Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special

I’ve had severe Richard fever for the past few days and I finally had time to sit down and watch my favorite part Richard has played (other than Thorin). The whole show just makes me smile, but mostly it’s Harry. He’s so charming! I wonder if Richard would be just like Harry if he were in love… Anyway, enjoy these screenshots I took while watching! Please don’t repost them, or I’ll be very disappointed. Lots of love to the Armitage Army! ~Nora

This is my first post but The Vicar of Dibley is worth it!!

First, I am so happy I watched it from the start. It is hilarious and I can only recommend it to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Second, I watched the Handsome Stranger today and RA was incredible and acted so differently from the other characters I watched. And of course I’m always thinking that he said in one of his interviews that Harry is most like him…and I just …I don’t know….I mean…how is it even possible to be soo adorable and sexy at the same time….and his voice, the way he looks at her all the time and the way he says “A kiss.With tongues." 

I am not sure I can handle to watch the next episode.

Not my gif but this is pretty accurate about my feelings

I spent the last day and now watching Vicar of Dibley (no Harry Kennedy yet), looking at tumblr at the same time, and not that i’m complaining its FILLED with pictures of Richard Armitage! And it doesn’t help that I’m having MAJOR Harry feels! The anticipation waiting for him to show up! Then hearing that Richard is most like Harry, I JUST ABOUT DIED! LOOK AT HIM!

Excuse me while my ovaries explode into even smaller pieces.