“I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.”
“Will you.. *drops to one knee, presents bottle* share a coke with me?”

Entonces se sintió insegura y pensó que debía poner su corazón a salvo. Al menos por un tiempo. Asi que lo metió en una botella y se la colgó del cuello. Con esto las cosas parecieron mejorar… al principio.
Pero la verdad es que ya nada era igual. Se olvidó de las estrellas… y ya no se fijaba en el mar. Ya no tenía curiosidad por las maravillas del mundo y no prestaba mucha atención a nada… excepto a lo pesada… e incómoda que se había vuelto la botella. 
Pero al menos su corazón estaba a salvo. 

Un libro que te pone triste-contento
Brain Pickings: The Heart and the Bottle: A Tender Illustrated Fable of What Happens When We Deny Our Difficult Emotions
A gentle reminder of what we stand to lose when we lock away loss. "Children ... are the most attentive, curious, eager, observant, sensi

By Maria Popova

“”Children … are the most attentive, curious, eager, observant, sensitive, quick, and generally congenial readers on earth,” E.B. White famously asserted in an interview, admonishing: “Anyone who writes down to children is simply wasting his time. You have to write up, not down.” And yet down we write still, deaf to White’s wisdom and to Tolkien’s insistence that there is no such thing as writing “for children” and to Gaiman’s crusade against the spiritual disservice of shielding children from difficult emotions.…”

The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

Once there was a girl whose life was filled with wonder at the world around her…then one day something happened that made the girl take her heart and put it in a safe place. However, after that it seemed that the world was emptier than before. But would she know how to get her heart back?

In this deeply moving story, Oliver Jeffers deals with the weighty themes of love and loss with an extraordinary lightness of touch and shows us, ultimately, that there is always hope.


‘The Heart and the Bottle’ interactive book app

Oliver Jeffers recent picture book “The Heart and the Bottle” was released earlier this year as an interactive app for the ipad. Narrated by Helena Bonham Carter the app blends Olivers simple and striking illustrations with Helena’s quirkiness perfectly!