I finally got round to playing Starcraft 2!? and I fucking loved it! I haven’t played Legacy of the Void yet but hopefully by the end of the month ill get it.

I always liked certain characters from Starcraft even before playing it, and one of them was Stukov, his design is just the coolest I had to draw him after finishing Heart of the Swarm!

It’s Your Birthday!

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Featuring: Tom Holland (and special guest Tessa Holland)

Warning: fluff af

Prompt: This is actually a small drabble for my best friend (LOVE YOU BEB) because it was just recently her birthday and this is for her.

But it’s a drabble of the reader’s birthday and Tom is overly ecstatic about it. Because he obvi would be.

Sun filtered through the windows as you woke in bed. The large duvet falling off your head as you sat up. The city scape spanned out in front of you, the dazzling orange of the rising sun cascaded over the tall buildings and sky scrapers. Your hair was a mangled mess, as usual in the AM. You yawned happily, turning over to see that the spot beside you was empty beside from the large greyish brown ball of fur. Your eyebrows drew together in confusion and dismay.

“Tessa,” your hand reached out to pet the sleeping dog. She stirred at your touch and rolled over on her stomach, staring up at you with adorable puppy dog eyes. “Where’s daddy?” You asked her, rubbing her belly playfully, looking around the empty bedroom for your boyfriend.

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Gods of Hour of Devastation in D&D: The Locust God

A Stolen God. When Nicol Bolas first arrived on Amonkhet, his victory over the gods was swift and brutal. With Amonkhet claimed as his own, Bolas re-purposed the gods to do his bidding. While he kept 5 in Naktamun to run the society he had rebuilt, the other three were kept out of the city in preparation for his return. The Locust God was one of these three stolen gods, which Nicol Bolas corrupted and reshaped as the centre of a swarm worthy to break Naktamun’s defences.

Heart of the swarm. The Locust God is always surrounded by an immense swarm of insatiable locusts. While it is capable of fighting itself, the Locust God mainly relies on this swarm to devour anything that comes close enough to threaten it. For those that stand in The Locust God’s way, death comes from thousands of tiny hungry jaws.

Through the Breach. “When the Hour of Promise arrives, the God-Pharaoh will tear down the Hekma, for its protection will be needed no longer.” After the Scorpion God emerged, entered Naktamun, and felled Rhonas, it was the turn of The Locust God to approach the city. The swarm surrounding it drank the Hekma, opening the city for the first time to the boundless wastes surrounding it, and granting entry to the wandering dead, who for so long had stared through the Hekma with hunger in their desiccated eyes.

For The Locust God, I worked from similar base stats as to those I used for The Scorpion God, but with big variation in its abilities. I lowered its strength, but raised its dexterity to be more fitting for a huge spindly fling creature. The main abilities of the Locust God focused on its swarm, which I naturally based on the spell Insect Plague. With that as the base, I worked out an appropriate size of the swarm, lowered the damage for the swarm’s massive area not to be too overpowered, and gave a way for the Locust God to make more direct attacks and drive the swarm against specific targets, as well as giving the swarm the capability to devour foliage and consume water (giving it a mechanic to represent the way the Hekma was destroyed). 
           As an additional rule, I wanted to do something that correlated with the card Hour of Promise, so I designed the Desolate Wake ability to represent the wandering undead of Amonkhet following The Locust God through the collapsing Hekma and into Naktamun.

Tomorrow comes an extra post for this weekend, a bonus to celebrate the release of Hour of Devastation: The third stolen god, The Scarab God. You can find my post for the Scorpion God here. I hope everyone is having a great release weekend so far!

modern marvel.

jeon jungkook + flash au | 1,769 words | fluff
↳ “takes one to know one.”

author’s note: it’s inspired by barry and felicity’s little interaction in the beginning of season one (you can watch it here if you’re curious!). i re-imagined it a bit though! this is based on the dc universe’s flash. the title is my lame ass trying to be ironic and using a play on of words~

Originally posted by sooyoungspark

In this world, there are many marvels. They’re extraordinary, impossible, really—that’s the thing though—they are possible. Despite the limits written in textbooks, there are things beyond those levels that can only truly be experiences in ways of which one needs to simply be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes the unexpected is what it is, and those moments you miss in just a blink can mean the whole world. This is a world where gifts can be more than just monetarily purchased or just abilities one has been inclined with through practice; yes, in this world, there are such things as powers and people on the very Earth who can wield these abilities. In other words, these super humans are Metahumans.

The generation has changed in the past few months, though since the return of Jeon Jungkook, he—of all people—know more than the media does. Since his disappearance from the world, the place he once knew has become a playground for a new generation to play where its players are more than meets the eye. They can do things that any normal person could not, they can phase through ways, make objects move within a millisecond, and in his case, he can move faster than the speed of sound.

It’s been exactly a year since the accident where his life literally flashed before his eyes, only for him to wake up in a white, spacious room sterilized to Kim Corp. perfection with enough equipment that cost more than anything he could make in a lifetime, maybe even two to see that he wasn’t dead or normal, per say.

Since his waking, nothing has been the same. Something he’s been considering a blessing and (mostly) a curse. From his own capabilities as a newfound Metahuman and the endless amount of help he can offer to his city to his feelings for Somin to even his feelings for you, and the only thing that’s been on his mind since that moment of conscious was the very fact that he never got to call you back. He never gave you his answer, and it’s taken everything inside of him not to run those two cities over just to tell you how sorry he is and how much he’s idiot because he finally decided to let her go. Not just to choose you as a rebound, but to finally open his heart to you because as you once told him, “love is a choice.”

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[Preview] Physical Education Pt. 2 (Seungcheol Smut)

It has been over a week since your last encounter with Seungcheol- well, not exactly.

You still see him every weekday because you just really couldn’t avoid him no matter what you do. He was a goddamn teacher, and you needed to pass in his class- though you didn’t care at all if you got kicked out, the only reason you’re actually tolerating school is because you don’t want to be left with nothing when you graduate. You weren’t that stupid to not attend class because of a highly unexpected occurrence. But ever since that day, you felt feelings you never realized you had. You really couldn’t call the incident in the shower room as the last encounter, but although the fog in the aforementioned place was thick, the memory was as clear as day.

Everything from the droplets of water that slid down his refined face, to the lingering feeling of his fingers that gripped your thighs so tightly, was engraved in your mind forever. But you had often wondered, when you pass him by in the bustling halls of the campus, does his eyes drift towards you like how yours would as you’d often watch his back disappear in the crowd. Every second spent taking glances would only trigger snippets of what had happened that night, you wonder if he’s been thinking about you like how you would often think of him.

The memory alone leaving your body warm and tingly, but the bitterness was still evident as you recall how he had easily said that it was all a ‘mistake’. You felt humiliated, what woman wouldn’t feel the same way? Everything was so exhausting, you went through great lengths to convince Joshua that indeed nothing had happened that night, he wasn’t buying it at first, noticing how unbelievably antsy you’d be whenever Seungcheol was within two meters from where you are, deciding it was wiser to not pry into something that didn’t have anything to do with him, but of course, that didn’t mean he was done with his assumptions (which are obviously not false).

We all have secrets that we, no matter what, absolutely cannot tell anyone.

His sweet voice echoed in your head as you didn’t fail to distinguish how enigmatic his voice seemed.

These days, were so different. You didn’t know when it all had started but it’s like everything had just shifted. Joshua was being more mysterious and discreet, you sometimes had to remind him that you two were best friends and in which he would apologize for his behavior. The thing about you two is that you two don’t really initiate to talk about things first, always waiting out on who would be the first one to speak. Just like fifth grade, when your class had a pet hamster named Maxi, because you were so fond of the adorable little thing, you were positive it died because of feeding it too much. You were terrified and couldn’t dare to tell anyone that you had basically killed little Maxi, but you just really couldn’t help it, she was so cute whenever she would be chewing on something (or whenever she just sits there), her cheeks would always look so stuffed it was very entertaining to watch. But the following day, when everyone had found out about her death, you weren’t the only one with clammy hands and a nervous heart. But so did Joshua, you at that time, thought he was just shaken since he loved Maxi a lot, so you felt guilty when the furry hamster died, Joshua might get upset with you too, but still no one in the class ever found out how Maxi died.

But when the two of you had started freshman year, bad times they were. Being adolescents that would secretly steal some alcohol from their parents, you would often be at his house, locked in his room, because your parents were totally okay with the fact that you were at the Hong’s, thinking you two were such bad-asses but in reality, it was just plain stupid. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, you two just got stupidly drunk and decided to blurt out secrets from the past, and in which you found out he had accidentally fed Maxi a small rock. He didn’t go into details why, but he wanted to tell you but he didn’t know how. And then you had realized, you two were just the same, always too scared to make the first move when it came to these things.

And so here you were, mind lost in thoughts as you sat impatiently at your desk, you just wanted this class to be over and done with. Physical Education, who would’ve thought you somehow came to hate this subject- well not exactly the subject itself, but the person who handles it. How could he possibly still have the stomach to face you as if nothing had happened, the thought never failed to make your blood boil. How could someone be so insensitive? But no matter how ill you would think and speak of him. It doesn’t calm your palpitating heart and the swarm of butterflies that would invade your stomach whenever he would flash a smile, that you clearly knew wasn’t for you.

He was driving you crazy, in many more ways than one. Your yarn of feelings just tangling with each other, one moment you’d hate his guts and the next you so longed for his touch. By just having his hands on you once, you selfishly wanted more. One moment he’ll be all stern, but then he’ll crack a joke that’ll make the class burst into fits of laughter, he was all-in-all, a very confusing person. Your thoughts would then drift back to only one question you wanted to know, a question that had to be answered or else you’d just lose it.


Out of everyone he could possibly play, why you?


“Come on, look at me baby girl.”

The pet name made you shudder as your mind traveled back to memory lane. Your eyes slowly fluttered shut as you tuned out all the students drifting in the classroom, re-living the moment. His eyes held so much compassion, you wanted to think there was something behind his words, his fingers that tucked your hair back, still lingered. The way his fingers filled the gap in yours, what did it all mean?

You clamp your thighs tightly as you suddenly remembered the way he disappeared between your legs, devouring you like his last meal. The sound of the tap as it let out tiny droplets, the way you could shamelessly hear the way his tongue danced around your wet folds, you could hear everythingso clearly. When he tangled his lips with yours, it was so erotic how you could taste yourself on his tongue, how anyone could’ve waltzed right in, how anyone could have heard as your voices bounced between the tiled walls, the elation you felt in that moment was grand, and you only wished to live in the moment yet again-

“Y/N.” You flinched at the sudden call of your name, eyes snapping open as you were taken out of your train of thoughts, only to be met with the eyes of the person who was responsible. You so badly, tried to tame your wild butterflies fluttering about, because he had never really heard him say your name without ‘Miss’. Even during your shower room encounter, he never really called you by your name. He stood in front of your desk, and you only then noticed that everyone has been seated and class was about to start, how long have you been spacing out?

“S-Sir.” You answered nervously, keeping eye contact, you didn’t know what it was that flashed through his eyes when you called him so. His haw clenched, but he immediately masks this and lets out a sound of disapproval, not questioning you any further.

“So what do you all want to hear first? The good news or bad news?” His loud voice boomed over the class, there were many overlapping answers that you could hardly understand what everyone was saying, but noticing that it wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to start off with the good news.

“I know all of you are probably dying to get this class over with, I know very well myself since I, used to be a student, but here I am now, a teacher.” He paced at the front, taking everyone’s attention.

“It’s a Friday night tonight, and I am very aware of what goes down with you youngsters.” The class whistled and roared in agreement, and there it was- his lovely smile as he silenced the class.

“Everyone is probably loaded with homework already, so I will gladly let you use the time in my class freely, however you want.” Everyone roared in delight, even you managed to get a smile on your face, chatter filled the air until someone from the back had spoken, “What’s the bad news then?” This made you ears perk up.

Seungcheol’s smile slightly falters, and this had you dying of curiosity. He cleared his throat and seemed a bit hesitant, but as you patiently wait for him to speak up, he takes a glance at you in which you notice wholeheartedly.

“It’s very unfortunate to say,” Silence loomed over the class as the tension in the air suddenly became thick, “That this will be my last day of teaching in this class.”


hi. ehe.

Melancholy Post-PAX Emotions Are Kicking In...Thank You All

I think I get why everyone loves these conventions. As if it wasn’t reasonable enough already, I think I do now.

@markiplier: Yeah, we sadly didn’t meet; I was lucky to run into everyone else, just couldn’t stick around. Nevertheless, other people did, and I’m so happy for them. I wish you the absolute best, and I hope we truly meet in person one day. I hope you also enjoy mine and others’ gifts I brought with me; they were fun to get into a tangible project.

Tyler: You were the first of the content creators that I met, and really lifted my spirits to keep going through PAX with a smile, whatever the matter. You were beyond benevolent and friendly, and I cannot wait to meet you again. You’ve been through enough ups and downs, and it brought you to your first PAX East. Congratulations, and thank you so much. I sincerely hope YOU smile always.

Amy: As charismatic and sweet as you are beautiful and quirky, it was wonderful to have Sam, Smoke (beautiful peep who gave you the alien sunglasses), Laura, and myself meet you. Thank you for being so patient and kind, and my only wish was that you enjoyed yourself.

Kathryn: I know I didn’t meet you. Nevertheless, I still hoped I could. Still, it was enjoyable to hear from the few snippets of your trip here, and I hope we meet in the future. You seem like an absolute sweetheart, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

@crankgameplays: Ethan, I can’t thank you enough for being so patient at the signing. It was great telling you how awesome you were, and I was so happy to look at the way you beamed when I told you about @northeast-artist98 and the art @okaythenart had gotten to me in the nick of time (I put other things for you in a gift box on Friday!). Thank you so much for everything, and I hope I meet you all again in the future.

@lordminion: Twice, both through an absolutely dumb luck, we had met. Nevertheless, you were patient and sweet, and responded with such an eloquent excitement. Thank you, and see you soon.

@foxtrot44: Molly, you’re an absolute gem to be around, and it was exciting to hear about how your wedding planning has been and your recent Boston endeavors (well wishes for Schii!). Thank you for being so caring and lovely, and I’m excited to see you and Wade happily move into the future together.

Bob: Yo! It’s the girl who should’ve rushed you with signing my life-size doll of you, and my portable shrine of photos of you! But, in all seriousness, you were amazing to even briefly chat with, and I can’t wait to see what you and Mandy do!

Mandy: I know we only waved to each other twice, but, you appeared so energetic and happy, I can’t help but hope everything did go well. Hugs from my airport gate, almost about to start traveling back home.

@wiishu: Through a coincidental seating, and making absolute sure I wasn’t breaking rules or bothering you (I checked with the enforcers at least five times), we met at the Are You a Robot? Panel. We might have not talked for as long as I hoped, but, to even say hello was wonderful. I sincerely wish you well, beautiful, and have a safe flight overseas.

@pixlpit: I said it once, and I will say it again: thank you. Not only are you a talented animator and editor, but…as odd as it sounds, you seem like you’re a badass at just about anything. Believe me, I really tried to find less exciting words, but…nothing else came to mind. You seem sardonic, but kind nonetheless, and I believe you have great things coming soon. Take care, and have fun back home.

@therealjacksepticeye: You were, BY PURE AND DUMB LUCK, the most coincidental person to even temporarily meet (I would say the guys at the later signing, but, we were somewhat ready for something to happen). I was struggling to find my own exit out of the panel before I bumped into you. I didn’t get a picture, and didn’t feel comfortable dragging you away from out of the panel exit (cannot, will not, honestly), just to say my own words. Nevertheless, to give you a hug, smile, and brief thank you for what you’ve done for others - and yes, even myself - before eagerly jumping out to let you leave, was still heartwarming. Have a safe flight overseas, and I hope you look forward into the bright future.

Mutuals from Tumblr and Twitter that I have met: Thank you. Seeing you all, face to face, was beyond endearing and eye-opening. I only wish you all fulfilled your dreams, and hope you keep all these memories of yours to heart. Love you all, and safe travels to your homes.

Everyone: PAX East is over, and my heart aches from the immediate swarm of nostalgia. But, it will pass, and all we can do now is look to the future. I hope you all live fulfilling lives, and I hope we meet someday.

Thank you, everyone, and remember in the most harmless way: When they’re gone…we’re next.

(Okay, I sneered at typing that last part, haha!)