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twitter(.)com/wishuponzarry/status/781168487028756481 lol how true is this

Yes, both pathetic and transparent:

You can add this shit to the pile, too:

For an example of the logic fail that some people experience, look at the comment by the arrow. They can tell that it was photoshopped, but somehow that still leads them to believe Zigi is real. LMAO! Wow. Okay then. Good luck living life this way. Unbelievable.
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Wandering away from Wander for a moment, please check out the recent project Lauren has been helping out with, THEM’S FIGHTIN’ HERDS. A Four hoofed fighting game that she has designed characters and created the world for.

How vaccines work for a community

Ever wondered why people talk about immunisation as being important for a community, as well as for an individual? The effect in question is called herd immunity, and it means that when a group is mostly immunised, those who can’t get vaccinated are much better protected from harm since the disease isn’t as easily passed on.

Thanks to Dr Nathan Boostra for reminding us of this great graphic on Twitter!  


Arizona vs Velvet - Gameplay Teaser

Mane6’s Them’s Fightin’ Herds - Crowdfund starts September 21.

Disclaimer: This is an early development build. Everything shown here. inlcuding, but not limited to music, character design, character colors, background design and colors, and gameplay and mechanics, is subject to change and might not reflect the final product.

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It upsets me when I see an Anti-Brony Association.Whether you be Pegasister or Brony,you are still in the herd,Just because we like a T.V show doesn’t mean we are sepereated from humanity does it not?Of course not,so Brony and Pegasis on.