*makes her way out her bedroom with basket and blanket closes the door, jogs downstairs and heads out the front door, walking over to the guy’s house; knocks twice waiting on @t-rigga *

I still replay every moment between us in my head. All the times when you would walk through the door, putting an enormous smile on my face. I can still feel every kiss placed on my lips, every touch on my body. The moments in my head make me question how you could ever leave. We were so happy. Why is it so hard to remember where it went wrong?
—  things i wish i could tell you (04). 
SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Unit reaction to walking in on you changing



You lifted your shirt over your head, tossing your top to the side when you heard the door open. You quickly turned your head to see a shocked Jihoon. He swiftly backed out the room awkwardly and shut the door, “I didn’t see anything!” Jihoon said in a fluster. Making you embarrassed and yell back, “You better not have!”


You slipped out of your shorts from returning from the gym. Joshua entering the room casually before you looked at him, he looked up from his phone then looked at you. Realizing what he was seeing he scrambled out he room. “Forgive me for I have sinned!” He yelled flustered, making you laugh loudly. 


“I’m back, you’ll never guess what I–” He paused in his steps. You quickly covering yourself and yelling, “Yah! Stop looking!” Seungkwan rolled his eyes before he turned around, “Can’t you just lock the door like a regular person!?” “Can’t you just knock like a regular person!?”


He walked in and you turned around, squealing and hiding in the closet quickly. Jeonghan laughed softly before he shook his head, “I’m sorry, Y/N, I hadn’t realized you were changing. I didn’t see anything though.” With that he walked out simply. But on the inside he was surely going nuts.


*Gif explains it all*


Better Safe Than Sorry

Pairing/Characters: 2009!phan

Genre: Angst, kinda, Fluff, kinda, Comfort, kinda. DRABBLE.

Word Count: 673 (yikes short I know)

Warnings: Implied family issues

Description: Sometimes Dan’s parents argue. A lot. Phil wishes he could do something to help.


He could faintly hear Phil’s voice coming from the headphones that had slipped off of his head in his rush to turn and look towards the bedroom door. It was still closed, but tonight it was so loud that it might as well not even been there.

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What a beautiful day to wake up with love on my lips
The sunshine on the back of my neck
Your breath upon my skin
I wear you like goosebumps

I’ve never been one for living in halfs
My heart only knows how to show up once, hard, and whole
I learned that love doesn’t live in homes with closed doors
Or heads with closed minds
So I opened mine
And somehow you wandered in
And sat down
In a space that fits you so well I wouldn’t believe it wasn’t made for you

“If I believed in God,
It would be because closeness like this is possible.”
But God can’t explain the way your legs drape perfectly across me, or that your body hardly ends before mine begins
I’m all in
I open my eyes
And God, what a beautiful day
To wake up with
On my lips

Ashley Wylde
May 11th, 2015

ok so a random cat opened my front door just now? it’s the impostor cat, who looks a lot like my cat brannigan, who commits crimes in the neighborhood, and brannigan gets blamed for it. yeah, he just pushed open the front door and poked his head in, and we made eye contact and he ran away…????

anonymous asked:

Seokmin caught you were playing with yourself when he was on a long outstation business when he decided to make a surprise visit back home

Soft mewls of pleasure echo in the room, the air hot and thick around the dark room. You lay on the bed with nothing on, two fingers buried deep within you as the other hand skillfully skimmed up and down your clit. Pants and airy gasps can be heard all the way from down the hall, and as your boyfriend Seokmin walks into the apartment, those sounds are all he hears. He’s been away on a trip and decided to surprise you by coming home earlier, but he never expected to be welcomed with your sounds of pleasure. Seokmin slowly makes his way towards the bedroom, a large tent already in his pants only from hearing you. He slowly pushes the slightly opened door, his eyes eagerly taking in the sight in front of him. You lay on the bed, naked, your head thrown back as you moan loudly. Seokmin drops his luggage at the door and strides over to you. You open your eyes just as he climbs onto the bed, your face burning from embarrassment.

“ S-Seokmin?! I thought you were going to be gone for another two days..” You said barely above a whispers. His once smiling eyes are now dark with lust, he licks his lips before kissing your roughly, you moan into the kiss as his crotch rubs up against your wet pussy.

“ I was going to surprise you with coming back earlier, but it seems you’ve surprised me.” He said as you shivered under him. He lips go onto your neck, sucking furiously as you gasp, Seokmin runs his hands down the sides of your body. You eagerly help him out of his clothes, throwing them into unknown parts of your room. Seokmin rubs your clit with his thumb as he teases your entrance with the tip of his dick, you cry out as you almost feel the your orgasm. He quickly rolls on a condom, and slams into you as you scream his name. He thrusts into you as he kisses your breasts and collar bones, your hands make their way on his back, clawing him with every thrust. Your walls tighten around his cock, your long awaited orgasm creeping up on you. With one final thrust, the heat in the pit of your stomach burns heavily as the orgasm hits you with force, your eye shut close and you back arches off the bed. Not long after, Seokmin cums into the condom a long low groan escaping from him. He pulls out of you slowly, tying the condom and throwing it away before laying next to you and giving you one last kiss.

“ I love you~” Seokmin said, his cheery, yet tired self back. A giggle escapes you as you face him, cuddling up against his bare chest.

“ I love you too. And by the way, that was some hello.” Seokmin laughs as he kisses you again, you smile widely.

“ Yes, yes it was.”

-admin RI~

Welcome Home Sex (Neymar Jr. NSFW/NC17 imagine) by danialvesunnieswag

NOTE: This imagine contains smut.

Welcome Home Sex (Neymar Jr. NSFW/NC17 imagine) by @danialvesunnieswag

A/N: For brazilsquad-imagines

I was in bed, tossing and turning as I waited for my boyfriend’s return from Beijing. I had just watched him win their match against Argentina yesterday and I couldn’t wait for him to come home to show him just how proud I was.

I stretched my neck to look at the digital clock on my night stand that read 11:02 pm. With a sigh of frustration I rolled across the bed to Neymar’s side. I held his pillow tightly and thought about the last couple of lonely nights.

Nights that left me sexually frustrated no matter how many times I brought myself to orgasm, because nothing and no one can satisfy me like Neymar.

My head shot up from hearing the sound of the front door opening.

“Y/N, I’m home!” I love that he knows I stay up waiting for him. It’s doesn’t matter what time he arrives in the night, I’m always patiently waiting.

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     There are some nights where he finds himself waking up from dreams of the past… and tonight was another one of those nights. It was a dream of Kyoto, and he vividly recalled standing side by side with his comrades, blades at the ready with high levels of apprehension. Ah… they were in Ikedaya inn, weren’t they? There was no mistaking it… the familiar claustrophobia winded him even in the dream world.

     Okita was running down a corridor, and as he rounded the corner–

     Yasusada woke up in cold sweat, breathless and heart pounding. His immediate reaction was to get up from the bed and head straight for Kiyomitsu’s room.

     Anxiously, he waited for the door to open. He knocked loudly, knocking faster and harder with every second that passed. It was silly, he realized. Of course Kiyomitsu would still be there, but as soon as that door opened he threw himself onto the other in a tight embrace.

     “Thank heavens,” he croaked, trembling, “Thank the gods you’re alright.”

Home alone

Marcus sat in the parlour of his town home, book in one hand and scotch in the other as he was enjoying his night at home for a change not that it was really his home, but nothing made a home feel like home like someone else’s home, and with the residents dead and buried he wasn’t expecting any visitors as he was sure no one knew where he layed his head at night til the sound of the back door creaking open awoke him from his relaxed state and into a a alerted pissed off state

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Imagine. Teacher is leaving soon, you go to have a talk with him after your last class with him to give him a card and a present. But the card confessed your feelings and he reads it in front of you and he feels the same :) Kind of a dream of mine haha

The bell rings
“Good luck! Be free my students”
Everyone laughs as they head to the door its the last class with (TC/N). You walk out, hoping to see him in lunch so you can give him the gift you bought for him. You wait until lunch counting down the hours. 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour. Finally. You go get the gift from your locker and walk towards (TC/N)’s classroom. Your heart beating faster with every step. You knock.
“Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?”
“Hi (TC/N), I just wanted to give you this before I left. You are an amazing teacher and person.”
He takes it from you and his hands brush yours. They are so soft.
“Thank you!”
You are leaving when he says “Wait! Don’t you want to see my reaction?”
“Umm…” You don’t want to say no but you know that when he reads the letter he’ll freak. You confessed your love in a letter. You regret everything.
“(Y/N)?” He says looking up from the letter.
“I’m soo sorry. I shouldn’t have said that well actually written that”
“You don’t ever have to talk to me again. I under-”
Your words are cut of my something blocking your mouth. Suddenly you realize. He has gotten up from his chair and is kissing you with his soft hands holding your face. He pulls away and you are so stunned.
“I feel the same way (Y/N)”

How was that? I hope you like it🙏🏽



You haven’t gotten nearly the credit that you deserve through all of this, so I just wanted to try to do justice to how much I appreciate you. Every morning when I sit down to pray, you and mom are the first things I thank God for. That has been true for a very long time (likely since my angsty high school days?), but all of the things about you that I thank God for every day have just shone in unfathomable ways over the last six weeks.

Thank you for always being a comforting voice on the other end of the phone. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like my life is incomplete shambles and call you in a panic, forgetting that your head is spinning ten times faster than mine. Nevertheless, you consistently pick up the phone and all of the pieces of my crazy life.

Thank you for always hugging me when I walk through the door and kissing me on the head when I leave. As your daughter, there is nothing in this world that puts more peace in my heart than a big hug from you. I often get anxious walking into the hospital because I just never know what I’m going to see, but you never fail to shower me in love as soon as I walk through the door.

Thank you for being selfless. A couple of weeks ago when we were out to dinner, you told me something that I will never forget. My selfish heart was broken over all of the material things that we were losing: Breck, cars, traveling, etc. I walked into dinner expecting to cry over those things with you for a little, but instead you flipped my whole perspective. You said, “Claire, I used to be so into my commercial life. The cars, the houses, the new gadgets. It is crazy how in a blink of an eye, all of those things that used to run my world just mean absolutely nothing to me anymore.” You have worked harder than anyone I know to give us the life that we have. Without a second of hesitation, you were able to drop everything and humble yourself to be the father and leader that this family needs right now. You put off work. You sold houses. You bought a van for goodness sake. You literally laid your life down for our family without thinking about yourself even once. Thank you for being my selfless role model and leader.

Thank you for teaching me about love. That sounds cliché, but I have learned so much from the love that has poured out of you over the last six weeks. From the way that you look at mom, to the way that you talk to Tommy, to the emails that you write - you have taught me so much about the kind of person that I want to marry. No one expects tragedies like this, and in that, I don’t consider that when choosing who to invest my time in. My view on relationships has been forever changed in watching the way that you have held our family together as a father and a husband. In the middle of all of the brokenness, that has been such a beautiful blessing and I can’t thank you enough for being the perfect illustration of a friend, father, husband, and leader.

Thank you for leading our family in faith. At church yesterday, Chad explained that the ultimate form of manliness is being on your knees before the Lord. That one really struck a chord with me because it is exactly what I have seen you do time and time again. You have handled yourself with grace and faith that so perfectly illustrates the heart of God and I am so blessed to get to walk alongside you in that.

I am forever grateful to get to learn from you and grow with you every day. Thank you for holding my hand and my heart. I am the luckiest daughter in all the world.

I love you!


      he’s been laying on the couch all day, the most he’s done is walk from his bedroom to the living room, and then from the living room to the bathroom. the boy’s lacking motivation, and to compensate for that he… well— he hasn’t done much. he called off work, and cancelled breakfast with his mom. james finished both of those tasks around nine in the morning, and for the past twelve hours all he’s really done is watch ‘friends’ on netflix as he’s curled up under a blanket. it takes the brunette a movement or two before he registers where the knocking noise comes from, and even then all he does is move his head to look at the door. waiting until there’s another knock, he yells towards the door… “ it’s unlocked! “

emmyjanebabe asked:

The bell to the cafe rang as the door opened, letting a cold breeze blow in. A young man that looked surprisingly a lot like Emmee walked in, he glanced around and walked up to the counter. "Excuse me I'm looking for a woman named 'Emmee'?"

Indigo placed an empty tray on the counter and sighed. She was relieved that it had been a pretty mellow day at the cafe, but she still hadn’t managed to shake off the little bouts of work anxiety she got from time to time. She was glad she at least had a good friend working with her. 


“Oh welcome!” She replied at the sound of the door bell. She lifted her head to see a young man clad in blues and yellows, his hair a fiery scarlet that was amplified with the strong white light streaming in from outside. Indigo didn’t recognize this man, but she was used to newcomers and travelers stopping by every once in a while. 

“You’re looking for Emmee?” Admittedly she was a little startled by the sudden inquiry, so much so that she headed into the back searching for Emmee, when she realized that she had forgotten that she had left to do a few errands for the afternoon and wouldn’t be back for a little bit. A little embarrassed, but maintaining her customer service smile, she came back by the counter where the stranger waited. 

“Sorry, I forgot that she had to step out for a little bit,” She smiled, though it felt awkward, “If you leave your name, I can get your message to her when she gets back!”

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*You all head in the door. There is a loud slam as it is shut by Gamma.

*Inside, is a very strange place. A bed sits in the right corner of the room, and the opposite wall is covered in bookshelves. The carpet is a dark red, and in the center of the room is a desk.

*On that desk, is a man. Pure white, with little black dots appearing and disappearing over and over again. He looks like static

More Julien Baker UK / EU shows announced!

05/22 Brussels, BE @ Grand Salon De Concert
05/24 Paris, FR @ Supersonic
05/25 London, UK @ St. Pancras Old Church *SOLD OUT*
05/26 London, UK @ The Forge
05/28 Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
05/29 Newcastle, UK @ Head Of Steam
06/01 Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store
06/02-06/03 Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Sound Festival
06/05 Mannheim, DE @ Maifeld Derby
06/06 Munich, DE @ Hauskonzerte
06/07 Frankfurt, DE @ Brotfabrik
06/08 Dortmund, DE @ HEJ Store
06/09 Cologne, DE @ King Georg
06/14 Berlin, DE @ Monarch
06/18 Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Best Kept Secret Festival