For realz

I get ten blogs following me every day that have the hardest core porn you can envision, often right there in their header image. That’s OK with the tumblr people. Animated fisting GIFs: can’t get enough.

But vids of me singing or milking a goat are teh pr0nz and get taken down in milliseconds.

I would literally, actually die from shame if I worked here.

Log 3

Well I needed to get the materials for warp cores, but I needed the recipe for antimatter to start with. Out of this small chore of getting the cores crafted, that was definitively the hardest part.

After I had exited the space station, refreshed and repaired, I figured it’d be smart to set my scanner to look for traces of antimatter and right down on the planet’s surface I picked up signals from a very small abandoned antimatter depot.
I flew in to take a closer look and the entire building was surrounded by these floating machines I’ve come to regard as sentinels. They’re present on pretty much every planet I’ve visited and they haven’t given me any reason to worry yet.

The facility was locked down pretty tight with a large metal door, and there wasn’t any discernible device to operate it. I NEEDED that recipe so I was determined to get inside. I set my multi-tool to it’s bolt mode and started blasting away at the door.

Right as soon as I started to make some real progress, the sentinels began to flash red.
Whatever their deal was, at the moment they were intent on keeping me out of it and started firing on me and I really had no choice but to defend myself.

Of course, defend myself meaning I had to flail around wildly like an idiot, trying to dodge their blasts with my jetpack. A few minutes later and a twisted ankle I managed to dispatch them and continue my work on the door. I could hear more sentinels fast approaching to defend the vault’s contents, but I was able to bust the door open and limp inside before I was accosted. 

There wasn’t any antimatter in the containment units for me to scavenge but there was the blueprint to manufacturing more, which considering the luck I’ve had; crash landing, having my memory and databanks wiped, being attacked immediately after warping… The blueprint was an absolute godsend. 

There was nothing further dramatic about the materials gathering in itself, but this planet was fairly scarce in what I needed and it was proving difficult to find. Luckily there was another in the system that I headed over to.

As I neared the atmosphere of the planet, I had a feeling like a warm, red, static charged blanket was being laid over my mind, and I felt Atlas’ presence. It spoke no words but when the feeling passed and I was entering the atmosphere, I realized I had entered the coordinates for some large alien structure that I had picked up on my scanner. 

It was clear where Atlas wanted me to go, and with him as my only compass I had no real choice but to oblige.
I feel like there should be a part of me that doubts it’s instructions to be honest and truthful but it’s absent, I suppose, like anything else that would make much sense out here.

Signing Out,
Six of Six