No Tyler, thank you.
Thank you for being alive.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for making such an mazing thing happen.
Thank you for making the biggest impact on my life.
Thank you for being loving.
Thank you for saving lives.
Thank you for being unapologetically yourself.
Thank you for being you.

Honeslay (sorry I had to) if I had to pick one thing from this whole night to save in my heart forever it would be the fact that a group of the most loving and amazing people I have ever met have come together to raise $200,000. That’s a lot of money. So just thank you. tyleroakley


This was probably the hardest song in the musical to sing, if my cast is to be believed : )

Alphys - @operaticsheep

Chorus - April-Ann Tass, @baritoneblur, @gentlemanwalrus,@invidebitsunshine, @roxrezi, @thesym, @tenebrismo, @uprisingattorney, YNJM

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For realz

I get ten blogs following me every day that have the hardest core porn you can envision, often right there in their header image. That’s OK with the tumblr people. Animated fisting GIFs: can’t get enough.

But vids of me singing or milking a goat are teh pr0nz and get taken down in milliseconds.

I would literally, actually die from shame if I worked here.

[FANACC][14.05.17] EXO-K recording for Music Core

All of them are trying their hardest to smile today ㅠㅠ

They didn’t wear the jackets when they did the rehearsal. And wearing white suits today!

First take is over!!! Omg. That was so nice x( chanyeol’s and sehun’s shirts kept on riding up and they flashed their tummies

Chanyeol held kyungsoo’s hand and kept on pulling him up but then kyungsoo was like a deadweight so he surprised cy by pulling him down.

And then when kyungsoo pretends to hit him, he ran away. Cy stood behind kyungsoo and tried to follow him around

Kyungsoo didn’t let him off the hook though cause he walked after chanyeol and pushed him backstage where he punched cy’s tummy lmao

The boys are rrally trying their hardest to cheer junmyeon. They made him laugh, play around and made him smile so much.

When junmen was on the top, he told kai to pull down his pants so that his ankle doesnt show and jongin did it. But cy pushed his pants up

Baek kept on asking sehun if his eyeliner looked fine.

At first while they were fooling around with one of the choreographers, everyone was laughing but kyungsoo just laid on the floor lmao

For first rehearsal it was really funny because kyungsoo moved a bit late so he had to literally run here & there like a kid to find his spot

They were watching the monitor carefully after that. And they look so nice ㅠㅠ

They played around for Jongin’s dance part and instead of pressing the numbers on the air, Jongin was like let’s press our hands instead

Chanyeol kept on asking kyungsoo to do his part in this particular move but Kyungsoo was just like /blink blink

Baekhyun kept on coughing too and Junmyeon kept on coughing as well. ;A;

They really played around a lot during the break time. It was really nicr to see.

Chanyeol keeps on massaging his elbow right now ㅠㅠㅠ

They’re hurting now ㅠㅠㅠ chanyeol looked in pain. Jongin was on the ground for a bit and junmen and kyungsoo had to help him up

Baek pressed his stomach ㅠㅠ Then baek just sat on the stairs by my side and he hunched over so staff gave him water and then manager told him to go to the back

Sehun was dancing so powerful that at the end, his shirt that was tucked in, got untucked and he flashed his tummy a couple of times.

Before the take, the choreographer made them do the drumming part again and chanyeol was singing and humming and being the drum beat

Kyungsoo took off his shoe to fix his sock lmao and he was smiling so much and laughing at what chanyeol said to him

When they had nothing to do, Baekhyun and Sehun would be looking at the mirror to fix their hair/check their reflections

Kyungsoo’s hair is down today. Their attire is basically the white version of the black one they had for mcountdown!

On the bright side, Sehun is not wearing any bandages nor hand glove today!

Fanchants are way beyond. Fanstaff was like you guys are doing so great. Please cheer for them more loudly, they’re having a hard time..

She also said she was really touched with the lightsticks and how diligently all of us are doing the fanchants!

Looking at them going the stage earlier was really painful ㅠㅠ jongin pretended he wasn’t hurting the moment he stood up.

Jongin quickly masked the pain with a blank face as he walks off the stage.

Chanyeol and kyungsoo were the first two to go up the stage and they were dancing to oh she wants me And then junmen joined them dancing!

Chanyeol decided to fix kyungsoo’s makeup and kept on touching his face lmao

Then junmen accidentally hit chanyeol and chanyeol pretended to be so offended and hurt & when junmen tried to console him cy pushed himaway

Then the mbc staff decided to film us singing along and then we covered our faces & chanyeol made fun of us by pretending to film us and He laughed and covered his face too!!

The 5 of them went on stage for a bit to fool around and fool around they did. They were so adorable!!

When they were told to say their goodbyes, chanyeol ran to the stairs and was talking to the manager. He said “no kai?? No kai??”

Chanyeol and Baek did jongin’s part and then they also attempted Sehun’s part. Baek did it the best! Lmao he was having so much fun doing it

Junmen did a flying kiss

Couldnt quite hear a lot but baek said please love exo a lot. Chanyeol talked about the concert.

Then when Kyungsoo ran to go down the stairs, he almost slipped x.x

When junmen was talking about things, Baekhyun couldnt stand still and kept on dancing to the hey doctor part.Sehun laughed, told him tostop

And chanyeol pretended to hit him because baekhyun really kept on dancing. It was just too cute.

The recording lasted for an entire hour. When they did the rehearsal, all of them except sehun didn’t wear jackets lmao

And the end, when they were dancing without jongin, Sehun’s shirt keep on flying up so much he flashed his tummy and his back a couple times

Junmen likes taking off his jacket halfway and then he always has this smirk/smile as he walks around the stage And then Junmen also grabbed on to Kyungsoo to make him dance. ;A;

Sehun looked really smiley and full of laughter when he stood at the back and watched Baekhyun dancing to the hey doctor part

Chanyeol’s version of Jongin’s part was cute too. And even kyungsoo did a bit of the hey doctor part! SO ADORABLE ㅠㅠ

When Baek walked down the stage, I waved at him and he smiled before wavinf back ㅠㅠㅠ so adorable!!!

There was a time when chanyeol walked up the stage, he kept on giving hearts to the fans x) and sehun did too!

Junmen said don’t worry and baek & chanyeol told the fans to always support exo k and exo!

Kyungsoo kept on bowing to the fans ㅠㅠㅠ and waving ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Today Kyungsoo was on a roll though. Him and his playful yet strong punches toward the members.

The amount of times Sehun helped Junmyeon by holding his butt ㅋㅋ

When Baekhyun was stretching at the back, to further stretch his muscles and spine? He grabbed his butt and fans screamed lmao

When sehun was about to speak, Junmen said his final goodbye and sehun just laughed as he bowed and they did we are one

Chanyeol kept playing around with Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo’s run after him even backstage of he set LMFAO

When Baekhyun and Kyungsoow ere joking around, Baekhyun playfully told Kyungsoo to get out. And kyungsoo just stared at him lmao

Chanyeol didn’t really have his shirt tucked in so every time he has to dance with his arms up in the air, you can get to see his tummy

Chanyeol was really being playful with junmen today. He kept on pushing Junmen’s pants up showing his milky calf lmao

When the rest of the boys were playing around, Kyungsoo was staring off in to the distance and then he chewed on the top of his lipsㅠㅠ

cre: twitter @over_dyose


They tried hard to be happy… for us

So i think we should be bright and opstimistic for them too

We can do this!

Fun Fact:

Harriet Tubman suffered from narcolepsy. She got it when an early, unsuccessful escape attempt ended with her being beaten to the point of severe head injury. The entire time she was working undercover in hostile territory with a huge price on her head, she suffered random black outs.

so A: she was not only a heroic black woman, but a heroic black disabled woman

and B: possibly the hardest-core badass who ever lived

anonymous asked:

You're not made of stardust galaxy whatever bs, you're make of strawberry lube, pink dildos and lacy panties + a bottomkook bias that would make even the hardest core topkooker question themself 💕 - not so anonymous anon 😎

Wow. Wooooow. No mercy with exposing me are you. What did I expect lol I can’t believe you. Turning something nice and fluffy into this whatever this is. For your information, NEON ORANGE is the to-go color and everybody knows it’s Peaches and Cream (Namjoon voice). Jk jk, I’m kidding. Don’t use this against me. Bottom kook bias and you know it, you’re very familiar with it.

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So i have an art history class in my current semester and had my first day a couple days ago. I ended up thinking "hey I'll just ask Rev how this class went for him- oh wait." I guess its a good thing that I forgot I didn't know you personally? haha

Art history was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever had. Mostly because my teacher was really hard core. I love it and that teacher is one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had.