The Boy next door p7

Description: Neighbors are suppose to be friendly, but Min Yoongi was far from it. Actually he was the neighbor you wanted to strangle- at least until that night.

Min Yoongi x Smut x badboy Yoongi  x Part 7 x featuring other BTS members x talks of drugs x Smut… x cursing x fighting x Smutty

Smut- *Finally lol~ Angsty kinda ?*

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You shifted in the bed, spreading your arms out only to be feeling empty. Your eyes slowly opening when you felt the other side of the bed empty.

“Yoongi” you sleepily mumbled.

You then grabbed the covers hugging your naked body as you begin to sit all the way up. It was silence in the house which made your worry. Frowning as you walked towards the bedroom door you could hear chatting.

“Yeah, of course I understand” Yoongi said.

You peeked your head out the door, you didn’t see anyone out there so you assumed he was on the phone. That was until you saw a familiar face walk towards Yoongi.

“She’s still here right?” Hoseok asked Yoongi.

“Yeah. Shes sleep, why does that concern you” Yoongi questioned leaning on the wall.

“It doesn’t. I’m just starting to notice you haven’t yourself lately. Having a close relationship with a girl isn’t going to end well” Hoseok implied which made Yoongi tense up.

“Of course I have. You know me Hobi. Girls don’t weaken me!” Yoongi scoffed.

“Your right. But you know having a weak spot is bad for business. So either toughen up or back out” Hoseok replied, putting the powdered powder pack in his pocket.

“Oh and by the way. Next time I come by I expect all of it” he said before closing the door behind him.

You bit inside your lips as you pushed the door open making Yoongis eyes land on you.

“Good morning” you mumbled giving him a smile which he barely returned.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

“Yeah. Just some business. Listen, I’m going to head out in a few, you should go home and take a shower” Yoongi said which came out harsher than he expected it to.

You didn’t know what you were feeling right now. You were confused, and you just thought that maybe Yoongi and you were moving to a whole nother level but perhaps you were wrong. He didn’t seem any different from the Yoongi you knew.

Maybe it was to soon for him and you were just over thinking things. You did need a shower and you did have things to do today so maybe he was right. You nodded walking back into the bedroom to find your scattered clothes and slipping them on.

“Y/N. I didn’t mean it like that” Yoongi said, holding your wrist to stop you from moving.

“No. It’s okay. I get it. Its business. I’ll get out your hair” you waved off trying to hide the hurt in your voice.

You walked towards the door and begin to walk out when Yoongi said something.

“I’ll call you okay” Yoongi said, rubbing his hands through his disheveled hair.

“Don’t. It’s bad for business” you called back continuing your way to your house.

Yoongi heard you slam the door and he slammed his back. 

“Fuck!” he yelled punching the wall.

So many things running through his mind right now. He scoffed to himself as he looked at the blood trickling from his knuckles. He didn’t know what to do, he was angry at himself for just letting you leave like that. He didn’t mean for any of that to come out as harsh as it did.


It had been a few days and after shielding yourself from everyone, you finally was ready to talk to someone and the first person who came to mind was your ex, Jimin.

You weren’t sure why you had called Jimin over, you weren’t sure why you even vented to him the way you did. Him watching you let out small sobs and rubbing your back to tell you it was okay. A part of you knew that Jimin would always keep you safe and seeing him today helped you realize that after your breakup, you needed comforting.

You didn’t need to drink away your problems or slept with anyone, because they would come back worse than before. But as you walked Jimin out, he placed a soft kiss to your forehead and gave you a reassuring hug. 

You decided to text Yoongi, to talk to him. Maybe he had an explanation for what was going on because you were clueless. Maybe you misunderstood him and talking it out would help you understand.

You felt your heart break into small pieces when you saw that he read your messages but failed to reply.

“Asshole” you muttered tossing the phone on the couch.

Of course you didn’t know Yoongi was watching you from his porch. He had just stepped outside from hearing your voice and seeing you with Jimin made jealousy run through his veins. Thoughts of you at that party, dancing with Namjoon and seeing Jimin lead you outside rushed back into his mind. He didn’t know what to do, what to think, and by instinct he thought that maybe he chased you back into the arms of Park Jimin.

He went back inside, slamming the door back and walking towards the nearest wall to punch it as hard as he could. Seeing his phone light up, it was a message from you; but he read the messages not wanting to reply. 

He knew it ! Oh he knew it was coming, you were officially back with your ex and he wasn’t even the slightest happy about it. The first thing he did was text Hoseok and Jin to let them know he would be attending Taehyungs party. He had to find someway to get over this, even though he knew it was all his fault.


Yoongi climbed on the bed, pressing the girls legs open as he began kissing her waist and hips. Yoongi had a lot to drink, but picking up some cute girl at the party to get rid of the thoughts about you? He knew that nothing he did would fix the problem.

No matter how many drinks he had or what he smoked tonight, he thought of you.

She didn’t smell like you nor did she moan like you.

His tongue begin to swirl around her clit making her reach out and pull his hair, moaning his name. He wanted to enjoy this, he wanted to feel the pleasure she felt but he just couldn’t

There wasn’t anything to get him hard, sure the girl was awfully attractive. She had a beautiful smile, nice body and a her voice was sweet but it felt different and he didn’t like it.

“I’m sorry I can’t do this” Yoongi sighed lifting his head up.

“W-wait Yoongi. Where are you going?” the girl asked, pouting and trying to pull him back but he was to fast.

“I have to go. I’ll call you maybe? Bye Mya” he called, before leaving out the door.

“Its Maria” she called back, tightening her grip on the covers that surrounded her nude body.

Yoongi couldn’t let you be with Jimin, he couldn’t do nothing knowing he harbored feelings for you.


You laid on your bed, clicking through the channels on the tv, of course nothing interesting was on. Or maybe it was and Yoongi was so indulged in your mind that everything seemed boring. You checked your phone hoping any text from Yoongi would appear but nothing

Sighing to yourself, knowing that it would be impossible to hear from Yoongi and accepting that this was over ~ whatever it was. You made your way to the bedroom before your phone chimed on the table; a message from Jimin.

Your heart broke when you saw the two pictures of Yoongi and some girl he was with at a party. Seeing how he touched her, seeing his lips on her skin~ it hurt so badly. Feeling tears fall from your cheeks as you looked at the picture over and over again.

Loud banging echoed through your house snapping you from your thoughts. Thinking who it might be as you got up from the couch.

You wiped your cheeks before marching towards the door to open it revealing the devil himself… Min Yoongi.

Hurt filled your mind as you looked him straight in the eye. He didn’t seem like himself, he smelled like liquor. 

“Leave” you hissed, attempting to shut the door but he stopped you by placing his feet in the doorway.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you” Yoongi begged.

“Don’t” you warned backing up, watching as he walked inside your house, towards you..

Holding your hands up in defense as you felt a tear fall. Maybe you were a fool, a fool to believe Yoongi would ever feel the same way about you that you felt for him.

“Y/N. Please don’t be like that” Yoongi sighed, reaching your arm.

“Like what? When I wanted to talk I get left on seen? But when it’s you I have no say” you scoffed, pushing him off you.

“Y/N, I’m sorry” Yoongi said, going to pull you back.

“No. What are you even doing here anyways” you asked, feelings tears fall again.

“I missed you. You have no idea” Yoongi said.

“Oh really? I bet you didn’t miss me when you were at Taehyungs party fucking some random bitch” you yelled.

“Y/N. It’s not like that please let me explain” Yoongi asked, moving closer to you as you backed up more.

“Save it, it’s bad for business remember? Just go” you warned, your eyes watering and drenched from tears.

“Y/N, stop please” Yoongi begged again, not realizing he was inches from your body that was trapped in the corner of a wall.

“I hate you!” you yelled slapping at his chest.

Anger built up from both Jimin and Yoongi, but he didn’t stop you, he let you slap at his chest. Tears abruptly falling from your cheeks, as quiet sobs left your mouth. Your lips quivering with every word. He watched you break down and then he pulled you close to him tightly.

Mumbling for him to let you go, he refused hugging you and trying to heal your open wounds. But it wouldn’t make it better, as much as you loved him on your body you wanted him to leave your house and your life.

“I’ll make it better I promise” Yoongi whispered into your ear as he placed soft kisses under your earlobe.

You didn’t budge, enjoying his kisses but the pain still hurting your heart. You found yourself being carried to the bedroom, Yoongis arms around your waist and you hesitantly held onto him not to fall. 

Laying you on the bed as he hovered over you to kiss your dry lips.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me Y/N.”

Yoongis tongue entered your mouth, not kissing him back but letting him kiss you as you laid there. Your chest huffing up and down as your core throbbed. His lips trailed down to your neck, as his fingers slid up your bare thighs, slowly rubbing your clothes heat.

Moans and cries left your mouth as you could feel Yoongis bulge rubbing against you. Slowly grinding onto him, earning a muffled moan as he continued to suck your now purpled flesh.

“She doesn’t smell like you either.”

His finger slipped into your wet folds, your back arching as you bit your lip. Small muffled moans leaving your lips as you rocked onto his fingers.

“Her moans dont even sound as beautiful as yours.”

You could hear the shifting of his clothes and the zipper of his pants as he stripped. Knowing this was it, knowing that after tonight everything changes. You wanted this so badly, your core ached for more than just his fingers.

But you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t go all the way. Pushing Yoongi off you as you sat up on the edge of the bed, holding your hands to your face.

“Get out please” you cursed under your breath, knowing he could hear you.

“I didn’t fuck her Y/N. I just couldn’t” Yoongi started, placing a strand of hair behind your ear.

Flinching from his touch, you stared at the wall, unable to look at him. You weren’t sure if you even believed him. Yoongi didn’t do relationships, so you meant nothing to him.

“Why should I believe you?” you asked, turning to face his frowning face.

“Because you're changing me Y/N” Yoongi said softly.

“That’s a load of shit” you scoffed, climbing off the bed before Yoongi was pulling you back.

Positioning himself between your legs again as he pinned your hands over your head.

“You think you're the only person who can be pissed off?” Yoongi asked looking deep into your eyes.

Your heart beated faster as you felt your underwear sticking to you again. His gaze grew deeper and his grip was tighter.

“You think that seeing you with Jimin and Namjoon doesn’t make me fucking jealous? Oh you have no idea Jagi” Yoongi hissed into your ear, setting your cheeks on fire.

His teeth grazed over your skin, and taking your lip between his teeth harshly before releasing it. You moaned, not expecting it to come out as loud as it did.

“You have no idea how I feel about you”Yoongis eyes stared into yours as he thrusted into you.

Another loud moan leaving your lips as you adjusting to this new feeling. It had been so long since you were filled up to the brim and damn it felt good.

“Yoongi” you moaned, your nails digging into your skin.

“This feels good sweetheart doesn’t it?” Yoongi asked you as his thrusts got deeper.

“Fuck. Yes. Yoongi” you screamed, bucking your hips to meet his.

“Jimin or Namjoon could never give you this much pleasure” Yoongi taunted from above you as he started to thrust faster into your wet heat.

“And fuck, you feel so fucking good. Its all for me right?” Yoongi asked as he lowered his head to kiss your lips.

“Yes” you moaned into his mouth.

Feelings your walls clench around his member made Yoongi stiffen a moan as he continued pumping vigorously and deep inside of you.

“Thats right, come for me Jagi” Yoongi breathed.

Screaming and moaning as loud as you could as you felt your climax spread over your body. Toes curling and thighs shaking as you released your warm liquid on Yoongis member. Seconds later, Yoongi came with you, kissing you as he released his seed into you.

Breathing heavily as your eyelids slowly closed, Yoongi let go off your hands and getting up to fetch a towel to wipe you up. When he came back, you were already fast to sleep, and he took a minute to stare at you before cleaning you up.

He climbed into the bed with you, pulling you close to him as his chin tucked on your shoulders. He placed a small kiss to your ear , closing his eyes and joining you in your slumber.


Ughhh !! This chapter took me forever to write. But the smut??? The arguments hehehe. I hope you guys loved it ! ^^

Fever went down and I’m going to my GP but naturally in the middle of the night when I went to grab Tylenol I based my head on the open hallway closet door and have a lump on my forehead. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.

Warning killer keemstar smut

As I took a hold of his big gnome dick, I looked it right in the face and said. “Let’s get rooight into the news!” I looked up him and he smiled that most glorious smile. I knew it was time to take his big vainy woodworked dick inside me. He pumps in and out leaving splinters in my vagina, he’s about to reach his climax. And screams “wat r thoose!?!” And cums inside of you. Turns out he has to go film another drama alert right now, so he gets dressed and heads out the door. Leaving you bleeding to death from all the splinters, but it was fine. It was all for killer King keemstar. All for him. As you smiled your last smile.

Speeding Cars

This goes off of Overflow PT 3, a little Cal and Daph bonus.

The song Daph is singing in the beginning

“Daddy?” The whisper was swift, a secret gust of wind in the middle of the night. Little Daphne Hood, just a week and a half into three, popped her whole head out the door and caught her Dad’s attention. It was as if she was waiting for his footsteps, broken and tired from working all day and dodging calls from just about everyone, she was so quick that Calum only saw her small ball of a face for a moment before she was just one mess of curly brown hair then gone.

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Rolled another 9- but since that’s a repeat of the last roll, I decided to do a 1 (since I realized AFTER the fact that I can’t roll a 1 with two dice. Nice thinking this through, B.) So, anyways, here have some First Person embarrassment. 

I want to die.

These are the first words that run through my head as the front door creaks open.

As I make eye contact with the person standing in my dorm’s doorway, two things occur to me.

It’s not my roommate or her boyfriend. Thank God.

It’s not the pizza delivery man. Thank God.

Then, a third thing occurs to me and it’s here where I decide that yes, in fact, I really do want nothing more than for the earth to open up and swallow me whole.

It’s a man in his mid forties, and his attention goes straight to the television screen where two very naked, very acrobatic people, are in the middle of sexaul congress.


I’m watching porn.

Before you get up on your high horse, I want to take a minute and explain.

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I Chose You... - 4 (James T. Kirk/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Originally posted by limmerdeen

As soon as the doors to the lift open Kirk was running down the hall to the cargo bay. Spock was calling after him but he paid him no mind.

“Captain!” Spock finally caught his arm. Kirk gave him a look that would normally put a man in the grave, but not this Vulcan, “While I understand haste, we must proceed with caution. As far as Y/N, knows she’s alone and Uhura has informed her as much.”

“Spock…let go of my arm.” Kirk told him ice in his tone.

His first officer complied, “I’m merely trying to keep everyone safe, Captain.”

Kirk sighed walking again, “I know…I just can’t lose her like this…”

Spock tilted his head a little raising his phaser as the approached the doors. Kirk nodded for him to open the doors. As he hit the button he was met with the access denied ping.

Kirk looked at him, “Open the door.”

“I am trying.” He told him looking at the key panel.

“Spock.” He stepped up to the small window that peered inside. He couldn’t see you, “Spock!”

“James!” You showed up in the window looking at him. Terror was in your eyes, “I can’t open the door!”

“Just hold on.” He told you putting his hand on the glass, “I’m gonna get you out of there.”

“James…” You whimpered.

“You’re gonna be fine…just fine…just…” He looked past you as the shadows forming in the corners of the room, “hold on…Spock!”

“I’m tryin-”

“Oh my god…James…” He looked back to you looking back at what he saw.

“Y/N, look at me.” You looked at him tears in your eyes. It broke his heart, “You’re strong…I’m gonna find you.”

You looked at him tearing up and practically clawing at the window, “I know you will…”

“Just keep looking at me.” He could see the three figures getting closer out of his peripheral, “I’m gonna find you…I’m sorry…”

“James…” You touched the window where his face was. You could hear the scarping noise again. Your lip began to quiver, “James…”


“I’m sorry Captain.”

“James…” You cried shutting your eyes feeling something reaching up your legs.

“I’m gonna find you.” He told you pounding at the door the shaded figures looking were so close but hard to make out, “Y/N, I’m gonna find you!”

“James!” You looked at him as it felt like liquid encasing you.

“Y/N!” He could only watch as you were engulfed. Everything was frozen for a moment followed by a bright light, then you gone. Kirk stood there looking at the empty cargo bay.

Spock stared at him not knowing what to do for him. The ping of access granted sounded a few seconds later, “Captain…”

“I need you to find her…” Kirk told him, “Whatever it takes…”

Spock stared at him a moment longer before nodding. He walked past him tapping his comm badge giving orders to the bridge.

Kirk stood there looking at the space you were standing only moment ago as a tear slid down his cheek. His heart was far far away from here…and he felt cold.

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The doorbell rang as outside patiently waiting stood Lilly and Sam as both awaited for their lover to answer.

Alice was getting ready for bed when she heard her door bell, she tilts her head confused but she puts on a rope and goes to the door to answer it. She opens the door and blushed lightly as she saw Sam and Lily. “Sam, Lily? what are you guys doing here, it’s late. Is everything okay?” She asked.

Side 2: This Will All Seem Funny

Some day we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny

—Bruce Springsteen, “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)”

Rarely will I listen to one side of a record and not the other. I would regularly listen to side two of The Wild the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle. During high school, I went to a youth group meeting every Wednesday night. After I discovered Wild, there was rarely a Wednesday when I wouldn’t listen to side two of that album on my way to that group. I had made a cassette tape of the vinyl record, so, as part of my ritual preparation, I would take out the tape, slip it into my ever-more-beat-up Walkman, and cue up side two. Both sides of the album fit on one side of the tape, so this was usually a 2 or 3 minute process. Once I knew I had the tape all set, I would head out the door.

There were three parts to my walk and during each one, if I got my timing just right, I would be listening to a different song. I would set out on Gunderson Avenue, the first piano and strings notes of “Incident on 57th Street” playing softly. Just when Springsteen was telling me about Spanish Johnny’s bruised arms and broken rhythm, I would turn left on Jackson then right on Scoville, passing my favorite church. While, in the song, the pimps swung their axes, I was making my left turn on Madison. And by the time I had gone right on East, Springsteen would be singing, “Goodnight, it’s allllllllright, Jane/I’ll meet you tomorrow night on lover’s lane” and the piano outro was about to begin. On nights when everything was just right, I would find myself waiting for the walk signal at the corner of East and Washington as the jangling guitar intro to “Rosalita” took over from the lilting piano at the end of “Incident.”

“Rosalita” would play the whole time I walked along Washington Ave. I would sing along. Loudly. I didn’t care that it was one of the busiest streets I would walk on that night. That song is an undeniable thrill and I dare YOU not to sing along no matter where you are when it starts playing. When the breakdown came in the middle of the song and the band hit BOMP BOMP, I was almost always at the corner of Washington and Oak Park Avenue. The dance moves I pioneered at that busy intersection, willfully oblivious to the passing traffic, were enough to make Nijinsky jealous and Baryshnikov sit up and take notice.

To keep to my desired schedule, I had to walk fast through part one and part two of my trip. If I kept pace, I would be at the corner of Washington and Kenilworth as the last strains of “Rosalita” faded. At that point, I would slow to the approximate speed of a somnambulant sloth, inching my way forward as the opening bars of “New York City Serenade” played. The nine minute epic that closes out Wild was actually a truncated concoction consisting of bits and pieces of several longer numbers in regular rotation at the time in Springsteen’s live shows. The resulting musical shifts and lyrical leaps did not make the song feel cohesive, but the pervasive mood it evoked of a fond farewell and emotional release were undeniable throughout. It was Springsteen’s long goodbye to his young life.

I am not sure what about side two of Wild spoke to me so strongly. The subject matter did not have a unique resonance. I was not transitioning into a new stage of life, or, any more than usual, yearning for escape or new possibilities. I think what I responded to was the open-hearted quality of the music and lyrics: the willingness to lay bare emotion, and make difficult questions plain. “Incident” and even more so “Serenade” are melancholy songs that paint a romantic vision.

Springsteen, when discussing the album, usually returns to “Rosalita.” This song more than any other, pointed the way to where he was going as a storyteller. He singles out the line quoted at the top of this post, “Some day will look back on this and it will all seem funny.” He stresses that it will all seem funny. Not that it will all be funny. The hardship and struggle are real. There is an undeniable heroes journey to maturity, however, eventually, a time for reflection will come, and in the reflecting, the concerns of one’s youth can seem funny. There is a reason “Rosalita” closed Springsteen’s shows for 12 years after it was released on record (and still occasionally does today). Springsteen was not about to back away from his romantic vision, but again, he was opening his world beyond New York and New Jersey and the night life scenes that he sang about on Greetings and Wild. Even the possibility of being in a place to look back on his young life meant that Springsteen’s vision was growing larger. He was ready to break out.

Professor Sid

I wrote this quick one shot based on @astridapples AU where the suitors are faculty at an all girls school. Sorry if it’s poorly written lol I’m at work at the moment

Adult Content

I was sitting outside with a group of girls, when we heard the loud pipes of a motorcycle,

“It’s Professor Sid” one of the girls squealed.

We all stopped and stared as he pulled up wearing his black leather jacket, he pulled his helmet off, leaving his blue hair a ruffled mess. My heart began to beat uncontrollably. Our eyes met as he walked towards us.


I nodded my head,

“I need to speak with you in my office.”


I could barely breathe much less get a sentence out. I followed behind Sid with my head down, what could he want? He opened the door to his office and beckoned me to enter, I stepped inside, and he quietly closed the door locking it as he did. He threw his helmet on the nearby sofa,

“So Adra, I need to discuss something with you.”

He towered over me, looking down at me with his dark blue eyes. I could feel my heart beat out of my chest. He picked up a strand of my hair twirling it in his fingers, a devilish smile formed on his face.

“What did you want to discuss?”

He bent down and whispered in my ear, his hot breath against my skin

“I’ve noticed you undressing me with your eyes in class.”

“Um-no, I uh.”

He smirked and placed his hot lips against my neck,

“Ah, Professor.”

His skillful fingers loosen the tie of my uniform, unbuttoning the top of my shirt. His kisses trailed down my neck and to my breasts. I wrapped my arms around his neck running my fingers through his hair.

“Mmm, you taste sweet.”

He lifted my leg and wrapped it around his waist, while he left his mark on my breast, his hand slowly moved up my leg,


His mouth covered my lips muffling my moans; I pushed myself into him feeling his growing member beneath me. The clock tower rang in the distance, pulling away he clicked his tongue.

“What timing, we will finish this after class.”

I quickly buttoned my shirt and we walked to class together. Every time our eyes met my face burned. I looked down at my book and smiled to myself,

“I think I could enjoy being a teacher’s pet.”

I’ll Take Care of You

Author’s Note: freaking anon had to wait almost a fucking year for my lazy ass fml. 

Warning: Fluff

Word Count: 554

     Today you woke up welcomed by a runny nose and sore throat. Your eyes were itchy and you simply didn’t even want to get out of bed. You were over at Hongbin’s (your boyfriend) house today since he agreed to take care of you until you were fully recovered. Although he didn’t really know what to do, he did what he could. Sometimes it was amusing to see how worried he would get over such trivial things. 

     He had tucked you in with the comfiest sheets he could find, it was almost overwhelming. Even the nightstand was filled with all kinds of snacks that you could choose from. You were pretty sure that chocolate and sugar coated sweets weren’t helping your upset stomach, its the thought that counts right? Nevertheless, he made you smile.

     The door creaked and you saw a head pop through the crack.”Are up yet, sleeping beauty? I made some breakfast for both of us.” Hongbin sneaked onto the other side of the bed and put the tray on his lap. He made waffles for you and pancakes for himself since you always told him waffles were just a better version of them. It looked and smelled really good, just looking at them made your stomach growl. ‘Did you actually make this?” You asked, sitting up on the bed.

    “Of course I did!” He said, beginning to cut them into smaller pieces to make them easier for you to eat.”What makes you think I didn’t?” He looked at you with a little smirk.

   “Well there was that one time you almost burned down the house trying to make ramen” you stated. 

    “You can never let things go can you?” He laughed. “Ok open wide here comes the airplane” He motioned the food towards you and put his hand under to make sure it doesn’t fall. 

   “Hongbin I can feed myself” you said, reaching out to grab the fork.

    He pouted and pulled it away. “Let me take care of you.” 

    You couldn’t help but give in to his cuteness. “Fine.” Every time he acted like this in front of you it made you externally cringe but your heart felt at ease knowing your boyfriend is the best and you couldn’t ask for anyone better.

     Hongbin gave you a big smile and continued to feed you until you were completely full and content. It was a time full of giggles as he would intentionally miss your mouth just to see your reaction. You would get “mad”  at his little acts and would push him away to feed yourself but he kept stealing the fork from you. Because of his height, it was a battle you couldn’t win. Sometimes you just wanted to rip the sly dimples off his cheek.

     All of that food and messing around made you sleepy causing your eyelids to get heavier and heavier until you couldn’t help but fall asleep on his shoulder. 

     He looked to his side and smirked at the sight, placing a kiss on the top of your head and whispering in your ear “Goodnight Jagiya.” He continued to run his hands through your hair until he too, fell asleep. Your head on his chest and his arms wrapped around you, keeping you close to protect you from any disturbance. It was an uttermost bliss. 


Demi sighed as she started making her way towards the room Nick was staying at. Thankfully their chats were usually playful, but she had ever intention of smacking him upside his head for being a wise ass. Demi reached the door knocking on it, “It’s me. Let me into the man cave!”

Euterpe ran down the corridors, breathing heavy as she slammed the door to Persephone’s room shut. Hera was on the warpath today after news had spread that Zeus had been at a dhampir club the night before, and no guardian seemed safe from her wrath- especially not a petite blonde who had already overstepped. 

Knocking her head lightly against the closed door, Euterpe looked over at her friend with a reluctant smile. “And how is your day going?”

Random Jahn Laurens x Reader

Sorry this isn’t any of the requests that I’m supposed to be working on but I was in the Sin Bin chat and idk I wanted to write a Hamilton imagine so… Yeah. Thanks to my son John for the idea (I made it modern though whoops). Enjoy!
(This is trash, this is absolut trash but I’m posting it anyway)

“Is he alright? What happened?” Hercules asked as he and a very worried Lafayette rushed towards Alexander.
“Laurens is fine, no worries.”
“No worries?! The man was shot!” Lafayette exclaimed.
“He’s alright Laf, they got the bullet out, he’ll be fine. They’ve got him all hopped up on drugs apparently to help with the pain though.”
The door to the hospital room was pulled open and the you, the doctor in charge of taking care of John, poked your head ot the door.
“You three can come in now but he’s still pretty out of it.”
They quickly followed you into the room. John had a dopey smile on his face and looked as high as a kite.
“My friend are here! Guuyyys they pulled a bullet out of my stomach! Look!” He started sitting up to show his bandaged torso to his friends but you quickly rushed to his side and layed him back down.
“You can’t sit up John, remember? You don’t want to reopen the wound.” He nodded and his smile grew even bigger as you went to the other side of the room to continue doing the paperwork you’d been working on.
He motioned for his three friends to come closer and ‘whispered’ very loudly to them.
“That’s my doctor, ain’t she beautiful? I think she likes me, she keeps touching me.” Alex, Hercules, and Laf all tried to hold their laughs in, identical smirks on their faces, and glanced over to where you were smiling to yourself.
“We went over this John, I’m just checking your bandages.” You said, keeping your eyes on your work.
“That’s what she keeps saying but I think it’s an excuse.”
suddenly John hissed in pain and clutched his side where his bullet wound was. You rushed over and moved his hand, once again laying him back down.
“The drugs must be wearing off, he’ll be back to normal pretty soon but he’ll be in pain.” You explained. While your attention was directed towards the other three, John had picked up some of your hair and started playing with it.
“Will you marry me?” he asked suddenly. Hercules couldn’t help but laughing this time and covered his mouth with his hand.
“Excuse me?”
“Will you marry me?” he asked. Both the tone of his voice and the look on his face were as innocent as a child. “You’re smart and pretty and you take good care of me. Let’s get married.”
Your cheeks heated up at the compliments. You cleared your throat and stood up, mumbling something about another patient before leaving the room.
“Noooo.” John mumbled softly.
“She’ll be back John, don’t worry. And as soon as you check out of this hospital you’re getting her number.” Alex said, seeing how sad his friend looked.
“Pinky swear?” He asked, holding up his pinky.
Alex rolled his eyes but wrapped his pinky around John’s anyway to humor him.
“Yes, pinky swear.”
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@nerds-and-nebulae prompted from here: Your best friend made a deal with the devil and exchanged their soul in return for the safe knowledge that you’ll never be able to leave then or grow apart from them. You found out and even though you’re pissed at them, the deal is still in effect.

“Phil!” Dan’s scream was loud and unexpected. “Whatever the hell you’ve done, get in here now!”

“Done?” Phil peeked his head around the bathroom door, nibbling on his lower lip. “I haven’t done anything.”

Dan looked about ready to explode.

This,” Dan hissed, gesturing to himself in the mirror, “This is not nothing, Phil!! Why is there a satan mark on my neck?!”

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prompt 14 for kakashi, obito, and/or shikamaru?


“Open the door,” Kakashi begged.

“Not until you apologise,” you called through the door adamantly.

You heard his loud sigh through the wood. “Just let me explain what happened, please.”

Explain? You don’t deserve the chance to explain,” you hissed. “I saw what happened, Kakashi. You kissed her.”

“Y/N, listen, it was just a mistake-”

“Damn right it was a mistake,” you cut him off with a harsh laugh.

“I’m begging you, if it’s the last thing you do for me, please let me explain.” Kakashi’s voice sounded hopeless and you could tell he was on the edge of tears.

You heard his desperation, and pulled the door open roughly.


You sat on the floor or your apartment, your back leaning on the front door, and your head in your hands. You had just made what felt like the worst mistake of your life. You were at the park with your best friend, Obito, and had blurted that you had feelings for him. Seeing the look of shock on Obito’s face, you had ran off in a panic, retreating home like a coward.

You heard a knock on your door. “Y/N?” Obito’s voice came.

You didn’t want to say anything, you wanted to sit in silence until he left. But you knew Obito wouldn’t give up so easily. “I’m sorry, Obito. I shouldn’t have said anything,” you apologised quietly.

“Open the door,” he said softly.


“Open it.”

Reluctantly, you stood up and did as he asked, swinging the door open. You looked at the ground, at the walls, anywhere that wasn’t your best friend’s face.

“Y/N. Look at me,” he said. You raised your eyes to meet his, and he was gazing at you with a strange look in his eye. He stepped forward an inch, placing his hand on your cheek. He wasn’t going to… was he? You froze. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.

He rested his forehead against yours. “I like you too, idiot,” Obito said with a quiet laugh. All was okay.


You wiped your mouth on your sleeve, breathing heavily. You had just suffered from a bout of morning sickness, although luckily your boyfriend Shikamaru hadn’t woken up yet. You hadn’t told him the news yet, and you were dreading it; you were sure he wasn’t ready to have a child with you.

Just as you were praying you hadn’t woken him, Shikamaru tapped lightly on the door. “Hey, Y/N? Open the door.”

You braced yourself before pressing down on the door handle and pulling. Shikamaru was stood in front of you, a small smile resting on his lips. “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”

You had suspected he’d figured it out, but even so his assumption took you by surprise. “H-How did you know?” you asked.

He chuckled softly. “I’m not an idiot, Y/N.”

You took a deep breath, not meeting his eyes. “We don’t have to keep it if you don’t want, Shikamaru.”

“Are you kidding me? That’s our baby in there. I love them already,” Shikamaru said.

“Really?” you gasped. He nodded. You hurled your arms around his neck. “I love you, Shikamaru.”

“I love you too, Y/N,” he said, and you heard the smile in his voice.

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Prompt 3: Finished.

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Person A fall asleep studying and Person B picking her up and tucking them into bed and she start to sleep talk ;)

Done and done!

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It was dark and quiet in the Sato mansion. All the servants were gone for the day when Avatar Korra arrived at the estate. It was late. Far past midnight when she flew into the bedroom she shared with her girlfriend, Asami.

She frowned when she didn’t saw her in bed. The sheets were folded to perfection and didn’t show any sign that anyone had laid on them. She decided to check the rest of the house in search for the engineer.

She had passed several doors when she noticed faint light that shone from under one of the doors. Even though it was dark, Korra knew which door it was. It was Asami’s office. She shook her head but smiled. Opening the door ever so carefully, in case that her girlfriend was still busy.

What she found warmed her heart and she smiled. She walked over to the big wooden desk and placed a warm hand on Asami’s back. The pale beauty was hunched over her desk and sleeping on her crossed arms.

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Doctor x Rose #22 please

22. “Do you have to swear so much?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Rose, honestly, do you have to swear so much?” the Doctor asks, poking his head in through the door to her room. Rose whirls around, and the Doctor takes a step back. 

Rose deflates. The Doctor notices then that she is leaning against her dresser, one foot dangling above the ground. 

“Stubbed my toe,” she says, in answer to his questioning look. 

“Are you okay?” The Doctor asks, stepping back into her room, and moving swiftly to her side. “Would you like me to take a look at it?” 

“Naw,” Rose answers, “it’s fine, just smarts a little.” 

“I could kiss it better?” 

“No,” Rose says, laughing, “it’s fine now. Could do with a cuppa though, if you’re feeling like you need to fuss.” 

The Doctor shakes his head, but Rose looks up at him, and there was never any hope that the answer would be anything other than yes. 

“One cuppa, coming right up,” he says, and turns to go. Before he can get more than a step away, she reaches out, and takes his hand. 

“Better with two I think,” she says and he couldn’t agree more. 

It had been five months since Bruce Wayne had last stepped into a bank.

The doors shut behind him with a loud clang. From far away, he heard a thump as a vault door closed. The room fell silent, every head turning in his direction. His footsteps echoed as he strode to the end of the line. Slowly, very slowly, conversation resumed. People were talking in loud whispers, still staring at him.

The immediate space around him was clear, people stepping back as he passed. His skin prickled, the sound of sobbing somewhere off to his left. The air was stagnant and cold and there were footsteps circling around him. The line moved.

Muffled whimpers sounded in his ears and there was the ghostly sensation of skin on his, hands sliding down his body to caress his hips.

“Next” one of the tellers called and the line moved.

The room grew colder with each passing second and the smell of stale paper invaded his nose.  There were whispers in his ears, words he couldn’t make out. His own voice was moaning.

The line moved; he moved with it, the world slipping away each step.  Time cracked and when he blinked, he was in another room, sitting on cold tile, phone ringing at his feet.


Clark’s voice was on the other end. He’d thought he’d meant to dial Alfred.

“Bruce?” Clark’s voice sounded sharper, more focused.

“Clark” he gasped, forcing the words out. His throat hurt, the taste of foreign fluid in his mouth.  He swallowed,  bile trying to come back up.

“Bruce” Clark said again “Where-Never mind, I have you.”

There was the sound of a faint boom across the line, the bathroom door was opening and Clark was sliding inside.

He made his way over to Bruce, taking slow, careful steps before crouching down and turning off the phone.

“Hey” he said.

“Hi” Bruce croaked, feeling black fog reaching up to swallow him down. He dug his nails into his palms, pressure slicing through the stale paper smell that stabbed at the back of his throat and dug into his lungs.

“What are you doing here?” Clark shifted to sit beside him, close enough for Bruce to feel his warmth. Bruce shifted a little further away.

He swallowed, closing his eyes and inhaling.

“I had some bank work” he said, voice lapsing into the Bat’s growl. Clark could hear the cracks beneath and he laid his hand down in the space between them.

Bruce looked at it, raised his head to look at him, and after a long moment, let their fingertips touch.

“Alfred had other work to do and everyone else is…” he sighed and thumped his head back against the wall.  

“They’ve been great” he said finally,  "but, I needed to this and

He sucked in a breath, turning to look at Clark.

"Take me home, please

There was nothing more to be spoken and Clark stood, offering Bruce a hand up.  Bruce took it, hand loosely slipping into Clark’s and Clark had to tighten his grip with an apologetic frown.

“I don’t want to drop you.”

Bruce nodded, fingers shaking. Clark helped him out the window and together they lifted off into the sky.

Yongguk looks around for his lost shoe that he swears one the little ones took off with. Little lily not that far behind him when he goes to also check in his room. Her soft babbles can be hear making yongguk to smile then turn to her" you know where it is… Don’t you?“ She giggles and he scoops her up and tosses her a bit in the air, getting a small giggle out of her. The buns popping head around the corner of the door. ” you find it yet appa?“ ” noooo~ do you guys know where it is?“ They giggle then run off” yah you little turkeys get back here"