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a bill cipher fanmix from hell that i done put together. from hell. cover art is mine!
the track list is below, avoid for spoilers i guess

i run the show - tut tut child // how we roll - hollywood undead // login - ph!nx // crystalline - gumi(vocaloid) // this summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker - maroon5 // monster - imagine dragons // run boy run - woodkid // my songs know what you did in the dark(light em up) - fall out boy // kick me - sleeping with sirens // down with the sickness - disturbed // pain - three days grace // my way - limp bizkit // slut like you - p!nk

I was tagged by my boos, gingerwerk and zivadavidd (sorry this is like a month late, Ange), to do the six selfie challenge thing so here are six selfies that never made it to my blog!

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some pnk doodles from school today, edy, scaredy-pun‘s​ naomi hairstyle kinda,, and then a classmate told me to draw one of them in a dragon costume idk

My God...My one and only.

There comes a time when your heart becomes heavy and there is only one being you can turn too and that’s our lord and savior the protector the healer he is everything in one he is everything you can ever ask for so when you get in the darkness there is no amount of words any one can say to you that will help you But only God can continue to left you up and carry you in his arms even as you begin to fall apart he will hold you together he will never leave you. You’re never alone just trust in him the one and only.

I have been writing so much this month. It’s wild. I love it. I honestly have had the worst writer’s block for the past couple years. I’ve managed to complete NaNoWriMo every year, but it’s essentially been pumping out 50k and never touching any of it again. I used to be so prolific - fanfic and sometimes even original fiction just poured out of me, and the past few years writing has been like pulling teeth. I don’t know what it is that has happened this month, but I’ve written about 30,000 words in the past twenty days. I’ve been writing good chunks of story almost daily - something I haven’t done outside of NaNo in years. I’m really excited about it. It may not be my best work in the world, but I’m getting back into the habit of writing often, which is really important to me. It’s really making me happy. 

Fiki Week: Stone Giants

Kíli’s heart punted in her throat as she frantically scrambled over the rocks to where the giant had fallen. Her brother had been on that giant he might be - but he couldn’t be - she wouldn’t let him be - 

When she rounded the corner she felt all the air be knocked out of her as she saw Fíli being helped up and dusted down by Dwalin, her heart sinking back down to her chest in relief. 

Today was super effing exhausting. Didn’t sleep well, a mosquito kept us awake for a while (only animal I’d intentionally kill. Glad to report I got it!) but mostly it was because Tony (one of the Christophers) had a lot of flashbacks and was not very successfully trying to deal with those. No real harm done though so there’s that.

He talked to our therapist today and she said how brave he was (we agree!). She also said we in general are on the right track and that was really good to hear, especially on a day like this!

Then we made a long trip to get to a specialised bike shop for our recumbent bike. After quite a while (procrastinated by shopping elsewhere first) we even plucked up the courage to go inside! Talked to the bike repair person and asked all the stuff we needed to ask! Even asked follow-up questions! With some eye contact! Sadly they don’t have time for our bike until after our tour, but that’s OK. At least they don’t want 200€ like the one in the other bike shop we tried last week (wtf). Our bike is kinda OK the way it is, it could just be even better. But since we’re not going on that huge tour in France where we’d have to keep up with the group, it’s not going to be a problem.

Anyways, we just got home now and are really exhausted, it was quite a lot, especially with Tony and his flashbacks near the front the hole day and pretty dissociated and so on.

But we got stuff done.

dustyfurs asked:

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MYSELF: when I was younger I used to be totally blonde. Like, really light almost-platinum-blonde until I was like 5 or so and now (if you've seen pictures?) my natural hair is really dark. (I don't know if this is interesting at all but it was the first thing that came to mind so here you go ahaha)

That is interesting! And contrary to popular belief, I do age- I have proof that I was once a wee thing. Rarer still, they’re the only pictures of myself with my mother that I have. They’re from my second birthday party at the very beginning of 1992 though my mother still wouldn’t let go of the 80′s it seems….somehow she got me to put on a dress. AND shoes. I fucking hated clothing (especially shoes) when I was little lmao