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What's your favorite part about being you?

This blog, my devotion to my family, and the devotion they have back to me. The opportunity to share parts of myself honestly, and to have people appreciate it. I’m creative. Always have been, and having honed it, if only out of the necessity that came from procrastinating too much. 

I have a way with words, it helps me process things, it stirs up and settles my emotions, thoughts feeling into sentences, paragraphs, pieces. That’s pretty great. 

I have strong legs, and really lovely hands. I have a big goofy smile, and my nose crinkles when I hear or smell something I don’t like. I’d say there’s a lot of really great things about being me. If you had asked me this 2-6 months ago or even 3 years ago, I would have probably lied. It’s hard to look at the good things when the bad things bring you down. Like my lack of clear direction, the fact that I am a little turned about in life, that I’m living paycheck to paycheck, job to job, as I build a business. That anytime I pay my car payment or student loan, I look around for jobs, even if they are just physical labor. That I have my hand in every single task that happens around me. 

It’s really exciting and terrifying. I had a salary, a title, a job, a possible career. I gave it up so that I could spend the later part of 20s learning, helping my parents, trying new things everyday. I’m extremely lucky. Maybe that’s what my favorite part of me is, that I have the opportunity to get lost, turned around, every single day is different. It’s not always pretty, and that’s why coming onto here, onto tumblr is really great. It’s motivation, it’s fantasy, it’s a beauty that inspires tangible beauty, and it helps people. Even just with self reflection, or inspiration. 

Thanks for asking, it’s nice to delve into things like this once and a while. 

Wooh, I’m back from New York City :D! Really wish that i could spend another week there ;o; But nonetheless, I had the most awesome time :))) I got to see Wicked at the Gershwin theater, the Sargent exhibit and other really amazing art (Degas, Manet, Repin, Monet, and so much more)  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, strolled around Central Park, ate street food like Halal, chicken gyro, and salty pretzels, and lots of other fun stuff. But my most favorite part was riding the subway and just seeing the many faces there. While we were taking the train to eat dinner around 8th avenue, at a much quieter area away from the congested streets of Times Square, there was this one couple sitting across from me and I thought they were super cute, haha. They were both so relaxed, and just held hands and looked warmly at each other. Meanwhile, I was all parched up from the humid weather @.@;


All images from the series Midwest Dirt by Nathan Pearce

Portfolio as part of the featured Filter Photo Member Portfolio Series. Pearce was also a featured artist our first juried Photo Book Exhibition at the 2014 Filter Photo Festival.

“Now it’s just after harvest time, my favorite time of year. The fields are almost cleared and I’m barefoot on my porch with a beer in my hand. I can see for miles.

This project is about a time in my mid twenties when I can feel the tension between home and away.”

- Nathan Pearce

Preference 35: You almost get/have been raped (part 2)...

Luke- Luke had gotten the idea that maybe if you saw your brother than maybe all your nightmares would disappear . So here you were with Luke by your side sitting across from your smirking brother.

You took a deep breath and picked up the phone as he did the same, and put it to your ear. Before you could say anything, he opened his mouth first. “How’s my favorite sister?”

You held back the urge to wince at his voice and you grabbed Lukes’ hand under the table. “I’m your only sister,” you mumbled, gulping as he smirked.

“That’s why you’re my favorite~. Now,” he dropped his smirk and glared at Luke, “who’s the idiot you brought with you?”

“His name is none of your concern, Jordan,” you said a bit louder, getting his attention.

“Well it is actually considering you’re my little sister.”

You felt Luke squeeze your hand and you felt confident in yourself all of a sudden. “No I’m not. After what you did to me, you lost the title of being called my brother,” you said, smiling mentally at his wide eyes even if they did disappear just as fast as they appeared.

“Has my dear little Y/N changed? What happened to the little girl who’s innocence I took~?” he asked, grinning sadistically.

You froze at that and almost dropped the phone if you didn’t have a death grip on it. “She…She died after you raped her and mistreated the trust she had in you, you fucking asshole. Now go burn in hell,” you seethed, slamming the phone thing back on the receiver.

You and Luke left as the guards dragged your yelling brother away.Once you were outside, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Luke hugged you tightly as you started to cry. “It’s okay, baby girl. He won’t hurt you anymore,” he whispered, kissing your forehead.

You nodded and closed your eyes, hugging him tighter because you were free from him.

Ashton- It’s been a week since you were nearly raped and you were always with Ashton, he made sure of it after all and you didn’t complain because you didn’t really want to be left alone. You guys never fought after that and you never told the boys what happened because, well, you didn’t want them to know and Ashton was fine with that.

It wasn’t until the end of the week the boys had started questioning why you were always with Ashton and they even got mad when Ashton would cancel last minute when they had plans to do whatever boys do just to be with you.

They ended up at your house to talk to you only to be met by Ashton opening the door. “What are you guys doing here?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“What are you doing here? We thought you weren’t feeling well,” Michael said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m not. I came by to check on Y/N before heading home and she made me stay so she can help me feel better,” he explained, leaning against the door frame. “Now, why are you guys here?”

Luke opened his mouth to speak since he was the other one in the group who could talk calmly like Ashton but Calum jumped in and blurted out, “Why the hell are you always with Y/N?! For a week now you’ve been ditching us with some lame ass excuse only to go hang out with…with your clingy ass girlfriend! Whatever happened to bros before hoes?! What happened to the band sticking together?!”

“Shit,” Michael mumbled, looking passed Ashton.

All the boys looked at what Michael was staring at and their eyes widened when they saw you standing there with tears in your eyes. “Y/N,” Ashton mumbled, sighing when you turned around and ran up the stairs.

“Oh, fuck. I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean—-”

“Do you wanna know why I’m always with Y/N?” Ashton asked, cutting Calum off and knowing that they were curious. “Do you remember when you asked about the cops that were here last week?”

“Yeah. You said that there was a robbery next door and they were questioning you,” Luke said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well that was a lie,” he said bluntly.


“They were here because Y/N was nearly raped in our bed after we had a fight,” he seethed, glaring at them. “She’s been scared ever since and I’m not okay with leaving her alone. She’s wanted me to go out with you lads but I choose not to. So next time, don’t jump to conclusions because you just upset her even more.”

Without another word, he shut the door and made his way up toYOUR room to comfort you. For days, he ignored the boys until the boys called you and apologized about everything that was said.

Calum- Calum had stayed by your side until you woke up half a day later and when you were released he was holding your hand as he and the boys made a circle around you to keep you from being seen by the paps and fans outside the hospital.

That was a week ago. Now you sat backstage as you watched Calum jump around the stage and having fun with the others, smiling at him. You flinched though when you felt a hand on your shoulder. “Relax, luv. It’s just me,” an Irish accent said, chuckling softly.

You looked up and smiled nervously at Niall. Sorry, Ni. I couldn’t tell with my back to you,“ you said, sighing.

"It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. We all understand,” he said, sitting beside her. “How are ya feeling?”

“It still hurts to do a lot of things at once but it’s getting better,” you mumbled, rubbing your thumb across your wrist.

“Don’t worry, darling, we’re here to help ya through it all,” he said, standing up but not before kissing your forehead.

You looked back at Calum and smiled when you saw him wave at you. You giggled and waved back. You barely trusted anyone now after what happened and you didn’t trust many guys either. The only ones you really trusted were the boys of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer because you knew they would never hurt you on purpose.

You sighed and looked to see Paul talking to Harry.

“Thank you! You guys have been great tonight!”

You looked back in time to see Calum running towards you. “Don’t you dare hug me mister,” you said, giggling. “You’re all sweaty.”

He grinned and leaned down, pecking your lips. “How ya feeling?” he asked, helping you stand.

“I’m fine, Cal. Just really tired,” you said, smiling at the other boys.

“Then let’s go back to the tour bus so you can lay down and rest,” Luke suggested, patting your head.

Michael- You gripped on to Michael as you were given a ride back to the apartment by one of the police officers. Michael kept rubbing your back and whispering softly into your ear.

When you got to the apartment, he carried you in and helped you into the shower. He helped you get into clan clothes and didn’t leave your side the whole night.

The next few days, you didn’t leave the house and barely slept because of nightmares. Michael stayed with you as much as he could considering he had rehearsals and you were too scared to leave the house. You didn’t want to see your friend either mostly because it was her/his fault you were nearly raped.

“Y/N,” you heard Michael mumble from beside you as you stared at the ceiling from yet another nightmare.

“Hm?” you hummed, looking over at him.

He sighed and pulled you closer to him, rubbing small circles on your lower back with his thumb. “Nightmares again?” he asked, kissing your forehead as you nod. “He can’t hurt you, babe. And I’ll be here to keep you safe.”

You nodded and gripped his shirt. You felt bad that you worried him and the boys a lot. You felt bad that you worried him and the boys a lot. You knew they had a lot on their plate tight now. “I’m sorry, Mikey.”

“Don’t apologize, luv. We all understand. If it was the other way around, I’d be just as scared.”

You smiled slightly and sighed as you closed your eyes. “I guess so.”

“Just get some sleep. You need it just as much as me,” he whispered, kissing your hair line.

“At least I can sleep now knowing you’ll be here to help, no matter what,” you mumbled as you fell asleep.

He smiled and continued to rub your lower back. “I always will,” he whispered, closing his eyes.

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Irresistible - Fall Out Boy: “you’re second hand smoke, I breathe you in but honey I don’t know what you’re doing to me” ALSO THE FRENCH PART NICE


I love every aspect about going down on a woman but I have to say, my favorite part of intimacy is when i slide my hand inside her pants for the first time and feel how wet I made her


i think the thing that worries me most about this scene is that Dipper is so blissfully unaware of the situation at hand, and this time, Mabel is the one who’s worried. Dipper is only happy because of the author being there, he honestly could care less about anything else right now. but from the part of the story Mabel listened to intently, she doesn’t want her relationship with her brother to end up like Ford and Lee. Mabel is torn. She loves her brother so much, and it’s killing her, thoughts of what’s going to come next.

i want Dipper to be happy, absolutely, he’s my favorite. but what i don’t want is him to be happy under the circumstances that he’s going to be even more influenced by the author/Ford than ever, now that he’s there and in person. and with an influence like Ford, Mabel is worried for the sake of her family, like Lee. and that terrifies me.

i want all of them to be happy.


I recently bought the inside out art book and MAN it’s a lovely book. I wanted to show a few of my favorite parts of it heh. half of these are chosen bc i like the art, and others because they made me laugh (if you click i added stupid captions you should totally look through them *jazz hands* half of them aren’t even jokes just me screaming)


This is my Shallan costume from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series. It was fun designing the costume based off various descriptions in the book. Having my left hand (the safe hand) covered was a must of course! My favorite part of the costume is the hand painted Pattern, as he was often described to hide among the folds of her skirt in the book. Construction details and more photos can be found here

Thanks to BentPic5 for the photos!


More DIY witchery! This time, my solid perfumes. I’d originally planned on just doing my actual daily perfume but I thought it would be a great idea to use one of my favorite essential oils for one as well. All you need for this is to melt one part beeswax, one part organic oil (I used EVOO), and add however many drops of your essential oil that you want. Since I already had all of the ingredients, the only thing I bought were the containers (little pill bottles from Michael’s for only 99¢). It only takes about 45 minutes to dry, unless you pop them in the fridge. Super easy way to keep your essential oils on hand!!

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so wat would your ideal JP movie be?

Oh man okay so 

  1. Right off the bat, I’d like the dinosaurs to be more accurate. I accept they can’t be perfect. But I don’t think feathers are too much to ask for, and accurate body reconstructions - no more pronated hands, tails higher off the ground (I’m looking at you, Stegosaurus), acknowledging that the raptors are Utahraptor or Deinonychus and not Velociraptor (and if they changed the head shape that would be neato.) I accept that it won’t ever be completely accurate - I myself don’t want them to get rid of the hyper-intelligence in the raptors (the raptor squad was my favorite part of the last one, I don’t want that given up). They can explain it as they wanted to make the animals realistic in the wake of the JW tragedy; I mean yeah they had a throwaway line about the dinos not being right but at least it was there and can be utilized. 
  2. Have at least one of the children be female. Furthermore, have that female child be the dinosaur-obsessed one. It would also be awesome if she were the older kid. Dinosaurs are painted as obsessions typical for young boys and young boys alone; as a woman who had to grow up being told basically the whole time that it was inappropriate for me to like dinosaurs (by society; my parents encouraged it, don’t get me wrong here), having this sort of representation would be wonderful. Have a smart, teenage girl, who wants to be a paleontologist or something, constantly explaining things to the other people, and being annoyed when people are surprised she knows the stuff. Seriously. I mean now that I’m an adult I have Sarah Harding to identify with in TLW, but kid and teenager me would have really appreciated the representation at the time. 
  3. Bring back Barry and Owen and Claire (yes, even Claire; I don’t think her portrayal was as sexist as is being argued; no, she shouldn’t have kept the heels on, but other than that I didn’t mind her character arc so much as I minded her wandering off in the sunset with Owen at the end. I didn’t mind the kiss, even; people do that in high-stress situations. I literally just frowned loudly at the dramatic exit at the end, that was unnecessary and cheesy). Have Barry have a bigger, more important part; it’s great he was a black guy who wasn’t killed off; let’s build on that. Have Claire have changed from JW - you can’t go through something like that and not be different - but still a businesswoman; still focused on her work, but a little more compassionate towards the dinosaurs, and definitely more hands on with them. She and Owen can be together or not, I don’t care much about that; but if there are going to be a LOT more JP movies (and I get the feeling there will be, given JW’s success,) they can hold off on them having kids or getting married for at least one movie, I feel. 
  4. Maybe an LGBTQIAP+ individual? Romance has been at least a little bit present in each JP movie - Ellie and Alan were implied to be together in the first one; Sarah and Ian were together in the second; and you get the feeling that the Kirbys might kiss and make up in the third; and then the fourth was the most blatant and obvious. What would be neato would be the romance plot of the new one - hopefully subtle, I mean you don’t go to JP for romance, but whatever - to be non-heteronormative. And oh yeah, don’t kill the LGBTQIAP character. 
  5. I’m done with the carnivore-as-villain plot. Gulper and the raptors were the heroes in the new one; let’s keep with that theme. Have an herbivore get territorial and go wild (that’s more REALISTIC anyway); breed a new type of herbivorous animal that has the defensiveness and violence of things like hippos; have people not expect this herbivore to gore them to death and then people need to have the raptor squad control the situation. Something different than the usual large carnivore battle that it’s been in the last two movies. Maybe even have Gulper or the raptors escape - make it look like the carnivores are the bad guys - they get into an herbivore pen, and then the more dangerous ones get terrified and go berserk - escape, charge into the park, destroy stuff, that sort of thing. The carnivores would have gotten at least one thing to eat by then and would be calm; use the carnivores to round up the escaped herbivores. 
  6. Bring back more people from the original trilogy besides Wu. I’d love to see Sarah Harding (re: point 2) again; hear comments from Ian and Alan and Ellie on the episode in JW; see Lex and Tim and Kelly all grown up (especially Kelly, I LOVE her) and come to help oversee the reconstruction of JW, that sort of thing. Also address the question of Isla Sorna. Is it still essentially a biological preserve? How is it being handled or treated? I want that openly and deeply discussed in the new movie. 
  7. More diverse dinosaurs as well. I’m sick of seeing the usual five: Tyrannosaurus Triceratops Apatosaurus Stegosaurus and raptors (I know, there were more, but we barely saw them, apart from the Ankylosaurs). I want to see a huge herd of the most bizarre hadrosaurus imaginable. I want to see some “prosauropods” grazing and someone to comment on how horrible they are. I want to see a whole slew of fluffy, almost indistinguishable Maniraptoriformes; and I want people to comment about how they all look almost identical. And yeah, more small dinosaurs - we get it, the big ones were huge and amazing, the point’s been made; most of them were a lot smaller than that (don’t even get me started on what including birds does to the size distribution) - stuff like Yi and Troodon. Have a slew of small Ornithischians - Kulindadromeus, Dryosaurus, stuff like that - they never get enough love. More new and weird kinds of ceratopsians other than Triceratops - have Diabloceratops, for example. 
  8. Erm, stop having so many POC be eaten. I mean the first guy eaten appeared to be Latino; then the first member of the ACU team to be killed appeared to be Asian; it was a miracle that Barry lived considering he was a black sidekick. I’m not saying not have them be eaten, I guess I’m just saying stop having almost all of them be, and having them be the first to go, etc. 
  9. If they’re still going to have pterosaurs, have them be more accurate in their body shape… and don’t call where they live an Aviary, they aren’t birds, you don’t call a pen holding bats an Aviary, do you? Also, more different kinds of pterosaurs - there are so many truly weird ones, like Azhdarchids. Also, make them less territorial, I think. You could also have small ones just kind of flying around the parks, like birds do at zoos - they really wouldn’t have been that dangerous. 
  10. I want real dinosaurs to stop being called boring or uninteresting. The past few years of paleontology have been amazing for dinosaur discoveries: Nanotyrannus, Kulindadromeus, Yi, Chilesaurus, the new Spinosaurus, Dreadnaughtus, Lythronax, Wendiceratops, etc. The line that “we’ve discovered more in the past 10 years with genetics than we had for 100 years of digging up bones” was just disrespectful; on top of the inaccurate dinosaurs, it was just plain misleading. 
  11. If you’re going to have marine reptiles - which, I’m not sure you should; I’m against captivity for cetaceans and marine reptiles were definitely as big and not suited to such small water area as cetaceans are - have more of them; showcase the diversity and weirdness of them all, have some different types of plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs and everything. Show an icthyosaur giving birth to live young, even; challenge the public’s perception of “reptiles,” that’s what Jurassic Park set out to do in the beginning, after all. And make sure they’re mostly small ones… again, it really wasn’t okay to have that huge Mosasaur all pent up like that. 
  12. A return, at least in part, to animatronics. I think most fans of the series agree with me on that one. Over-use of CGI takes away some of the gritty realism that was present in the first one. There’s a reason Walking with Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park have both stood the test of time as dinosaur films - they use a delicate balance of puppetry as well as CGI to make the animals look as real as possible. And have the CGI done by people who know how to do CGI well, and not have it just be spectacular, Hollywood eye candy. I want to feel like there are real dinosaurs on the screen in front of me; that’s why I love these movies, after all. 

It’s tough to adequately describe how weird it is to be mourning over the death of a CEO for a company, one that you’ve not only never met, but one that was ultimately trying to sell you a product. Even more tough, is trying to adequately describe how said product could make an impact on your life. I started gaming with Sonic on the Dreamcast, Nintendo’s rival, but soon jumped ship to the GameCube as the Dreamcast died. I started Nintendo just as Iwata took over, basically. Unless you want to count Pokemon Silver, which Iwata had a huge hand in, making that title ultimately rise above and beyond what it was going to be before he took part. Without this odd past time of mine, I wouldn’t have the friends that I have, and I wouldn’t have the life experiences I’ve been so privileged to enjoy. I’ve met the people who work on my favorite series. I got to look the man who directed the first ever game I played in the eye, shake his hand, and thank him for that game. In those few seconds where you get to meet someone like that, there’s no possible way to explain to them that their product can unite people. That it’s so much more to you than lines of code, that it’s truly something that brings together families, friends, and complete strangers. That those people the game brought together can motivate and inspire each other. To give them reason to even want to live, at times. But in those few seconds, when your eyes meet, I think those who truly understand theri craft can get that. Certainly, Iwata is an example of a leading man who “got it.” 

After becoming president of Nintendo, Iwata did something atypical of the CEO position by directly jumping onto the development of Super Smash Bros. Melee in its final weeks to help personally ensure that console’s first major release would ship as close to the console’s launch as possible. Under his lead, the atypical was the typical. 

He started as a freelance programmer. His work on Balloon Fight, an under-appreciated NES title, laid the groundwork for under water game play in Super Mario Bros. Thanks to him, an important HAL Laboratories game came into existence, leading Masahiro Sakurai to sketch the puffball that eventually became a Nintendo icon, Kirby. He personally programmed the battle code for Pokemon Stadium in 11 days. He laid further ground work on the first Super Smash Bros. title, and personally got approval for each of the game’s playable characters. As the first non-Yamauchi to lead the company, he stuck true to the visions of Nintendo games. “Make something unique.” The industry scoffed as he introduced the Nintendo Dual Screen, and today it’s hard to imagine portable gaming without that second screen. The press and other companies laughed as the name “Nintendo Wii” was uttered in lieu of the much more promising “Nintendo Revolution”, and once it released, you were hard pressed to find a Nintendo Wii anywhere. Over time, the system with a silly name would be a huge peak in Nintendo’s recent profits at the time.

The DS and Wii successors, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U, made much less of a splash in the market. As the company failed to meet its estimates, Iwata took a personal 50% pay cut and held himself responsible. He did this not only as a show of good will to investors and fans a like, but so that he wouldn’t have to lay off anyone from the company. In his mind, these products could not succeed without every one. This is perhaps the most atypical thing he did in his time running the show, in comparison to others who run their own. He had a family. Kids to feed. But he didn’t blame others. He didn’t punish others. He took it square in the jaw, kept his chin up, and moved forward. 

Despite those financial failures, Iwata was a man who truly understood the gaming market. While things such as the Wii U can certainly call into question how well the market was read, it’s important not to forget a speech he gave years ago giving caution of mobile gaming in smart phones. As he warned that the mobile market would lead to a devaluing of product worth, he was openly met with laughter from his audience. Today, with “free-to-start” smart phone games being available by the dozens, and with paid games fighting their way to the lowest price they can to appeal to an incredibly fleeting and distracted consumer base, it’s easy to see that he correctly read trends.

Moving on from that in recent years, NIntendo has had a much different public image. Once notoriously secretive, Iwata flung the doors wide open. Higher-ups became forward facing to their audience by use of “Nintendo Directs”, and Iwata would personally sit down with people developing games for his console and give them a spotlight on “Iwata’s Ask”. These interviews not only gave insight to development problems and successes that only the most hardcore of game enthusiasts would care about, but they opened up and earnestly displayed the personalities of otherwise unrelatable and inaccessible businessmen and businesswomen. This, perhaps, makes his passing such a difficult pill to swallow.

The last time fans of the company heard Iwata’s voice, was through the company’s 2015 Nintendo Digital Event. Iwata, alongside Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto, took literal Muppet forms to present their upcoming software to their audience. While for all involved, it was likely a cute way to entertain their hardcore audience and engage them in their game content, I suspect (and hope that it’s not reaching), that Iwata recognized his time was short, and wanted to leave the fan’s vision as what he had become in recent memory; a symbol. Iwata turned public perception of Nintendo into something that exudes charm, approach-ability, and sincerity, and perhaps the largest part of that was his participation in every region’s Nintendo Direct. The silly things he did, like the bunch of bananas bit, and how he wasn’t afraid to laugh at himself for silly things like the bunch of bananas bit. He wanted to make his viewers, and fans of his company’s product, laugh. To be entertained. His public persona perfectly complimented what he had carefully crafted this company to become. 

That Digital Event was a source of massive disappointment to many of Nintendo’s fans. No “Megaton announcements” to be had, the event mostly focused on software that has been announced for a while now, with announcements of new entries in franchises that deviated from what made people loved those new franchises. It’s certainly fair for an audience to express their disappointment, but with certain segments of hat audience creating petitions calling for games to be outright cancelled, it’s hard not to imagine the stress Iwata must have carried in his final weeks. A man that, increasingly in recent years, catered to the fans of his company, only to be met with massive backlash. 

What can we, an audience separated from this man by the walls of business, take away from his career? Perseverance. To keep going, no matter what detractors say. Even if the people who should be lifting you up are letting you down, to push ahead. Determination. To work hard. To always keep a calm head despite the circumstances. Virtues. To learn how much to cater to others while remembering to stay true to your ideals. The knowledge that even starting from the bottom, you can work your way to the top. Humility. To know that it’s okay to be silly, and it’s definitely okay to laugh at yourself. Going from, and perhaps more than all that, I think the biggest thing we can take from him, is Fun. To always be playful, to be curious.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go Directly to enjoy the fruits of this man’s labor. I hope that you’ll join me. Let’s pour a glass and remember that it’s all about Fun. 

Olicity in 2x03

Oliver: You all right? Don’t move.

I love, love, LOVE how he stops to make sure she’s okay. He lets the freaking bad guy get away because he has to check on her first. He bends over her, and first he puts his hand on her elbow:

and then he moves it to her side. But my favorite part is how she moves her hand to his arm, so now they’re both touching each other:

It’s as though they both need physical reassurance: he needs to know she’s okay and she needs to know he’s there for her. 

I also never noticed this before now but it looks like her right hand is touching him, too, on his leg or his foot. It’s a bit hard to see, but it looks as though she’s now grabbing him with both hands. When he leaves, her right hand kind of lingers where he was, like she wants him to stay with her. These are such small things, but knowing what we know now post-SDCC, it’s safe to say SA & EBR probably added these bits in themselves in order to add more to the scene. God bless them. 


Today, #mypubliclandsroadtrip goes behind-the-scenes with John Callan, BLM Nevada Abandoned Mines and Lands (aka AML) Program Lead.

What does an AML specialist do for the BLM?

Here in BLM Nevada, we inventory abandoned mines and lands, including cultural resources and wildlife in and around sites.  We assess sites for value as well as potential public health and safety risks.  

What is a typical day like for you?

An AML specialist does more than just “cover up holes.”  My work in the office includes project coordination, budget, and other administrative duties.  I follow the National Environmental Policy Act and coordinate with an inter-displinary team of biologists, archaeologists, geologists, and more on closure projects. I also coordinate a lot with our partners at Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, Nevada Division of Minerals, and Nevada Division of Wildlife.

What is your favorite part of the job?

The job is dirty, but fun.  I see the great parts of the state first hand. Ghost towns, old mining camps, amazing wildlife, and springs and creeks all over the desert.  The best days are spent in the field.

Photos courtesy BLM Nevada

Camping - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Camping – TW Imagine

Prompt: You go camping with the pack to experience one of the most amazing nights of your life.

A/N: This has got to be one of my hands down, favorite Imagines that I wrote. I am DEFINETELY writing a part 2 to this when I finish writing, editing and posting this one. I really hope you guys like it! If you want me to upload part 2 just tell me, or else I’ll just keep it to myself if you don’t want it to be posted! (Because I myself really want to know how it goes haha) ^o^

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1696

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Your POV

“Are you guys ready to go?” You heard Scott’s voice echo from the trunk of the caravan. He was finishing packing the tents and bags. He was also kind enough to rent us one for this one special night, there was going to be a meteor shower happening.

“Yeah, we’re all good!” Malia shouted back.

Everyone was seated in the vehicle. Scott and Isaac were at the front, while Lydia was braiding Kira’s hair and Stiles and Malia played Uno on the bed. You sat by yourself, next to the window. And then you took off.


An hour as gone by and you were already halfway there. It was only 7 AM. Scott had texted everyone the night before to wake up early at 5 so we could all prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. Of course being the adorable dork he was, Stiles woke up late. Scott was like the dad of the pack, he was a True Alpha after all. You sighed as you saw all the beautiful trees lined up across the road. You felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to see Stiles sitting next to you.

“Hey, Y/N. How you feeling?” He pulled the cutest smile ever.

“I’ve been better. Abit sick though.” You felt a weird feeling in your stomach.

“Maybe you’re just homesick. Here, rest your head on my shoulder.” He moved closer to you.

“Thanks Stiles.”

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mab-speaks asked:

Prompt/ship: pjo- solangelo - accidental love confession

Nico and Will were sitting on the beach, building a sand castle together. It was one of their favorite things to do.

Well, it was Will’s favorite thing to do. Will loved the beach. He loved the feeling of the sand beneath his feet and sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Nico not so much. Nico didn’t like the beach, he found the sand irritating and he hated getting wet. He was mainly here for Will.

The only part Nico enjoyed was whenever their hands would occasionally meet while packing the sand in, though he’d never admit that. Even just that thought crossing his mind was enough to make his face burn red.

“This is honestly one my favorite things to do with you,” Will smiled at him while he started digging into the sand to start the moat around the castle.

“Yeah, it’s fun,” Nico agreed, ‘I don’t really like the beach though, I just love being with you…’ He thought to himself, screwing his eyes shut when he felt his cheeks burn.

It’d fallen very quiet. Just a little too quiet. Nico looked up, turning his focus on the blond beside him. What was with the sudden silence? Will was always bursting with energy, excited, and very talkative. It wasn’t like him to be quiet.

Nico blinked when he saw Will’s face bright red and his eyes wide. What was with that face? Why did Will look embarrassed? Nico paled, he… he hadn’t said that out loud had he? Oh gods, he’d said it out loud, he’d slipped up… big time.

He brought his hands to his face, knowing it was growing redder and redder. He was humiliated, to say the least. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?” He asked, best thing to do would be to have a confirmed answer.

“Y-yeah, but I, uh,” Will stuttered his incomplete sentence out, trying to sit up straight in the sand. He fell over once trying to move back over beside Nico. He cleared his throat and smiled, “I really love being with you, too.”

Nico blinked at Will in shock, and was even more shocked when Will suddenly moved forward to press a chaste kiss to Nico’s cheek. Nico froze, his face burning even redder, if that was possible. He grumbled when Will snickered at his flustered expression, but couldn’t help and smile when he intertwined their hands together.

For once, Nico was happy that he’d slipped up.

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Name: rosita/sita
Nicknames: fui
Birthday: 22 feb
Age: 20 :(
Star sign: pisces (the best sign. no offence)
Gender: gorl
Height: short

Sexual orientation: pansexual
Favorite color: brown and pink at the moment
Time right now: 7:27pm
Average hours of sleep: that i usually have?? 7-9
Lucky number: ive always said 6 for no reason but i dont even associate that number with being lucky. i just always tend to pick it when someone asks me what my fave number is
Any interesting scars: i have a lot on my hands from using my knife at work part of my job is cutting boxes my hands slip now and then
Happy place: in my room, eating and being left alone with my laptop

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