i’m not saying that if you’re single that you should go around skipping and smiling enjoying being single when your heart desires being in a relationship


you do not have to spend your single time being miserable and feeling empty

if you want to

you can enjoy your singleness while being open to love and understanding that your loneliness can be a very valid emotion

but it doesn’t have to be your identity


Princess Mali. She said, “Mommy I want to be a pretty princess like you.” Whatever your heart desires my love. You were born a Princess. Princess attire by @beadsbyaree

HEY FISHY FRIENDS. I am a college-grade kiddo currently saving for a laptop and I also draw stuff.

Recently I made some cute lil pet adopts for deviantart but I figured HEY why not sell some customs of these babies here??

For just $15 (via Paypal) YOU could have your very own tank/aquarium plus whatever critter inhabits it drawn like this!

I only have these as examples but all I need to know is your tank dimensions/style and some pictures of both tank and pet for reference! I’M NOT REAL GOOD W PLANTS but I’ll try anything!

I’ll do any sort of animal in this kind of tank too - doesn’t have to be aquatic - like leopard geckos, small turts, any sort of amphibians including lotls (I actually drew one w this set but I didn’t like it OTL), noots, or whatever your heart desires. Hell, if you want a lil tiny horse in there, I’ll give ya a horse.

I’m posting this here because fishy followers but please send any questions and inquiries to MY MAIN BLOG, BOYQUAIL!

demiigoddess said: * flat voice * i need an escort to a school dance.

                ❛ Um.. Oh God. ❜  

        A hiss. The Outlaws wouldn’t be able to stop
        Giganta on their own. In a sense, he owes
        Cassie whatever her little heart desires. But
        WHY did it have to be THIS?

              ❛ Fine. Is it formal?
                I don’t own a suit. ❜

anonymous asked:

we should totally have a blurb night just about their arms like arms!5sos ....... wait that kinda sounds like they'd be arms. oh god. you know what i mean

hahaha I do know what you mean! not sure if we could make a whole blurb night out of that, so feel free to send blurbs about hot 5sos arms at any time your heart desires hehehe. :-)


Suppressing your hearts desires won’t make them go away. #liveyourtruth


in honor of season three of arrow ending and olicity actually driving off into the sunset together, i figured why not have an appreciation week to celebrate our amazing otp? so, anyone can participate!

day 1 (june 22, 2015) - the moment you started shipping olicity

day 2 (june 23, 2015) - funniest olicity scene(s)

day 3 (june 24, 2015) - favorite olicity episode(s)

day 4 (june 25, 2015) - favorite olicity quote(s)

day 5 (june 26, 2015) - most heartbreaking/angsty scene(s)

day 6 (june 27, 2015) - why you love olicity/favorite thing about them

day 7 (june 28, 2015) -  happiest olicity scene(s)

you don’t have to post all of these on time, just make sure you tag your posts with #olicityaw2015 that way everyone can see the posts! you can make gifs, write fanfic, draw fanart, whatever your heart desires! let’s just have some fun and celebrate our beautiful (and finally canon) otp!

‘The Desired Effect’ Now Available for Streaming Via iTunes Radio First Play

Brandon Flowers’ ‘The Desired Effect’ is now available to stream in full on iTunes Radio as an iTunes First Play.

Interested Victims should visit the iTunes Store to stream ‘The Desired Effect’.


It should be noted that iTunes Radio is only available in the United States and Australia presently.

I grew up by the sea. Barefoot and sunbleached hair. It felt so
nice feeling the same white sand underneath me… everything is changing
right now… I don’t even know where I’m going. But for once in my life I
feel free. Actually free. I can do anything. Be anything. Which scares
me. How do we exactly know where our influences come from? Am I doing
this because everyone else is? Because it’s safe? Or because it’s truly
in my hearts desire? I changed my entire life in a matter of a few days.
I have to keep reminding myself… I am free. Now where will this freedom
take me? @augustethelabel dress. A beautiful brand I adore and who
embraces such values. #shelivesfree