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hey ive heard of kulning, an ancient swedish herding call, and i think its super cool i was hoping maybe you could tell me more about it? (how ppl learn it would be rad but thats not /exactly/ history) and would it be appropriative for someone not of swedish decent to learn it? could characters use it to communicate in a big city(think new york) in a sort of post apocalyptic scenario wheres theres less noise since yknow,, apocalypse and stuff

Since it doesn’t belong to a minority/marginalised group I say it’s not appropriation for anyone non-Swedish to learn it.Unlike the joik, which is a Sami tradition that I would advice not to use for characters that aren’t Sami. Kulning has nothing to do with any certain people or religion; it’s simply a way to call the cattle home - it’s a herding call. It sounds hauntingly beautiful and can reach across large distances.

However, it’s not a language. It’s sounds, rather than words and while it supposedly has been used to communicate between people, it’s not what it has been primarily been used for. It contains no words and has no fixed melody; it’s a random sequence of notes. 

To sing kulning your characters would need to keep their pitch at 800-1300 Hz and avoid vibrato. Each tone lasts between 3-4 seconds. Usually one learns the technique by mimicking kulning. So your characters would need a source of some kind - preferably one of their characters would already know the technique and teach the others. Something to keep in mind is how loud this sound is; it can go up to 125 dB, which is above the level the human hearing can tolerate (120 dB). Another thing to keep in mind is that the technique was developed for people who went through oestrogen based puberty and would be a lot more difficult to learn for people who went through testosterone based puberty.[1] 

Kulning also uses a high subglottic pressure. When humans talk we expel air from the lungs through the glottis which creates pressure on the lyrnax. The pressure makes the vocal folds oscillate, once it’s high enough. Normal speaking pressure is measured as 2–3 cm H2O. In contrast, kulning reaches   40 cm H2O.

So, could your character use it? Morally, yes. If it’s a few years into the post apocalypse then it’s not impossible that they have based a communication system on kulning. Though, not every single character would be able to do it. It’d be more likely that you would have a few characters tasked with communicating to other groups this way, as kulning is not something anyone can easily learn. It’s such a high pitch sound, after all, and it needs to carry.

Hope that helped, good luck with your writing!

Signed, Captain.


Meet Ruby a large species of raptor, perhaps a Utahraptor or Deinonychus or Achillobatar.  Raptors are bandits that hunt in packs, raiding on small herbivore herds and scavenging from the larger carnivore  hunts. Its quite a tough life being a scavenging raptor in the world of chubbysuaurs since the fat dino’s rarely leave leftovers to spare.  There’s strength in numbers when you run in a pack but dividing up the spoils of the raid between to many members can leave you with puny portions.  

There are quit a few raptor gangs in the badlands that prey on the travelling herds and roaming merchants. In raptor gang society most of the underling raptors are rather skinny as the toughest raptor and their mate get the  biggest cut of the stolen booty.  A raptor ganglord “the alpha” can wind up with a sizable harem, after defeating a rival raptor gang they take over everything that belonged to that gang and add it into their own including their alpha females as new mates.  Keeping all those lady dino’s in the harem plump and happy is no easy task and more often then not in lean time the packs smallest members will wind up on the packs menu.

The larger raptor species like Ruby tend to run in smaller packs of three and live in the forests and jungles amongst the much larger dinosaurs.  Ruby has done quit well for herself and though she is sporting quite the pudge most of its stored in her powerful thighs and rump giving her powerful legs the energy she needs to make a quick get away after she steals something. Though she has almost been caught by Titania a few times, ruby has sofar still been able to get away save for her tail but don’t worry it will grow back.

Ruby has a perky and energetic personality though she can often be cocky and is overconfident in her speed which often leads her into dangerous situations.  Though Ruby mostly scavenges and steals eggs she has a nasty habit of stealing anything glittery or shiny and has quite a collection of various shiny knickknacks at her nest.
She was a difficult character to design, I think raptors have suffered the most from the whole being related to birds discovery thing. I was thinking of giving her feathery hair and adding feathers to her tail and such but I swear %90 of the refs that weren’t from Jurassic park look like fuckin finches, sparrows or turkeys. I was pretty turned off by it so I went with a classic design instead thou I might play around with feathers again if and when I get around to drawing more raptor chubbysaurs, perhaps only the males will have feathers.  Turkey raptors look like nightmare freddy kruegersaurs XD

She’s holding an egg above her head not a stone, its the same color as an emu egg.

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Is communication with giants possible or are they strictly animals? Also what do your little troodons call themselves (race wise that is)?

Giants are animals. Communicating with one would be roughly like trying to communicate with a bear (a gigantic bear that sounds like a female emu).

The troodons call themselves the Singing People, or just people.


Yuzuru Hanyu x 2016-2017 Season x (Possible) Tumblr Tags

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Elephants crossing a river, Tamil Nadu, India

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

One in a Hundred

Friend: I just don’t get why some schools can require kids get certain vaccines.
Me: There are many reasons. One of the reasons is herd immunity. To protect kids who can’t get vaccines. Like ones with leukemia.
Friend: But that’s only several kids out of a hundred.
Me: Think of peanut allergies. Maybe it’s just one kid in the class, but we still don’t bring peanuts to class for that reason.
Friend: You know, that’s never really made sense to me either. Why does everyone else have to give up peanuts for one kid?
Me: Is it that big of a sacrifice to not have peanuts during the school day?
Friend: I guess not. But my point is that if something only affects one out of a hundred people, why do we make a change?
Me: Fair thought. Let’s think of it this way. Let’s say you’re walking down a street with one hundred people, okay?
Friend: Okay.
Me: And you see one suddenly topple over, and he’s unable to breath. No pulse.
Friend: Okay.
Me: Do you try to resuscitate him?
Friend: Yeah!
Me: Why? He’s just one in hundred.
Friend: But that- I don’t see how…
Friend: I think I get it.