That’s Me, Why?

Requested - nope this is only my second one but please do request as i’m running out of ideas

Warnings - nope :) 

Summary - You had been offered an internship (which could lead to a possible full-time job if it went well) on the island of Isla Nublar, at Jurassic World. As soon as you stepped off the boat, you catch the eye of a handsome stranger.

A/N - my second imagine; hope you like it :D might write a part two for this, depending on if I have any ideas on how to continue it :) again, follow me if you think i’m worth your time <3

As soon as you had the chance, you left your town and didn’t look back. It was dull; some would even say it was cold - emotion wise. It wasn’t like there was a reason for you to stay, anyway. Growing up, you didn’t make many friends. The kids there were either too dramatic, too depressing, too enthusiastic or too emotional. Besides that, there was never a second of the day where your house was quiet; and that wasn’t a good thing. Your parents never got along and were constantly arguing, which resulted in you waking up and seeing one of them asleep on the couch. Usually your dad was the one with the back and neck pains. According to your mom, he ‘wasn’t around his family as much as he was around alcohol’. On the rare occasions where he was home, he would either be drunk or cooped up all day in his office, not giving you and/or you mother a more than a second’s glance. You felt so out of place that you thought if you just picked up everything and left, no one would even notice. So that’s exactly what you did.


Stepping off the ferry into the hot Central American sun, you inhaled deeply. New beginning. Right here, right now. You pulled up the straps of your duffle bag and started walking towards the island. You looked around; blue banners with the words Jurassic World and its logo were stood up on poles on either side of the wooden port. While you were gawking at the view around you, you couldn’t help but notice a guy; a really cute guy, at that. He looked to be about 2 years older than you, at the most. His green eyes were searching over the crowd that had now dispersed, with everyone making their way to the monorails. Probably looking for his girlfriend… You sighed. Of course he has a girlfriend; look at him!  

Owen’s eyes frantically searched the crowd for the description that he was given; a girl with wavy strands of (Y/H/C), soft (Y/E/C) colored eyes, and last but not least - a resting bitch face. He was having trouble finding his new intern, and he sure as hell wouldn’t like to get in trouble for saying, Sorry Claire; everyone that got off the boat looked exactly the same and I just couldn’t find her. I mean it’s not as if lots of girls share the same hair and eye color. That would be insane wouldn’t it?! Just as he was about to give in and head back to his raptors, he saw a beautiful girl about his age looking around with an amazed look on her face. He recited the description inside his head. Looked about right. Owen walked towards you, ready to turn on his flirty, charming, and the 'every girl will fall for me as soon as I look at them’ look.  

“Excuse me, miss?”

“What? Oh, um, hi.” You stuttered out, baffled at how one man could look better than an entire island filled with dinosaurs. You saw a smirk pull it’s way onto his lips. The arrogant bastard, you thought.

“My name’s Owen. Welcome to Jurassic World.”

“Nice to meet you Owen,” You replied politely as you shook his hand, “I’m Y/N.”

“Pretty name for a pretty girl.”

The blood rushed up to your cheeks as he said that line. That cheesy, corny, stupid pick-up line. Yet somehow it still made you look down, attempting to cover your tomato-red cheeks with your hair. You managed to mutter out a quiet “Thanks… I guess.”

Owen laughed out loud. “You don’t happen to be Y/N Y/L/N by any chance, do you?”

“Yeah, actually that’s me… why?” Your brows furrowed in confusion.

“Nice to meet you too, Y/N. I’m the Raptor trainer. And you’re my new intern.”

Under daylight, different than before

Daily contribution to kurotsukki week :D

July 3rd, Prompt: Music

When Tsukishima gave the name of his regular club to a complete stranger, a handsome stranger, his brain clarifies, he wasn’t expecting much. Only now, under broad daylight, that stranger steps in to the Jazz appreciation 101 classroom and takes a seat. Kei can clearly say, he didn’t see that coming.

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AN: Actually a sequel to this, but also stands on its own.

Kei walks briskly, the music drowning out the bustling noises of the campus. Around him university students converse; energetic, emotional, and possibly, unnecessarily loud.

Annoyed and itching to reach the classroom, Kei turns his gaze to focus on the stairs, his pace quick and fingers almost protectively curling around his bag. He’s never enjoyed loud people, enthusiasm spilling from their every pore, words hurried…unnecessary.

Music, on the other hand he thinks as he gets to the second floor, no matter how loud; flows through, melody and the rhythm building, and becoming more-

Letting another student pass him, Kei halts, and his eyes focus on the guy’s red jersey. It’s familiar… Like he had seen it before…

Yes! The group that came to the club during his set, they all had it and that tall stranger with broad shoulders and an easy smirk… Kei takes a breath to ground his stuttering heart. He had been persistent…and definitely hot…

For a few seconds Kei stays frozen, his mind re-watching that messy hair, lines of his body, and how he moved so perfectly with the music…his music…

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Feedback Friday #2

Name: Interstate 5

Author name: StydiaFanfics


Genre: Comfort, Romance

Rating: T

Comments: One of the many non-supernatural AU’s that are just incredible to read. Lydia is leaving Beacon Hills and happens to meet a handsome stranger along the way. These two together are so cute and comfortable with each other that I just smiled the entire time reading it. The characterization is perfection and you never want the story to end. Read it!

So I read an article on telltales forums that the masked stranger could actually be Timothy Lawrence?

1. He gotta hide his identity because he looks like Handsome Jack.
2. We never get to know what really happened to him after Pre-Sequel.
3. He would have had a lot of time on Pandora to build up his character and become more badass.
4. It would make an awesome twist.


Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special

I’ve had severe Richard fever for the past few days and I finally had time to sit down and watch my favorite part Richard has played (other than Thorin). The whole show just makes me smile, but mostly it’s Harry. He’s so charming! I wonder if Richard would be just like Harry if he were in love… Anyway, enjoy these screenshots I took while watching! Please don’t repost them, or I’ll be very disappointed. Lots of love to the Armitage Army! ~Nora