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Chained Up - Vixx

Hero -Monsta X

A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope

Hello - Tyler Carter

All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran

Kiss You - One Direction

You’re just in a higher place than me - Cha Hakyeon ( Young Wild & Free - B.A.P)

Eyes, Nose, Lips - Eric Nam

Only You - Vixx

Nocturine OP.9 n°2 - Chopin

Drown - Bring Me The Horizon

Emperor’s New Clothers - Panic! At the Disco

Mirotic - TVXQ (!!!!! )

Immortals ( Irrisistible) - Fall Out Boy

Get Out - JYJ

One Call Away - Charlie Puth

Doomed - Bring Me The Horizon

jontargaryenss replied to your postProper endorphin reaction? Yeah, to make you…

YES… you should know i’m tracking the tag “holly reads commentarius” just so i can respond to all of your posts lol

NO, NO, HELP ME I ALMOST SAW A SPOILER YOU JUST POSTED LITERALLY UNDER THIS. AHHH. What should I blacklist? (Not that I don’t love your ramblings..)

Also: what the hell is Lily doing lying about the gossip? I mean, I know it’s pissing of Elisabeth BUT THIS IS BAD TERRITORY.

jontargaryenss replied to your postShe’s staring into his eyes now, and he’s staring back just as strong. In the back of her mind, she thinks this is maddening. All she wants to do is have him. To push him back and take complete control. But there he is, staring back with his black eyes with a smirk teasing at his lips. And they’re whispering to her, not just yet.

omfg IS THIS HUMAN HUGIN?! Holly you’ve inspired others!!!

I HAVE NO IDEA! Black eyes, though! 

jontargaryenss replied to your postjontargaryenss replied to your post: Do you guys…

omg i don’t think i’ve ever read any fics about them… i might have to now to see what your hype is about. idk i always shipped Rose/Scorpius in the new generation.

Oh, Rose/Scorpius is also my OTP (but like.. I think it’s Rose/anyone who’s my OTP to be honest). But I don’t know.. there’s something the whole angsty-cousincest-y thing that smdklsfkldjsfd. At least, in my version of Rose/James.

jontargaryenss replied to your postHolly you’re so freaking talented at writing… im so jealous. the Jugin first kiss story was so compelling!! xoxo ~#1 fan

no Holly im completely serious… i was like on the edge of my seat reading that short story. ;alskdjf STOP IT YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!! i love you too

I mean, obviously this is how I’m going to succeed in life. Not by finishing my Media essay which is due 20% of my grade, oopsies.