Context: Adrien sneaks out from work everyday just to see Marinette because he just can’t stop thinking about her  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


i missed drawing me kids so much here’s a gift to my og followers (aka the miraculers) ty for sticking with me for this long!!

Ray may have recently arrived in the town but his signature cards were already in circulation. It was simply the case of finding those who came off as desperate and plant a card in their pocket or home.

The cards are plain to look up; black background with the words ‘For your heart’s desires, contact Ray’. On the back was a location; Hellmouth Bar.

The demon sat in a private booth by himself. A smoking cigarette was planted between two fingers and a glass of whiskey stood on the table in front of him. All he needed to do was wait..

August 29, 2016

Overnight the Moon in caring Cancer sextiles both Mercury and Venus in Virgo then they align for a super powerful love connection, we should be better able to share our emotions this morning, concentrate on how we are feeling and pay attention to small details we may have missed in the love or money areas of our lives. Early this morning is a great time to negotiate a compromise, make a commitment or re work your budget.

The Moon moves into bold Leo at 4:11 AM bringing a little fire to the day, we are still working off the Mercury-Venus connection so love is in the air and after thinking and processing our feelings, we are ready to act. We have the whole morning and afternoon to revel in all things Leo with no further aspects to interfere with our good times and the party like atmosphere of the day. This is the chance we need to go after our heart’s desire-use this time well, promote your business and your good intentions.

Tonight Venus moves into home base Libra at 10:07 PM bringing a calm demeanor, and a cooperative energy to our love life and financial picture. We crave peace in all things and will compromise in order to achieve a happy medium. We are trying to achieve unity for the next 4 weeks, our hearts are given a vacation before Venus moves into intense Scorpio on September 23rd.

The Leo Moon trines Saturn and quincunx Rx Neptune late tonight which should make for some realistic and prophetic dreams. Many of our everyday problems can play out in our minds as we sleep tonight so keep a dream journal handy and write your impressions down when you wake.

Mercury in home base Virgo is slowing down and moving towards its 3rd retrograde station of the year tomorrow morning, so we may notice there is a  winding down of energy, as the day wears on, we may overlook details or have small slip ups so it will help if you pay close attention to everything you do, say and decide.

Astrological Tarot Cards of the Day: The Page of Cups, The Page of Cups and The Knight of Cups-opportunities for love and care abound today, healing and forgiveness are waiting in the wings. We have the foresight and energy to change direction if we are on the wrong path and bring romantic love to those we feel we can commit to, so expect proposals or declarations of emotions today.

We need throat chakra balancing and mental clarity today and for the next 3 weeks, carry a white topaz or a herkimer diamond and a blue agate or sapphire. Make a peppermint, chamomile, orange essential oil blend to help give us clear  thoughts and words. In yoga a strong vinyasa with some backends and inversions are called for then take a nice long walking meditation.

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The thing that bothers me about Briana is that she's living this lavish lifestyle and not paying for a dime of it. Louis is forced to buy her anything she wants. How is that fair? Is she ever going to actually get a job to make money herself or live of Louis for the next 18 years? Single moms are out here struggling and she gets anything her heart desires because of who she got pregnant by. Praying that one day reality smacks her in the face and that her lavish lifestyle ends.

How is it her fault that her baby daddy is famous? Briana was actually prepared to live a life with her son without Louis. Louis of forced to by her everything? No. He buys things for his son. No one is forcing Louis to buy Briana to buy her anything. Do you think Briana calls louis up and says “I need some money for makeup, give it to me”? Let me guess. You probably believe all those rumors of Briana asking for a insane amount of money. Well none of that is true. And y'all always blame this on Briana. But if Louis is buying her everything, which he isn’t, then why don’t you talk to Louis about it. He’s the one deciding to do it. You don’t think that Briana doesn’t realize how fortunate she is? She does. You probably just assumes that she doesn’t because she doesn’t publicly thank Louis.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Watched The Little Mermaid last night and #microfiction has occurred…

You think I want to be bad?

They call me a witch. A monster. A crone.

They exile me from the village.

They spit and make the sign of the cross when I pass.

They tell stories of midnight magic and dark deals.

But they still come to me when it matters. When they have nowhere else to turn. When they want something more than they want air in their lungs.

And I give it to them. Not that they thank me for it.

What they don’t get is this: it’s *all* dark magic. It has a *price*. It has to. Anything worth having has to be worth *suffering* for.

You want your heart’s desire? It will cost you your heart. It’s about value, you see … you can only get what you pay for.

Did you really think “ever after” would cost anything less than everything?

So I will make sure you goddamn pay for it. I will see you suffer.

I will see you *damned*.

With what other currency do you hope to buy your happy ever after?

Yes, I will be your villain to defeat.

And, in this way, I will share a tiny piece of your happy endings.

Don’t I deserve that, at least, after all I’ve done for you?

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♫ ( Catch him singing, Dipper )

  • ♫ for your muse to catch mine singing in the shower

Dipper sung the soft melody he had heard on the radio that morning as he got into the shower. Once it warmed fully, the slender bare human lent into the beating raining droplets and sighed in relief all the while singing the happy tune. 

 The Pines wasn’t that bad of a singer and he sung even better when he thought nobody could hear. Naturally he thought he was alone in the bathroom so he sang to his hearts desire. 

The pulse of the World ripples in an affirmation of all the life that it holds and all the death that passes.

There is no past or present or later, for this heartbeat has pulsed from the first spark of the universe, and it will beat until the end of time. It is an everlasting moment of Now, and the shimmering web of connection thrums gloriously hot in her veins. With a sudden clarity, she knows in that instant that she is blessed.

The World card is satisfaction and peace of mind. A successful conclusion, and the end is in sight. This card is of realized goals and prosperity. When one’s goals have been reached there is a space, a quiet breath of a moment in time when a feeling of ultimate fulfillment spills through the consciousness. It is a wondrous and precious moment, the culmination of hard work, to see your dreams come true and to know that elusively mythical treasure promised in fairy tales the heart’s desire.

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my little kastle heart desires "chef trying to impress this one picky food critic" au

frank/karen + whatever your little kastle desires because i can’t find any prompt lists i really love

“Do you think he likes it?”

“He’s eating it.”

“I think he likes it.”

“What is it?”

“A grilled cheese.”

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I have my favorite hat again. I think I look super adorable tonight. Now, if i could just get some homework done, i could perhaps have my heart’s desire.


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“To my darling, what you are to me I have told you. What I am to you, I have never asked. I do not want to know it, I do not want to hear it, because to know too much may destroy happiness. I will tell you just one thing: I would give you everything your heart desires. You are the woman I have loved over everything else. Until now, I had never believed that anything like this existed.”

This message, from a soldier named Rudi, was among many heartfelt notes inscribed in Finnish nurse Chaje Steinbock’s scrapbook, pictured here. “Non-Aryan women were not to tend Aryan men and the Germans knew my mother was Jewish, but despite all this, they liked her” says Aviva Nemes-Jalkanen, Steinbock’s daughter.


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! (born August 13th, 1982)

Wishing you a day full of lots of love, cake, and whatever else your heart desires! *throws confetti* 

Quick Beach Witchy Tip

The next time you are walking along the shore of the beach, And you see these little white rocks, Pick them up! They may look like ordinary pebbles but they are raw Quartz. (Usually white, smokey, or clear) What makes these little guys special is that because they constantly exposed to the elements (Moon, Sun, Water, Etc) they are in a constant cycle of charging and purifying just waiting to be used. Different quartz have different properties which you can check out by clicking here but these beach crystals would be excellent for programming for what ever your heart desires. 

For more Sea Witch tips, Check out my post of the same title here 

Also a special thank you to my lovely Niece for helping me find these, And bing my model for the day. 

Blessed Be! 


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 2/9 scenes ~ a feast for crows, the princess in the tower 

Her father plucked up a cyvasse piece. “I must know how you learned that Quentyn was abroad. Your brother went with Cletus Yronwood, Maester Kedry, and three of Lord Yronwood’s best young knights on a long and perilous voyage, with an uncertain welcome at its end. He has gone to bring us back our heart’s desire." 

She narrowed her eyes. “What is our heart’s desire?” 

“Vengeance.” His voice was soft, as if he were afraid that someone might be listening. “Justice.” Prince Doran pressed the onyx dragon into her palm with his swollen, gouty fingers, and whispered, “Fire and blood.” // deepika padukone as arianne martell