

This theory might have some plot holes, but it’s the best I could do. Let me know what you think!

“Who’s your hero?”

This was initially a lot better but after having to down the size + resolution and change it to jpeg the quality suffered terribly and I’m sorry for that. It wouldn’t have saved otherwise

I was also going to have a little Easter egg thing with the actual names of the creators instead of ‘Studio A’ etc, but I ran out of time. Anyways it’s some serious stuff this Game Art.

@cheapcookiez I swear I bother you way too much I’m sorry ^=^