here’s the thing: i wrote you a song.
it wasn’t very long and i never really sang it in key
but you were looking at me
and i wanted to belong
or be someone, or something other than a locked door.

here’s the thing: we never really started singing
before the strings got all detuned and my ears started ringing
it was more an idea, or maybe an ideal
than something that ever could’ve been real
but that was okay with me
so i cut the strings free with a chainsaw.

here’s the thing: i do my best thinking
alone and the next thing i knew we were sinking
into distant places of who am i kidding
c'mon now, we were screwed from the beginning
do you think van gogh sent his girlfriend his ear
because she told him that he never listened?
i think that’s probably what happened
i think that’s probably what happened there
i’m pretty sure that’s what happened
i think the message was pretty clear

here’s the thing: we said we’d say if it got weird.

—  the Mountain Goats, “Prius Up On Blocks" 


“AIA is about this girl names Anna (who narrates the story) and her one-eyed mom, who is a professional gardener obsessed with tulips…” (Green 48)

Tulips are mentioned in a couple other sections of the book, and in this particular circumstance of Anna’s mother (and by extension in Hazel’s mind, her own mother) being obsessed with tulips. The vlogbrothers video above discusses how the most beautiful and prized tulip above all others was also carried the disease which made it beautiful. This parallels the idea in TFIOS of beauty in disease that began with Thoreau’s quote on consumption and the hectic glow. Anna’s mother being obsessed with tulips appears to be not just a horticultural disposition, but a mother’s own obsession with her beautiful and sick child.

anonymous asked:

Is The Hectic Glow a real band?

Seems like you must be referring to this post!  I am afraid that no, The Hectic Glow - awesome as they are - are not a real band.  What they are instead is a fictional band loved by one of the main characters in John Green’s latest novel The Fault In Our Stars, which you should definitely read if you are a person.

Here’s the great thing about The Hectic Glow though - they have ticket stubs to their concerts.  They have wristbands.  They have t-shirts and a Facebook fan page.  All made by their fans.  They are the ultimate indie supergroup - so unknown and underground and perfect that no-one has even heard any of their music, and could never be allowed to either.  I know this might seem weird and dumb, but just think about it for a second.  The Hectic Glow will never ruin their career with an overtly commercial second album.   The Hectic Glow will never storm off stage at one of their concerts because a roadie put the mic lead in a place where they tripped on it.  The Hectic Glow will never betray the trust of their fans by appearing in a video supporting the most appalling Presidential candidate of the election.

The Hectic Glow will never let you down.

Perhaps tomorrow you will scribble ‘The Hectic Glow’ in box letters in your exercise book.  And perhaps someone will ask you what it means.  You will say something like: “I liked their old stuff better than their new stuff, which is weird, because I LOVE their new stuff”.  And you’ll leave them Googling away, maybe even eventually finding this post.

You think a band has to actually be real to be fun to follow?  You’ll be delighted to find how wrong you are.  Congratulations, you just became a fan of The Glow.  Maybe even their biggest fan.  Enjoy.

Oh, and if you buy their first album, make sure you have space around you to dance before you hit Track 5.  Trust me, you’ll need it.

Person: What kind of bands do you like?

Nerdfighter: Oh you know, The Hectic Glow.

Person: I haven’t heard of them, but that’s a pretty awesome band name.

Nerdfighter: They’re a really cool rock band. They rarely play concerts and release singles so it’s as if they almost didn’t exist.

Person: Hmm I’ll check them out then.

Nerdfighter: *laughing on the inside* Okay cool!

This is one of The Hectic Glow Tour 2012 shirts that I designed for John & Hank Green for the Tour de Nerdfighting! On the front features a break down of how the hectic glow occurs identifying the Core of Awesome which is surrounded by Liquid Chaos and when broken and shaken creates the Hectic Glow. On the back are the tour dates for all the TFiOS stops.

My friend Emily (pictured above) and Amanda and I were able to give it to the Brothers Green this evening after the event and they said they might wear them while on tour!