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lmao I think this gif perfectly exemplifies how one is delicate and gentle while the other is just.. not. 66. media. tumblr. com/1987b1c9def898e2d3337d9b292ece1c/tumblr_nx41mfMFr71tswsbuo2_250. gif

harry just goes for the typical “idc i’m just gonna wipe my sweaty face on my shirt” AND THEN LOUIS!!! HIS HANDS!!! HIS WRISTS!!! DELICATE AND DAINTY, GENTLY SWIPES THE TIPS OF HIS FINGERS ON HIS FACE!!! GOOD AND PURE!!

Practicing how fabric folds and introducing a Sapph headcanon in one go!  I like to think she fiddles with her dress/fabric in general when she’s stressed.  It was probably fairly prominent after she first formed but was discouraged because it didn’t match her ‘status,’ so she started clasping her hands for the pressure and to discourage fiddling in general (Possibly why she wears gloves too?  To have fabric discreetly at her disposal?)

So after The Answer she slowly began fabric fiddling again, since there wasn’t anyone to tell her not to, but the hand clasping is still pretty ingrained too so she alternates.


In September 1996 a Frenchman, so little known in English football that fans asked “Arsène Who?”, walked into Arsenal. In the subsequent twenty years as manager he transformed the club. A total renovation of the training, stadium, style, economics of the team and the attraction of a global audience has taken place under Wenger’s instruction.

2,086 goals. 1,129 games. 655 wins. 6 FA Cups. 3 Premier Leagues. Only one Arsène Wenger.  Thank you.