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Hey!! Just wondering, what's your favourite Gintoki smile? Or hijikata moment? (Or both)

Here’s one Hijikata moment that I adore, but of course since I have the opportunity I’m going to gush about another one. Because I have too many favorites and can’t ever just truly pick one LOL So another favorite Hijikata moment is:

This one right here. I picked something silly for the other moment, so I’m going serious with this one. I like this moment because he heard something largely significant and he doesn’t try to hide it, he shows what he feels right on his face. He cares enough about Gintoki at this point that once he hears Gintoki tell him something important from his past, it shocks him this much. It’s almost like he can’t believe Gintoki went through something like that and that they can bond over it is both reassuring and bittersweet since neither of them should have been put through such experiences. I love this moment so much, I actually rewatched it recently and it was so good.

As for Gintoki’s smile, that’s a little tougher because I love all of his smiles, especially when they’re genuine and not forced. I’VE BEEN IN A MOOOOOOD SINCE THE SHINSENGUMI CAME BACK SO I’M GOING TO SAY THIS ONE:

It’s easily one of the most pure smiles/laughs Gintoki has ever shared with someone and I can’t get enough of it OTL

Happy OUAT Sunday!

Our favorite show is back! It’s been forever! So how about we do something fun and POSITIVE to pass the time before tonight?! Tell me, what are you MOST excited for this season?

For me, personally, I’m excited to see Belle and Emma’s journeys this season. They are my fave characters and I always like to see them happy. And I’m curious to see how the Regina/EQ dynamic plays out. Will she accept the EQ is a part of her this season?! 

I could only ever dream to meet chris cause let’s face it I wouldn’t last five seconds in the presence of that man.

Jellamy Week: Day 5

Season 3 (just the whole season)

About 3 months has passed in the world of The 100 from the season 2 finale and irradiation of Mt. Weather. A lot has happened in this time. Clarke is still missing, they’ve started making supply runs to Mt. Weather, bringing back necessities and other things such as art. There is supposed peace (but not really) between the Sky People and the grounders. We aren’t here to focus on any of that, though. We’re here to focus on two people. Bellamy Blake and Jasper Jordan. 

Now before I completely get into the Jellamy relationship in season 3, I need to talk exclusively about Jasper and what happened between walking through the gates of Arkadia (then Camp Jaha) and where the show picks up at the beginning of season 3. 

In the two part finale of season 2, Jasper believes that Finn was finally able to get his peace talks. Why else would the grounders have agreed to help them in fighting the mountain? Bellamy doesn’t correct him. He doesn’t tell him the truth, because Finn had been someone Jasper looked up to. I don’t think it was anywhere near the way he looked up to Bellamy, but still he did. For Jasper season 2 ends after he’s failed to save the person he loves and returns home. What happened after that though? Jasper finds out that Fox, the other person we see him verbally promise would be okay, was killed, another person he failed to save. He finds out that Finn had been killed, and not just by anyone, but by Clarke, the same person that made the decision that killed everyone, including Maya, inside Mt. Weather. We still don’t know for sure which station he’s from, but given which one he probably came to Camp Jaha, looking for his parents only to find that they weren’t there. That they were dead or most likely dead. This boy has known almost nothing but pain and death since he fell to the ground. 

Now to get into the season

Bellamy and Jasper and a Challenge to Save Someone Lost

Our first interaction with Bellamy and Jasper is the beginning of 3x01 ‘Wanheda Part 1’ The team is going to Sector 7 to look for Clarke, and Bellamy comes across Monty asking him why he isn’t ready. “I am. He’s not” is Monty’s response, we then see Jasper who is drunk and laying under a piano. The same piano that we see him and Maya at in season 2. The same piano who will later tackle someone at. This isn’t just a piano for Jasper, it’s a piece of Maya. A reminder of her, and I wonder how many times he’s passed out drunk underneath it. How many times he’s chosen to sleep under it rather than in his own bed? Monty asks Bellamy what they should do and Bellamy answers they should leave him this time. Bellamy only changes his mind after Monty argues that he needs this. “Take an arm” they both pick Jasper up from underneath it, and once again I wonder how many times this has happened. How many missions out to find Clarke have started this way? 

As they’re getting ready to leave Monty splashes Jasper with a bucket of cold water, an attempt to at least sober him up a little. This prompts Jasper to attack, grabbing Monty and pushing him in anger. When he calms slightly and walks away, Bellamy tells him “No gun for you. Not until you’re sober.” “Don’t want one” is Jasper response before giving a salute and then a face swipe to Bellamy. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Jasper give a sarcastic salute to Bellamy, but there is so much more hurt and anger in this one than the previous one in season 1.  I also think it’s telling that Jasper’s response to not getting a gun is that he doesn’t want one. Jasper doesn’t want to pick up a gun. What good had it done him before? How many people had he saved? To him…none. 

The rover pulls out and as their riding along Jasper plugs Maya’s MP3 into the stereo system, and when Monty goes to pull it out Bellamy is the one to stop him. “It’s okay. It’s a long ride.” Monty doesn’t want Jasper to disappear, but Bellamy knows how much Jasper needs this. This of course goes into the sing-a-long rover scene, only to be interrupted when a beacon signal from Farm Station goes off in Sector 8 aka Ice Nation territory. They follow the signal only to find that a Ice Nation warrior has it around his neck. Jasper starts walking towards them and Bellamy tells him to get back. Jasper ignores him and the others who try to stop them, which causes Bellamy to look to Octavia “Tell them we observe the Commander’s truce. Do it now.” Bellamy doesn’t know how to stop them from killing Jasper if they want to. He doesn’t know enough Trigadesleng, so he can’t tell them not to hurt Jasper. All he knows is that he needs to keep it from happening. He needs to keep someone else he cares about from dying.  When Jasper is pulled back and held at knife point, Bellamy speaks what is probably one of the very few phrases he knows in the grounder language “Let him go.” The grounder and the others notice the smile on Jasper’s face as he has the knife to his throat, and Bellamy lowers his gun some. I think this is the first time that Bellamy (and even the others) realize just how sick Jasper really is. This isn’t about him wanting to drink and forget anymore. This is about him wanting to die. As the grounder starts to slit his throat, Bellamy is the first one to fire his gun, hitting the grounder so that he released Jasper. Kane comes on over the radio and they find out that he’s in Sector 4. Bellamy starts giving out orders for the others to ride back to Arkadia, and to take Jasper home, while he and Monty go to meet Kane. 

**This is from a deleted scene, but I decided to include it here anyways
Bellamy, Kane, and Monty are waiting in the rover for Indra,  Kane asks Bellamy what he’s going to do about Jasper, and after Bellamy says he’s going to bench him, Kane continues with “I know you want to help him, but you made a decision today as a friend not a leader.” This deleted scene, plus some things that will be addressed later, give me reason to believe that out of everyone Bellamy and obviously Monty, have been the two who have been trying to help Jasper the most. However, they don’t really know how to help him, and they can’t give him the kind of help that he really needs. **

Bellamy and Jasper and a Reminder of the Past

Episode 3 ‘Ye Who Enter Here’ finds Bellamy back in Mt. Weather, where Pike and other members of Farm Station are eating in the dining hall.  The last time Bellamy was in here was probably when he walked through at the end of season 2 and saw all the bodies of the people they’d killed. It’s even possible that the last time was when he helped carry out their bodies. Either way the last time he’d been there the last thing he’d seen had been death. In episode 4 'Watch the Thrones’ Jasper and Monty go back to the dropship and during their fight Jasper lashes out both physically and verbally “No, screw Clarke. You are both mass murderers as far as I’m concerned…” It’s interesting because the person that Jasper doesn’t give blame to here is Bellamy. It’s obvious from his actions that he’s upset with Bellamy too, but what’s different about Bellamy that he doesn’t blame him here? Is it that he knows Clarke is probably the one that came up with the decision to pull the lever? That Monty is the one that made it possible and because Monty is his best friend, and he can’t comprehend that he’d hurt him in this way.  (If you want my reasoning for why I think Jasper is more upset with Monty than the others I briefly talk about it here)

Bellamy and Jasper and a United Front

We then have a massive gap of episodes where there is no Jellamy interaction, be it actually between them or just through mentions in conversations with others. In fact the next time we see these two together is episode 11 “Nevermore.” At the end of the previous episode “Fallen” Jasper rams through the gates of Arkadia with a knocked out Alie!Raven in the back and very shortly after meets up with Clarke before continuing away from Arkadia. They meet up with the others at the cave and when Jasper starts to tell them about Jaha and the chips, Clarke chimes in that she’s seen it with her own eyes. This causes Jasper to lash out “I don’t need your help alright?” Bellamy is the one to calm Jasper, telling him to take it easy and explain. Jasper turns to Bellamy, speaking directly to him for most of this, explaining more about the chip and how this ALIE thing had made Raven slit her wrists. 

This episode is full of moments like this one, Jasper’s anger towards someone getting the better of him, and Bellamy being the one to reign him back in. Bellamy has a gift for this. In the pilot episode he calms Octavia down when she was ready to go beat some other delinquent for making the comment that she was the girl under the floor. He does it again in season 1 when Murphy goes after Wells, and Bellamy grabs hold of him and tells him that it’s over. Here we have Bellamy doing it for Jasper, making him focus on him as he talks, rather than on Clarke. It happens again when Bellamy tells Jasper to take a break after they’ve stopped Raven from killing herself, the first time.
Bellamy follows Jasper out of the room in order to check on him, and the two start to have a conversation about Clarke and how after all this time she just comes in and starts to take over.  Bellamy tries to explain that she’s trying to save Raven, but Jasper doesn’t care. He wants to save Raven too, but why is it that Clarke gets to decide who is worth saving? “Just get yourself together Jasper. You can’t let your anger get in the way of what we have to do.” “You know that’s funny coming from you. When you’re angry people die…” I actually think that Bellamy telling Jasper not to let his anger get in the way, is him trying to tell him not to let his grief and hurt overcome him. Don’t let it be the reason you make decisions that you might not fully agree with. Don’t let your anger and hurt ruin your relationships with the people you care about and love. They’ve both already lost too many people. They can’t lose anymore.

Before Jasper’s lash out at Clarke, she’d mentioned that they should take shifts watching Raven to make sure she didn’t hurt herself again. There’s three of them so three shifts, right? Only we see Bellamy and Jasper both sitting watch together. ALIE!Raven then starts her attack on Jasper, “Look at your united front.” Even ALIE notices that the two are keeping watch together. “Tell me, why do you give Bellamy a pass for murdering your girlfriend?” As I stated before it’s obvious that Jasper is upset with Bellamy, but he doesn’t seem to lay as much blame on him as he does Clarke and Monty. It’s never explained why, but I feel like part of it is that Jasper looks up to Bellamy in a way he doesn’t look up to Clarke, and Bellamy’s involvement in the irradiation doesn’t hurt as much as Monty’s does. Jasper had looked up to him before this all happened, and there’s still a part of him that does and wants to believe in him. To believe in himself. 

Alie!Raven continues on “being a selfish loser was your only hope. That’s all we see when we look at you. A coward.” During this part of her speech, we get a shot of Bellamy looking over at Jasper between the “That’s all we see when we look at you.” and “A coward.” Bellamy knows better than almost anyone how brave Jasper actually is. How he was determined to protect the other delinquents in Mt. Weather. How he was ready to go out and look for Monty, Finn, and Clarke when they hadn’t come back to camp. How he had faced his fears and gone with them to search for Octavia. Bellamy knows that Jasper is anything but 'a selfish loser.’  As she continues on Jasper jumps out of his seat and Bellamy, once again, is there to calm him down and tell him to go. Once again, Jasper does. They might not be on the greatest terms, but Jasper still listens to him, usually without question. 

Bellamy and Jasper and a Notice of the Little Things

After the events of 3x12 “Demons” they’re getting ready to leave to go find Luna when they find out not everyone is going with them. Bellamy looks to Jasper and asks “How about you? It’s gonna be dangerous” to which Jasper replies “You know me well. I’m in.” Bellamy does know this. He has seen firsthand that Jasper will put himself into dangerous situations if it means possibly being able to help his friends. He also knows he won’t be of much use staying in Arkadia, and he’s also the one who has the most knowledge about ALIE and the chips…come to think of it Jasper probably should have been the one to talk to Luna and explain things to her. She might have still said no, but she would have had a better understanding of what was happening, and the chances of her saying yes might have increased. 

In 3x14 “Red Sky at Morning” when Jasper is talking to Shay, Bellamy is the one to notice and comment that Jasper is actually smiling. This is a real , genuine Jasper smile too, not the I’m smiling cause I want to die kind.  How much has Bellamy been watching over Jasper to take notice of him smiling? In 3x15 'Perverse Instantiation Part 1" when Clarke goes off into the woods, Bellamy pats Jasper’s leg as he walks past him sitting on the hood of the rover.

 It’s not a big moment, but these are little things that I feel Bellamy does, little touches, just to make sure Jasper is okay every now and then. Physical contact to assure him that he’s here, and little signals of “come on” and “it’ll be okay, Jasper.“ 

Bellamy and Jasper and a Different Kind of Hug

At the end of the episode when they’re gearing up to leave to Polis, Bellamy is the one to initiate the hug with Jasper. Every other hug has been Jasper hugging Bellamy first, and usually after Bellamy has saved his or someone he cares about’s life. This hug is different though, and not just cause Jasper is chipped, it’s different because it’s a goodbye hug, but it isn’t a tight 'this is going to be dangerous so i might not see you again’ hug. This is a 'don’t worry, we’ll see each other again’ kind of hug. Bellamy is going to make sure that they defeat this thing. He’s going to make sure they survive. Bellamy is not losing anyone else. I can only imagine if the season had ended with Jasper’s suicide how much blame Bellamy would have put on himself. That he hadn’t done enough. Still, I find it very fitting that at the end of each first part finale there’s a Jellamy hug. 

Season 1: Jasper initiates and Bellamy is shocked and doesn’t hug back 

Season 2: Jasper initiates the hug, Bellamy hugs back with tears in his eyes, and doesn’t let go until Jasper does.

Season 3: Bellamy initiates the hug

50 followers/50 headcanons celebration
  1. Lief gave his eldest child Anna his cloak on her sixteenth birthday.
  2. Though Doom always missed Anna, he did not regret the decision to give up his world for Endon and Sharn. Because, looking over at their son, his daughter and their children, he realised he had been protecting Anna’s family all along.
  3. Lief’s first word was Barda.
  4. At first, Endon and Sharn hid the Belt of Deltora under a floorboard in their bedroom. When Lief was two he found it easily, as though drawn to it, and Endon started to wear it inside a leather belt instead. 
  5. Lief kissed Jasmine as they stood amongst the crowd of newly freed slaves. He said it was so there was no longer any secrets between them.
  6. When they were left alone in their room on their wedding night, Sharn cried from fear. Endon offered to sleep on the floor to make her feel more comfortable.
  7. Barda affectionately called Jasmine Birdie. They were both extremely fond of each other, and sometimes Jasmine felt Barda was more of a father to her than Doom ever was.
  8. On the day the people of Del noticed smoke pouring from the Forests of Silence, seven-year old Lief cried. He was scared of the Forests, but as he saw them burn all he could feel was pain.
  9. Jasmine always respected Barda- he was a warrior, and that she could understand- but at first she loathed Lief. To her, he seemed foolish, reckless, filled with ideas of heroism but with no experience so as to actually be useful. The moment she began to trust him was when she became stuck in the quicksand, and Lief did not run for his life as she would have expected him to, but turned and saved her.
  10. Anna gave her only child the name Jasmine to remind her of the wild jasmine flowers that grew in the forge garden. If she had been a boy, she would have been called Crian.
  11. Sometimes Sharn could not help but wonder whether this whole mess was just their fate, that everything (Endon and Jarred, the Shadow Lord, the Quests), happened this way only so they could find each other, for Lief and Jasmine together can change the world, and that is why when she looked at Anna, she did not see their child- she sees validation. 
  12. Ranesh and Lief met once on the streets of Del when Ranesh stole a loaf of bread Lief was taking home to his mother.
  13. Jarred and Anna were separated almost as they reached the Shadowlands. Jarred saw his wife only one more time. She was weak and ravaged with illness, and a few days later he heard that she was dead.
  14. Sharn’s parents were killed on the night of the invasion. They had been estranged from their daughter for years, but even so Endon and Jarred had to stop her from trying to find them.
  15. Lief and Jasmine called Filli their little prince.
  16. Lief, Barda and Jasmine told no one about the caverns under the land, except for Gers. They felt he needed to know how his brother had died. 
  17. Barda’s father was a young palace guard called Talris who had seduced Min. Barda only met him when he started his training.
  18. Lindal’s father was killed on the day of the Shadow Lord’s invasion, trying to defend Broome.
  19. During their trip through the underground caverns, Jasmine dropped lots of hints to Lief about her having feelings for Ranesh. She only wanted him to feel as he had made her feel.
  20. It was in Withick Mire, just before the seven tribes gathered around the Belt, that Lief first revealed his feelings to Jasmine. It was to this that Jasmine was referring when she accused Lief of forgetting something on Auron.
  21. Iris of Del, book maker and mender, died during the Toran Plague. Lief, who spotted her name on the lists of the dead, was unexpectedly devastated. He had never met Iris, apart from their one brief conversation at the Full Moon Meeting, but Lief remembered her clearly. He sent a letter to her widower Paulie, and son Jack, expressing his condolences. To his surprise, Paulie wrote back. From then on, Lief kept up an interest in little Jack’s life, making sure there was a place for him at the new school in Del he had set up. Eventually, he even got him a job as a palace guard.
  22. Sharn loved Jasmine like her own daughter and Jasmine came to know her as “Mother” (her own mother was always referred to as “Mamma”, the name Jasmine had referred to her as a child).
  23. Kirsten told Bede she would let Marilen go if he would only love Kirsten instead of her sister. She would have kept that promise.
  24. Doom died in the wilderness of Deltora. Jasmine heard the tale from a flock of birds as she sat in the palace garden, and ran back into the palace, sobbing. Lief asked her if she wanted to send a search party for his body, but Jasmine refused, saying that he would not want to be found.
  25. As soon as they retrieved the Diamond, the gem of true love, Lief began to touch it constantly, praying that Jasmine would love him back. After he became king he stopped because he thought she could never be happy if she was queen.
  26. Once they had been captured, Anna and Jarred were marched through Del so that the Grey Guards could pick up more prisoners on the way to the Shadowlands. As they walked through the familiar streets, amongst the solemn crowd Anna saw Sharn’s eyes watching her from the face of a tiny boy-child. And as the hope Deltora had lost filled her heart she sobbed “look after my daughter”, because this woman with green eyes and a life which would end in just twenty days, she knew his destiny- she had seen it in her dreams.
  27. Lief and Jasmine always slept with the curtains open. Neither really liked the dark.
  28. Doom’s earliest memory was the father whose name he could not remember bending down to him and saying “You must protect the royal family, for that is your duty. Protect them with your life.”
  29. Lief was born only a few weeks after the Shadow Lord’s invasion, and several weeks premature. Sharn named him Lief because she thought he would die, and it would be a beautiful name for an angel.
  30. Lief always had complicated feelings towards Doom. He felt as though he owed the man a great debt. He often resented this, feeling as though he had taken on a debt his father owed, but felt horribly guilty for feeling this way. (One day Lief told him this, and Doom replied that there was no debt, because he owed Lief just as much for taking care of his daughter).
  31. Sharn made Anna, Endon and Jarred their own toy kin. They were only allowed to play with Monty if they promised to be very careful.
  32. Barda and Lindal began their relationship in the ten days the companions spent in Broome after defeating the Sister of the East. Barda told her that he would come back for her. The reason she was in Del when the Toran Plague broke out was because she had gone there to wait for him.
  33. When they heard the sound of the Pirran Pipe, the Wild Ones fell to the ground and died, all smiling with relief. 
  34. As Sharn and Anna hugged goodbye in the yard of the forge, they felt their unborn infants stretching out their arms to each other, and Anna smiled and said “They cannot bear to leave each other.”
  35. Jasmine was in Tora as Lief battled the Crystal not because she wanted to be. The Shadow Lord began to show Lief images of Jasmine’s death, forcing him to watch. Desperate, Lief begged Jasmine to leave Del for her own safety, but she would not. When he found out she too was being affected by the Shadow Lord, he lost it completely, becoming hysterical with fear. Reluctantly, Jasmine realised that her being safe would actually help Lief by keeping him calm, so she left. She still wrote him every single day, often a few times a day, and never unpacked her bags, ready to return in a heartbeat.
  36. Lindal stopped wearing fur because she knew it made Jasmine uncomfortable.
  37. As Anna lay in the Shadowlands, ravaged with illness, she began to hallucinate, speaking to her daughter, telling Jasmine that her Papa would find her again one day. Eventually the Grey Guards took her away, throwing her, still alive, onto the mounds of the dead that would be her final resting place. Her final words, lying amongst the bodies and shuddering with cold, were “Mamma loves you Jasmine… Be brave…”
  38. With Barda gone and Lief finally asleep, Jasmine threw Bede’s adulthood mask into the fire and watched it burn.
  39. “Daddy is afraid of some things though,” Anna piped up one day, “Like he is afraid of the Shadowy Lore.” And none of the children would ever forget how all the adults looked at each other and then at her like she has said a curse word.
  40. Jarred’s father died after drinking poisoned mead which was intended for the king. Prandine wished to cast the orphan child out of the palace, lying to Alton that he would be looked after, when in fact he knew he would probably die. But Alton, seized with pity, ordered that Jarred be raised alongside his own son. It was the only time Alton ever directly disobeyed Prandine.
  41. Tira was only fourteen years old when she met Lief, Barda and Jasmine, and sixteen when she was rescued from the Shadowlands. She stayed in Del for a while, unsure of what to do, and eventually decided to join the majority of her townspeople as they repopulated Noradz, knocking down the high walls and recreating the city.
  42. Only a few days before the Shadow Lord’s invasion, Prandine tried to poison Sharn with a bowl of soup. However, just before she began to drink the broth which would kill her and her child, her baby began to kick violently. Feeling dizzy, she excused herself and went to bed.
  43. It was after Ballum’s ‘betrayal’ that Agra convinced Elstred and Adina that each monarch should only have one child. She claimed it would prevent these instances of jealously, and betrayal.
  44. This was the worst day of his life- standing by the remains of the Place of Punishment with Barda and Jasmine and the crowd cheering, having to smile and be happy because he was their king and that was his duty- his father was dead, and he was not allowed to cry.
  45. Lief sold all the royal jewels they could find to boost Deltora’s treasury, but he did keep a ring that it was said had once belonged to Adin. He wore it always on his middle left finger, beside his wedding ring.
  46. After the quest through the Pirran Islands, Lief started giving Jasmine readings lessons (though not to much actual reading tending to happen)
  47. She thought of herself not as a Queen, but as married to the blacksmith of Del; she was Jasmine of the Forge now, and somehow, it seemed like everything was finally back to the way it should have been.
  48. The companions had very distinct fighting styles. Barda’s was disciplined, filled with techniques learnt from his days as a palace guard. At the same time, it was swift, brutal and aggressive. Lief was a more hesitant fighter, not really enjoying the brutality of offence, and preferring defence- he did not want to injure, only to stay safe. Barda, who tried to teach Lief as much technique as he could during their travels, subtly encouraged this defensive leaning, as he preferred that Lief know how to stay alive rather than become reckless and get hurt. Jasmine’s fighting was unpredictable- she did what it took, with no technique or reason. Self-taught, she was merciless in battle.
  49. There were constant rumours that Princess Anna was to marry Barda and Lindal’s eldest son. Lief was adamant this could never happen. “All of our genes could not exist in one child,” he said to Jasmine and Barda. “They would self-combust”. 
  50. Jasmine was not going to go back, but the guilt rose up to her throat and choked her. The boy had a mother. And she could not sit by and watch as another family was torn apart. 

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vardasvapors  asked:

What I require is the self-aware anti-lit fic. Not one of those novels that blithely go about being Not Literary, but the novel that knowingly and deliberately sidesteps all literary novel tropes and expectations. Any recs, by any chance?

lskdjgls UM I’m deadly litfic poison honestly, but, let me think. Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto kind of does hit this note for me—I wouldn’t say it’s, like, pointed about dodging those tropes it does dodge, but she dramatizes happiness and weird good luck and interpersonal compatibility in a way that I want to say is against the grain of at least the mainstreamest of mainstream contemporary realism? If that’s what you’re thinking of. Features a surpassingly beautiful trans woman dying of stalker, though, so ‘sidesteps all’ would be a hard claim to defend. :\

Oh! I also love The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas, which is like a hyper prescient sendup of both its own literary era and the century that followed… that’s not how this works. Again, not precisely what you’re describing, but it’s bitter and funny and charming, and deeply disorganized, which to me is a plus, at least when I’m feeling burnt out on ~highbrow shit at large.


HEAD Tennis launched the new Speed with Graphene Touch Technology at the “Djokovic and Friends” event in Milan with Novak unveiling the racquet for the first time to the public.

(via HEAD Tennis on YouTube)

|| If I ever take awhile to respond on this blog I can say with most certainty it is because I am trying to come up with witty responses. This muse I swear to god. If I’m on a roll I can just BAM, sassing you left and right, but I am not that clever most of the time (/ o w o)/ I’m actually laughing at this tho. I just sit there for awhile and I’m like ‘ okay time to be clever in a mean and snarky way’ and c’: ||