REQUESTED: the warmth of the heart //  bokura ga ita!au // park woojin

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ficstyle: bulletpoints // one-shot

summary:  anon asked: “woojin fluffy scenario on winter please? :) thanks!” btw also inspired by Bokura Ga Ita (anime)

note: if woojin isn’t your bias-wrecker; well here we go 

  • it was snowing outside
  • the tips of your fingers were turning red as you were waiting for Woojin to finish practice
  • you didn’t want to walk inside; since you’d be disturbing the dance crew with practice
  • so you waited outside
  • you heard the door open from behind you
  • you saw Woojin’s crew leader Daniel peek his head out of the glass door
  • Woojin pushed through Daniel to get to you
  • his face was red; probably from dance practice
  • “sorry for the wait~”
  • by the time, he got outside, it had stop snowing
  • he grabbed your hands and breathed his hot air into them as he rubbed them together
  • from the outside, it would seem that you and Woojin were dating
  • but you weren’t
  • to you, it was a one-sided love story with your best friend
  • Woojin was that kind of guy; pretty touchy with close friends
  • you believed that you weren’t anything other than his friend
  • every chance you got to be with him, you’d be there 
  • he put your hands in his pocket
  • “so~ where do you wanna go?”
  • “hmm shopping?”
  • “let’s go then~~”
  • you felt weird how he never argued about where to go
  • you didn’t want him to go where you didn’t really want to go
  • at this point. he was holding your hand and making your guys’ way to the shopping centre
  • “we can go wherever you want to go.. if you want..”
  • he turns to look at you with his snaggled-tooth smile
  • “wherever y/n wants to go, I’ll take her there~”
  • you guys went into a jewelry shop where his cousin worked
  • “I don’t think I can afford anything in here…”
  • “Woojin-ah~ who’s your beautiful friend? a girlfriend?”
  • you looked up to see a beautiful clerk
  • your jaw slightly opened by her beauty
  • “don’t be fooled, she’s a he, that’s my cousin”
  • your jaw literally fell to the ground
  • “Woojin! I don’t want you to scare away my customers!!”
  • “regardless!!…. I.. still think you are a beautiful person..”
  • your thoughts were spoken and you couldn’t take any of it back
  • “if I wasn’t dressed as a girl, I’d swoop you up by now”
  • Woojin stepped in front of you 
  • “y/n? don’t take what he has to say into consideration. he’s just a weird cross-dressing dude. how about you just take a look around? don’t worry about the pricing!”
  • you nodded and hid your embarrassment with your faux fur hood from your parka
  • “oi, whatta think your doing huh?”
  • Woojin pulled your cousin into a headlock
  • “stop that! you’re gonna make my wig fall off” 
  • Woojin let go, his cousin was fixing his attire
  • “if you stall with a cute and innocent girl like that you’re gonna lose her ya know”
  • Woojin’s face got red
  • “ju-just mind your own business and help me out here”
  • his cousin smiled and walked on over to you
  • you were looking at a small arrays of couple rings
  • “who’s the special guy?” 
  • Woojin’s cousin towered over you
  • you were taken back
  • “o-oh. I-I was just looking”
  • before you scurried away, he/she pulled them out
  • “honestly, I think this one would suit you a lot! you don’t have to get the set~”
  • he pulled out a thin, slightly rose gold band that had a sun on it
  • you looked at its set and saw a thin sliver band with a moon
  • he slipped the ring on your index finger (you indicated that you wore rings on your index finger)
  • “see? looks good!”
  • you saw its price! $$$ it was more than a years worth of allowances
  • “it’s alright.. I’m just window-shopping today..”
  • you bumped into Woojin 
  • “i’ll be in the restroom..”
  • you walked as fast as you could out of there, trying not to be obvious that you really wanted that set
  • his cousin read through you like glass
  • “she really likes this set, who do you think she had in mind when she looked at it?~”
  • Woojin ignored him
  • “can I get it from you and pay you later??”
  • “EXCUS-”
  • “i’ll buy you a new wig”
  • “make sure it’s not synthetic”
  • his cousin wrapped the rings up and Woojin dashed out the doors with them
  • at the same time you walked out of the restroom
  • “are you hungry?”
  • Woojin was always taking care of you
  • he probably saw you as his little sister if anything
  • “sure, but only if we can get what you want”
  • you felt bad for going places where he didn’t want to go
  • “hmm… let’s get some hot chocolate then!”
  • you waited for him to get the hot chocolates so you sat at the little round tables in the plaza
  • “y/n from class 2-A isn’t it?”
  • you saw some boys from school approached you
  • completely blocking your view of Woojin
  • “why are you here all by yourself?” one of them asked as they sat down next to you
  • you scooted away clearly uninterested
  • “I’m with Woojin”
  • “but you guys aren’t even dating. last I heard, he was dating some girl from class b”
  • they started to huddle closer to you
  • “c’mon we’ll hav-”
  • you saw Woojin throw the hot chocolates at the guys
  • “leave”
  • with one word, the boys yelped away in pain 
  • “I shouldn’t have you sit here by yourself! it’s all my fault.. I just didn’t want you to wait in line for so long.. did they hurt you?”
  • he battled between apologies and self-blame
  • you held his face to calm him down
  • “Woojin.. I am completely fine”
  • you saw him take a breath
  • “well.. there goes our hot chocolate…”
  • you both turned away from each other for a little bit
  • was it you? or was it getting hot? weird, you guys were in an outdoor plaza…
  • the walk home was quiet 
  • until it started snowing again
  • you didn’t realized Woojin stopped walking next to you 
  • “y/n!?”
  • you turned around you were about 2 feet away from him
  • “yes?” you muffled over your hood
  • he gathered up all the courage he could and walked up to you
  • grabbed each side of your hood
  • and pecked you on the lips
  • he immediately looked down…
  • “I…I couldn’t help it.. you look super adorable with your oversized hood and … stupid me.. who would kiss over that..” 
  • the boy started rambling
  • you were in shock so you just let him ramble on
  • he finally took big breath and yelled
  • he whipped out a white box from his pocket 
  • but poor boy was nervous
  • so it flew into your face
  • “Y/N!”
  • you just started laughing
  • what in the world just happened? mind you this all happened in 1 minute
  • Woojin scurried in the snow to find the box 
  • he hopped up and opened the box
  • you were in shock; it was the set that you were looking at in the jewelry shop
  • “how…”
  • “I purposely led you in there… I.. I wanted to ask you out..I know you’re not a very materialistic person but… I just thought… we could at least match.. I mean… if.. if you’d be my girlf-”
  • at that moment, you grabbed each side of his hood
  • went on your tippy toes
  • and kissed him back
  • his face lit up like Rudolf’s nose
  • “I guess. that just about answered it..”
  • in shock, he fell back into the snow
  • “WOOJIN?!”
  • he pulled you down and you both looked at the snow falling onto the ground
  • “I promised myself that if I saw snow today, that’d I ask you out. that was my sorry-excuse for not asking you out any sooner.. I thought.. you just thought of me as a friend..”
  • “me too… I just thought you just thought of me as a friend…”
  • “I hope you only see me as a boyfriend from now on..”
  • you both looked into each others eyes
  • Woojin was a smiling and blushing mess
  • he wiped a snowflake from your eyelashes to divert his attention on something other than the fact you were looking straight at him
  • you put his hands on your face
  • “thanks for always having warm hands”
  • “hey.. you only like me for my warm hands? my heart is a lot warmer than my hands”
  • he pulled you up from the ground and bear-hugged you tight
  • tight enough to hear his heart dancing as fast as yours 

I just realized I’m one of those walking disaster magnets you see in tv shows.

I’ve had serveral slight concussions, ran face first into rear view mirrors on several occassions, have had melting wax land on my head, broke my toe on a door, and one time I even got shanked by a trashbag. And those are just the memorable ones.

guarding groceries in the kitchen

*hits head on open cupboard door* OUCH! *hits head on another open cupboard door* OUCH!

New Series Sneak Peek!

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a Luke Alvez story (even though I have so many other things I need to write). Most of all, I really want to see what people would think.


“What do you mean he proposed to you? You said he signed up for another tour and just left you!” Your sister shook her head as you closed the door to the kitchenette.

“He did ask me and I didn’t respond well.” You folded your arms. “I was embarrassed, so I let you think he just up and left me.” She stood there, staring daggers at you. “Alex, he signed up because of me. I was just starting my career at the FBI and I…”

“You could’ve married him and had your career! Jamie, you let me hate him all these years.” She looked down at the floor.

“I know, but I was terrified, okay! I saw… I saw our ‘happy’ life flash before my eyes and then, it was gone.” You snapped your fingers.

“Why was it gone?”

“Me. I did something to ruin it.” You kicked at a crumb on the floor.

“Look at me.” She raised your chin. “Don’t turn into Dad, okay? Don’t be an emotionless robot who buries themselves at the bottom of a bottle, because that’s what you’ll do if you keep doing this. You know who took care of him?” You nodded, a tear streaming down your cheek. “Don’t make me do that again. I won’t do it again. You’ll end up alone and I won’t be there to catch you.” You whimpered. “Luke is a good man. One of the best I’ve ever met. He won’t wait around forever and not because he doesn’t love you, but because someone else will come along and see how good he is. He won’t love her like he loves you, but he’ll try. You’ll be the one that got away. Don’t do that to him and don’t do that to yourself. Go tell him how you feel before it’s too late.”

You bounded for the door. You saw his bag still on his chair, but didn’t see him. You scanned the office when you heard voices, laughter. You looked up to Prentiss’ office and there he was, standing in her doorway with food. She was smiling and inviting him to sit down.

He was smiling too.

“What happened? What are you doing?”

You slid through the elevator doors just as they were closing. “You were right. I was too late.”

We Beat It

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Pairing: Charlie x reader, Winchesters x sister!Reader
Word count: 2,431
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood, angry!Dean
Challenge: Halloween & 1500 Challenge
Prompt: “You kept your promise. You set me free. Now I can do the same for you.” Corpse Bride and banshee 

“Hey, babe?” You called out, leaning your head out of the bathroom door. Sighing, you licked your lips, calling out again. “CHARLIE!”

Seeing her sleepy face round the corner made you chuckle. Her red hair was a mess, making her that much more beautiful to you. “What, what?” She muttered.

“I forgot a towel…” You said bashfully. “I didn’t want to risk seeing my brothers seeing my naked.” You added, a light pink tint to your cheeks.

She chuckled lightly, shaking your head. “You’re lucky you’re hot. And bendy.” She teased, shuffling over and pecking your lips. “I’ll be right back. And you’re showering with me.” You raised an eyebrow at her. “I was not ready for that wake up call. If you’re going to be yelling me name, I better be the reason why.” She winked.

“I’ll be here.” You winked back, watching her walk away before shutting the door and chuckling to yourself.

Sitting at breakfast, you furrowed your brows for a second, then paled. “What?” Sam asked, cocking his head to the side. “You okay?”

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” You panicked, pulling out your phone, and checking your messages.

“What?!” He asked, more concerned now.

You looked at him, scared. “I’m doing to die soon.” You breathed.

Sam blinked, confused. “Wait, what? No, you’re not.” He shook his head.

Tearing up, you nodded. “In my family, the first born daughter dies the night before her twenty fifth birthday.” You told him. “I turn twenty five in three and a half weeks.”

“I’m so lost.” He told you. You were half siblings, and he hadn’t met you until you were a teenager. Even knowing you all these years, this was news to him. “What about your mom?”

“My mom was the second born daughter.” You told him sadly. When you heard Charlie walk in, you hurriedly wiped your cheeks.

Sam wasn’t letting up, however. “Why haven’t you ever mentioned it before?” He asked, earning an odd look from your girlfriend.

You shrugged, looking down at your coffee. “I didn’t want to believe it. Part of me always knew that it was true, but being the stubborn woman I am…” You sighed, looking up at him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m lost…” Charlie muttered as she sat next to you. Seeing your face, she forgot about her breakfast. “Babe?”

Looking at her, you blinked away tears. “I’m going to die.” You breathed, tears rolling down your cheeks.

She looked at Sam, and then back at you. “No. No, you aren’t.” She shook her head. “Why would you even say that?!” Charlie sounded almost angry.

Licking your lips, you sniffed. “Our family was cursed long ago.” You began, wiping your cheeks. “Obviously not the Winchester side.” You pointed out. “In every family, the first born daughter dies the night before her twenty fifth birthday.” Shaking your head, you felt more tears building. “I-I didn’t want to believe it! Even though I-I saw proof growing up…” Charlie’s anger faded, to worry, and fear. “I’m the first born daughter.” You painfully whispered, looking up at your adoring partner.

Charlie shook her head. “NO!” She protested. “Whatever this is, I won’t let it kill you!” She was angry. Partially at you for withholding this from her for almost three years, partially that she was probably going to lose you, and partially that this was looming over your family!

“Banshee.” You sighed, sniffling again.

“What?” Sam furrowed his brows.

You looked at him. “It’s a banshee.” You informed him.

His hazel eyes went from you, to Charlie, and back. “I’ll be in the library.” He said quickly, standing and taking his coffee with him. There was no way he was losing his little sister to a banshee without a fight.

Putting your face in your hands, you cried. You felt terrible. You put your family in a tough spot, and now they were angry, and in pain. It was all your fault.

Charlie had her hand on your back as she sighed. “I love you, Y/N/N. I’m not giving you up without a fight.” You looked over at her, disbelief in your eyes. “You kept your promise. You set me free. Now I can do the same for you.” She said gently.

You thought back to the first time you’d met Charlie.

Skidding on your knees, you didn’t care that you were likely ruining your jeans. Although, you were slightly aware to the dirt in your boots. Pulling your knife out, you ignored the fear in your veins. There were three people alive that needed you. Three left out of seven. “OVER HERE!” Came a voice from your right as you stood.

Your Y/H/C hair was up in a ponytail, it whipped as you quickly turned towards the voice. There, tied up was a petite redhead. As you neared, you saw the fire in her eyes. “Shhhh.” You urged her, your heart pounding in your chest. “I’m going to get you out of here. I promise.” You gave her a small, yet reassuring, smile.

And you had. Not that simply, and you’d taken your share of a nasty beating…but you’d gotten her out of there. And you’d been together since. Maybe not ‘together-together’, but never far from each other. Until one day, you were hers, and she was yours. “I’m sorry.” You breathed, leaning on her shoulder.

Charlie sighed. “I won’t lie and say that I’m not upset, but what’s more important is saving you.”

Leaning forward, you kissed her lovingly. “Dude. It’s first thing in the morning.” Dean groaned. “Sam is already nose first in a book. I don’t need to see my sister making out with her girlfriend first thing, too.” He yawned, running his hand through his hair. When you pulled away, wiping your nose, he froze. “Whoa, whoa, whoa… No need to get all weepy.” He held his hands up.

“Go on. Eat with Sam, I’ll talk to Dean.” You said softly, terrified at how angry Dean would be.

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