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Wall Sex



Summary: He chuckles that dark, sinister noise that can only mean he has something planned- you meet his eyes and of course they’re alight with his malicious scheme. Ryan/Reader [F]
WC: 798

An Unexpected Arrival



Summary: After finally coming home from work at a decent hour, something catches you by surprise. Ryan/Reader [N]
WC: 1,379

Bonding at a Bookstore



Summary: You just wanted to get a new book, but a handsome stranger got in the way. Ryan/Reader [N]
WC: 1,053

West End Night Out



Summary: As the leader of the most famous East End Gang you do a lot for your girls, but everyone needs a night off to cool down. What could possibly go wrong when you sneak over to the West End for a few drinks? Ryan/Reader [F]
WC: 6,500

Anonymous prompted: “The Great Wide Somewhere prompt: Belle gets hit on by someone while they are on their world vacation. Jealous Rumple.”


He has no reason to be jealous, he knows that. He trusts Belle, after all, he trusts her with his life and even more so with his heart and his happiness. He knows he has no reason to begrudge Belle her conversation with the (very young and very handsome) stranger at the bar. But that doesn’t stop him from the feeling the bite of the green-eyed monster as they talk animatedly, and he moves in a little closer.

They’re in Greece, and whilst it’s a lovely country full of history and steeped in culture and it’s home to many beautiful places, it is also mid-summer and just a bit too hot for Rumpel to be comfortable, used as he is to the far more temperate climates of Maine and the Enchanted Forest, and his patience wears thin when he is hot and bothered like this.

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There’s a moogle costume in one of the other moogle houses, which you can put on and pretend to be a moogle.

If you do, there’s a moogle next door who will think you are hot stuff and open a treasure chest that has an accessory that helps you dodge attacks.

How sad, though? This moogle is giving you a gift, hoping to start a relationship. But soon this handsome stranger will leave with the gift, never to be seen again.


Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special

I’ve had severe Richard fever for the past few days and I finally had time to sit down and watch my favorite part Richard has played (other than Thorin). The whole show just makes me smile, but mostly it’s Harry. He’s so charming! I wonder if Richard would be just like Harry if he were in love… Anyway, enjoy these screenshots I took while watching! Please don’t repost them, or I’ll be very disappointed. Lots of love to the Armitage Army! ~Nora