An Itching In My Heart <333

Word Count: 1140

Dean happens upon Cas in the hallway.  He is stretching and reaching for the center of his back but he still can’t reach the part that itches.  He arches his back finally getting some relief as he scratches himself against the door frame. “Here, Cas - “ Dean interrupts the silence.  Cas starts a bit and then turns his back to give him access.  Dean curls his fingers scratching the length of Castiel’s back.  He feels Cas shiver beneath his hand when he hits the spot.

“Right there.” Cas sighs as he braces himself up against the wall.  The noises he’s making are damn near obscene and Dean is suddenly aware of how greedy his fingers are.  He gives extra attention to Cas itch but then he runs his hands up and down Castiel’s back massaging out some of the tension. Goosebumps break out all over the angel’s skin.  Dean squeezed Cas’ shoulders before reluctantly letting go and clearing his throat in the weighted silence.

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i think that i have an unpopular opinion about reputation and it is that dancing with our hands tied is definitely the best song.  like, definitely.  

so it goes… and delicate are CLOSE.  dress is embarrassing, but good, especially when it becomes about love.  gorgeous is a perfect song.  new year’s day (i have cried every single time because IT IS THE HOLIDAY SEASON)

pretty good to okay: ready for it, end game (again, EMBARRASSING), i did something bad (this is almost in my top tier), don’t blame me (it just sounds…derivative of a bunch of stuff that i like, but the other stuff was better), getaway car (this is like….almost a clunker for me, sorry literally everyone else), this is why we can’t have nice things, call it what you want 

clunkers: look what you made me do (whyyyyyyy was this the first single?), king of my heart (seriously, motown beat???)

so, better than 1989.  definitely worse than red, which is the best album of all time.  fearless and speak now are so dear to me that i can’t compare them to this.  

unfortunately for everyone who pretends to hate taylor swift, and for everyone who dislikes taylor swift for her very legitimate failings as a human in the public eye (which are, of course, intimately tied to the fact that she is a very visible figure and also a petty bitch who probably doesn’t care very much about politics), she remains, like, pretty good at music.