no one’s tagged me on the ‘shuffled 10 songs of a playlist’ yet, so i figured i’d preemptively strike. because i love music.

the moon & serpent grand egyptian theatre of marvels - Alan Moore / David J / Tim Perkins *

going round '97 - Clan of Xymox

wreath of barbs [edit] - :wumpscut:

the haunted palace in 3 acts: denn die totden reiten schnell: Faith & The Muse

zygote the nothing - Tara Vanflower

the fog - Kate Bush

lacrimosa dies illa - Elijah’s Mantle

the drowning - Christian Death

jackie’s strength - Tori Amos

ozymandias II - QNTAL

(* this first one is just over an hour long. a wondrous mix of music/spoken word. poets: if you have not heard it, you’re missing out in a big way. )