Picture-Perfect Vistas of Trump Tower

If a home reflects one’s life, the walls of Jonathan Toews condo do just that. At 21, he hasn’t been collecting folk art or movie posters or gilt-framed pastoral scenes. Instead, walls are filled with pieces of his life. One framed photo shows Toews and fellow Hawk Patrick Kane at the net. Their history goes back to their preteen years. “I remember seeing him maybe when I was 10 or 11 years old, where we started playing against each other” at tournaments, Toews says. – (December 27th, 2009)

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Congratulations darlin!!! And *heart eyes* at your new hairdo!! Also, when you figure out the whole *whispers* adult thing, could you tell us how to do it??

((OOC: *whispers* make all ya food at the weekend. Pies, pasta bakes, veggies, then you’re all set up for the week. TA DAA adulting 101.))

Headcanon Train pt. 5

In which they actually start taking the form of fics, and we discover that I’m really bad at endings. 

post episode 71 

Vex knows she should tell him. She said it during the ritual, “I should have told you” but she can’t seem to take her own advice. Saying it to a corpse is one thing, when you’ve got nothing to lose, when sacrificing your secret and your heart might bring him back to you. But when you have to stand there and look him in the eye and rip out your heart and hold it out and wait to see if he’ll take it… that’s a different matter entirely. 

She knows she should. She sees every tiny opportunity. When they’re walking back to the castle after his resurrection (no, not now, it’s too soon). When they’re in the library (no, not now, we have bigger problems right now). In the mansion (no, not now, he needs rest). As they prepare for the battle (no, not now, he needs to focus). When the battle is won (no, not now, he’s dealing with Raishan and Vax almost died). Every iteration hurts her. Every time she knows she should. Every time she finds some excuse and she can’t. 

This goes on and on and on, as they make plans with Raishan to end Thordak, as they enter the fire plane, and she gets to the point where every time the opportunity arises it seems on the tip of her tongue, waiting to be released into the world, but she can’t. 

Percy notices. He’s always been clever, and he’s very observant, and whatever’s been off with Vex since he died has only gotten worse. 

On one such instance (Vex looks like she wants to say something before practically choking on it as she bites it back) he decides to say something.
“You can tell me, you know." 

Vex nearly has a heart attack, terrified that somehow he already knows, and how is she supposed to deal with that now? But before she can say anything he speaks again. 

"I don’t know what’s been bothering you, but whatever it is, I assure you I can take it.” His gaze drops to the floor. Because of course that’s what this is. She’s afraid of him. Maybe she hates him. He gave Ripley the means to shatter this broken world just a little bit more. Vex wouldn’t forgive that. 

He takes a deep breath. Releases it. “And if it will ease your mind, I will gladly endure your revised opinion of me." 

She almost thinks that he does know, and that he finds it intolerable. But something is off. He looks… ashamed. So she has to ask. "Percy, what are you talking about?" 

He meets her eyes again. "Ripley made it abundantly clear what I have inflicted on this world,” he says simply. “It’s only natural that you should…” He sighs, shoving the pain of his next statement away. He’ll deal with it later. “…hate me for it." 

Vex’s eyes go wide. "That’s what you think this is? That I hate you?" 

His brow furrows but he doesn’t speak, waiting for her to contradict him, not daring to do it himself. 

Shaking her head, she steps up to him and puts a hand on his face. "Percy, darling. I could never hate you. I… wanted to tell you. I should have told you ages ago. I…” (This is it. She has to say it this time. If he goes on thinking she hates him, or fears him, or… no. No more excuses). “I love you." 

Somehow, after all this time struggling to get the words out, they come so easily. 

Percy blinks at her, his expression not changing for several heart-stopping seconds. Then he frowns. "Good gods, why?” are the first words out of his mouth. 

Vex laughs a little. “Darling, if I went through the list it would take days. We’ll save it for when we have more time. But Percy…” She meets his eyes again, serious. “Stay alive. Please. After… after you died…” She takes a deep breath. “I don’t want to be here if you’re not. All right?" 

His face softens, his eyes warm. "I don’t–" 

She cuts him off sharply. "And so help me, Percival de Rolo, if I hear one word from you about not deserving me I will smack you across the face!”

Dylan: God Of Oceans

Dylan, A Name, A boy, A word.
Dylan Meaning: Born by the sea, Son of waves.
Waves of deep feelings.
Dylan, your soul your mind, and your heart are like no other.

Your eyes are like the ocean, and your tears are salty like the sea.
Your hands are strong, and long.
Your voice is smooth, and repetitive, like the waves that crash against the sand.
You could drown me with your force.
You could kill me instantly, but you choose not too. Because the current isn’t going this way.
Yet your waves are powerful enough to cause tsunamis.
And I am floating on top of you, and I swear I can almost reach the skies.
You reflect the moon.
The sun
And the truth.
Three things that cannot be hidden.
And I am floating, On ocean clouds.

And We move like the ocean, but I can’t swim.

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do Sanji and Shanks for the insulting meme

Sanji, Sanji Sanji….Where do I begin with you? 

First off why does your hair look like some Kraft cheese tho? It gives me horrible flashbacks of that old style Hetalia used to be in. You stand there thinking you’re smooth af but YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT MY BOY. Falling head over heels for every, as Zeff said, “pair of breasts that come your way.” Fawning like a middle school girl over her new crush of the week. Hearts coming from your eyes like you were hit with the move sweet kiss. Blood shooting from your nose like a damn horned lizard shooting blood from its eyes. Boy you need to get a grip. I know your name is Black Leg Sanji but it’ll be Black Lung Sanji give or take twenty years. Why do your pants connect directly with your boots? ARE YOU TIMMY TURNER OR SOME SHIT? Stubborn as hell won’t even call Zeff “dad” smh. Mr. “yeah I like fashion”

Holdin a pan like you’re Rapunzel from Tangled and a hunting knife like you’re in the fucking outback. DO YOU NEED A HUNTING KNIFE FOR A FUCKING PINEAPPLE? Wearing a fucking fishing hat when you aren’t fishing. Get lost my boy you look like trash.  


Shanks? What the hell is your real name? I know it isn’t Shanks. What kind of name is that even? Ginger head ass. I’m in the intros more than the actual show head ass. Wearing a cloak like you’re a goddamn vampire. The 80′s called, they want their fashion statement back. 

Speaking of fashion statements, what do you call what you’re wearing? Those ugly ass “only found at a thrift store on the clearance shelf pants.” What is on them? Dead flowers??? Combined with those WHAT ARE THOSE on you’re feet you certainly stick out. In the worst way possible.

Fucking frat boy. What’s your fraternity? Don’t you know peer pressure is wrong?! 

And then on top of every thing you go after little innocent Makino. THE GIRL IS TRYING TO CLEAN YOUR SHIRT AND YOU WON’T EVEN HELP HER? RUDE. 

And why does she only refer to you as Captain? >.> You are a twisted man Shanks.


You wanna be in the Matrix so bad. Get yo Keanu Reeves wannabe ass out of here!

Give me a character and I’ll insult them

white shirts
stained with
a lingering scent
bounded to your
golden chest,
the gift that
keeps on giving
without a presence,
i think of you at night
wearing it to sleep
and dream sweetly
with my arms
clung to my own heart.
someday i hope
to cling onto you again
without the dream world
possessing my
many thoughts of you
but rather in the warmth
of your touch,
heart to heart,
sharing the night
and waking with
your chestnut eyes
staring back into mine.

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i think i saw on your account that you've seen friday night lights? if so do you recommend ?


I do recommend it! It has to be your type of show though, I know people who are too cynical to enjoy it. I love the show though, it’s wonderful! Give it like 10 episodes to come into fruition, but soon enough you’ll be singing ‘devil town’ whenever you see a parade and rolling your eyes at people using ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!’ when they haven’t seen the show.

I definitely recommend you watch it, and remember that Tami Taylor (AKA Mrs. Coach) is our one true lord and savior in that show.